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WWE SmackDown Results – May 21, 2019

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WWE SmackDown Results – May 21, 2019

Shane McMahon is in her workplace and she or he is on the telephone when Elias comes. Elias apologizes for what happened to the financial institution within the money. He hit Roman with guitar after which put all his power into the performance, however the crowd didn't recognize him. Elias says she lost her focus and then she obtained Superman and put it on the ring. Elias says she feels she lowered Shane and her family down. Elias says she appears past Smackdown. He says he's within the nook of Shane when he answered Roman Reigns.

Shane says she doesn't need anybody in her corner because she doesn't need assistance. Nevertheless, he’s on the nook of Elias to answer Roman Reigns as a result of Elias wants it.

Elias says she is ready for Roman to arrive.

We are Providence, Rhode Island and listeners embrace Corey Graves, Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston make their option to the stage. Kofi says at present is a very special night time. Xavier Woods says after six long, onerous, chilly weeks, and tonight is back Huge E. Kofi introduces Massive E when Xavier brings someone beneath the duvet.

The individual underneath the page is quite a bit smaller than Huge E. Kofi and Xavier are sending No Massive E again. Kofi tells Little e that she's received her curtain.

Xavier apologizes and Kofi brings out the actual Huge E.

They make their method into the ring and there’s a flag that needs again to the Massive E ring.

Huge E needs to odor Xavier and Kofia. Xavier says that Massive E has not been medically uncompressed, but he is being eliminated medically. Huge E says he doesn't know his sons, and he loses the WWE universe.

Xavier says he left Huge E and Xavier says he's killed it on Twitter.

Kofi says he is critical as a result of he’s a grasp. On Sunday, Brock Lesnar turned the bank's money. Xavier says that Kofi Kingston gained Kevin Owens to carry the WWE championship. Xavier tells about Kofi KOed KO. Kofi says he's not tonight about him, his good friend, his brother, Huge E.

Kevin Owens's music play and Huge E unleashes one present of frustration.

Massive E complains that that is his social gathering

Kevin is involved in Sami Zayn

Sami asks Kevin this nonsense. Huge E has gone six weeks and Sami had gone 9 months they usually did nothing.

Huge E says he’ll give Sam what his good friend obtained on the cash in the bank on Sunday. . .

Kevin provides mic a mic and goes again. Sami says Kevin didn't win Kofi in five minutes on Sunday as a result of he was frightened that his pal was hanging again. This celebration is disgusting. You’re annoying individuals when they need to take a look at themselves in the mirror of all of the toxic culture they’ve created.

Xavier makes use of Francesca to silence Sami.

Sami says it's okay. Go ahead and yuk it up. Sami says he’s also speaking about Kevin. Night time doesn’t finish with fun. He will probably be in front of Kofi's buddies and trash. On the end of the night time you may be fortunate to stroll in any respect.

Kofi says you gained't let every part idiot you, because once we throw down, we throw down. He not solely walks out together with his own two legs, but he goes to your proper.

Carmella walks behind and Drake Maverick has the specified poster for her. Carmella asks Apollo if he saw the reality. Apollo tells him that he tells him.

Carmella sees in Fact's wig. Carmella says the mask doesn't work. The reality says he has solely seven hours to go and the title is his. Carmella tells the reality that the title is on the line 24 hours a day, seven days every week. Carmella asks the truth why she is right here. He tells Carmella to assist her.

Match Number one: Mustafa Ali and Andrade Almas (Zelina Vega)

They lock up and Almas helps Al. Ali with bracelets. Ali, who has an Irish whip, and Almas goes to the Tranquilo rope and Vega joins him. Ali sends Alman on the ground and Ali kicks. Almas with clothesline virtually within the fall. Almas with slicing and bracelets. Ali descends to his stomach-to-back suplex and Ali turns to Rana virtually within the fall. Ali, which is the entrance aspect of the lock, and Almas pushed out of the sub. Vega gets to the entrance and pulls Ali long sufficient for Almas to hook up with the drop pot when Ali comes out of the twisting rods.

Almas with the Starting of Ali. Almas sends Ali to the ground and Almas follows. Almas sends Ali to the entrance and then again to the ring. Almas with armband in ropes. Almas triggers Ali within the arm. Almas strangles Ali in ropes. Ali with boxers and Almas with again. Almas will get virtually autumn. Almas with arm. Ali with a floating nook and Almas with a gourdbuster satellite. Ali works in the arm. Ali with punches followed by a drop. Ali and tornado DDT to Almas and Almas go to the ground. Ali iwth diving adopted by a translated dive.

Ali can’t ship Almas back to the ring as a result of back damage. Almas, with a shoulder hook that sends Alie away from the pre-ring to the barrier. The decide begins to rely. Ali returns to the ring and Almas kicks Ali and hits the suplex and then keeps the other. He keeps and closes Ali within the turning knob. Almas has the referee Ali on the floor, but Almas is on the ground and Irish whips Ali on the ring. Almas with a comma, and then he drives Ali for the first time in a ring publish. Almas biels Ali to the Chief of Time

Ali returns to the ring before the referee reaches ten. Almas places Ali in the nook and kicks him. Almas turns to the Ali aspect and hits the operating double knee again, however Ali triggers. Ali with an internal case for 3 calculators

Winner: Mustafa Ali

Carmella helps Fact get better together with her masks. The truth says he feels one thing is missing and Carmella provides him one thing else.

Let's go to business

Lars Sullivan's video.

Match quantity two: Carmella (with R fact) and Mandy Rose (with Sonya Deville)

Carmella with beats and Sonya pulls Mandy on the ground. Carmella goes to the floor and sends Mandy back to the ring and combines the thrust. Carmella hip throws Sony's ring and Carmella hits Sony. Mandy, whose roll is near autumn.

Everyone makes their means into the ring and Fact leaves and the referee calls the clock.

No competitors

Fact gets again on Carmella and she or he runs quite a bit back

We're going to the interview space at Bayley. Bayley is asked how you can win money within the bank by receiving and receiving Charlotte. Bayley says he's doing it again at heart price. Bayley says he created his own opportunity and he couldn't doubt him. Bayley says he's gone over the screams.

R Fact and Carmella undergo the back and Carmella sends Fact's ladies into the locker room, however they depart after a cry. The sequel continues and Drake raises backwards.

Sami Zay walks behind once we go business

We’ve returned and Elias kills time waiting for Roman Reigns to erase his guitar.

see Massive E, who keeps his knees and Xavier and Kofi verify him out. Xavier says that Huge E stated to be Kevin Owens. Xavier tells Kof that his match just isn’t worrying about him.

Match number 3: Kofi Kingston vs. Sami Zay in a non-named recreation

Kofi hits Sam and fires him. The decide retains Kofia again and Sami leaves on the ground. Kofi with a operating shoulder on the ground. Kofi pierces the Sámi. Sami returns to Kofi on the floor. Sami sends Kofi to the phases of play and Sami celebrates. Sami kicks Kofia and the referee warns the Sami. Sami pierces, however Kofi strikes back.

We're Going to Business

We’ve returned and Sami punches by means of the Kofi turning knob. Sami units superplex and hits it. Sami is nearly down. Sami goes to Helluva Kick, however Kofi has a clothesline and punches. Kofi, who has a operating forearm at an angle, followed by an Irish whip, however Sami gets started. Kofi with a double knee drop. Kofi loses Hassle in Paradise. Sami goes to the blue Thunder Bomb, but Kofi descends and hits Hassle in Paradise in three classes.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Paul Heyman is in the bank, however he lacks one small man who gained the match on Sunday. Paul says it now seems good.

Dolph Ziggler assaults Kofi and closes his head on the carpet. Ziggler with punches after which strangles Kofi and sends Kofi's head to the ring submit. With Ziggler, Kofi is tied to the rods and went into the attention. Kofi is shipped to the bulletin board. Dolph gets a chair and puts it around the head of Kofi and sends Kofi into a bulletin board with a chair around Kofi's head. Ziggler kneeling on his head.

Healthcare officials assessment Kofi, but Dolph stomps on the chair with Kofi after which he walks away. Kofi refuses to stretch his again and returns to his ft and walks again.

We're going for a business.

We've come again to see what happened to Kofi Kingston towards Sami Zayni.

We'll get an update to Kofi when the night time progresses.

Roman Reigns walks into the world and Elias is on a serenaded truck.

Becky Lynch is interviewed at Gorilla. He is asked about his present mind-set. Becky says she doesn't really feel right with no blue belt, but when somebody keeps strapping her, she's glad it is Bayley. Bayley says he likes the thought of ​​Bayley Two Belts. Becky says she shakes Bayley's hand and then pours her out. Becky says he’ll come to Bayley and his identify.

Match quantity four: Lacey Evans and Charlotte Aptitude towards Bayley and Becky Lynch

Becky and Charlotte start things up and Becky goes after Lacey, however Charlotte attacks Becky behind. Bayley sends Charlotte to the floor after which Bayley saves Becky from Lace's assault. Bayley's tags and Bayley send Charlotte to the rods. Charlotte sends Bayley to Bayley Cages and Cutters Bayley. Bayley with a scorching shot after which he hits the corner of the operating shoulder, however leaves the knee on the nook. Charlotte, with footwear behind the top and sending Bayley to the turnbuckle. Charlotte beats Bayley

Lacey's tags and sends Bayley's face first to the carpet. Lacey Cobra Stretch and she or he sends Bayley to the corner. Charlotte recognizes and beats Bayley when Lacey keeps Bayley's hair. Bayley, who has an Irish whip, and Charlotte makes a Aptitude translation and shrugs her and Charlotte pulls Becky out of the front. Charlotte and shoulders on the nook. Charlotte, with a comma, and he stops the label from Bayley. Bayley, with a clothesline and Charlotte rolls on the floor, and Becky kicks Charlotte and Bayley makes a mark. Becky with the clothesline off the apron and Becky rises up and hits the missile drop kick. Becky's ft with a liarator and he drops kicks on Lacey's flooring. Becky kicked his head and he acquired up. Becky flies with the forearm. Becky explodes.

Becky, who has a back cowl kick and then strikes Lacey out of the ahead movement, but Charlotte kneels behind him after which goes to the picture 4 ft to lock, however Becky kicks in the Charlotte's turnstile. Becky rolling. Charlotte with Rollup. Becky goes to DisArmHer, but Lacey will get into the ring and Becky releases the grip. Lacey Women Proper but Bayley's tags in. Charlotte goes to the fourth chapter, but Bayley's internal body has three chapters.

Winners; Bayley and Becky Lynch

We return and Jinder Mahal is lurking on R Fact and gets virtually a drop by rolling.

Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas Attack Fact and Bo cover the truth, but Axel pulls him away. The reality sends Axelin to Bo and the Fact will get away.

We're going for a business.

We now have returned and Dolph Ziggler walks behind and is asked about his return and why he did what he did to Kofi. Dolph says it was an trustworthy query and deserves an trustworthy answer so that he provides it to them.

Dolph runs by way of the back to the stage.

Dolph says that if he have been there, he would also be boo. This goes back. When Ali happened and Kofi obtained the prospect and stepped out and poured it out of the park. Dolph says he ought to have been him. Kofi jumped after the ring and ran over. After eleven years of incomes cash, he turned a night success. Dolph says he ought to have been him. Kofi walked into the elimination chamber and walked out of the star. Dolph says he should have been him. He walked to Wrestlemania to struggle Daniel Bryan for WWE names when Dolph sat at residence. Dolph says he ought to have been him. That night time, Kofi was a better man and will have been Dolph. Day by day it has grow to be a WWE champion, Kofi has crossed each criticism and has been a fighter. Everybody respects her and everybody admires her and must be her. Dolph says that's why he did what he did. In accordance with Dolph, he had no other selection. In Super Showdown, he wins Kofi from the WWE title because he should. Dolph says he has turn into a WWE champion, and each one in every of you admires him and respects him and loves him.

We’ve got a video package deal for Randy Orton at Triple H in Saudi Arabia.

Shane McMahon comes

Match quantity 5: Elias (with Shane McMahon) and Roman Reigns

Roman with piercing and Elias going to the ground. Roman follows and connects to the upper chest and sends Elias to a hoop-aspect obstacle. Roman, whose drive is Elias. Roman saunters in the direction of Shane and this delay will permit Elijah to hit the rope when Roman returns to the ring and Elias follows DDT close to the autumn. Elias kicks and piercing. Elias sends the Roman shoulder to the ground first after which to the Elias laundry strains to Roman

. Roman who has started up on the top. The Roman units for the Superman stroke, however Shane beats Roman and Elijah on his knees to Roman. Roman sends Elias to the hatches and connects to the highest. Roman places Elias on the knob and connects to the top. Roman places Tremendous Samoan on the drop, however Elias gets to his ft and hits a bomb near the fall. A Roman with a headdress, and then they trade punches. Elias, with a leaping knee and Roman, bounces ropes and hits the Superman strike. Shane places the Elias foot on the rope to cease studying.

Roman with Drive By to Shane when the referee was dealing with Shane. Elias and the baseball slide and then he sends Roman to the ring, the ring publish and the tire levels. Elias gets up and hits her elbow within the fall. Elias removes the diaper pad and the referee corrects it in order that Shane provides Elijah a guitar. Roman with spear for Elijah in three readings

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, Shane places his hand in the common course of Roman. Shane gets a guitar and a Roman Superman stroke. Roman grabs the guitar, however Drew McIntyre, Claymore and Roman.

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