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WWE WrestleMania 35 Kickoff Results – April 7, 2019

WWE WrestleMania 35 Kickoff Results - April 7, 2019

Let's start by meeting our panel tonight, Jonathan Coachman, JBL, Paige and Sam Roberts. They're talking concerning the Wrestlemania spectacle and what's happening tonight, and then drive down tonight.

We go to Charly Carus and Pat McAfee to say hiya, then it returns to the panel that pulls consideration to Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre. They talk about whether or not Roman has really recovered utterly and if he can handle Drew so early on his return.

We go backstage with Kayla with Xavier Woods and Massive E. They are saying that this is the most important alternative for Kofi's career and he doesn't lose the prospect. Massive E cuts a fantastic advert on how Kofi has been forgotten for 11 years, and Xavier says tonight, he can be NEW … WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Again to the panel with Edge and Christian who speak about why it took Kofi for a long time to get right here. Christian thinks he was completely satisfied that he was here, and even this simply fell in his arms, and perhaps McMahon believes he is a B + player. Edge mocks Christian spends 15 years turning into a champion, and Christian says the difference is that he spent all the time making an attempt. Edge is having enjoyable with Sam Roberts, who seems like Krusty Klown, then our head in the direction of the opening spherical

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy vs. Tony Nese

Buddy tries to get a leap to Nise, however Nese leads to flip the tide, utilizing his velocity to win the champion. Nese, when the carriage wheel is unfastened from the preload to an ideal right hand. The Nese goes from above, however Murphy goes to the corner, makes Nesen a firefighter, and drops him to the very best flip once we go business.

We are back and Nese continues to be in hassle, however Nese continues to be in hassle, but prevents twister DDT and suplexes at Murphy's corner. Nese, who has an awesome foot-lari, brings the grasp out, Murphy tries to disassemble Nese, and goes to the superplex of the load, however Nese triggers him again and hits the pop-up moonsault. and take him out with a circling crucifix to the 2nd Nese counter Murphy's Regulation to Win Two, but Murphy gets TKO over the knee, Nese returns to the turned Frankensteiner, and Nese gets to the nook. Murphy demolishes the strikes, Nese returns with a few of his own, they usually travel until Murphy turns Nese out of the clothesline. Nese gets the foot of the driving force 2 after which Murphy out of the dive as she rolls on the ground. Nese returns to the top and hits 450 splashes, however Murphy is gone 2. Murphy hits Murphy's regulation, but Nese will get his foot on the backside 2. Murphy goes to face wash, but Nese hits superkick, suplex into Germany, and facial coverage on his own 3.

Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion: Tony Nese

An incredible match and a second for a good friend who has broken his household for years to get so far. He paid his salary, he labored exhausting, and he earned all this.

We go together with Charly and Pat with pals of Impractic Joker, then we go to the panel to debate Miz vs Shane McMahon, and Jerry Lawler joins the panel right here. Lawler says Shane is McMahon and she or he should have recognized what would occur, and JBL needs to see Mr. Miz's piercing face. Sam is in full board mode as a result of he talks about how he sees this swelling with Miz and his father.

Again to the subsequent match …

Wrestlemania Ladies's Battle Royal

Naomi and Asuka are the only ones who get real entrances, so take what it often means. Maria goes out early, and Nikki Cross fights with Candice LeRae, but both throw in a brief order. Ember Moon and Naomi have pretty good forwards and backwards that Naomi is leaving, however then Naomi goes out, so a brand new winner is guaranteed in the present day. The moon hits Eclipse at Mandy Rose, but makes a mistake to go to the top, and Lana hits her on the floor. Kairi Sane goes with Sarah Logan, then Riott Squad throws Lana. Increasingly triples of Riott Squad eliminate Kairi, then they start drilling Asuka on Logan's determined knee, then they flip to Dana Brooke. Dana owns and succeeds in throwing Ruby, then Liv Morgan, however then Zelina Vega throws, followed by Mandy and Sonya Deville. Five ladies are still there, and Mickie James superkicks Mandy out earlier than Sonya hits Mickie. We're right down to Asuka, Sonya Deville and Sarah Logan. Asuka tears to both, sends Sony to the front and sweeps her legs to drop her. Sarah shortly comes from behind and throws Asuka, but here comes Carmella, apparently hiding beneath the ring. Sarah puts her out on her clothesline and tries to throw Carmella, however Carmella hits Sarah's apron and supercicks her on the floor.

Winner: Carmella

Most of battle orders, regardless that I’ve to admit that I'm stunned Asuka did not win. So much for a renewable push, I feel. Again to the panel that speaks of history has been made tonight for ladies an important occasion. Then we take a break when the first hour ends.

We’ll come again to the panel for an additional hour, coach, Sam, David Otunga and Shawn Michaels. Shawn talks about having been introduced for the second time final night time and then operating the cardboard tonight and then turning their consideration to Triple H and Batista. Shawn talks about being a peer reviewer of an apprenticeship, and Batista has all the time recognized Triple H. They speak about being distant for the first time. Triple H has been accused of holding individuals down and Otunga says that Triple H is doing

We're going to name Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young, then returning to the subsequent match ring…

Raw Tag Group Title: Revival vs Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins

Will you’ve a moment with Edgeheads? Hawkins and Dawson start us off, and Dawson stops to frustrate Hawkins, then takes him to a carpet with a lock. Hawkins realizes he doesn't have a lot luck and recognizes Zack. Dawson works with Zack with onerous photographs, then "heavy hand Dash Wilder" (as Corey places it) comes and eats a missile drop from Zack. Zack fees, however Dash ducks and Zack sail on the ground. Cole says Booker T will turn into a threefold Famer Hall when he goes to GI Bro subsequent yr, as Zack continues. Ultimately Zack makes a scorching signal, and Hawkins cleans the home for both opponents. Hawkins, backed by Dawson, Pelle kicked Wilder and gained a roll for Dawson 2. Double clothesline, and each Dawson and Hawkins are down. Ryder acknowledges and shrinks Wilder from the top and Wilder stops when both males go to the ground. Hawkins throws Ryder back and recognizes himself again to cover Dawson's 2nd Hawkins spear on Wilder's flooring, however Dawson provides him a brainstorm on the floor, and all 4 males are down when the referee falls. Back to the ring, where Dawson goes to Hawk, and Hawkins' small packages to win.

Winners and New Uncooked Tag Staff Masters: Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins

Nice psychology here and a great second for Ryder and Hawkins.

We go to Charly Caruso and Pat McAfee, who’re a good friend of American Ninja Warrior, then we come again to the panel shortly, then head again to the ring…

Andre the Big Memorial Battle Royal

the entrances, all others come out of the mass entrance. Strowman tore off his shirt so he might present what type he received. The SNL guys climb underneath the underside and hide underneath the tire when individuals begin to throw instantly. EC3, Tyler Breeze, Shelton Benjamin, Lince Dorado, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, all exit in the first minute, then Luke Harper and Strowman get off however they swing before they ever contact. Titus whips out, then falls and gets again up. Properly, Jose Jose goes out, then Gallows rams Strowman first shrugged into the publish, and he goes by means of the ropes to the floor. Anderson goes out, Hardys-toss Rhyno, then Bobby Roode and Gran Metalik, Andrade Monkey translates Kalisto's prime and flooring, Chad Gable mercilessly German suprese Andrade, who turns the final suplex check on the physique axes that pull Gable on the floor. Dozovic double larvae, resurrection, then throw them each. Strowman is again, Gallows out, then both Heavy Equipment corporations, Braun tosses Jinder Mahal, then kicks Harper and Ali when Harper has Ali. . OUCH. Andrade can fly head scarves that remove Apollo Crews and himself, then Hardys moves ahead and begins pulling Braun from above. The SNL guys are operating in and coming again to assist, but Braun beats them both, removes Hardys after which turns to SNL pals. Considered one of them grabs the microphone and tries to speak to Braun, and places the therapist in the circle making an attempt to talk. Braun skeeballs that man everywhere in the tire after which chokeslam him, throws him into an SNL man, and one other guy tries to take away himself, but Braun stops him lengthy sufficient to punch him into the face and then let him fall. Braun tries an enormous boot, one other man deserves his method and tries to foolishly remove Braun. Braun drops her off, then picks her up, however PRINTES her first to the highest rope and her associates to win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

The SNL story was what you anticipated

I will return to the panel where they speak by means of the match just once we see, particularly how foolish Andrade was to remove himself, and then turned his attention to the primary occasion. We see a lady pack leaping video pack, the panel provides ultimate thoughts, and that's Kickoff's wrap!

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