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WWE SmackDown Results – May 14, 2019

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WWE SmackDown Results – May 14, 2019

We are in London, England, with Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Roman Reigns leaves the ring.

Roman says he has uncooked materials. He says he's not going to attend for that money within the financial institution. Discover out this stuff now. Roman says Elias is now an enormous drawback and we are coping with it now. Here is the solution. Roman brings out Miz.

Miz thanks Romania for the invitation and says it is good to be again in London and be good at blue. Immediately could possibly be a day once you and I will win by way of and thru Elias. Miz says he shouldn't be a great singer, identical to Elias. Five days till Shane can't run or disguise. He defeated Shanen at Wrestlemania all through the stadium and Shane put his hand on his father and it’s unforgivable. Shane may need passed her last night time, but on Sunday she was locked. . .

Shane McMahon pauses his music and joins Elias.

Shane says just because Huge Dog referred to as you, it doesn't make you a wild card. Shane says Miz disapproves of her and Shane appeals to her privilege and denies Miz's ring and constructing.

Elias tells Roman to remain there. You can also make all the desired jokes, but underestimating Elias is your largest mistake in your profession. He proves why Vince chose him as the most important acquisition of Smackdown historical past. See what McMahon came upon. . . The WWE represents Stroll with Elias

Shane says, in case you are not going to get out of the ring, they’ll do it higher. Shane says there are a number of different individuals who hate Miz. Shane brings out the Smackdown Tag Workforce champions Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan. All 4 men are in the ring and surround it.

They arrive to the apron and Miz and Roman go after Rowan and Elijah. The numbers are too huge and Miz and Roman are despatched to the floor.

Usos goes to the ring and they’ll assist Romania and Miz and hit the stereo suicide dives. Rowan with a double clothesline for Usos. Shane and Bryan attack Usos, but Miz leaves for Shane and Roman Bryan. Shane, Rowan, Bryan and Elias are sent to the floor

Elias, Daniel Bryan and Rowan argue with Shane about what simply occurred. Shane says he’ll take Roman Reigns and Usos. If Miz comes close to any match, the match on Sunday is off.

Randy Orton says on Sunday that he is climbing this ladder, grabs a briefcase and becomes a lord in the bank a second time. Then the three most dangerous letters of WWE Champion are R.. . Okay. . O.

Zelina Vega says that every little thing is so delicate in terms of spoilers nowadays. It could possibly be a Thrones recreation, it might be Avengers: Endgame. They don't care about spoilers. Andrade needs you all to know your finish recreation. Zelina says they’re destroying money in the financial institution right now.

Almas says within 5 days that he’ll climb the ladder, take the contract and develop into Mr. Money.

Match No 1: Randy Orton versus Mustafa Ali and Andrade Almas (Zelina Vega) vs. Finn Balor

Orton leaves for Ali when Almas goes after Balor. Almas and Orton are despatched to the ground. Balor and baseball slide for Almas and Ali with suicide diving for Orton. Balor with Ali and Ali bracelets turning. Balor with aspect end lock. Almas and Orton are attacking behind Balor and Ali and Orton sends Alie on the ground. Orton sends Ali to the bulletin board after which hits the backline in the bulletin board. Almas drops kick to Balor to ship him to the ground. Orton provides Balor a background to the driving force's bulletin board. Orton does not let Alma stay out, so it does for him. Orton sends Ali back to the ring.

Orton's stompsee from Ali's hand and then he stops Garv's Stomp. Orton goes to IEDDT in Balor, however Ali, whose roll is close to autumn. Ali with arms and slicing blades. Orton with power slam Ali. Orton, who has the European upper head Ali and Ali, and drops kick to Orton. Ali, who has elbows for Orton and Orton, is making an attempt to foretell that Ali will probably be out of RKO's hatches, but Ali will distort Orton and hit Tornado DDT near the autumn that Almas will break. Almas with a comma and an Irish whip Ali. Ali and scissors, however Almas with a drop. Almas sends Alie on the floor, however she runs to Balor's residence

Balor, with forearms for everyone, and Balor with double leg and double stop for Almas. Balor with elbows in Orton. Balor escapes from Alman and goes to first assist. Balor will get up and Almas smells like Baloria. Almas, which has a operating double knee, hits the nook and will get virtually a drop. Vega tells Alma to get a ladder and she or he pulls a number of. Almas brings one ladder to the ring and he hits Balor's midsection and Orton's chest. Ali, who has a superpot along the ladder to Almas and Alma, goes to the floor.

Ali, who has a nest, however Almas will get up the ladder and we go business.

We have now returned and Almas sends Balor to the ladder backyard, but Balor and Slingblade and a drop kick that sends Almas to the ladder. Ali and the large X-writer Balor. Ali rises up and leaves 450 splashes, but rolls and meets Orton's RKO, Almas with a missile kick kick to Orton and Almas with kick and again elbow to Balor. Balor with rack that is close to autumn. Almas are sent to the floor. Balor was Planchalla Ali and Orton. Almas is in kicking and he sends Balor into the ring levels. Almas with hammer lock DDT in three figures.

Winner: Andrade Almas

After the match, Almas climbs the ladder after which Ricochet's music performs and involves the ring and jumps on the ladder Almas till Almas is knocked off the ladder. Ricochet takes the portfolio and goes again.

Carmella says the chances are for her as a result of she has already gained twice and entered. There are three peat days on Sunday.

We go to Kofi's dressing room. Xavier says he’ll make certain all the things is up and up. Kofi asks Xavier to hang because he isn’t 100 %. Kofi says he’s doing business.

We're getting into a business course.

We are again and Charlotte Flair is leaving.

Charlotte says Sunday is the climax of her competition with Becky Lynch and ends together with her victory over Becky Lynch

We have now a video package deal.

Becky says they don't let things change them. Charlotte couldn't handle his success. Charlotte says she didn't come to WWE to make associates, she's right here to win titles. He's not here to hold Becky's hand. Becky says he knew he wouldn't get to Charlotte until he did one thing. Charlotte says she is joyful that Becky lastly grew up with a pair. He knew that Becky was jealous of what he had and what he turned. Becky says that hitting Charlotte was what he was capable of, and it was time to point out he was a person. Charlotte says Becky has been scorching for the Queen.

Becky says Charlotte was not crushed in Wrestlemania because Becky was too busy hitting an individual at Charlotte and nobody else might win. Becky says he is at the prime of the mountain. Charlotte says he's being offended by another person considering he's within the division's face. Charlotte says Becky has been scorching for six months, but Charlotte is scorching for six years. The man is a step. Becky says he's giving life to Charlotte. Charlotte says he wins the man and it is going to be nine occasions. Becky says he walks out with both titles to show he is a man.

Lacey Evans is in the locker room and asks if she forgets. Lacey says that individuals are too busy watching the Becky-Charlotte exhibition. Becky has two nominations on Sunday. There is a Smackdown title competitors, after which Becky Lynch loses the title. When she teaches Becky about ladies's rights, Becky is called Becky Black Eye.

Aleister Black says Bard is fascinating. In his phrases, we find a wrestle between ambition and its objectives. In the long run we’ve got our own fact. Your opponents who try to get to your head do not just like the place you are attempting to attempt. So she clothes in the odd ends of her bare ancestor.

Match Quantity two: Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Erick Rowan and Elias vs. Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso and Roman Reigns if Miz is collaborating in the match, we don't have a Steel Cage match on Sunday

Bryan and Jimmy's Start . They’re locked and taken down with a Bryan waistband. Jimmy, who has bracelets, and Bryan is making an attempt to show and he makes use of the aspect lock. Bryan with shoulders. They go together with the power check and JImmy. Jey recognizes and provides Bryan a bile close to the autumn. Elias recognizes and kicks Jey and cuts him. Jey, who has Irish wihp and Jey, is shipped to the ahead motion. Jey, who has an enzyme, and he misses, but descends on his ft and provides an ankle out. Elias kicks Jey. Shane tags and he kicks Jey and connects his elbow to Jey's leg.

Shane with chin on the back. Shane strikes the hamstring and then marks Elias again in. Elias stepped at the tip and knee drop on the injured leg. Elias with a comma and marks Bryan's match. Bryan left the chest and put Jey's foot on the rope. Bryan, with a Drop recreation rope. Bryan puts Jey on the twists and Bryan's German superplex. Jey's elbows knocking on Bryan's carpet. Jey stops Elias and Bryan pushing Jey out of the twist on a ring-aspect impediment once we go business

We're back and Rowan, who has an Irish whip for Jey, and walks along Jey and connects the knee drop and splash close to fall. Elias acknowledges and connects the knee to the top. Elias slam and she or he combines knee drop. Elias gets virtually autumn. Elias sends Jey's twists and turns. Shane tags and she or he connects back to the heel and it's time to fist to fly. Shane blocks the pot and Jey with the dragon. The Roman and Bryan identifiers and the Roman with clothespins, and he pours Elias and Rowan into the apron.

A Roman with NeverEnding story adopted by a boot head. The Roman sets for the Superman stroke, however he pierces Elias's apron. Bryan kicks the Roman and Rowan tags and hits his clothesline. Elias acknowledges and pierces Roman. Elias with a leaping knee close to the fall. Rowan tags and she or he slams Roman. Rowan with an elbow drop near the fall. Rowan with atomic noogie Roman.

Bryan tags and he's kicking Romania. Bryan gets virtually autumn. Bryan sends the Roman flooring and Rowan tags and sends Roman to the ring. Rowan sends Roman again to the ring. Rowan sends Roman again to the ring and he hits Rome. Elias recognizes and will get within the near future. Elias beats Rome and kicks her. Elias jumps on her elbow. Roman blocks the piercing and connects to the highest. Roman on the other prime, but Elias on the knees and forearms behind. Roman with Samoan drop in Elias. Bryan's and Jimmy's identification and Jimmy's piercing adopted by Irish whip, but Bryan seems of the nook. Bryan avoids the superpot, however everybody else will get a superpot. Jey identifies and hit Rowan in a double superpot. Bryan leaves with a double superpot, however Shane makes a rescue.

Shane is shipped to the highest of the rope flooring. Elias and Drift Away to Jimmy. Jey, who had an excellent kick to Elias, however a knee flying to Bryan. Roman breaks the lid. Rowan headed to Rome and then hangs over Roman on the highest of the rope flooring. The Roman comes out of the ring and hits the Superman strike in Rowan. Elias sends Roman to the body levels. Shane, with a shoreline and Jey, on three payments.

Winners: Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan

After the match, Miz arrives in the chair and leaves after Bryan, Elias, Rowan and Shane. Shane escapes. Usos, who has a double super kick for Bryan and Roman for Spear Rowan

We go to Firefly Fun Home.

Ember Moon says he is wild, unpredictable and with out worry. He threatens to win it all. She sees herself as a bankroll in the financial institution.

Bayley says this match is that she steps out of the shadows to point out what she will actually do.

We’re advised that Usos will meet Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan at the Kickoff exhibition on Sunday.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are at the announcement table to observe the subsequent match

Paige says it's good to be at house and she or he's brought some pals. He talks concerning the hardest members of the Ladies's Tag Group, Kabuki Warriors. You aren’t watching the subsequent set of tags, wanting at the division's future.

Mandy Rose tells Paige to show it down. You've appointed a tag group, not a royal child. Mandy says the names are necessary, just like the Miss Money bank, which they name him after he gained on Sunday. Mandy says she is going to go after the women's workforce championships. The division's future is just not Kabuki Warriors and is not Iiconic.

Match number three: Asuka and Kairi Sane (with Paige) and Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose

Sonya and Asuka begin-up and Sonya take down and aspect-finish lock. Asuka, who had an indication for Kair and Asuka and kicked Kairi. Asuka with bulldog and Kairi. Asuka, who had a hip attack, strikes Sony out of the apron

We're going to a business

We now have returned and Kairi chops Mandy and hits his life near autumn. Sonya pulls Mandy out of sliding D. Mandyl kneeling near autumn. Sonya tags and kicks Sane. Sonya, with a snap mare and sliding kick, is near the autumn. Sonya beats, and he sends the Phrase to the twists and turns. Mandy tags and kicks Sane. Mandy, who has a again cowl, and he stretches over his knee. Sane hitting, but Mandy sends the Word to the carpet.

Sane hits Deville right down to the front and Mandy leaves her knee when Sane strikes. Sane kicks off Mandy and makes a tag. Asuka with a drop kick and pop-up knee. Asuka, who had a German suplex and a operating hip attack followed by a thrust. Sonya, with its sliding knee back, stops the tangle of Asuka and Sonya from Sane. Sonya makes a mark and he strikes Asuka. Asuka prevents kick and hits the heel and kicks the chest

Sonya blocks the round pot and combines the forearm and spinebuster. Mandy recognizes and tries to get the duvet, but Asuka has three bills.

Winners: Asuka and Kairi Sane

Kayla Braxton is within the interview space ready for Lars Sullivan nervously. We’ve got a video package deal.

Lars is requested to touch upon what he has finished, however Kaya is unable to cease his sentence.

Kevin Owens says that we are away from the particular Kevin Owens Present exhibition with Kofi Kingston's inspiring visitor. Kevin says he's not dealing with a brand new day. It's time to answer the query he has had in his thoughts for a while. Can Kofi stand on his own. Kevin says he knows this answer and on Sunday everybody is aware of the answer when he breaks his again or shoulder. . .

The music of the brand new day is performed and Kofi Kingston goes into hand-held pancakes.

We're going for a business.

We now have returned and Kofi is within the ring and he says he has acquired an invite from Kevin Owens Present and right here he’s. Kofi says Kevin needed him and he needed the title. On Sunday you get a chance. What about tonight? What about tonight? Kofi says she is right here as a guest at Kevin Owens. It’s applicable that you simply come out as a number. Kofi introduces Kevin Owens, but Kevin doesn't come out.

Kofi needs to call it Kofi. You aren’t afraid or shaken because you talked about an amazing recreation of what you will do. He tells Kevin to return out.

Kevin seems in TitanTron. Your mates couldn't do it with you. It's lonely at the prime and you're alone for the first time in 11 years. What you did in Wrestlemania was a dream, and you must have fun together with your brothers in a brand new day and household. Did you assume what happens when the dream ends. You're a champion just for a brand new day. In actuality, all the things ends on Sunday whenever you face probably the most harmful man on the WWE. Kevin Exhibits Evidence

Kevin says that when Kofi waited for 11 years, Kevin gave his opinion on the first night time by taking away WWE's Babe Ruthin, John Cena. He didn't anticipate permission. He gained the championship after the championship after the championship. If somebody acquired on his means, he made positive they regretted it, together with the little guy Xavier Woods.

Kofi needs to know what it proves and says he’s uninterested in hearing Kevin's speech.

Kofi throws chairs on the floor. He tells Kevin if he's not popping out proper now.

Kevin says you don't assume he's popping out. . .

Kevin's music is ringing, and he leaves the ring, but stops for a short time from the ring and walks back to the corridor. Kevin goes into the ring, but he stops once more. Kevin walks on the ramp and Kofi follows. Kofi and Kevin swap, however Sami Zayn comes out and assaults Kofi. Kevin and Sami work over Kofi. Sami provides Kofi Kevin a bomb within the apron, however Xavier Woods will go to Sam and Kevin. Kevin sends Woods to the ring publish. Kevin punches Kofi when Sami retains Kofia.

Kevin sends Kofi's play levels. Kevin sends Kofi to his ring and Sami joins him. Kevin hits Kofi and asks Kof if he thinks the title is his. Kevin says he can cease it proper now. He simply leaves sufficient to get Kofi on Sunday when he takes his identify. Kevin deceives the cannonball when Kofi moves. Sami pierces Kofi. Sami leaves Helluva Kick and Kofi with Hassle in Paradise.

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