Latest Super Showdown WWE

WWE Super Showdown Results – June 7, 2019

WWE Super Showdown Results - June 7, 2019

WWE Super Showdown Results – June 7, 2019


The Kickoff Present Panel is broadcast reside on Stamford, CT and Charly Caruso, Beth Phoenix and David Otunga. In the first two minutes, Caruso stated the present was as massive if he didn't cross Wrestleman… twice!

The panel ran a card to the Super Showdown – without mentioning the position of girls before he talked about financial institution Brock Lesnar, a state of affairs the place Monday's uncooked materials are concerned, including Rollins stretching. They introduced the promoter "earlier this week" with Paul Heyman, and promised that Brock would take the Universal title from Seth Rollins. Otunga stated that Rollins couldn't stroll away from Champion at this time. Phoenix didn't settle for and knew Rollins profitable if he might pull it collectively. Otunga stated that although Rollins might go previous Baron Corbin, he has to cope with Lesnar. Rollins was 100% in Wrestlemania, but he gained't be immediately.

They talked about 50 Man Battle Royal and introduced the promotions of Ricochet and Robert Roode that they needed to win the most important Battle Royal in WWE historical past.

video function Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler WWE title. The panel mentioned the match. Otunga stated that Ziggler would never get the housekeeping that Kingston acquired when he returned house to Ghana last week. They marvel how Kofi does not deserve the popularity of Kingston when Kingston is absolutely committed to being a WWE star when Ziggler is concentrated on different tasks. Otunga asked if he needed to be a champion or on stage on the Comedy Retailer.

They talked about Finn Balor in Andrade in the Intercontinental title and pointed out that it is going to be a Demo that is for Andrade tonight. They gave a demon to the demon

Backstage, Bethon Saxton interviewed Seth Rollins, who had stripes. He says his well being is what he is and he isn’t 100%. He stated when he took his identify from Brock Lesnar in Wrestlemania, he promised to be a champion of battle and he got here right here to do so. He faces Baron Corbin, hits him and retains the title. If Brock and Paul Heyman hold their phrases and Brock comes in, he is prepared for Beast

. In accordance with Beth Phoenix, we’ve not seen the worst Lars Sullivan.

They gave promoters of Heavy Machinery and Rusev to advertise a 50-man Battle Royal.

They gave a video function to Randy Orton vs. Triple H. Then they watched Lashley vs. Braun Strowman.

They filmed a video for Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon.

Then they introduced a video to Goldberg and the Undertaker, which was introduced as being crucial event of the show

Michael Cole, Renee Young and Corey Graves are your announcer tonight. They observed 102 levels inside Jeddah Stadium. One of many largest considerations I heard concerning the skills I spoke of was how scorching it was.

The Usos vs. The Revival

Usos was in control early and ran to the Revival flooring. They followed Dash and Wilder. Revival made a blind signal to win and overthrow Jimmy Uso with a double clothesline as he obtained out of the rope.

Revival fled to Jimmy and doubled him. Dawson made several figures. They continued their surgery and controlled Jimmy. Dawson tied Uso up on the carpet, making an attempt to drive the submission of the modified aspect of the chinlock. Uso fought on his ft, however remained in the stomach cavity

Jey Uso finally acquired a scorching tag and nailed Samo to Drop to Dawson. He nailed an enormous hip attack into the corner and coated Dawson twice. Revival came back to regulate briefly, but Wilder fell over the ropes and Uso nailed the body strain close to 2 descents to Dawson. Uso ignored the assault within the corner

Uso small packed Dawson, however Wilder disrupted the referee. Dawson nailed Usoo's spinebuster twice. Dawson grabbed Usoo's hair. Revival went again to the double group, but Uso slipped out and landed on his ft. Usos started to interrupt with supercakes and obtained a score.

The Winners, The Usos!

Good, strong tag workforce.

They went back to the Kickoff panel by breaking a few of the matches


Corbin dominated Rollins early, but Universal Champion shot back together with his proper hand. Corbin was capable of minimize him on the clothesline twice. Followers sang: "Let's go to Rollins!" Corbin argued with the decide that he didn't fall quick sufficient.

Corbin used a bear on the carpet, making an attempt to dress up Rollins' injured sides, which had been taped. Corbin was close to falling, but claimed again that Decide John Cone. Rollins kicked Corbin and nailed the enzymes to stun Corbin, giving the master the prospect to regain his wind.

Rollins grabbed Corbin, but blocked him and fired together with his personal collection. Rollins nailed to the disc elbow. He nailed to Slingblad. Rollins nailed Tope suicidan and adopted it on another.

Rollins goes uphill but is caught in a chokeslam. Rollins flees and made several near the falling sunset flap. Rollins founded the superkick. Corbin went to the floor. Rollins went diving, however was crushed. Corbin made two more bills when Rollins was pushed to the carpet. This time Corbin lost it to the referee and screamed at him.

Corbin's nail to Deep Sixin Rollins, who launched the final second. Corbin continued to regulate Rollins, however he couldn't get pinfall. He went to the ground and grabbed the chair, however the referee stopped him. Corbin informed me to stop telling him how he did his job and questioned if Cone knew methods to do it. Cone shot back to her and claimed. Tommy Younger would have been proud

Though all this is occurring, Rollins rolled Corbin and made some extent.

Your winner and nonetheless WWE Common Champion, Seth Rollins!

Match was respectable. I favored the portray with the decide once they predicted it properly.

Corbin attacked Rollins and nailed him at the finish of the Days.

The hit of Brock Lesnar's music. He got here with Paul Heyman and a hand-held metal chair. Heyman triggered a tire that disturbed Brock. Rollins nailed a low blow and commenced to kill Brock time and again. Reporters didn't say Lesnar by no means went in. Rollins continued on her chair and dared him to cash. He referred to as Brock "b ** ch's son" when Lesnar tried to make use of the MITB portfolio to guard himself. Rollins nailed to Curbstomp's portfolio.

So, Brock still didn't go in. Because the nook builds the story, it was superb.

We see if the very last thing we see about Brock and Seth tonight

WWE Intercontinental Champion The Demon Finn Balor vs. Andrade

Gee, I’m wondering why Zelina Vega just isn’t here?

Advertisers spent numerous time crossing Demon's character. Balor ruled him early, until he was fired with the apron. Balor nailed the rope drop twice. Balor fought back into the chin.

Two rivals fought on their ft. Andrade nailed to the corner of Balor. They nailed the clothespins concurrently. Andrade was sent to the ground. Balor nailed outdoors the large Tope con Hilo. Balor despatched Andrade to his ring and nailed several jaws, however Andrade minimize him off with a kick.

Balor minimize off Andrade and dropped him down. Andrade worked for him for a while. Andrade went to the moon, but Balor moved out of the best way. Andrade landed on his ft and went to the moon, however Balor acquired him on his knees or no less than it was an concept. Balor worked over Andrade, who returned with a sundown lead.

Balor drew him and went right down to Andrade's neck close to two chapters. Andrade scrolled by means of the sundown and dropped her nail to face. Andrade nailed Hammerlock DDT shut to two chapters and was not pleased that Demon triggered. They trip until Balor gained the Coup de Grace and drew Andrade!

Your winner and nonetheless Champion, Finn Balor!

A strong but not spectacular match.

They gave Miz and Jinder Mahal promotions to Battle Royal. Mahal needs to seek out R-Fact and win WWE's 24/7 title.

They introduced the video function Roman vs. Shane McMahon.

Shane McMahon (Drew McIntyre) vs. Roman Reigns

Shane was nailed by a collection of punches and kicks in Roman. Roman shot back a number of rights. Roman was sent to the ground the place Drew nailed him when Shane disturbed the decide. The Roman was introduced back to the ring where Shane choked. He nailed the two figures of Aspect Russian Legsweep.

Shane continued to work with Roman, who returned to the shoulder. Roman rose again to the rope and nailed his boot to the face. Shane gained management and tried to lock the leaving of the triangle. Roman reached the ropes. McIntyre attended and Roman nailed to Superman Punch flooring.

Shane nailed Roman when she returned to the ring. The whistleblowers treated it as it was the most important insult that Shane might give to Roman making an attempt to get her spear. Shane placed Roman on Van Terminator, but Roman jumped up and nailed Superman Punch, killing him on the rug.

I might have sworn to listen to a CM Punk track.

Roman went to the spear, however Shane kicked him. Roman drove, who Shane fell to a decide who went down and grabbed his face. McIntyre nailed Claymore Kick and Shanen to cowl the Roman clear pin.

Your Winner, Shane McMahon!

The story is that Shane stores a match he didn't need to win although he dominated most of it…? OK, OK. The rationale behind Roman and Drew Stomping Grounds is cheap, however reserving a 50-year-previous to purebred Roman is ridiculous.

Shane acquired pyro when he founded Drew's shoulders, celebrating.

They showed the door to the Goldberg locker room

Byron Saxton interviewed WWE champion Kofi Kingston, who was with Xavier Woods. Kingston was requested if he was fearful that he could not respond to the depth of Dolph Ziggler. Kingston stated you want more than intensity. He stated two weeks in the past, he was paired, but pressured him to face his ft so that everyone might see what the master should do. Xavier stated that Kofi isn’t just a master however a hero. He stated you may see that when Kofi landed in Ghana and welcomed it when everybody was wild. Kofi stated the journey was what he wanted and tonight, that is for everyone who has ever believed in himself. Ziggler has hit Kofi's nice moments and tonight, he will give him one other one – the place Ziggler didn't get the job.

Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha Home Social gathering

The fisherman began with Lars, so principally Lars wipes out one before they triple him. Lars ruled him early. He threw Kalisto in Lince Dorado, which marked in. Lars supported him within the nook and grabbed him, however Dorado slid off the street and nailed several photographs that have been worn out solely on the chest.

Lars grabbed Dorado's throat and despatched him from above to the floor. Lars went to the ground to proceed. He threw Lince back into his ring and wiped him out with a inflexible clothesline. Lars positioned Lince in his personal nook, nailed Kalisto and pierced Lince, who took the terrible horror back to the ground.

Gran Metallik tried to try to take Sullivan down earlier than signing to Kalisto. He tried to get out of the ropes, however drilled the carpet in the midst of the air. Lars knocked on the ground, however it returned. The fisherman drove him to kick his face, but he received caught and threw it into the air, falling down on the carpet.

Sullivan drew him throughout. Lars went to the rope with a flying head, however all three Lucha House members attacked. The decide rejected them.

Your Winner, Lars Sullivan!

They continued to triple and labored before leaving. Sullivan recovered and adopted the apron. Gran Metallik charged him but was taken again. Then Lince Dorado was set. Sullivan then closed Kalisto's ramp to metal. Lince went to the dive on the ground, however was caught and robbed on the apron.

I feel the get together in the Lucha House ought to have run away.

This was the first exhibition that didn’t receive a direct response

Randy Orton vs. Triple H

to Pyro Orton. Triple H appeared on a motorbike.

Quite a bit prematurely. They worked slowly and methodically early. Triple H swept down Orton and descended, but Orton escaped and went to RKO. They disappeared after HHH escaped. Some followers sang: "This is great." Orton stayed within the nook freed from charge and nailed his shoulder to the ring submit. HHH started working over his arm. He hit Orton's arm on the ground. He's

They fought on the ground where Orton lowered him on the table of the announcers. They claimed that HHH's kidneys hit one monitor. Orton introduced him again to the ring and worked over HHH. Brief time. He locked into the aspect wall. Triple H shot again and nailed a excessive knee. He drove Orton on his knees. Triple H recovered and nailed the clothesline for two calculations. The triple H went to the pedigree, however he was placed on prime of the ropes in the apron. Orton nailed him and went to hang on DDT alongside the ropes. HHH fought off it, however Orton dropped him.

Orton positioned HHH on the highest rope. Orton joined a collection of rights. HHH fought his approach out of the ropes. Orton went to RKO, however HHH fled and nailed behind his neck. HHH charged him, but he was asked for snap power. Orton bought HHH's previously labored arms. Orton's nail hanging DDT, Orton made and based RKO when HHH shared his ft. HHH blocked RKO and his nail spinebuster in two chapters

. Orton fought his method into the ropes. Triple H continued to work on the arm. Orton went to RKO. Orton escaped from the Pedigree counter and nailed two numbers near RKO. The audience was clearly loving. Orton went to the punt pot, however HHH grabbed his leg, nailed him and hit the Pedigree shut to two figures. Orton did it on the floor and coated HHH in the eye. He tried to place Orton in the bulletin board, however HHH locked up and lowered him on the table four occasions when the desk was not broken.

HHH returned to the ring, but was caught within the RKO, which was nowhere and hooked up.

Your Winner, Randy Orton!

They worked very nicely with books, the good hits of previous faculties.

They gave the WWE 24/7 title modifications from the airport to Jinder Mahal and R-Fact by exchanging income.

Backstage, Baron Corbin complained that the referee positioned his hand on him in the course of the match. He requested Byron Saxton to obtain a response from him as a result of he lost the most important match in his profession and the WWE Universal product.

Bobby Lashley vs. Braun Strowman

They tried to check their forces towards each other, but neither man moved. Lashley demanded a power check on a knucklelock. Lashley nailed the facility twine to 2 calculations. He locked into the aspect wall. Braun fought out and broke by means of Lashley by operating by way of him and sending him to the ground. Strowman charged the ring and swept down Lashley and repeated it. From the ring, he nailed the 2 splashes of the nook and the clothesline. Strowman hit greater than two figures on the shoulders.

They fought on the ground the place Lashley was embarrassed on the ramp. Lashley gained management, however was robbed from the top, then hit the pin with operating pressure.

Your Winner, Braun Strowman!

This was just the opinion that it might be.

They gave Ali and Samoa River battle occasions.

WWE champion Kofi Kingston (with Xavier Woods) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Kingston and Woods threw pancakes as they came to the ring. Pyro Kofille.

Ziggler has a US flag on his tights.

They stated that aside from the common identify, they have now fought for each title for one another.

forwards the trade early. Ziggler tied her to the carpet. Ziggler dominated Kofia snapmareen and made several figures. He tried to get Kingston back on the carpet. Kingston turned towards the whip and Ziggler hit the threads. Ziggler went to ZigZag, but Kofi escaped and nailed a collection of drop games and jumps to the clotheshops. Ziggler received back the control and made one other calculation. They fought within the nook. Ziggler fell over the ropes on the ring. Kofi left the ropes. Ziggler nailed him and went to Famouser, however Kofi turned to the pinfall combination.

They fought forwards and backwards. Ziggler was nailed with SOS two extra occasions. Up to now this has been a strong one. Ziggler went to the floor. Kingston's nail bounced back from above. Ziggler superkicked Woods on the ground. Kofi was inaugurated and nailed a collection of photographs behind and threw Ziggler again into the ring. Kofi went to Hassle's paradise, however Ziggler tore and rolled him. Kofi kicked and sent Ziggler to Xavier, who nailed him. Kofi nailed Hassle in Paradise and made some extent.

Your winner and still WWE champion, Kofi Kingston!

Good match. This appeared like a superb house show

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler was interviewed. He stated he thought Kofi was a hero and did things proper, but now everybody knows that Kingston is just a coward. Ziggler was advised that some would say they deserve what occurred after he did every little thing to Kofi. Ziggler stated he was wrestling and doing one of the best in WWE's history, but he had a guy watching his again. He demanded one rematch with out allies.

They captured Lesnar-Rollins' corner earlier at present.

50 Man Battle Royal

Everybody you would think of was right here. Even Michael Bennett.

They gave Miz, Elijah, Cesaro, Samo Joe separate entrances from everybody else. Elias sang the track. Then they did the identical with Titus when he performed the most important Royal Rumble flub. Titus hid underneath the ring before he finally received to the ring. Everyone fought. 50 rivals appeared pretty cool. In addition, it was a traditional battle for a royal worth. Titus threw each Viking Raiders. Ricochet took out Jinder.

They stated that there were almost 30 relations within the exhibition in Mansoor.

Cesaro did a good way in Cedric Alexander. Good to see WWE keep in mind that they have him and Buddy Murphy by agreement!

Shinshuke Nakamura beat Sin Cara with Kinshasa, however nonetheless returned to remove him. Rusev threw Caran.

Miz hit Sure Kicks at Cesaro and Elias. Ali and Ricochet are capturing a cool environment at Cesaro.

Samo Joe went after Ricochet, however he and Ali have been capable of double the River on the higher flooring. Cesaro got here again to hit them, removing them. Mansoor knocked Cesaro from above, but attacked Elias.

Mansoor hit the superkick. Elias tried to throw her up, however Mansoor landed. Elijah went after him, but he was poured over the ropes on the ground.

Your Winner, Mansoor!

Ending was smart from a "local" perspective. They confirmed numerous youngsters to cry and it was apparent that the gang grabbed emotionally in the meanwhile.

Byron Saxton interviewed Manor and requested what it means to return to his house nation and win the most important battle in Royal WWE history. Audience banging. He stated he had no phrases to describe how essential this second was to him. He stated on the largest Royal Rumble, he was there as a view and stood on this finger and didn't know where he would find yourself. He was a beginner with a dream to characterize the world all over the world. He stated tonight, he stated his dream got here true. They gave him a pyro on the end of the promoter, which was a reasonably rattling good promo. It was in all probability an emotionally "real" promo on WWE TV for some time.

Operating right down to the Stomping Grounds PPV configuration that has been announced up to now and reported by Corbin vs. Seth and Ziggler vs. Kofi in the cage. It’s fascinating to see that Ziggler stated that going to the present was a perception that he had simply returned to this show.

They introduced the Goldberg and Undertaker video perform.

Undertaker vs. Goldberg.

They made an extended Goldberg entrance with a protected knocking door. The audience sang their identify and apparently excited that he was there. They stated his wife and son have been right here.

Then they made a terrific Undertaker entrance with Druids and flashlights and sheets. Theatrically it was cool

. Goldberg made the throat of the Slashing motion Taker normally. He went to Taker twice to rely. Taker sat up.

Taker grabbed him by chokeslam. Goldberg tried to struggle and took him on his knee. He locked it and Taker tried to struggle.

Goldberg charged the Undertaker corner, but Taker moved and Goldberg hit the monitor. Goldberg broke off from hitting the submit.

Undertaker started working over Goldberg's arm. He founded and walked the ropes of the old-fashioned by nailing it. Taker grabbed him on the chokeslam and nailed it.

Goldberg reached his ft. Taker went to the tombstone and nailed it. Goldberg launched the last second. Taker was stunned

They fought in the ring, collided and both went down. They fought on their ft and fought forwards and backwards. Undertaker was guided by strikes and splashed at the nook of Goldberg. Undertaker nailed Snake Eyes. He acquired again to the rope however hit the large spear.

Goldberg went to Jackhammer, however couldn't get a full turn and it seemed like a pain. He coated Taker on behalf of two.

Goldberg tried to select up Taker's tombstone, but they collapsed.

Your Winner, The Undertaker!

They obviously ended up with fuel because Goldberg was injured, but they gave the public all the things they might physically give them at this level. life and profession. I respect them for that.

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