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WWE WrestleMania 35 Results – April 7, 2019

WWE WrestleMania 35 Results - April 7, 2019

WWE WrestleMania 35 Results – April 7, 2019

We start with Yolanda Adams, who sings America's Lovely, then we get a helicopter exhibition and fireworks, followed by a video package deal that opens.

Out comes host to Wrestleman, Alexa Bliss, who says this type of efficiency, doesn't simply need a number, however a goddess, and she or he has an exhibition and the whole lot right here in the palm of her hand, and if she needs a Wrestleman moment, she simply has to do it by clicking her fingers. To prove he snaps his fingers, and out comes Hulk Hogan. He says it's nice to return to Wrestlemania and in addition here to Silverdomeen. HA! He says okay, it's nice to be right here at Metlife Middle with Hulkamaniacs. Everyone goals of having a Wrestleman second proper now, which makes him ask what we're going to do when Hulkamania, Alexa Bliss and Wrestlemania run wild? Hulkilla and Alex Under is posedown, once I understand that the first WWF PPV, which I’ve never discovered SummerSlam 1991 was Hulk Hogan's website and passed off before Alexa was even born.

Paul Heyman pastes Hulk and Alexa and broke into the ring to say that if his shopper is just not the last, they won’t cling round all night time, and they’ll get their business and have access to a shower in Las Vegas, the place his clients will ultimately be valued. He says we're doing it here proper now. Wow! Properly, then…

Deliver Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins

Lesnar assaults Rollins when he involves the ring, then they go to the floor the place Brock's Lambs Seth hit the barricade before throwing the F5 on the ground. Rommins is a nasty, dangerous strategy to get a minute of a match. Brock solely continues to tear Seth into the apron and barricade, then tops him on the German bulletin board, when Corey factors out that the clock hasn't even gone. He pulls him again into the ring, then throws him again on the desk. Lesnar throws Seth into the ring, and ref goes to verify Seth when he tells Brock a backup. Brock picks up Seth and robs him upstairs, and Seth takes a sick pit on the ground. Brock goes after him and sends him to the desk for the third time, and this time for the actual announcers. Brock is leaning on the hood on the revelation desk over the apron, then throwing Seth by way of it, laughing when ref goes to examine his opponent. Return to the ring, and he tells you to play the bell once more, and now the match officially begins.

Brock begins to launch the German suplexes, every of which belongs to the hair that breaks Seth. Brock goes to F5, Seth leaves and pushes Brock back, knocking him on the ground. Seth takes the prospect to beat Brock in a shallow and superkick on his face. Seth hits the curb, however Brock rises virtually to Seth. Another curb sotmp and brock still don’t die. Making an attempt to # three lastly put Brock down three.

Winnerand NEW Universal Champion: Seth Rollins

A very fascinating option to open the presentation and be comfortable to see the title again to everyone each week.

Jerry "The King" Lawler related to the subsequent otteluomme ilmoittautumisryhmään …

AJ Types vs Randy Orton

Nearly as good as I'm positive I'd be as completely happy listening to those two buying and selling hours. We meet Spanish and German announcement teams on the entrance, then begin the match by tying. What an idea! AJ dishes out a number of chilly cuts, Orton goes to RKO and AJ hardly avoids it. Orton goes into the attention, then drops AJ. AJ restores reputation together with his personal drop-down, then hits Orton's flooring and connects Phenomenal to the forearm flooring. AJ rolls Ortonia into a hoop position, however Orton rises in time to knock on AJ's apron and barricade. We go to chinlock, but AJ fights out and hits the sliding Phenomenal forearm. The third forearm at the nook and the neckline over the knee. 2. AJ goes to Types Conflict, his knees give out and Orton catches him 2 occasions. AJ goes to the calf crusher, but Orton runs and only boots on AJ's face. AJ will get a calf crusher for an additional company, however Orton does something concerning the rope. AJ repeats Phenomenal's forearm making an attempt to get Orton to RKO, but he pulls again and Orton descends. AJ hits the springboard 450 splash 2, then goes to the second springboard motion, but Orton ducks and catches behind AJ. Orton places AJ up and hits H-U-G-E superplex 2. Orton hits DDT hanging, then stops mixing with followers just before RKO. AJ blocks and hits the enzyme, then rolls to Orton 2. Orton hits RKO, but AJ starts 2. Orton goes to tremendous RKO, AJ slips out and hits the orchestra to hit Orton's flooring. AJ hits Phenomenal's forearm flooring, then he goes to the forearm ring, Orton grabs him with RKO, AJ slips out, and he hits the forearm next making an attempt to win.

Winner: AJ Types

Really Good Match, High quality Psychology in Finishing

Lacey Evans leaves to stroll, run and depart, then we get to the subsequent match …

Smackdown Tag Workforce Title Match: Usos vs Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Aleister Black & Ricochet vs The Bar

Tom factors out that Usos is the first WWE historical past group to go to Wrestleman for 3 years in a row. Black and Jey start, but then Sheamus fights his method and goes to work in Black. Rusev acknowledges and turns Black inside out of the clothesline, then Nakamura acknowledges his punishment. Everybody else has the chance to mark out and in until the bar has virtually every thing. Cesaro's huge swings Ricochet, when Sheamus provides his forearm all the other opponents, then Cesaro will get Ricochet to Sharpshooter. The Second Dock Six crawls break when everyone turns to hit the dots, then they hit Doom's Tower and Ricochet one way or the other descends on his ft and rolls to outlive. Ricochet hits 630 in Sheamus and covers, however four pals will break within the fall 2. Again to beat, and Usos hit Double Us.

Winners: Jimmy & Jey Uso [19659002]

We look again at the Hall Corridor ceremony last night time, then inductees come to the waves before we go to the subsequent match …

Falls Rely Anyplace: The Miz vs Shane McMahon [19659002] Miz goes right after Shane, and Shane runs and grabs Mr. Miz to attract Miz and nail him. Shane bass Miz's head over the display and places him on the mission desk, however Mr. Miz stops out of the gang to block Shane. Shane comes down and goes to Mr Miz's ring, displaying him tips on how to hold his boxing up and beat him out. Miz is available in and fights Shane and stops helping his father. When Miz has taken half, Miz leaves the gang chasing Shane, robbing him on the LED board, then Shane gets Miz back and shoots quite a few kidney piercings earlier than beating DDT in Part 2. Miz dropkicks Shane off the stage and barricade, and he starts stomping on Shanen's dangerous leg. They go as much as the balcony the place Miz throws Shane over the desk and over the blankets, then they go to a special balcony where Miz hits Shane over the railway where he bounces off the golf cart and hits the concrete flooring under. Miz has only surprised Shane here, following him for the production want and hitting the Cranium Crushing Finale platform with a hard wooden base, but solely will get 2. There’s nonetheless a manufacturing configuration the place Shane throws something into Miz to drop him, then he rises to the top platform to get away. Miz chases him to the sting of the picnic, Shane provides up, descends to at least one knee, and Miz shoots just the best arms, then SUPERPLEXES SHANE OFF PLATFORM !!!! They landed on the roll, however it was still 20 ft away. Shane additionally occurred to land barely on Miz, so ref drops 3 and rewards the match for Shane

Winner: Shane McMahon

Great aim! I beloved the story they informed me here.

Paige joins Cole and Renee on the subsequent match …

Ladies's Tagline Match: Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Nia Jax & Tamina vs. 19659002] Tamina cleans up the home early, but then Beth Phoenix will shut him and all of the heck will break when everybody crawls in the ring. We’re just a little trapped in Sasha and Bayley's lure of Peyton Royce, who units Sashan out with spinach 2. Sasha gets a roll of Royce for 2, then Bayley's identification for a double group at Royce. Beth comes in and goes down the Champions when Bayley hits the sliding garments line. Billie stands for himself and unleashes Beth's proper arms before overlaying 2. Iiconics tries to double Beth, however he turns it around and cuts both, then marking Nattie in to the Hart Basis. Natalya covers two, however then Bayley spins on Sashan Beth's bank assertion. Beth rolls and takes over Sashan's Glam Slam, but Sasha goes via and Nattie returns. He units a double Sharpshooter for both Sashha and Bayley, Tamina breaks it, then Tamina and Beth begin to rob till Nia Jax hits Beth next week. Double Headbutt sets Glamazon out, Iiconics goes after Nia and Taman and eat stereo Samoa Falls, then they start to smash Sasha and Bayley. They go to the top, however Beth turns Nia off and on the ground. Nattie and Beth take Taman out, Sasha takes Beth and Nattie, then Sasha rolls Beth, the tags for Bayley, and Bayley hits the elbow of the upper rope before Sasha hits the frogsplash 2. Nattie hits a binding power bomb in Sasha, Beth gets Bayley's double chick on the prime of Glam Slam in Bayley… nothing! Peyton tosses Beth on the ground and Billie covers Bayley for victory.

Winners and New Ladies Tag Champions: Iiconics

Great match and sensible ending, and you may tell that both Billie and Peyton are outstanding emotional This second. Good for them and Beth's show that confirmed him his final match yesterday.

WWE Sharing: Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston

The viewers is a nut for Kofi once they know one another to start out. Bryan tries to turn the monkey, but Kofi lands on his ft and drops Bryan on the ground, where he takes him out with a dive. Huge E and Xavier cheer Kofia, and we see that the wrestlers within the locker room take a look at the monitor with Kofi. Bryan has a phrase with Erick Rowan and then tries to lock Kofi down with a tab. Bryan rolls a leap to the surfboard, Kofi rolls and starts kicking kicks on Bryan's face. Bryan takes Kofi again, will get his again and hammers elbow behind Kofi's neck. Kofi grabs Bryan with a clothesline and growth drop, and Bryan rolls on the apron, so Kofi baseball slips him to the floor. Kofi tries to go diving, Bryan moves, and Kofi's face immediately supports the mission, and he goes down like a rocket. Bryan hangs to the highest of Kofi and hits the top of his back 2. Bryan, with a number of gutwrench stacks making an attempt to pressure Kofi to eat more power, Kofi fights freely, however Bryan drops Kofi to the center of the flip. and hits the obtain drop-down nook. One additionally connects, but the third one has to jump into the meteor… BET BRYAN COVERES LEGS AND ROLLS WIN BOSTON CRAB! SPECTACULAR! Kofi makes ropes, so Bryan places him on the higher rope, and Kofi fights him, then turns round and comes to the top with Shadows Over Hell 2. They trade with the best hand, Bryan blocks Hassle In Paradise, Bryan descends right into a small package deal, Kofi turns to 2, Bryan blocks SOS and counters to 2. Kofi hits Junction 2, Bryan turns to kick 2, goes to LeBell and Kofi fights. This can be a great match.

Bryan gets a boot on Kofi's face when he puts within the corner, mutes the songs when he comes to the operating knee, however Kofi deserves and rolls to Bryan 2, then he hits SOS 2, Bryan calculates the propeller LeBell lock and he has Kofi proper in the midst of the tire. Kofi continues to battle, so Bryan's hammers elbows his ribs, but Kofi does the ropes in any other case. Bryan, with a collection of sure, but Kofi does it on his ft and dares Bryan to do it once more. Kofi returns together with his own pots, but Kofi steps over Bryan's supercick and hits the reverse suplex on Row 2 on Kofi's street as he drives Bryan's flooring, and Woods and Massive E try to rescue them, however Rowan places them out. Kofi hits Rowan's Paradise, then Massive E and Kofi hit Midnight Hour on Rowan's flooring. Bryan goes diving through the New Day, however Kofi will get him together with his right hand. He waits for Bryan to get his ft, go to Hassle In Paradise, Bryan's geese and hit his knees, but Kofi leaves 2. Bryan hits the stomp, takes Kofi's flip and will get the LeBell lock in the midst of the ring, and Kofi's acquired nothing left. He continues to struggle, so Bryan hits exhausting and will get locked again. Kofi prides his method on the transfer, Bryan tries to grab her hair, Kofi pierces her means, then simply hammers with Bryan's proper hand. Kofi grabs Bryan's arms and starts giving him his personal stomps, measuring him and hit Hassle in Paradise! Kofi is making a cover and we’ve a brand new grasp!

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Kofi Kingston

WHAT MATCH! This was a fantastic match, the suitable finish and the second to hell for a good friend who has paid more than his justifiable share. Massive E and Xavier come to have fun, then they go to Daniel's belt and throw it out, pulling the veil to reveal the actual WWE headline. They provide it to Kof and lift a brand new WWE champion when fireworks go to get together. Kofi's youngsters are introduced into the ring, and Kofi strikes his baby with a belt that is coated over the shoulder.

Tom and the corporate take us back to the events of the Kickoff exhibition, then Booker T joins us within the next match …

US Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio

Joe tries to leap on Rey, but Rey gets him on one other rope , hits 619, and tries Flippy and grabs the Kokina change. Ref checks the arm and requires a bell.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Nicely, Rey happened to be injured, I give him credit for the end result and at the very least get via what he might.

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

They depart toe-to-toe proper firstly, and Roman hits Samoa's drop 2. Drew with spinebuster and jackknife Rollup 2. Roman Guillotine legdrops Drew they usually go to the ground. Drew places Roman out of the best way, however the Romans drop Drew into the front and hit him on the ground. Drew dives to drive and hammer him together with his proper hand before he displaces him from the apron to the floor. Turning with the inverse Alabama Slam 2. Drew puts on Roman and shouts at him that he ought to have stated no, but Roman knocked him back to the tree of hatred. Roman begins to get his ft, but Drew sits up and hits the spider's suplex! Good! Drew gets to the face of Rome and shouts that he gave him the chance to get out of this, however he broke the defend, he broke the brothers of Rome, and he goes to DHT, however Roman fights. He hit Rome, and it simply shoots a former master when he takes Drew's head on a clothesline and then hits him on the ground. The Roman, who’s driving, rolls Drew again into the ring, but Drew dodge Superman Punch. Roman hits the second experiment and spear units Drew down 3.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Enjoyable huge males, Drew and Roman seemed good, though this appeared a bit brief.

Elias is a drum package here, and she or he illuminates a bit. Then she is in the piano and she or he plays it a bit. Then he's in the ring together with his guitar, and he says he's doing one thing that has never been completed before, so he and his two others … Eliases? Eliai? Properly, they make a blockage of three individuals. It isn’t exactly Mankind / Dude Love / Cactus Jack in Uncooked at MSG 97, nevertheless it was high quality. He tells them to take the bow, and now he's going to take it from right here. He begins to play seven nation armies by singing fans. Clever. He says to wait until you see guys enjoying triangle, bass and harpsichord, as a result of that is the most important thing in Wrestlemania's historical past. He says WWE represents Stroll with Elias and begins enjoying when a video displaying the well-known day of Babe Ruth, who referred to as his shot in the 1932 World Collection, appears on the display. Outen involves John Cena for his Thugonomics theme, the place he interrupts Elias for the second yr in a row. He says Elias stands in the ring when John Cena turns to the heel, then he continues to drop some Dope Rymym for Elias, claiming he feels watching one among his films because the whole thing sucks. Elias says she was welcomed and there’s no AA tonight, however she gets FU. Cena makes 5 Knuckle Shuffle, pumps her tennis and hits FU. Life of the Phrase, b ***** p. and a black go well with from a parade of airbags with a sunglass. Triple H gets the standard undervalued entrance, this time in Skeletorm, with an 80's arcade racing video. They start crawling proper from the start, just slugging each other, then go outdoors to do it slightly bit. Batista Lambs Triple H up and over barricade, however Triple H grabs the toolbox and uses it from the bass bat to the shoulder. The Triple H grabs the chain and FILLS THE FISHING PACKAGE IN YEAR. His consultant should lose his thoughts. The Triple H rams Batista hits the steps, then turns the tops off and throws the chain into the ring, then gets the wrench and squeezes Batista's hand with it after which uses the key to lock Batista's arm within the floor so he can pour it. Triple H pours Batista into a hoop, throws a chair behind him, and hammers on the back of Bat. Triple H places a chair in Batista's throat and sits on it, takes a pair of needle clamps, says "This is a nice nipple!" And use the pliers to seize Batista's nostril ring and YANK. Batista rolls on the ground and collapses on the ground when the Triple H appears like a nose ring. He grabs the chain casually and comes after Batista, who is lastly capable of select Triple H and drop him on the mission table. Batista takes a moment to collect himself, then picks up Triple H and shops him on the desk for the second time. Now Batista has a chair, rubs a triple H and begins to dismantle heavy artillery. Batista hits Samoa's drop to 2, then returns to the ground the place Batista puts a few of the steps on the mission desk, stands at the prime and goes to Batista, however the Triple H colours from Batista to the desk and both men are down. The Triple H is first up, makes a branch chop and spear by way of Batista and each fall on the floor. Hunter reaches underneath the tire and grabs the sled, and actually comes out of two of them. He leaves one to take a seat on the apron and the stems of Batista with the opposite, but Batista Spears Triple H and covers 2. He goes to Batista bomb, Triple H tries to drill him with a hammer, however he doesn't connect in time, and Batista drops him 2. Batista brings the second part of the steps into the ring , put the Triple H on prime of the rope, rise up, Triple H slips down and energy bombs on Batista on prime of the steps. Triple H hits the pedigree and gets 2. Triple H has a sledgehammer, however Batista nails her and hits DDT. Ric Aptitude rises to the playground, handing a visit to Triple H, and will get to Batista's face. He disturbs Bat for long enough for Triple H to jump off the steps with a hammer, and then hit the Pedigree victory.

Winner: Triple H

Great looting and a terrific second with Ric Flair's look. Triple H and his mentor share the ground and watch dropped Batista in the ring.

We're going back when Alexa Bliss tells us it's time to get right down to enterprise and convey B to point out Daniel Bryan's t-shirts that at the moment are out there at They’re dancing and singing, and Ron Simmons goes to say damn.

Talking of APL, JBL joins the mission workforce of the subsequent staff…

Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin

The nook arms off Corbin with the suitable palms and pops him out into his abdomen. Corbin goes to the spout, Angle stops it, however Corbin bounces him up from the highs and exhibits the corner some fake and applause before they return to the piercing. Corbin pushes the corner with the upper rope, refers to his family and tells them a cheerful father. Angle dodges jumps off the higher rope, hits a collection of rolling german suplexes, and covers 2. Corbin escapes the Angle slam and hits Yakuza kick square chin. The nook will get the anklelock, but Corbin launches him. Corbin hits Deep Six for two. Angle dodges will load and hit Angle slam 2 and THE STRAPS COME DOWN! The nook gets anklelock, he has Corbin proper in the midst of the ring, Corbin indexes the ropes, Angle pulls him back, Corbin still fights, and he rolls forward to drive the corner in the middle. Corbin doesn't see me and eat right hand Angle, who is shifting from a couple of German suplexes, stops sucking fans' reaction, pointing to the sky and rising to the moon. He does it… and Corbin bypasses. Corbin hits the top of Days and covers three.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Individuals complain concerning the aim, however the corner followed the traditions and went out on the back. The angle gets a permanent ovation as a result of he says it has been 20 years and it didn't stop the methods he needed, however he needs to listen to these magic phrases that show his profession. His music appears and followers give him a good "suck" track when he goes to the floor to offer his household a hug.

Intercontinental Title Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Finn Balor

The match starts shortly, virtually as in the event that they have been opposed to some type of invisible considering. Balor digs on Lashley's flooring and hits a dive, however Lashley nails him, then will get an enormous vertical suplex back into the ring, and Balor tries to go ahead, however Lashley simply pulls him back to another suplex. Balor crashes back into the forward movement, and Lashley turns her out on the clothesline, then drives her to the barricade on the floor. Lashley tries to charge, however Balor hits the slingblad, chases Lion off by mute, then drives to Lashley's barricade again with a shotgun drop stick. Balor gets to the entrance, Rush interferes with him, and Lashley will get via the ropes a lot that he virtually travels via Balor on the best way to the ground. The second spear in the ring gets only 2, then he fires a couple of kicks to Lashley's ribs earlier than he blows him. Balor leaves the top rope, hits double and covers three.

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Finn Balor

Actually brief, however perhaps it's anticipated in an exhibition with 47 matches. [19659002] Alexa Bliss seems to publish a brand new presence document at Metlife Stadium 82, 265. Come on, guys, it's been over 30 years, certainly you can start Silverdome now, proper? (We aren’t speaking about 78,000 evaluations …) Alexa says it's time for a break, and she or he repeats it two extra occasions until R Fact realizes that her booklet and she or he comes with Carmella.

We are informed that subsequent yr's Wrestleman is coming to Tampa Bay and beyond … It's an important event time!

Winner Take All: Raw Feminine Champion Ronda Rousey vs Smackdown Ladies's Champion Charlotte Aptitude vs. Becky Lynch

In true Flair trend, Charlotte arrives by helicopter, and the purple carpet is rolled over by her and every little thing. He has members who have put his garments on him, and here he comes. The great factor is good tonight. Joan Jett and Blackhearts show a nasty popularity at Ronda Rouse's entrance. Four minutes to midnight once I write this, and if New York nonetheless has a 12-day curfew, I see one huge purpose why they not use Wrestlemania in the metropolis. Corey tells a narrative of how Ric Flair says Charlotte is not his daughter, he's Charlotte's father. That's nice. Becky is the final, and if this place had a roof, the fans would have just blown it off.

Finally, the eagerness is over, and the match begins. Ronda tears to each opponents with strikes as soon as the clock rings and continues as they go to the floor. Charlotte rams Ronda into the steps, after which goes nose to nose with Becky. They stroll their arms and … my stream locks. I get bounced utterly out of the stream, and once I return, Ronda hangs the wrong way up on the ropes where Charlotte is within the Triangle Chimney, and Becky baseball slips him back and hits him on the ground. Charlotte provides Becky a nook and covers 2. Charlotte tries to get to the moon, Becky gets knees up and will get Charlotte disarmament. Ronda goes to Becky's arm, but Charlotte breaks it on his knees in the face. Charlotte hits double Pure Choice, covers Becky 2, then covers Ronda's 2nd Charlotte landfill for Becky's flooring and then the Ronda arms, whose body photographs are full of chopping blades. Ronda tells him to deliver it, so Charlotte cuts him on his face, and Ronda reacts to the kneestrike's face and climbing on the shifting hand beam. YIPES! Charlotte is just too lengthy and too robust to land on the Boston Crab in Ronda. Becky breaks it with a bulldog, then hits both opponents with a DDT / flatliner mixture that covers each 2. Becky hits his spin on Charlotte's rib, European prime factors (or his, larger points), but Charlotte actually reacts to the American European higher step. Charlotte does Aptitude Flip, arrives at Becky on the chest, then rises to the top and you recognize what occurs to Flairs once they attempt. Becky covers Charlotte for 2, and he doesn't see that Ronda is on the corner of both opponents. Ronda, where Judo throws both ladies, gets them in both arms, however they work collectively by choosing Ronda up and robbing Ronda. . Ronda hangs, in order that they decide him up once more and hit one other bomb. Ronda nonetheless has a grip, and the third third bomb is lastly breaking. Charlotte throws Becky on the floor and covers Ronda very near 2.

Becky crops with Charlotte # 39; Ronda tries to roll the rope, but Becky hangs on it. Ronda tries to do it on ropes, but this is not a DQ, so no rope break. Ronda climbs the rope with Becky's hand and pours him into the corner. Ronda bills Becky's corner, Becky raises him up and will get the gun out to the rope. Charlotte involves either Becky's face, and Charlotte hits a Spanish flight to Becky 2. Charlotte appears to have damaged his knee landing, and Ronda rolls in and goes after Charlotte. Becky leaves for Charlotte's armed forces, who takes him to the corner. Becky rolls to the entrance when Charlotte begins stomping on Ronda's knees, pulling him into the corner to push Ronda's foot into the submit before making the fourth pillar. Becky runs with Charlotte's ribs, but Charlotte takes her to the ground and bangs her into the barricade before returning to the ring to go fourth. Ronda falls right into a small package deal 2, however one other company completes, then Charlotte bridges eight. Becky comes out of the highest rope and descends to Charlotte, whose arm has suffered from surgical procedure and begins to leak. Charlotte rolls on the ground to get this revised digital camera when Becky pulls the table out of the ring and places it inside. Charlotte is resting in and nails from Becky's back, cheering her face on the table and putting her on prime. Charlotte goes to the highest of the moon, however Becky is up and goes to the facility bomb. Ronda runs in and breaks it, knocking Charlotte on the floor, declaring that "the tables are for b *****" and translating it before opening with Becky. Becky slides out of Piper's sand, and Charlotte lies each, and covers each.

Charlotte stands at the desk, repeatedly Ronda's face to it, then spurs on Becky 2. Becky's movement and Charlotte Spears herself via the desk, and we're right down to Becky and Ronda, they usually go for it! Ronda kills him by jumping on a knee-jerk, doing a roll to Piper's pit, and Becky rolls it to a crucifixion victory.

Voittaja ja UUSI RAJAT JA Smackdown Naisten mestari: Becky Lynch

puhalsi maaliin, mutta ottelu oli hämmästyttävää. Pohjimmiltaan Rondan olkapäät palasivat maton välillä 1 ja 2 väliltä, ​​joten se näyttää ruuvipinnalta, enkä ole varma, oliko se tarkoituksellista vai ei asetettu uudelleen. Joka tapauksessa Becky saa hetken, kun ilotulitus katkeaa ja hän seisoo korkealla sulkemaan esityksen.