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WWE Stomping Grounds Results – June 23, 2019

WWE Stomping Grounds Results - June 23, 2019

Kickoff Present

The panel ran down the PPV configuration earlier than shifting to the Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler video package deal.

They returned to Charly Caruso and Booker T inside the ring with a metal ring that discussed the match. Booker stated that the first thing you need to do is to flee from the cage, however others need to use a cage to grind and crush your opponent.

Jonathan Coachman and David Otunga interviewed New Day's Xavier Woods and Huge E. They stated that Kofi didn't want them tonight and praised how massive he was.

They introduced a video package deal to Baron Corbin and Seth Rollins.

Backstage, Kayla Braxton asked Baron Corbin to ask if he had made a selection for a overseas decide right now. He stated that many people have come to him who need a decide and he has chosen, however he isn’t going to disclose who it’s. He stated Seth Rollins has shown how scared he is. He promised to kill Beastslayer and turn out to be a new Universal Champion. He used all types of massive words in order that no one would converse in reality until they have been written to WWE to sound utterly unnatural.

The panel discussed how Seth Rollins has attacked everybody in current days and showed clips of attacks

They despatched a video package deal to Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

Ricochet joined the panel. He stated he was preventing for his life. He knows that Joe has no respect for what he did to Rey. Joe appeared on the shared display and stated that Ricochet has been right here with a cup of coffee, but he doesn't know what it is wish to be on prime. He stated at this time that it isn’t Ricochet's night time. Ricochet stated he would give Joe a message within the ring. Ricochet felt nervous and didn't converse very convincingly,

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Rowan minimize off the promo that the tag group isn’t revered. He stated that the brand new day treats the division as a joke. Tonight they’re going to save the whole division as much as they defend the title. They mocked the thought of ​​Heavy Machinery as workforce masters. They stated they might save the division from being a joke. They do it for the perfect and for the planet as a result of they’re masters of the planet.

Booker T stated he would hear what Daniel Bryan says and he agrees with Bryan. Otunga stated she needed to see that the tagged group was handled critically and she or he accepted it and want to see it too.

They introduced a video function of Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre.

Backstage, Shane McMahon stated she smelled a odor of victory. Drew stated he was too emotional. He just tells the truth. When Roman goes house, his household doesn’t acknowledge him and his youngsters cry in his father's eyes. If it hurts, it gained't harm as dangerous as what Drew does to Roman

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese vs. Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa

Gulak's nail Nite's bell clock. Tozawa attacked him and despatched him to the floor. Nese and Tozawa went forwards and backwards. Gulak tried to nail the clothesline, however Nese nailed him again when he was behind the bridge in Tozawa.

Gulak went to the floor where Nese nailed him with a supercick. Tozawa nailed her nose to your nostril after which hit the flap off the floor in Gulak. Tozawa nailed a missile pencil to Nise on two. Gulak hit the ring, however Tozawa despatched it to the floor. Nese minimize Tozawa up and nailed him, but Gulak drove him to cut off the break.

Gulak controls the match, nailing both Nese and Tozawa. He nailed Tozawa with a number of head keys until they have been grabbed by a scalpel / arm mixture. Nese took Tozawa as much as the suplex and dropped him to Gulak. Gulak returned to laria and tried to suppress him.

Nese was trapped in Dragon Sleeper, but Tozawa got here out with a backrest. He made a number of nearby waterfalls. Gulak went to the DVDR, however Tozawa turned it right into a grumble. Tozawa muscle muscle in Gulak's facial remedy twice. Tozawa went to the floor. Nese drove Gulaki and his nail right into a springboard into the large two chunks of the moon when Tozawa broke into a pinfall company.

Nese and Tozawa fought in a nook where Nese tried to nail superplex. They fought, however Gulak nailed to Nise and hit the superplex. Nese missed 450 splashes but was capable of rise up. Nese nailed the inverted Kryptonite sitting-two close to the Krunch. Tozawa nailed an excellent wizard to 2 layers. The Tacoma crowd went to nuts for this sequence.

Nese nailed an enormous boot to Gulak, but was rolled twice. Tozawa went to the hand beam, however Nese made my muscle tissues and strongly bombed him twice. Gulak attacked however nailed to the nook of the again middle. Gulak fired again and went to the torture rack. Nese landed in the forward motion, but Tozawa kicked it.

Your winner and the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Drew Gulak!

Onerous struggle, exciting opener. Really nice stuff right here!

The panel went right down to the PPV configuration

They introduced the video function Becky vs. Lacey and closed the dialogue about that battle.


WWE Uncooked Champion Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans.

Huge pop to Lynch and plenty of singing early. They went straight after the clock. Lacey went to the ground, but Lynch adopted her nail behind the large axehandle. Evans was asked to attempt to kick once they returned to the ring, but Evans took it and hit him on the carpet. He sent Lace to the turning circle. He nailed to the door together with his ft and nails sliding by way of the ropes on the ground.

Becky acquired to the announcers' table, and Lacey labored over the middle section and the lower back on a number of events. Lacey used a ringpost to attempt to pull Lynch aside, then locked on her arms and commenced working over Lynch's arm. He went on to assault with a corner kick. He locked into the hand beam and drilled him in the midst of the opening. Good match thus far. Evans nailed the rope, however Lynch escaped from the pinfall firm. He used a rope to nail a kick, however Evans grabbed him in a knot in a collection of shoulders.

Evans was stripped of any Disarmher. Evans fled, however was caught again. Evans returned, using ropes for an elevated, swinging kick. Evans was in search of his glove and lowered them to Becky. Becky used gloves to throw them in her mouth. Lynch nailed a collection of knees, but they have been asked to go away the middle of the ropes by slicing. Lynch returned by jumping on a flying forearm. Lynch nailed two figures close to Exploder. Lynch was on his approach, when Evans reached over his elbows, but Lynch reached his knees.

Lynch exploded, however Evans returned with a kick to the center and made two chapters. Evans claimed it was three chapters.

Your Winner, Becky Lynch!

This was considered one of Lacey Evans' greatest exhibits. Very entertaining battle

They gave a video to Ali

Backstage, Kayla Braxton stated that Paul Heyman met with Baron Corbin. He requested Heyman if he had Baron's selection and would see Brock Lesnar tonight. Heyman stated he should ask if Seth or Kofi is right here, and they are, and if they’re, create it for Brock Lesnar. Corbin appeared and asked Kayla if he needed extra as a result of he was hanging around the locker room. He needed a solution. He stated he has chosen a referee and all he needs is a competitor so he can win and then, in that case, he offers with Brock Lesnar.

Talking a few minor presence on this show

New Day vs. Sami Zay & Kevin Owens

Owens was demolished by STIFF supercells at Xavier Woods. He nailed the backrest after the ropes shut to 2 chapters early. Zay and Owens started working with Woods with huge tag teams. Owens nailed a splash of frog, but Woods triggered the final second. Zay's pepper Woods together with your proper hand. Owens and Zayn had been working at Woods for a very long time and built the warmth for the Massive E's scorching tag. Woods virtually made a mark, but Sami poured Huge E. Woods nailed again to the soup on Sam, but E was on the floor. Sami finally made a scorching sign and E managed Zayni for a very long time. They went to Midnight Hour, however Zay sent E to a spherical column and kicked Woods when he left the ropes. That they had nice forwards and backwards motion. They produce far more in the ring than the artistic did this. Zay's hit the dive on the ground E. Woods went to the highest, but Owens challenged him with ropes and nailed the stunter stack.

Winners, Sami Zay and Kevin Owens!

A very robust tag workforce that advised a great story. WWE is three out of three thus far right now. I don't know what Tacoma is in, however I like it!

Backstage, Nikki Cross was enthusiastic about Alexa Bliss's matches tonight. Bliss stated he appreciated that the Cross can be in his corner tonight; The Cross stated they knew the actual Bayley. Bliss stated he was conscious that Cross needed to be a member of the Tag workforce and it feels dangerous that he was going to have a solo title tonight. The Cross stated it was Bayley's fault. He stated they have been towards the world.

WWE US champion Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet

Joe went proper after Ricochet's arm and shoulder, but Ricochet escaped and acquired out. They circled each other. Joe charged, but was nailed with a number of clips. He used his velocity to maintain Joe in stability and send him to the ground. He went right into a sliding pot, however Joe moved out of the best way and blasted him into the apron

Joe nailed the large Uranage twice. Ricochet fired again the cuttings, however drilled with an amazing liar. Joe coated him twice. Joe stopped at Ricochet and worked within the corner of the nook. Joe hit him near another in the fall. Ricochet tried to battle again, but Joe took him again and again. Joe ran for him with a rigid right forearm.

Joe nailed a seat near one other within the fall. Joe grabbed her on her face by twisting it. Ricochet fought his means out and used the enzyme and kicked his face to ultimately expel Joe and send him to the rug. Ricochet nailed his forearm and Rana. He nailed to the middle of the River and began by nailing Joe. Joe was despatched to the ground with Ricochet nailed to the dive flooring.

Ricochet nailed a large missile surgical procedure and a springboard to the 2-determine moon moon. The viewers is scorching after Ricochet's return. Ricochet received up, however Joe was out of business. Ricochet landed on his ft and charged, however he was hidden by drive with two figures.

Joe ran to Ricochet and pulled him out of the carpet. Ricochet shot his forearms, however Joe put him out. Ricochet went to the elbow of the dumbbell, however acquired an enormous German suplex, which sent Ricochet the wrong way up two more. Good match!

Joe left for the triangle, but Ricochet fled and kicked. Joe grabbed him and hit him down. Joe went to the Coquina change, but Ricochet hid his throat excessive line. Pale Ricochet began and moved, however Joe dropped out of the best way. Ricochet landed on his ft. Joe acquired her on her clothesline, but Ricochet landed on her ft and nailed Joe.

Your winner and new WWE US champion Ricochet!

Right here was the purpose of displaying the River as monsters to make Ricochet a victory. meaningful. It was a nice moment. Joe seemed good here, and Ricochet did a great job of enjoying towards the menace. One other real good match

Backstage, they played a number of WWE stars like Seth Rollins and Charlotte cheering and clapping Ricochet when he returned to the gorilla. Triple H was owned by Ricochet.

WWE Smackdown Tag Masters Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs. Heavy Machines

Tons of Daniel Bryan and yes singing in Washington State.

Tucker has a whole lot of family current.

Bryan and Otis began. The power of Otis was dominated by Bryan early. Otis pressed and saluted Bryan, then was tagged in Tucker. He grabbed the aspect-head lock and ran down with Bryan on his shoulder and on the clothesline with two figures.

Rowan subscribed and took management of a giant clothesline and patchwork. Bryan signed in. Otis made a scorching sign and rolled Bryan earlier than he hit him. For the first time, Bryan grabbed him within the buckles and nailed a collection of drop items earlier than Otis grabbed him and hit him down two more.

Bryan made a collection of kicks, but Otis was absorbed and got here to life, taking them and getting stronger. This was nice. Ultimately he exploded and nailed Bryan before he went to the larva. He nailed it and marked Tucker. They doubled Bryan, however Rowan ran to Tucker before they might even get the decide to rely one.

Bryan began to mark Tucker's legs. Tucker shot back with punches. Tucker nailed the back of the suplex and went to the moon, his legs fell on Bryan's ft as Bryan fell off the street. Rowan and Otis signed in, so now we're going to get the lads out of energy. They have been nailed to one another on the lariats, but neither man was actually indignant. Heavy Machinery went to Rowan's Compactor, however Bryan flew from prime to knee to Otis. He went diving in Tucker, but he was nailed when he came by way of the ropes. Tucker nailed to Rowan's flooring. Otis went to catch Bryan, however stuck together with his good little package deal (and perhaps he had his pantyhose) when Bryan made the point.

Winners and nonetheless WWE Smackdown Tag group champions, Daniel Bryan and Rowan!

Another good match. They put this together to showcase the strengths of Heavy Equipment, not the aim, and did a great job. Even with a crowd that suppressed Daniel Bryan, they have been capable of collect a superb story.

Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss, WWE Smackdown's Ladies's Champion (with Nikki Cross)

Bayley began to be closely but despatched to the buckles, the place Bliss gained control and used the aspect lock to take care of it. Bayley fought back, and on the floor went to drop beneath the ropes, however missed. Bliss hit his shoulder with a hoop submit and commenced to concentrate on attacks there. Bliss introduced her again to the ring. Bayley escaped from the primary cutter and nailed the abdomen back to the suplex for two.

Bliss nailed the sundown flap at Bliss and despatched him by grabbing round hubs. Bayley went diving on the ground, but as an alternative of Bliss, he nailed Nikki Cross, who had checked him. The play showed that Bliss took her like Bayley. Bliss despatched Bayley to the tire levels. Bayley was placed on the ring. Bliss went to the highest of Twisted Bliss. The cross stepped into the ring, but the referee left him to go away the ring.

Bayley minimize off Bliss and fought within the ring.

Your winner and nonetheless WWE Smackdown's feminine champion, Bayley!

The match was OK. The character of the cross and the characters of the story have been on the forefront of this, and apparently there’s extra gaming.

Bliss comforted the cross, so the thought is that he doesn’t understand using Bliss.

They introduced the frenzy of the newest WWE 24/7 championship with R-Fact and Drake Maverick.

Ricochet made a new headline when AJ Types, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson walked in. Types congratulated him, but stated he might see him tomorrow at Raw.

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre (Shane McMahon) [19659002] They started preventing instantly with Roman once they hit the best hand nook, then the garments from Drew from prime to flooring. The Roman hit an enormous leap, diving to Drew and Shane McMahon, crossing virtually frighteningly. Roman divided Shane into the gang and back to the tire space where Drew met with Reigns an enormous shot in the midst of the air.

Drew ruled Romania and nailed nice power on two. Shane blocked Romania towards ropes when Drew disturbed the decide. Drew worked over Reigns together with his arm. Drew worked for a long time in Romania. Drew nailed the spinebuster for 2 more. He falls when Shane McMahon disturbed the referee.

Drew nailed a big suplex with two extra figures after which returned to work over Roman's arm. He began to bind the ruler within the demonstration operations. Roman refused to stop. He lastly set up a return service in a collection of proper hand and large leap. She nailed a collection of clothespins in the corner and an enormous boot on the face. He went to Superman Punch, however Shane acquired ahead, so Roman broke him. He nailed another, diving the apron on the floor.

McIntyre avoids Driveby and Nail Alabama over the Slam Reporters' Desk. He introduced the novel to the ring and made one other near the fall. Drew turned him on. Roman tried to struggle back but was nailed with superplex for 2 calculations. Drew based Claymore Kick to wait for Roman to return to his ft. He went in entrance of it, however Roman prevented it and used the reverse aspect for two calculations. Drew nailed to the top. He went to the ropes, but Roman nailed Superman Punch as he sailed from above. Roman hid him shut to 2 chapters.

The halls sprang, but Drew kicked him. Roman recovered with a brand new spear, however Shane McMahon pulled out. Shane began stomping Roman. He set up a shoreline and nailed it. Shane threw within the decide (where he ought to have DQ & D Drew), however Roman kicked two. The audience sang to Roman, who was on his knee within the knee. Drew went to a different Claymore Kick, but the Roman nailed Superman Punch, thrusting Shane McMahon from the highest to the floor and left for Drew.

Your Winner, Roman Reigns!

One other good forwards and backwards match that noticed Drew appear to be a showy heel. This allowed Roman to return out of the infant hero.

It appears that evidently Roman was underneath-bleeding after surgery after the match

WWE champion Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

Good action early. Kofi stayed within the corner. Ziggler labored by way of Kingston and hacked him. Ziggler made a number of nearby waterfalls. Kofi nailed the jawbreaker to flee Ziggler, however he was kicked again into the buckles. The Ziggler nailed a set of body blows to the rib and middle part. Ziggler was blown up when he put Kofi within the nook.

Kofi nailed a collection of clothespins and droplets, but Ziggler caught him and dropped him first right into a cage utilizing Kingston's velocity towards him. Ziggler returned to chinlock. Ziggler started to hit Kingston, who only shot the WWE champion who sent him to the steel ring. Kingston nailed several rights. Ziggler tried to send him to the cage, however Kofi rescued himself and sent Ziggler's cage to the bar, then rolled him into two chapters.

They fought over the cage and fought over the ropes. Ziggler was crushed right into a cage and fell down. Kofi started to climb in the cage and hit the high crosshair out of the cage to the ring for 2 payments. Ziggler tried to flee from the highest of the cage, however Kofi grabbed him and brought him back inside the cage where they fell into the ring under. Kofi nailed two numbers near SOS. Kofi began to point out indicators of wear and tear on his knees, so Ziggler attacked and locked in on the leg, making an attempt to stop Kingston from hacking. Kingston did it to the rope, but because there isn’t a DQ, it was a waste of labor. Kingston began utilizing his fingers to climb the cage, making an attempt to pressure a break. Ziggler pulled him down and nailed his superkick. Kingston fell virtually out of the door and on the ground, but Ziggler stopped him, locked him in another lock and pulled him back into the ring.

KIngston tried to struggle out and eventually stopped Ziggler. Kingston went to Hassle in paradise, but Ziggler obtained him locked up and locked into the anklelock. Kingston was capable of battle it and lock one on his personal. Ziggler nailed Zig Zagin and did it twice. Ziggler went to the superkick, but Kofi fastened his foot and grabbed him in front of him. As Ziggler relied, he moved nearer and closer to the door of the cage and virtually did it out, but Ziggler was pulled again into the ring. Ziggler escaped and went to the door, but he couldn't escape. Ziggler kicked him out and climbed the door, but Ziggler dove him down, falling down on the floor.

Your winner and nonetheless WWE champion, Kofi Kingston!

Good, strong match for a fun ending. [19659002

WWE Common Champion Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin

They made an ideal Corbin award.

Rollins is earlier than they will officially announce a decide. He has a steel chair. He informed Corbin that each referee coming right here to take a look at his identify would get a chair.

Corbin announced that his overseas decide is Lacey Evans. Cue Becky ran in.

Lacey tried to take the chair from Seth, when Corbin attacked her. Corbin began to beat Rollins on a chair earlier than the clock, so it wasn't unlawful. Lacey lastly took the chair. Corbin introduced him again to the ring they usually formally tuned the clock. Corbin coated certainly one of Seth's. Corbin worked over Seth, who continued to kick. Corbin folded Rollins within the corner a number of occasions.

The viewers started to sing "CM Punk."

Corbin sent Rollins to the buckles again.

The workforce sang "Boring".

Corbin delivered to Rollins prime. The overall champion fought back and rose back to the rope however was drilled into the throat. Corbin followed her behind her neck. Rollins shot into items. Rollins nailed Roaring forearm and Slingblade. He left the rope weight with Blockbuster and dressed him up from the floor. Rollins nailed outdoors the dive. He sent Corbin back to his ring and nailed a springboard to the knee. He coated Corbin, however Lacey slowly dropped two. It led to lots of songs for Becky Lynch, which is, in fact, the place it’s going, for combined loops.

Corbin returned to regulate and tempted him to the top. Rollins fled and landed contained in the ring, grabbing the Corbin's throat with a rope. Then he slid beneath him and bombed Corbin from the apon by means of the table of announcers. Evans began to take Corbin endlessly. The audience was round him. He took eternally to rely eight, then advised the referee that there was no recommendation. In order that they make a model of Mick Foley vs. Steve Austin over Over the Edge & # 39; 98.

Rollins grabbed Corbin and brought him again to the ring. Corbin received back with management and drilled Rollins. Corbn came out and Lacey was able to play the clock, however Rollins fled before it could possibly be carried out. Rollins nailed Corbin and rose from the highest with a frog splash. Evans dropped two, then began to promote his shoulder. Michael Cole stated that Rollins understands the correction. Corbin attacked Rollins with a chair when Lacey didn't even look. Ultimately he requested passively Corbin to provide him a chair. He whispered something to him, and now Evans declared it isn’t a DQ match. Louder Becky sings.

Corbin began out, however Rollins turned it into a Falcon Arrow chair. Evans refused to roll Rollins when he met him. He dared to beat him and stated he was a decide, then hit Rollins, the worry he repeated. Then he kicked Rollins and hit him with a low blow. Corbin's Nail End of Days, but Becky Lynch hit the ring and attacked Evans. Massive pop about it. Evans was sent to barricade. Then Evans hit the barricade and started to fall down together with his right hand. A set of WWE judges ran down

WWE's John Cone replaced Evans. Rollins fled to Deep Six, nailed to superkick and curbstomp faucet.

Winner and nonetheless WWE Universal Champion, Seth Rollins!

This was a more fascinating Lacey-Becky twist than a straight single match

The show went into the air where Rollins and Lynch celebrated together.