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WWE SmackDown Results – May 28, 2019

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WWE SmackDown Results – May 28, 2019

Let's start by taking a look at final week's Smackdown and Dolph Ziggler's return.

We’re in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

Kevin says he plans to launch Smackdown with Kevin Owens Proven, but he can't consider anything worse than being in the midst of a ring in Oklahoma, which provides Kevin Owens an exhibition for people who find themselves undeserving. The one factor that makes you in entrance of it’s that in a number of moments he can win the hell of WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Kevin says he's obtained a style for the new day's members. Kevin says he had nothing to do with the Massive E assault last week. Massive E was in all probability busy when it occurred.

If New Day needs accountable him for something, they will blame him for what he is answerable for. They will blame him for the ache that Xavier Woods has had in current weeks. They will blame him for Kofi's fairy story ending in Tremendous Showdown when Dolph Ziggler wins him at WWE. That's the direct consequence of what he does tonight to Kofi. If you win Kofi, Dolphin, you’ll be able to thank him personally and give him a title competition.

Kofi tells Kevin to stop with lies. You stated you didn't attack the Huge E and everybody knows you did it. You mislead need to be part of a brand new day. You aren’t an excellent individual, you are a liar. Now you say you’ll soften him for Dolph Ziggler. Now you misinform yourself. You're not going to melt him for Dolph Ziggler.

Kofi says tonight that you simply're going to pay. You pay for the Huge E knee restart and what you did for Xaiver. Crucial thing is that you simply clearly perceive right here why he’s a WWE champion.

Match Number One: Kevin Owens and Kofi Kingston, in a non-nominal match

will begin with Kofi. Kevin, with a commotion, and drives Kofi's eyes by means of the top line. Kofi with a comma however Owens with a mockery. Kofi with double leg and punching.

We're going for a business.

We’re back and Kofi, who has a shoulder apron, but Owens falls to Kofi rope and Kofi goes to the floor. Owens, who is on the ground behind him, after which cuts Kofi towards the tire-aspect impediment, after which goes again to the ring and Owens will get virtually autumn. Owens is a reverse jaw lock. Owens with a clothesline at Kofi. Owens will get virtually autumn, after which he connects to crosses earlier than utilizing the tail block.

Kofi punches Owens, but Owens triggers Kofi and sends him to the rug. Owens tries to take off Kofi's footwear and Kofi kicked off Owens. Kofi pierces the Owens and Owens holes. Kofi, who has a thrust, and then Owens falls to Kofi and Kofi falls down. Owens leaves the ground and Kofi drops the pot and the arrogance falls. They return to the ring and Kevin avoids SOS and Kofi blocks Stunner. Kofi and SOS close by. Owens with an Irish whip, however he's operating boots. Kofi goes into the double leap frame, but Kofi is pushed off the ground.

Owens sends Kofi back to the floor after which sends Kofi to the ring. Kofi makes it again to the ring earlier than ten after which Owens sends Kofi back to the ground, however Owens follows this time. Owens sends Kofi a hoop. Owens returns to the ring and he insults by knocking the pancakes off the ring submit. Kofi returns with the tire and Owens with an Irish whip and cannon. Owens gets virtually autumn. Owens stomps on Kofi's chest. Owens with aspect-aspect lock, however Kofi with elbows and punches. Owens, with a double leg, landed on the catapult, however Kofi grabs the rope and tries the skin on the cat, however Owens, who has a superpot, sends Kofi to the ground.

Kofi and he returns to the ring. Kofi returns to the ring just before ten. Owens rises up and hits the frog virtually within the fall. Owens returns from above, however Kofi stops Owens. Kofi pierces Owens and Owens with elbows making an attempt to maintain Kofi away from the threads. Kofi's forearms behind and she or he puts a superplex, but Owens with the forearm and she or he head to Kofi off the turnbuckles mat. Owens with Swanton close to autumn.

Owens sets a pop-up bomb, but Kofi jumps over Owens and hits Hassle in Paradise.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

We see a Dolph Ziggler in a room with a display.

We see Shane McMahon in his office at Drew McIntyre and Elias.

R Fact and Carmella are behind and the truth talks about how he has been operating as a result of he has gained the European Championship. The truth says he's received a cavity full of people making an attempt to connect him. Fact and Carmella are operating within the again and we see Drake Maverick putting on more desired posters.

Fact and Carmella escaping in the course of Drake.

The masters of the Smackdown workforce Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan make their approach into the ring.

We're going for a business.

We are again and Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan ask Kayla Braxton why they needed this time.

Daniel says the WWE Tag Workforce Division is a joke, a nasty joke. It's a joke that doesn't make you snigger, it makes you odor. Daniel says Rowan has a joke.

Knock Knock. Who’s it. Smackdown tag group division. Smackdown-Tag Workforce, Who?

Daniel says it’s a joke, however they don’t seem to be jokes. They’ve ambition. They have a function. Not solely are they the most important WWE Tag group ever, they own their lives to save lots of this planet. In contrast to all these individuals, who destroyed the day of the week of remembrance, they eat the gorgeous creatures of this planet. Though these fats, ignorant individuals crammed their faces with scorching canine, they didn't understand it was a pig referred to as Wiggles. Though they eat hamburgers, they didn't understand it was a cow referred to as Wilbur. The individuals of Oklahoma are worse than anybody. Oklahoma is the chief in fracking. They’re the leading deep oil drilling. They will cheer it up because it brings some huge cash, nevertheless it brings earthquakes.

Daniel says their activity is to save lots of the division of the identification group and save the planet because they’re masters of the group on the planet.

Kayla says there are specific groups that need to problem them.

Daniel asks who it will be

Future heavy equipment they usually come within the ring.

Tucker has a microphone when Otis does one thing in the ring. Tucker says you’re a great tag staff and as much as they love fun, Heavy Equipment is the time to get there at Blue Collar Business.

Otis says that business is the label.

The decide comes to the ring, but Daniel asks if they need to challenge them. Daniel accepts the problem, even should you regret it. They have a match, but not in this Oklahoma fracking mode.

Smackdown Ladies's Champion Bayley is back in preparation for his matches with Lacey Evans.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose return to Mandy Rose on Muscle and Fitness Hers. They provide copies to The IIconics and two random individuals. They see the Man Moon by studying Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyden, but Sonya and Mandy give him magazines.

We're going for a business.

Match Number Two: Mandy Rose (with Sonya Deville) and Carmella

and Mandy with Drawdown. Mandy exhibits that his magazines and Carmella triggered it. Mandy is lacking the clothesline and Carmella with Thesz Press and holes. Carmella kicks at Mandy's nook. Mandy sends Carmella to handwheels and connects his arms. Mandy with quick launch and reverse jaw lock. Carmella, with chin breaker and roller, virtually within the fall. Mandy with a jumping knee close to the autumn. Mandy gets one other close to the fall. With a Carmella headband, he sends Mandy to

Carmella moonwalks and hits Bronco Buster virtually in the fall. Sonya gets to the front and Carmella leaves an enormous pot and Mandy with three payments.

Winner: Mandy Rose

R Fact is behind and he is alone as a result of Carmella is within the ring. Jinder hits Fact from behind and will get virtually a drop by rolling. The truth sends Jinder to the wall and then out the door. The reality hides in a photograph field. Workforce B, Akira Tozawa, Noam Dar and others run away. Drake Maverick involves the Fact, and the Fact goes away, however in the identical course as everyone who chased the Fact.

Shane McMahon comes out and mixes her means across the ring with Elias and Drew McIntyrene

. 19659002] We're again and Aleister Black says if we take a look at man's habits and every thing he's executed, it's not apparent. . . Black says it gets it. You just watch for him to throw his identify out and decide up a battle with someone. We now have a lie. Black says he's sitting here waiting patiently for somebody, someone can choose to struggle with him.

Shane is with Shew McMahon's appreciation for Drew McIntyren and Eliane.

Shane says, when Drew got here up with the thought of ​​Shane McMahon's prestigious, he was hesitant as a result of he was not a hero doing things like a trophy or admiration or celebration. Shane says she enjoys her life. She enjoys being here around you. Shane says he’s a humble man. She returned to serve the family enterprise and the best admiration she will accept is in search of you and seeing smiles on the face. Whether or not you’re here within the constructing or watching at residence, there is something that ensures that Smackdown's air is smiling.

We have now a video for Shane McMahon.

Shane says there was an unimaginable video because of Kevin Dunn.

This video was not simply entertaining, however it was a educating by Roman Reigns. If last night time was not enough when he hit considered one of Rome's relations. Do you assume you’ll be able to break all the principles, however the McMahon household has put meals on your family's table for generations. Once you came to the ring and hit the chair, you give a hand that feeds you. Shane tells Roman that she hopes to hear her. He's not just going to rob Romania, he's going to win some respect for Roman.

Elias says it was powerful and she or he says she has written a music to Shane to honor this special night time.

Elias says Shane is one of the best on the earth. He's higher than the most effective, just as Texas is best than Oklahoma.

R The Fact Comes to the Ring and Drake Maverick enters the ring and Fact with a pot and gourdbuster in three chapters.

Fact celebrates his victory after which he stops when he sees Shane's ring. Shane kicks Fact and Drew and Elias to the Fact. Elias with Drift Away and Drew units Claymore and hits it. Elias bundles Fact's 24/7 champion

Shane says he has an concept. If Fact needs to get herself on the celebration tonight, Elias will make R Fact together with her staff Drew McIntyren. . . Roman Reigns

Shane says he will stop the 24/7 guidelines until the match is over.

Kayla Braxton is in the locker room with Lacey Evans.

Lacey retains tea with Charlotte Flair. Charlotte says that Becky wasn't a person who gained him in cash on the bank. Charlotte says Becky and Bayley are probably the most crass and conceited of WWE. Lacey says she's sending Bayley again to her kid's child.

We’ve returned and Lars Sulliva faces Lucha's home social gathering in three one-match video games at Super Showdown.

Charlotte Aptitude joins the announcers

Match number three: Bayley vs. Lacey Evans in a non-nominal match

They lock up and Bayley grabs Lacey's foot, but Lacey gets into the rope to pressure Bayley to launch the grip. Bayley, with a lock and a aspect lock, but Lacey escapes. Bayley, with a aspect-head lock, and he will get virtually autumn. Lacey kneeling on the midline and Bayley's arms. Lacey is an elbow behind her head. Lacey with an elbow, but Bayley with an Irish whip. Lacey floats over, but Bayley is kneeling shut by. Lacey trips from Bayley's Apron and hits her chest elbow close to fall.

Bayley leaves on the floor and Charlotte stands up for a second to face over Bayley. Lacey sends Bayley a forward motion and sends it again to the ring. Lacey gets virtually autumn. Lacey knees down the arm. Lacey strangles at Bayley's corner. Lacey, with a cobra change in Bayley. Bayley, with punches and cross body close to autumn. Lacey, who’s kicking the midsection, and Lacey is nearly descending. Lacey sends Bayley to the rods. Lacey kicks off in Bayley's corner. Lacey hesitates Bronco Buster near the autumn and Lacey will get near the autumn.

Bayley, with an forearm when Lacey moves to the opening, moves from the apron. Bayley with a rope cutter when Lacey goes to the ground. Bayley, with a baseball slide, passes via the ring publish and he’s washing strains with Lace. Charlotte rises once more and Bayley hits Charlotte's forearm. Lacey, with Rollup and a handful of tights, however Charlotte's interaction with the referee permits Bayley to kick out.

Bayley, with three strains.

Winner: Bayley

After the match, Lacey Evans attacked Charlotte. however Charlotte has a begin for Lacey.

Carmella is behind R Fact and Carmella is making an attempt to put Fact in an excellent mood.

We're going for a business.

We’ve returned and Undertaker is in Raw. [19659002] We’re continuing the video package deal for Triple H and Randy Orton

We are behind Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega. Almas is asked about Finn Balor and we receive feedback that Balor has beforehand recorded. He says it has been 48 hours because he was a pressure bombed on a ladder and the throttle hit the ladder and was suplexed on the ladder. He says docs decided he shouldn't.

Almas tells Balor that you simply simply didn't get the facility bombed on the ladder, he has the facility to bomb you. Need to battle him at Super Showdown, you will discover an inner demon once you step into Andrade.

We're going for a business.

We have now returned to Firefly Enjoyable Home.

Match Number Four: Roman Reigns and R Fact vs. Elias and Drew McIntyre (with Shane McMahon)

Elias and Drew are attacking Fact when he involves the ring, and Roman involves the floor and stops at Elias and sends Drew to the ring submit. Roman sends Elias to the tire-aspect barrier and Shane backwards.

The match starts and the Romans pierced the Elias with a turning screw, and Shane will get to the brace to disturb Romania. Elias pierces Roman. Drew tags and he kicks Roman. Drew with boots Roman and he hits the suplex. Drew gets virtually autumn. Elias acknowledges and kicks Romania and punches her. Elias works round her neck. Roman, with Samoa drop and both men down. Drew and Fact and Fact pierced Drew and Elias. Drew with a headscarf and Fact is shipped to the ground and ring. Drew with slam on the apron as we go business.

We're again and Fact with piercing and kick. Elias clothesline. Drew tags and he kicks the Fact and follows the canine. Drew with overhead stomach-belly suplex near fall. Drew kicks Fact and then he identifies Elias again. Elias hits Fact however Fact pierces the corner. Elias on knees and Drew tags, and she or he cuts the truth. Drew together with his hand and he drives his forearms via the jaw. Drew kicks and chops Fact earlier than you mark Elias again in. Drew tags again and Fact kicked Drew and he prevented Elias and Elias going ring publish. Drew is shipped via the top rope to the ground.

Elias and the Roman sign Romani and clothesline and flying clothesline. The Roman, who is thrashing Drew and then giving Elias NeverEnding Story. A Roman who has a begin for Elias and then units Superman Punch. Roman provides Drew a Superman and sends Elias to the ground and hits the drive. Shane pierces close to Romania and Romania. Drew is missing Claymore when Roman strikes. Roman with spear in Elias for 3 readings.

Winners: Roman Reigns and R Fact

After the match, the 24/7 rule is coming again and Roman, with a spear to Elias and Roman, tells Fact to inject Elias, as a result of the title doesn’t mean something to Roman.

Fact Closes Elias's Newest 24/7 Champion