Latest PPV Results SummerSlam WWE

WWE SummerSlam Results – August 11, 2019

WWE SummerSlam Results - August 11, 2019

WWE SummerSlam Results – August 11, 2019


The panel options Jonathan Coachman, Charly Caruso, David Otunga and Beth Phoenix. Otunga reported that this was his favorite PPV of the yr.

Coachman identified that Mick Foley would be a part of them later.

They ran a collection present.

They went to the ringside where JBL and Sam Roberts have been speaking. . They pointed out that Twitter asked the place they have been and how friendly Twitter was all the time. Indeed. They talked about Dolph Ziggler vs. Bill Goldberg and posted a video motion that opened that match.

Miz joined the panel. He stated he all the time had something on his sleeve and what Ziggler had left after Dolph Ziggler wrestled Goldberg, Miz would take him out to Uncooked. He stated he heard Ziggler point out Goldberg a couple of weeks in the past and it made Miz say, "Hmmm." He stated that Ziggler all the time says it ought to be him, however why isn't he? He stated fans would explode when Goldberg's music hits, but not when Dolph's music hits, so now’s his probability to point out it is his. Miz stated he respects legends. He stated some individuals don't like the legend taking their place, but when that's the case, go out and get a much bigger pop. Make the followers miss you. He stated he thinks we'll see the spear and Jackhammer tonight.

The panel then went right into a video package deal about WWE champion Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton.

The panel talked concerning the head race. Otunga stated ten years ago that Kingston was not prepared, however now he has matured and discovered to win. Now he needs to return to right the errors of his previous.

Sam Roberts stated he was in Madison Square Garden ten years ago when Kingston broke in, however apparently Randy Orton held him down. JBL stated ten years ago that Kofi was not ready. He stated Orton has taken every opportunity he has heard from his father, Bob Orton. The match at present may be show-Stealer. JBL stated you aren’t ready, typically you are not prepared. Roberts stated Kofi didn’t win the title race for his complete WWE run and then gained the title at Wrestlemania and is at his greatest in the publish-Wrestleman season. JBL stated that if Kofi hits Orton, that is his remaining profession date.

They broadcast Charlotte Aptitude and Trish Stratus at The King's Courtroom a couple of weeks again for the Smackdown Reside collection, setting the stage for his or her singles occasion tonight. Behind the scenes, Charlotte stated that Trish needed to rewrite history and declare to deliver concerning the evolution of girls. He stated it was his era. Trish was by no means nearly as good as individuals keep in mind. Trish is going to worship him. The panel discussed its match.

Then they cut up Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt, resulting in a video function of their match. Sam Roberts stated their match was meant to be a massacre and questioned what Balor's ego was considering of taking Wyatt. He stated no one had ever seen a "whole" like Wyatt and questioned what kind of ego Balor thought he might walk out of, not as a demon however as a human. JBL stated that each one the large stars have an ego, however he puts money in Wyatt. We don't know what to do about him. Balor is an unimaginable technical wrestler. Roberts stated he thinks Balor might be dissatisfied as before.

Mick Foley joined the panel. He stated he hoped to be a part of a "feel good" second on Raw, but was attacked at a nasty second that took him time to get well. They identified that Wyatt used The Mandible Claw and Foley defined how the transfer worked. He stated he initially used it to remind the Undertaker, and now Wyatt is doing it to others. He stated that opponents should marvel who they are dealing with. When you’re inside your opponent's head, victory is secondary to maintaining your integrity.

They sent a pack of Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon.

Backstage, Owens was asked if tonight was the most important night time of his career. He stated he didn't need to belittle every little thing else he has executed in his career, however as we speak he’s preventing for his career. He has been requested why he didn’t be sure that Shane's career was additionally on the line. Shane's last identify is McMahon, so she will do whatever she needs and she or he has no integrity. Owens stated that's why Shane ignored Owens' problem and set his career up, ensuring he might get Shane's ring in Toronto. He plans to remove the frustration from Shane at present. Tonight you may learn Summerslam in the tent, but at this time is the Kevin Owens Present.

Sam Roberts stated the concept Smackdown is the Shane McMahon Present is ridiculous, speaking about Shane's huge income. JBL stated Kevin Owens ought to struggle Jimmy Crockett and Ted Turner, what it's wish to struggle McMahon. He stated Owens is an unimaginable performer and loves stealing the show. He stated if he did this for Smackdown fans, he can be terribly handled.

The panel started to disintegrate Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon. Otunga stated Shane did not intend to put his profession on the line till it had no business significance. Otunga stated Owens might have put his career on the line, it's brave, but perhaps he's watching bravely from house. Mick Foley stated he started his career on the line and misplaced it to Triple H, and paid him a few of his greatest years, and there may be an finish to Kevin Owens. He stated that the subsequent day you marvel what you've achieved. Shane takes the battle to Owens.

Backstage, The O.C. encountered Finn Balor. They stated they have been busy ensuring the world knew they have been operating this system. They stated AJ Types was going to take Ricochet away. Types stated he had good luck all week, however perhaps Finn Balor needs them. Balor stated he was ready to play Bray Wyatt's views. Types stated if he wanted their assist, simply say when. They held on to the "Too Sweet" label, which provided it to Finn earlier than strolling, leading Balor to think about his supply.

They sent a video package deal about AJ Types vs. Ricochet to the USA title.

JBL and Sam Roberts mentioned the match. Coachman stated that perhaps Ricochet gained the title too early in his career, however now he has been baptized to know what it’s. Otunga reported that The O.C. may be one among WWE's strongest models.

They despatched a video packet of current assaults on Roman governments. The panel questioned who could possibly be responsible.

WWE Cruise Grasp Drew Gulak vs. Oney Lorcan.

Gulak attacked Lorcan instantly on the clock and went after his hand. Lorcan fought his method out they usually responded. Gulak took him to the carpet and locked it in a hammerlock, binding the challenger to the carpet. Lorcan reached the highest of two excessive faculties, however he was trapped again within the hammer lure. Orcan supported Gulak within the corner and mocked him on the nook. Gulak fought back and hit him arduous on the ropes. Gulak continued to work throughout Lorcan's limbs, making an attempt to pressure his give up whereas grinding him down.

Lorcan tried to struggle his method out, making an attempt to get power. Lastly he did so and nailed a collection of thick pieces to Gulak's chest. She nailed the sibling for double rely. Gulak fled to the floor, but Lorcan followed and nailed the collection to the floor. They returned to the ring the place Gulak shocked him with a dragon sleeper. Lorcan used his foot to succeed in the ropes, forcing a pause for the mission. They continued forwards and backwards, escaping makes an attempt to nail one another with a towel in stereo, and fell because the referee lowered them onto the carpet.

Gulak started drilling a collection of shocks. Lorcan was launched, but Gulak kidnapped him in another Dragon Sleeper. Lorcan reworked those two payments, Lorcan worked over Gulak and pulled him into the ring. Gulak pulled in a hoop. When the referee confirmed this, Gulak struck Lorcan in the throat and hit a cyclone resulting from a pin.

Your winner, and nonetheless WWE cruiser champion Drew Gulak!

An excellent match where every part seemed plausible and included heavy punches and wrestling. The only drawback was the Summerslam promotion kick, which took all of the momentum out of the match.

Jerry Lawler and Booker T joined the panel for the second hour of the Kickoff exhibition. Drake Maverick appeared and needed them to talk concerning the WWE 24/7 Championship. He pointed out that he did not win the title on the Summerslam Meet & Greet weekend and is in search of R-Fact. He needed them to tell him if that they had seen the R-fact. At the similar time, Fact and Carmella have been hiding beneath the glass of their collection, unaware of Maverick. On leaving, the reality stated they might be right here all night time watching NXT.

Maverick returned with the referee. The truth threw popcorn at him. Carmella fired Maverick. He and the truth left. Maverick drove them into unknown elements.

The panel ran in a PPV configuration.

They ran the video work Becky Lynch vs. Natalya.

Natalia was interviewed in the background. He stated Becky pulls him all over the place, however when he locks in Sharpshooter tonight, Becky pulls it. She promised to walk away from the raw ladies's champion.

Jerry Lawler stated he all the time goes again to Natalya's grandparents and ended up with Sharpshooter in his conversations with Bret Hart extra typically than he remembers. He stated it was a painful maintain on which he had ever been positioned. Booker stated the previous is the previous. They mentioned the match.

Apollo Crews vs. Buddy Murphy

Murphy started off robust by hitting a number of kicks again earlier than locking within the again. Much of the comment was dedicated to Roman Reigns' story and Murphy's announcement that Rowan was responsible. Apollo nailed the enziguir and adopted the pump kick. He nailed another enziguir. Murphy fought again and came off the ropes however was caught in the air and hit backwards within the fall of Samoa. The crew nailed a standing six-arrow for two counts. The crew squeezed Murphy over his head, but Murphy escaped and nailed the crew to the ropes. Murphy nailed a seated motor bomb off the ropes at two counts.

They hit each other with their arms and punches. The crew nailed a serious knee stroke. Murphy stabbed her with considered one of her own, but she was drilled out of the ring. The crew went to the moon outdoors of the apron, however Murphy grabbed hold of him and hit him on the stairs. Murphy nailed an enormous dive over the ropes. Earlier than he might use his head, Rowan attacked Murphy on the ground, hitting him and throwing an Australian star on the slope.

Rowan went to the Beel Toss flooring but didn't really get it, and then Murphy spoke to the floor. He bombarded Murphy at the ring publish. He advised Murphy to maintain his identify out of Murphy's mouth. They appeared like Daniel Bryan was silently watching the player appear behind the display. Elias appeared subsequent. Based on him, it was the most important exhibition of the summer time and he has been here all week, signing autographs and giving live shows. Toronto is a special place and she or he needs to introduce the track. He knocked on Toronto, however Edge came out. He came into the ring, met Elias, and spoke to him. It could be the primary physical interplay Edge WWE has had since retiring, so it was a bit shocking. Toronto actually favored seeing Edge.

WWE Womenâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s Tag Group Masters Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. IIconics.

IIconics are ridiculously charismatic. Alexa and Billie started. Peyton was tagged. Cross made a tag and was made. Peyton failed to stop Bliss from being tagged. Bliss nailed STO to Royce, but Kaye nailed an enormous pump kick. He and Cross fought outdoors. Bliss nailed Royce's KO arm and Royce wrinkled the carpet. Bliss took his place on Twisted Bliss. Kaye tried to stop it, but Cross knocked her off the apron. Bliss nailed the movement and made a pin.

Your winners and still your champions, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross!

Good but brief match.

They showed a video playback of Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar. [19659002] WWE Summerslam 2019

They introduced me back to the opening of the exhibition.

They broadcast a video package deal about Becky Lynch vs. Natalya.

WWE Raw Ladies Champion Becky Lynch vs. Natalya – Mission Match [19659002] They locked up with Natalya as they tried to point out off their power. The viewers prayed for Becky. Lynch went to Natalya's corner and nailed the blast out of the corner. Dueling-songs. Lynch nailed one other suplex and went in entrance of the disarmher.

Becky went to the throttle of the triangle together with her ft. Natalya lifted and knocked her down, however Becky held her. They made it clear which you can't use ropes to break the screws. Natalya lifted her up again, but Becky nailed the rana and tied her legs to the grape.

Natalya went to the floor. Becky followed. Lynch was despatched to the barricade and swept her legs. Natalya drilled her with a couple of photographs and introduced her again to the ring. Lynch bought his leg. Natalya attacked her left knee while enjoying Lynch's previous numbers. Natalya drilled her kick into the gut.

They observed that Bret Hart was in the house and stunned Natalya by showing at present. Properly, that was the story. They clearly forgot that I feel Bret was watching the bells.

Becky was sent outdoors to the apron. Natalya went over her shoulder, however Lynch moved in and kicked. Natalya prevented it and sent her to the playground, after which she used Sharpshooter with the ropes. It's a reasonably cool place.

They ended up again on the ground where Natalya was sent to the whistleblower table, then ring step by step. Natalya's left arm was injured, so the story is that they have chosen their seats and are working in the direction of their mission. Becky went to the top however was superplexed to the ring.

Natalya tried to keep monitor of the basement drop, however Lynch prevented it and positioned Natalya within the Sharpshooter making an attempt to hit her together with her own move. Natalya survived and kicked Lynch away by sending him to the buckles. The audience shouted, "This is awesome."

Lynch tried to attack the ropes with a kick but was caught and sent to the carpet. This time, Natalya locked the gunman into Becky by sending her strategies. Lynch escaped and went to Sharpshooter, however Natalya blocked and canceled it in the midst of the ring. Lynch fought his method up the ropes, but Natalya pulled her again into the center of the ring. Lynch pulled himself out of the ropes and ring once more, however was trapped, half-hanging from the apron.

Natalya pulled her downtown. Natalya tried to relocate, but Becky grabbed her by the gun. Natalya, trapped, finally tapped.

Your winners and nonetheless Uncooked Ladies's Champion Becky Lynch!

Really good broadcast match with viewers reactions, which makes it look even greater. Some really cool delivery variations right here, especially the Rope Sharpshooter. This was the perfect example they've given Natalia within the ring for some time, and Lynch was additionally actually nice. Great method to open the present. It made sense to set this up first so that the gang can be receiving and receiving scorching broadcasts.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Trish Stratus. Stratus stated he was high-quality, nervous and excited about performing in entrance of his household and pals in Toronto. The toughest half has been ready for her music to hit Charlotte Aptitude. Aptitude says at this time's ladies are the best, however pioneers are sometimes observed by those that don't understand how lucky they are. She's going to show that Flair can't stroll her miles in her boots. If Flair is a queen, she is a queen. Good promo.

Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler advised the viewers that they have been in search of the most effective that would occur on this display and on WWE. He stated he was the worst thing ever for wrestling professionals. He stated, "We've all seen it before. Legends will come and legends will go, but old DZ is here stealing the damn show." He stated he wouldn't be shocked to see Goldberg carry out as a result of we all know Goldberg gained't show up within the matches. that Goldberg was afraid of Ziggler and dared anybody with the center to return out. Goldberg's music was played. They walked right through their backs with security. His head had not misplaced his thoughts.

being a traditional power popping out, however getting an enormous response from the gang as they fought for their identify.

They met. Ziggler shot him from scratch and made one level. and barked at Goldberg Jackhammer and made a pin.

Your winner, Goldberg!

This was exactly what it was purported to be.

Ziggler took the microphone and informed Goldberg to be on his walk. He advised Goldberg he had no position in preventing him person to person. Goldberg returned to the ring while Ziggler was still on the carpet. Ziggler received to his ft and Goldberg spoke to him once more.

Goldberg walked once more. Ziggler appeared on the microphone. He stated, "Goldberg, anyone can get lucky twice." He informed Goldberg he had no balls to hit him from individual to individual. He stated Goldberg was a laughing inventory in this enterprise, whereas Ziggler was one of the best within the enterprise. Goldberg returned and fell sick with Ziggler's interest, acted like he was about to stroll away, then returned from the ropes and talked to him once more.

They sent a promotion to Clash of Champions for PPV, which sounded a bit like Stranger Issues. 9/15.

Backstage, New Day reduce promo. Huge E stated at this time was Viper vs. Black Mamba. They stated that they had someone from Kofi and introduced Drake. As an alternative of a hip hop (and Degrassi Excessive) star, it was Drake Maverick dressed in a hip hip reggae. Kofi wasn't impressed. Drake left. Kofi stated she was expecting tonight. Randy Orton tried to arrest him. Tonight, he exhibits Orton that he has failed and Kofi can't be held back.

WWE United States Champion AJ Types (with OC) vs. Ricochet.

They introduced worldwide enrollment teams, including R-Fact and Carmella pretending to be a Canadian enrollment group. A lot of cosplay tonight. It was fairly enjoyable. Drake Maverick seemed to seek out the truth and Carmella, however they have been long gone.

Ricochet wore a full body go well with that appeared to pay tribute to DC Comics Nightwing. He began off robust, together with leaping on the apron and operating over Gallow and Anderson's shoulders to jump in and nail the dropkick to Types. Types grabs him by the ropes and drills him into the ring. Ricochet fought towards him, but was kicked in the incorrect leg and fell to the carpet. He worked for a very long time, however he started to fix his comeback, together with the springboard, using solely his good leg, to the flying legdrop for 2 counts.

Ricochet nailed the 2 numbers of the necklace, followed by a standing shot with another star urgent. The types went to the ropes, but they have been caught by the sunset flip-type scrolling by two extra ropes. He finally nailed Ricochet's dangerous foot and sent him to the ground. Types nailed a sliding kick outward on Ricochet's face. Types brought him again to the ring and headed for the Types Conflict. Ricochet prevented, however was drilled throughout Types' knee.

Ricochet returned with a shoulder at an angle. He nailed a collection of rights however was kicked in the chest as he lowered Types into a corner. Ricochet continued towards the again corner of the transfer, but his knee gave in. He returned with a double digit on the enziguir. Ricochet went into a suplex that made no sense because his knee was harm and assured sufficient to offer. Types kidnapped him in a calf shredder, but Types turned him into Vice Anaconda. Ricochet nailed the edge of the light above and then drilled Types two extra occasions.

Ricochet went to the highest. Types nailed him, but Ricochet fought him off. Anderson tried to take part, but was crushed. Ricochet fired within the flip, however Types grabbed him and hit Types Clash. The finish appeared good.

Your winner and nonetheless WWE US champion, AJ Types!

The match was good, nevertheless it didn't know the story.

Types irritated Ricochet returned. The beat seems like OC is celebrating by ordering Anderson and Gallows to toss the Magician.

Road income have been on the rise as Ric Flair hit. They started all his logos they usually all began to inject. It was fun and great in all the best ways.

WWE Smackdown Womens Champion Bayley vs. Ember Moon

Bayley discovered himself doing plenty of good-wanting Moon crimes from an early age when he really took the battle to champion. Moon locked Bayley in a customized bow and arrow, making an attempt to rub Bayley's again. Bayley went to the neck guard, nevertheless it went in the log. Moon failed underneath the strain of the ropes and was nailed with a towel for 2 drops.

Moon controlled the match till Bayley grabbed him by the ropes and was sent to the buckles. Bayley clicked him within the buckles. Bayley tied him to a tree in want and nailed his elbow to a different close by drop. He locked himself in a reverse Boston crab, making an attempt to pressure the cargo.

Moon caught Bayley and threw him on the ropes. Moon went for a dive but was drilled when he hit the ropes. Bayley climbed to the top, however Moon nailed him and hit the bar from the higher rope to the ring. Moon nailed the double knee face two extra numbers.

Bayley went to the ropes. He went to kick the advancing Moon, however pulled him into a pressure bomb ring. Moon went over the ropes, however Bayley tried to stop him. Bayley was knocked off, but he returned to get Moon from the tip of the Bayley to Stomach suplex.

Your winners and nonetheless Smackdown ladies's champion, Bayley!

Robust wrestling, however the objectives seemed to return out.

Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon – Owens has to go away WWE if he loses.

Elias was outdoors the ring decide.

Shane McMahon stopped early. Elias and Owens argued in the ring and Owens was virtually eliminated. Owens returned to the ring the place he made a canopy for McMahon and hit an enormous cannonball in the nook. Shane went to the ground, but when Owens went to dive, Elias blocked his path.

Shane nailed Owens and punched him via the ropes into the ring barricade. Shane worked for Owens. The viewers sang "Shane you suck" and "You can't wrestle." Owens made a comeback, but was caught on DDT as Shane escaped from the pop-up powerbomb by two counts.

Shane locked Owens into a Sharpshooter, however Owens fled and nailed a pop-up powerbomb. Elias obtained on the ring apron to distract the referee and stop the defeat. Owens talked to Elias, which led Shane to show him into two bills.

Owens ended up in a chair and teased Shane however didn't as a result of it will imply the top of his profession. Owens reached Elijah's face. Shane went to nail him, however Owens moved and knocked Elias off his apron. Owens minimize Shane and nailed the swanton. He went for shelter, but Elias pulled the referee out. That they had words. Owens came from above with a swanton on the floor and wiped Elijah and the referee.

Owens began knocking Elias on the chair and threw him into the time provider. Owens needed to use the chair at Shane, however the referee had recovered, so Owens stopped. The decide eliminated the chair and allowed Owens to kick Shane's groin and make a pin.

Your winner, Kevin Owens!

This advised the expected story, and it hit all the candy spots.

They re-advised The Roman Reigns. Charlotte Flair vs. Trish Stratus

Stratus confirmed an awesome reaction. So does Flair.

They locked aggressively on the strands of Stratus guaranteed by Flair. Stratus kicked him out as he charged and nailed Thesz Press. He used ropes as a springboard to his skate. Aptitude went to number 4, but Stratus kicked him off and sent him to the corner. The audience prayed, "You still got it."

Stratus proceeded, but was kicked within the intestine. He stepped on a motorcycle, but Stratus fled and used lucha-fashion arms. Aptitude ended up outdoors the ring the place Charlotte nailed Thesz Press Apron off. Flair took control and threw Stratus into the barricade.

Aptitude brought Stratus again into the ring and smashed his face into the rings several occasions. She locked her in a custom surfboard by pulling her hair out for additional strain. Charlotte tied Stratus to the ropes by pushing her over. He continued to trash Stratus, verbally mocking him as he did.

Stratus exploded with punches that worked over Charlotte and had sufficient. Flair dropped him over the ropes, landing outdoors on his ft. Stratus was nailed in a large baggage compartment and fell to the floor. Stratus recovered from the ground and was virtually dropped, but Aptitude pulled him again into the ring.

Stratus absorbed some punishment and ultimately fired back with a collection of crushers. He reached for the corner on the corner, but Aptitude grabbed it. Stratus pulled himself up they usually fought on the prime until Stratus grabbed him from the highest rope to the ring.

Aptitude nailed a big boot to a different pinfall. He started working on Stratus' foot to determine Chapter Eight. Stratus pulled him up for two counts and locked himself in 4 locks. Stratus was then bridged to Figir's eight-foot lock, locking him in his personal finishing action. Aptitude let it on the ropes.

They met. Aptitude went in the direction of the spear, but was caught and nailed to the Bulldog for 2 counts. They went forwards and backwards until Stratus hit Chick Kick on an in depth two rely. Stratus went for an additional, but was hit by an enormous boot. Charlotte was single in the midst of eight rings. Stratus lastly clicked.

Your winner, Charlotte Flair!

A very nice, properly-fought match with Stratus, leaving the whole lot within the ring and going via his defend via pure submission. If this was Stratus, he would end up in an incredible last performance and Flair seemed good as ordinary.

Aptitude left the ring. Stratus acquired an extended, extended standing ovation. He went to the nook and greeted each side of the world. He traveled to the highest of the doorway ramp and bowed to the gang.

I feel this was the most effective factor in the present thus far.

Backstage, taped by Seth Rollins, ready for his important event. Bret Hart appeared and wished him good luck. Rollins thanked him. Properly, now we know why he didn't show up with Natalya.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton.

Orton mocked Kofi making an attempt to offer him a pancake. Kofi was shocked and fired. They locked up and ended up in a nook. The decide separated them. They ended up in the corner again and this time Orton took management. They fell to the floor the place Orton dropped him throughout the table. Orton continued to work over Kofi, who returned by diving down the steps to body strain.

Kofi took management till the dive was interrupted. Orton frightened him once more and dropped him at the prime of the announcement table. Orton labored over Kofi and founded the superplex. Kofi fought him out and found the ropes on the twister DDT two counts.

Kofi began drilling Orton with exhausting, drill hooks. He nailed Growth Drop to Orton and settled in Hassle in Paradise, however Orton minimize him off and nailed the backbreaker. Orton was hit on the ground and Kofi hit the Belief Fall web page outdoors the ropes. Kingston hit the large flying physique strain by two factors. Orton reduce him off and nailed the DDT cladding on the ropes at two counts.

Orton settled on the RKO, but Kofi shocked him with a countdown on two counts. Kofi went to the top but was caught with RKO in the air. Orton laughed figuring out he had gained the title. Kofi rolled to the floor while Orton took too lengthy to make the deck.

Orton went to the ground. They have been proper in front of Kofi's youngsters. Orton aikoi tehdä jotain perheen edessä, joten Kofi räjähti ja hyökkäsi Ortoniin soittaessaan kellon. Väkijoukko vihasi sitä ja alkoi laulaa ”Bullsh **”. Kingston meni renkaan alle ja sai kendo-tikun ja alkoi lyödä helvettiä Ortonista mailalla.

Orton rullasi takaisin renkaaseen. Kofi seurasi ja jatkoi pelaajan lyömistä sauvalla. Kofi odotti Ortonin nousevan jalkoihinsa ja naulasi vaivan paratiisissa.

Viimeistelemättä jättäminen oli surkea, varsinkin kun koko tarina rakennettiin ajatukseen, että Kofilla oli mahdollisuus karkottaa joitain demonia menneisyydessä ja sitä ei tapahtunut. Se päästi ilmaa ilmapalloista väkijoukon kanssa, jopa kun Kofi laski Ortoniin tikun avulla.

He eivät koskaan ilmoittaneet, mikä maalin tarkka oli, joten minun mielestäni se on kaksinkertainen laskenta. Tämä oli hienoa renkaan sisällä, mutta mikään ei tuntunut ikimuistoisesta yhteenottavasta yhdessä vuoden suurimmista näyttelyistä.

Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

Balor ei ole Demon.

Wyatt oli aivan uuden sisäänkäynnin, kovemman model hänen teemamusiikistaan ​​ja kaikenlaisista grafiikoista. Hänellä oli uusi lyhty kannettavaksi renkaaseen, luotu näyttämään "vanhan" Bray Wyatt'n ihmisen päältä valon loistaessa sen laajennetusta avoimesta suusta. Arvaan erikoistehostelegenda Tom Savinin, joka joukkue teki Brayn naamion ja kaikki Firefly Funhouse -jutut, loi sen. Yleisö rakasti sitä ja muutti ”Holy sh **!”. Kiitos Martin Stuzebecherille hänen avustaan.

Wyatt tarttui Baloriin ja löi hänet alas matolle, sitten alkoi lyödä ja potkaista Baloria. hän toi Balorin nurkkaan. Balor taisteli ulos, mutta pysähtyi hämmentyneenä. Wyatt roikkui taaksepäin kulmasta. Balor lyötiin. Wyatt tarttui Baloriin kuin hän olisi Zeus No Holds Barredissa ja napsautti kaulaansa. Wyatt alkoi katsoa käsineensä, tarttui sitten hänen kasvonsa. Hän meni sisar Abigailin kissan puolelle, mutta Balor pakeni ja naulasi nauhan terän. Balor nailed a double stomp and a dropkick into the buckles. Balor went to the highest for the Coup de Grace but Wyatt caught him with the Mandible Claw and that was it for Balor, who was rendered unconscious and pinned.

Your winner, Bray Wyatt!

Wyatt stood within the middle of the ring with a strobe effect as the digital camera closed in on him after which he disappeared.

The gang chanted, “That was awesome.”

A particularly profitable re-introduction inside the ring for Wyatt. If WWE can persistently do that, they’ll construct their greatest supernatural-tinged character in many years. Someone needed to be sacrificed to make it work, and Balor did a nice job in that position.

WWE Common Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins went proper after Lesnar, who kicked him within the ribs and commenced beating on his back. Lesnar lifted up Rollins and drove him onerous into the buckles. Rollins came back with a kick to the jaw and scored with the stomp for a two rely. The gang was shocked at that. They confirmed Paul Heyman extremely concerned.

Lesnar went to the floor. Rollins came off the ropes with a flying knee. Lesnar was brought back to the ring and went for a German suplex however Rollins rolled by means of and nailed a pair of kicks. He went after Brock, however was caught and hit with an F-5. Lesnar grabbed him by the rib tape, spun and despatched him flying throughout the ring.

Lesnar started nailing his German suplexes. Rollins rolled out. Brock nailed him with a German suplex on the ground. Lesnar stomped away at Rollins. He suplexed Rollins arduous. Brock drilled him again into the turnbuckles. He trapped Rollins in an inverted bearhug, working on the injured ribs. Seth made it to the ropes but Brock drilled him in the midst of his again.

Rollins was drilled arduous into the turnbuckles. Lesnar went for an additional charge but Rollins moved and Brock hit the ring submit shoulder-first. Rollins nailed a leg lariat to Brock’s face, knocking him off the apron to the floor. Seth nailed several suicide dives but on a 3rd attempt, Lesnar caught him and drove him backwards HARD into the ring submit.

Lesnar started clearing a table as Heyman advised him to “get rid of” Seth. Rollins exploded and kicked Lesnar onto the table. Rollins went to the top of the ring publish and nailed a frog splash, placing Lesnar via the desk.

Rollins nailed an enormous splash off the top on Lesnar, who was now within the middle of the ring. Rollins arrange for the stomp and nailed it however Lesnar kicked up on the final second. Lesnar came back and went for the F5 but Rollins escaped, nailed the stomp and scored the pin.

Your winner and new WWE Common Champion, Seth Rollins!

Rattling entertaining match.

Rollins was in tears when he was handed the championship belt.

The show went off the air with Rollins holding aloft the WWE Common title belt as pyro went off.