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WWE SmackDown Results – May 7, 2019

WWE SmackDown Results - May 7, 2019

WWE SmackDown Results – May 7, 2019

We are in Louisville, Kentucky and the announcers are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves.

AJ Types leaves the ring.

AJ says he stayed at Smackdown. Raw last night time, Mr. McMahon arrange a Wild Card rule for Uncooked and Smackdown merchandise. Which means in case you are brave sufficient and fast sufficient, you’ll be able to go to a competing brand. You may be certainly one of 4 competing brands. In that case, AJ says he’s the primary to do it. Smackdown continues to be a home constructed by AJ Types.

Sami Zayn comes out and he says he doesn't need to be here. He'd quite be some other place than in the course of the day, like the Kentucky Fried HIllbillies holiday. Sami says he knew that AJ would do that in order that he needed to come to Smackdow to satisfy AJ for his toxic ego that was perverted by control.

AJ says his nose is on hearth and he’s glad that Sami went out of the robbers that Braun threw him. The least you might have finished was having a shower.

Sami says it's enjoyable fun about her because she smells. Sami says she has taken a bathe, but the odor doesn't come out easily. Sami says this can be a basic distraction.

WWE champion Kofi Kingston is making his approach with Xavier Woods.

Kofi says you’ll come to the social gathering with out calling a new day? Kofi says he is harm. Kofi says he needs AJ not going to talk about structure. It's an incredible sign, however you don't reside here anymore. Kofi says he needs to know what AJ is doing tonight.

AJ says he needed to return to Smackdown and return to the master.

Xavier tells AJ he want to examine himself before he rejects himself. 19659002] Kofi says he’s a Grasp. You all the time got here to Smackdown and stand within the Smackdown tire. Kofi says he’s on the same ring and asks AJ what he needs to do about it.

Sami pauses and says he is aware of the place this is going. Sami says that Kofi shouldn’t be going to do what he thinks he's doing. He's not going to offer AJ a championship match tonight. Sami asks Kofa if he really thinks about this. Sami says he loves Kofia and tells him the reality, because nobody else does it. Kofi, these individuals are not pleased. You’ve gotten a taste of their affection and you are attempting to please them together with your hurt. You're giving out WWE headline advertisements once you don't. If somebody deserves a title competition, it is he. WWE followers deserve a grasp who tells the truth about whether you like it or not.

Kofi asks Sámi what’s the scent. Xavier has the identical question. He says the Sami smells like his tenth grade sock.

Kofi says he defended WWE championship final night time to testify that Wrestleman was not a rip-off. He is a fighter and he defends it from another. Regardless of, the end result is identical. He can be a WWE champion.

Kevin Owens is in his automotive and he says he isn’t starting Smackdown because he has his birthday in the present day. She doesn't need to cope with this shit on her birthday. This is excellent news for Kof, however the excellent news finally ends up with the Bank when he takes the WWE Championship. Glad Birthday to me.

We're going for a business.

We’ve got returned and Kofi Kingston defends the WWE championship towards AJ Types and Sami Zaynia.

Mustafa Ali says that in the darkest occasions you must search for mild. Mild exhibits you the best way. The sunshine exhibits the path. Typically this mild appears too distant. So long as you see the light, it’s a must to battle. The deal hangs high above this ring and looks too distant. As long as he sees this portfolio, he fights. He fights for a chance that was torn off in his palms this yr. It could possibly change her life. He will get this opportunity again. As long as you see this mild, you’ll be able to't stop.

After two weeks, Zelina Vega says, like the Kentucky Derby, that hundreds of viewers will meet to observe cash in the financial institution to see consecutive ladies. the peaks. In contrast to Kentucky Derby, there is just one full blood and it's Andrade.

Andrade says in lower than two weeks that he’ll win cash in bank video games. He says he will turn into El Senor del Dinero en el Banco. You’ll be envious of Andrade's success.

Match Number one: Mustafa Ali and Andrade Almas (Zelina Vega)

Almas with a comma, but Ali with an excellent pot, and Almas going to the ground. Ali with a kick. Almas sends Ali to the time manager, and he will get to the ring edge, however Vega interferes with ALi lengthy enough for Almas to drop him out of the ring. Almas sends Alie to the tire-aspect barrier and returns to the tire to interrupt the bill. Almas behind the jaw. Ali gets began when Almas drops to the corner. Ali goes to the entrance and hits the ensuigir. Ali and rolling X-factor close to autumn.

Almas having a kick to the back of the top followed by an elbow behind. Almas with kick but Ali with a shot. Almas with seating on gourdbuster near autumn. Almas extends to Ali. Ali returns to his ft and Almas slam and he leaves for the turning knife. Almas kicks Ali and Ali returns to Spanish flight.

Randy Orton hits Ali and the referee calls the clock.

No Competitors

After the match, Orton goes to IEDDT at Almas, but Vega grabs the leg and Almas. Ali with a kick and he goes to the superpot. Orton prevents it and goes to RKO, but Ali sends Orton to Almas and Almas is crushed in the apron. Orton hits the pop with RKO with Ali after which Almas leaves for RK.

Tom Phillips mentions what Roman Reigns did final night time, and we see a video from Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre Uncooked, which Shane McMahon interrupted and his magical strike with Elias.

We’ve got a video package deal for Roman Reigns. She says she has a singular story and she or he hopes you need to use it as an inspiration.

Shane McMahon leaves the ring and shuffles solely with Shane.

We're going for a business.

We are back and Shane is now within the ring and he mixes earlier than he speaks. We see what occurred to Rawi together with her and Mizi with limbs.

Shane says she's right here talking concerning the Smackdown Tag Staff division, however she needs to dig for a second. Shane says that Miz attacked the crab cowardly. Not together with his fist, however with a steel chair? What a person hits one other steel chair. He says it is unlucky and unlucky. Shane simplifies it and says it was disgusting. Miz didn't get a job final night time and he doesn't get it on the financial institution.

Shane talks concerning the tag group. The Hardys had to release the tags because Jeff was injured and he couldn't compete. It was in the palms of Lars Sullivan. Who ought to be the masters of the Smackdown tag workforce. Shane says she flushed the record and checked out her on the page. Shane presents a helpful tag. .

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan make their approach into the ring.

Jimmy and Jey Uso are on their method and need anyone.

Shane needs to know why they're here because they're in Raw.

Jey says it is a Roman yard they usually can slip by way of if desired. Jimmy recollects the Shane Uce & # 39; s Wild rule. Jey says they worked too arduous to construct the tag division simply handy over them. Jimmy says you had to earn titles. The brand new day, Bar, Hardys, and Usos deserved it. Shane even deserved it when he gained them. Jey says figuring out the value and appreciation of these tags, and giving titles to Patrick and Spongebob, Ren and Stimpy, or Beavis and Butthead.

Shane says you must earn things and she or he says the match happens and it occurs at righ tnow. He says he enjoys watching these guys kicking the bucks again to the raw blank

Finn Balor appears and says he thinks he's going to win cash at the financial institution. He pays the cash and makes one thing extraordinary.

Match Two: Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowa towards Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso at the Smackdown Tag Championship

Bryan and Jimmy start doing issues and lock. Jimmy with wrist lock and Bryan on the bridge and turning. Bryan took down a double wrist watch. Jey recognizes and hits the forearm. Jey will get virtually autumn. Jey with a tough Irish whip. Jimmy tags they usually hit a double backrest elbow and a double elbow falling close to the fall. Bryan survives in the corner and marks Rowan's match.

Jimmy, with piercing and cutters, however Rowan with a head. Rowan with slam and splashes close to the fall. Rowan sends Jimmy to the corner and connects the holes and the top. Bryan acknowledges and hits the kick and the Rowan with the shoulders. Bryan will get virtually autumn. Bryan works with weapons and stretches Jimmy. Rowan tags and he kicks Jimmy's chest. Rowan kneels again and works at Jimmy's neck. Rowan beats Jey out of the apron. Jimmy hits Rowan after which Bryan.

We're going for a business.

We’ve returned to Bryan and dropped the pot to Jey's knees when Jey charged Bryan. Bryan kicks within the chest. Bryan leaves a spherical pot when Jey deserves. Jimmy makes a sign and hits the super pot when Bryan goes to O Connor Roll to Jey. Jimmy will get virtually autumn. Jimmy goes to Superfly Splash, but Bryan gets his knees up and applies LeBell Lock. Bryan rolls in the midst of Jimmy's ring and Jimmy leans again to get an in depth relative. JImmy with an excellent kick and both males are down.

Rowan and Jey recognized and Jey with the enzyme. Rowan captures Jey from the twists and tries to suppress, however Jey lands on his ft. Jey with thrust and higher. Jimmy recognizes and hits the superpot when Rowan goes to Claw on Jey. They hit the Rowan and Jey & # 39; s double superpot with suicide diving to Bryan. Jimmy with Superfly splash, however Rowan begins with two.

Bryan pushes Jimmy out of the turnstiles and Jey super kicks Bryan out of motion. Rowan goes via the top line to the floor. JImmy and Jey dipped a double suicide on Rowan, but Rowan gets them into the throat. Bryan, who had a operating knee to Jimmy. Jey, who had an excellent kick to Rowan and Bryan, however to Rowan, who had ClawSlam, in three chapters.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan (New Masters)

We're going to Firefly Enjoyable Home.

We’ve got returned and Shane McMahon has returned to the Financial institution's portfolios.

Shane says she needs to go away Louisville as soon as potential. Shane has some details about Ladder's financial institution matches. Shane says that any celebrity who can seize a portfolio is nearly assured to be a champion.

Miz attacks Shane from behind and sends her to the floor and the ring. They're preventing on the ramp. Shane tries to beg grace and Miz beats Shane. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas are attacking Miz. Curtis pierces Miz when Bo holds him after which Miz kicks Boia and hits Curtis. Miz sends Bo and Curtis to the ring. Shane hits Miz behind a steel chair. Shane hits Miz once more on the chair.

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan walk behind and Bryan talks about being the masters of the Planet Tag staff.

We see heavy machines they usually congratulate Bryan and Rowan. Bryan and Rowan are out.

Match Quantity Three: Ember Moon and Carmella vs. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

Sonya and Carmella begin with Carmella with satellite scissors. Carmella kicked to Sony and forearm to Mandy. Sonya will get virtually dropped after spear. Mandy tags and arm links. Carmella with jaw crusher and human tag. Individuals with a forearm with Sony and a drop kick for Mandy. Individuals with kicks and forearm. Individuals with fallaway slam. Individuals with a bulldog, adopted by a crossbeam close to the autumn. Sonya takes care of Carmella. With Mandy's enzyme he meets a suicide dive in Sony when Mandy strikes.

Mandy, who had a knee and Mandy, with an implant press in three chapters.

Winners: Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose

Paige came after Kairi Sane and Asuka. Paige reminds Sonya and Mandy about their previous, but Paige says he’s buying and selling. He has Asuka and Kairi Sane. They’ll begin subsequent week with you.

We're going to Matt Hardy's back. He is asked if he ought to surrender tag tags what Lars Sullivan did. Matt says it was a horrible second, but Jeff has had a profitable reduce and he comes back.

R Fact stops and he says he had something to inform Matt, but he forgot.

Matt asks if it was about Lars Sullivan.

The reality says he needed to overlook about him. He says Lars is perverted and he's like anybody he's ever encountered. His arms are like the bear traps.

Lars is behind the Fact and he heads the truth. Matt pierces, but Lars sends Matt by means of the door. The truth goes to the shoulder, however Lars doesn't transfer. The reality is hitting, but Lars, having a power bomb via the desk

We go business.

We’ve got returned with Aleister Black. He says to all who have rejected those whose approval and confirmation must be instinctive. In case you have had to cope with mom's sins or father's sins. The characters we’ve got left for ourselves. His opponent must apologize for his overcompensation. You possibly can handle at your personal expense. For you are the start of sinners, of which he speaks. Now that he has revealed this part of himself, he must seek forgiveness for his sins. Sins that he’s making an attempt to launch within the form of victory.

Match Quantity four: AJ Types and Kofi Kingston vs. Sami Zay's WWE Championship

Sam and AJ have some phrases before anybody locks. AJ kicked Kofi's chest and hit Sami. Kofi, with piercing for AJ, but AJ with an Irish whip, and Kofi, whose missile tube kicked AJ virtually in the fall. Kofi with slinghot splashes close to the autumn. Sami, who has a kick on Kofi, but Kofi drops and Sami leaves on the ground. AJ runs to Kofia nook and connects shouders. AJ with a back break for Kof. AJ with piercing for Sam, adopted by kick and squat.

Extra saws with AJ. Kofi, with AJ roll, close to the fall. Kofi with a kick and headband for AJ. AJ with Irish whip on Kofi, however Kofi will get his ft. Kofi rises from the top and hits Shadows Over Hell in AJ virtually in the fall. Sami punches Kofi after which sends Kofi to the turning knob. Sami, who has an Irish Kofi whip for AJ and Kofi on a clothesline for Sam, followed by a clothesline from AJ to Sam. Kofi and AJ trade propellers and Kofi with a flying clothesline and then place Growth on Drop and hit it. Sami travels to Kofi when Kofi tries to fret about Paradise. AJ with a baseball for a ahead motion and a Sámi with a paper towel for sending AJ to the apron

We're going for a business.

We’re back and Sami stands over Kofi. Kofi cuts Sam's but Sam's kick. Sami prevents the bounce frog from sitting by the facility bomb near fall. We see the footage of a business break when Kofi was sent to the phases of the call. Sami mocks and hits AJ's corner. AJ hitting and kicking Sam's corner. Sami with granule. Sami leaves on the wheels and hits the twister DDT. Kofi breaks the lid. Kofi with beats and arms for the Sámi. Sami pierces Kofi. Kofi on knees with Sami. Sami, with an Irish whip and Kofi, pendulum. Kofi rises from above, however Sami, who has a punch, stops Kofi.

Sami units superplex and hits Kofi. Sami is nearly down. Sami pierces AJ within the nook and puts the AJ on the swivel knob. AJ escapes from the superplex experiment and sends the receipts to the threads. AJ punches Sam and puts the Sami on the turnbuckle. AJ with Frankensteiner. AJ and Ushigoroshi to Sam and he hits Sami. Sami with an Irish whip, however AJ elbow. AJ with a pop-up poppy moon a part of the translated DDT, however Kofi prevents the DDT company from getting into the SOS in AJ, while AJ hits the reverse DDT with the Sami. Kofi is his first leg and he beats AJ, AJ with a kick in Kofi. Kofi kicked AJ and AJ. Kofi, whose head and head of AJ has a boot. Kofi with punches AJ. AJ and Pele Kick to Kofille. Kofi sends AJ to the forward

AJ with the forearm and tries the exceptional forearm, however Kofi stops with AJ. Kofi and Hassle in Paradise knocked AJ off the apron. Kevin Owens beats behind Xavier Woods and sends him to a hoop publish and forward movement. Kevin sends Xavier to the play levels

Kofi sees it occurred and Sámi with the blue Thunder Bomb virtually within the fall. Sami sets one other Blue Thunder Bomb and hits one other however gets only two bills. Sami on the third Blue Thunder Bomb, however Kofi restarts. Sami units Hellu to Kick when Kofi returns to his ft and Kofi hits Hassle in Paradise for three.

Winner: Kofi Kingston (retains the championship)

After the match, Kofi checks at Xavier Woods [19659002] Kofi is requested if Kevin Owens is on his head. Kofi says Kevin Owens just isn’t his head. He says with money in the bank, there shall be hell for Kevin Owens

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