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WWE SmackDown Results – March 26, 2019

We’re in Uncasville, Connecticut and the announcers are Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

The new day goes into the ring.

Xavier says that if we might be critical for a minute, the previous few months have been an emotional curler coaster. Massive E says it's been an unimaginable journey from New Day Sucks to New Day Rocks in five years. Xavier says it has been unimaginable to be right here with you and to be current in the WWE universe. He says it has been one expertise they usually need to thank everybody.

Massive E says he spoke with Xavier and when all of the obstacles on the Kofi street have talked about walking. They've made loads of associates, but. . .

Xavier says it has been troublesome for him and E has been poorly handled with Kofia. It's not only recently, but the last 11 years. POP isn’t just a catchhphrase, Kofi exudes the facility of positivity. Kofi doesn't know to stop the word.

Xavier says they will't make this choice till they get solutions. A person with these solutions in Vince McMahon. The brand new day asks Mr McMahon to return here and take them nose to nose their problems.

Vince McMahon leaves the ring.

Before Vince can converse, he is interrupted by WWE champion Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan. Daniel tells Vince that he's not dropping a brand new spirit to put the new day's fragile egos. If they need to give up, allow them to cease. The brand new day is nothing greater than an obsolete novel document created by the New Regulation. You possibly can choose one other group from three NXTs and call them a recent afternoon and throw them into the gang. Kofi isn’t just a B + player.

Kofi lost final week. Kofi lost Fastlane. Kofi misplaced within the Elimination Chamber. Don't let Massive E find yourself. Don't let the parasites end up. You've been to Kofi. The problem that he is not a champion material has been the appropriate one. You've been proper and these individuals have been mistaken. Identical to Kofi, these individuals have refused to simply accept this actuality.

Xavier says Daniel is just too scared to face Kofi. You’ve got grow to be all you’ve got fought for. You've turn out to be hypocritical. That's why you're here right now.

Vince brings out the closing ardour you are trying to make individuals consider. You aren’t going to give up and there is no creation in your physique that may cease you. This is only a method to make others assume you stop protesting Kofi. Vince says he's getting it. Everyone loves what we’ve right here, virtually all the things. Kofi, you’re undoubtedly and all the time a B + player

Daniel says he agrees with Vince & # 39;

Vince asks if BIg E and Xavier B character staff. You will have this respect and keenness for Kofi. Can you set Kofi in the WWE Championship? Vince tells Kof that he has opportunities. If Massive E and Xavier can win the Tag Group Gauntlet tonight, Kofi could have matches in Wrestlemania.

We’re reminded that the Raw Ladies Championship Match is crucial occasion in Wrestleman.

Becky Lynch is within the interview space and is requested about an important occasions in Wrestlemania and Beat the Clock Problem. Becky says deliver individuals and Ronnie brings the title. What does Charlotte do?

Charlotte Flair's music is performed and she or he goes to the ring.

Charlotte says she plans to point out her how she deserves.

Match Number one: Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka on the Smackdown Ladies's Championship

They’re locked up and Charlotte tries to mock and Asuak blocks it. Charlotte with an arm, Asuka makes use of ropes to turn. Charlotte, with a foot stroll and a aspect lock. A person with a lock on the aspect end. Asuka kicks in the midst of Charlotte and Charlotte goes to the floor. Charlotte returns to the ring and Asuka's waistband. Charlotte with an Irish whip and operating boots, but Charlotte blocks them and connects the elbow. Charlotte on her knees after which a rotating toe and knee drop. Charlotte kicked his leg. Charlotte is kicking the Dweller. Charlotte continues to work on his ft

Asuka prevents the waist lock and makes use of the knee beam. Charlotte picks up the Asuka and hits the stomach again and will get virtually autumn. Charlotte with a fallaway slam, but she will't get to the baseball slide as Asuka strikes to the entrance. Asuka and the baseball slide for Charlotte's forward movement. Asuka sends Charlotte back to the ring. Asuka kicks Charlotte, however Charlotte is on the clothesline. Charlotte with a knee drop on the top. Asuka and Octopus in Charlotte.

Asuka with a sunset flap near the autumn. Asuka's forearm and Asuka prevents Charlotte's arms. Charlotte kicks on the Knee and continues to work on his leg. Asuka with Codebreaker but Asuka can't benefit from the injury to her knees. Charlotte pie face Asuka however Asuka with strikes Charlotte. Asuka kicked the midsection, followed by operating hip stirke and German suplex. Ascend with thrust. Asuka, who has a flying leg to the top near the fall.

Asuka kicks Charlotte behind. The assault is lacking from the pelvic attack towards the ropes and Charlotte, whose head has a boot, close to the fall. Charlotte rises from the highest to the moon, however Asuka gets the footwear and Asuka with the Asuka lock. Charlotte runs back to get an in depth good friend.

We're going for a business.

We’ve come again and Charlotte with spots adopted by a slam company, but Asuka escapes and gets virtually autumn. The blocker blocked the four-leg lock and the Charlotte kick. Asuka kicks Charlotte's turnstile. Asuka with a spherical kick to the top near the autumn. Asuka goes to the forearm and Charlotte's forearm. Charlotte with a Spanish flight near the fall. Charlotte with the forearms for Asuka, but Asuka with the triangle. Charlotte, with a power bomb, escapes close in the fall. Asuka including an inside case within the Asuka lock, however Charlotte flees to the arm. Charlotte exhibits 4 and he bridges.

Winner: Charlotte Flair (new champion)

Kurt Angle leaves the ring when the brand new Smackdown ladies's champion will get again.

We're going for a business.

back and AJ types are in Gorilla position. He might be requested concerning the encounter with Kurt Angle lower than two weeks before his match with Randy Orton. AJ says he is honored to be Kurt's last match at Smackdown. He knows his privilege to be part of his profession and is completely happy to be with him. AJ says Angle is a famer-corridor and she or he doesn't take this match flippantly. This isn’t an exhibition match. Kurt might have set up a basis, however this is the home AJ Types constructed. Angle with German Suplex. The nook goes to the Olympics, however AJ escapes. AJ and calf crusher on the nook. The angle appears to be going to touch, but the angle counters on the ankle lock. AJ passes by means of and sends an angle to the threads.

Randy Orton assaults AJ and hits RKO.

Winner: AJ Types (Disqualified)

After the match, Orton triggers AJ, however the corner on the Olympic music in Orton

Rey Mysterion and Dominic's comments. Dominic says Joe is just not like Kofi or his father. Joe just cares about himself. Rey says he taught Joe's educating in Wrestlemania when he stands for his family and wins the US Department.

Miz leaves within the ring.

We're going for a business.

ring and he mentions that we are 12 days from Wrestlemania. He says he expects Shane McMahon to break the limb. Shane lit a fireplace he by no means had before. Miz says he's been here for 13 years, but that is private. When Shane put his hand on MIz's father, he did it in front of him, shut and personally. Miz says that is what he needs to do for Shane McMahon. She needs everybody to see her by dishonest Shane. He needs everyone within the MetLife stadium to see him win at Shaneen Falls Rely Anyplace Match. Miz says he will take Shane to the stadium and showcase every part he can do for him.

Miz is opposed to Wrestleman, however first to the safety line and wrestlers.

Shane mixes his method

Shane tells Greg Hamilton that he wants correct schooling.

Shane says that security is to protect Miz from him. Shane says that when he heard Miz's proposed Falls Rely Anyplace match, he couldn't consider it. You’re as stupid as your father seems to be. Shane says she has had time to think about what she's doing. Shane says she seems at it many times and the extra she seems to be at it, the higher she is aware of. When he gained Miz in his hometown and in entrance of his father, he felt it in the bones. When he put his hand on your father's face, he paralyzed him with worry. Shane says it was euphoric, and now she has an absolute style. Shane says she quits her thirst and she or he wins Miz all through the stadium. Shane accepts the proposal.

He punishes George for his largest MizTaka in his life and it was when he impregnated your mom.

Miz removes his jacket and rises to the ramp and works over safety, however he has not reached the second degree of Shane's Security Sector. Miz is made safely, and now’s Primo and Shelton Benjamin. Primo is shipped to the ring levels and he takes care of Shelton. Sanity works over Miz. Miz sends Wolfe to the gang after which does the identical with Dain. Miz sends Younger a bell, and Shane believes issues may get worse for him.

Miz, where there is a crossbeam out of the ring restriction to Sanity. Miz pierces Wolfe and Dain grabbing Miz, however Miz's beats for anyone who comes close to him.

We’re back and Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are speaking about great news, but they speak about every little thing else earlier than they are saying they’re in the Ladies's Tag

Match Quantity 3: New Day Tag Group, where a brand new day wins Kofi Faces Daniel Bryan in Wrestlemania

Phase One: Huge E and Xavier Woods vs. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

Woods within the playoffs for Anderson as the ring rings. Woods with punches, but Anderson together with his personal punches. Anderson with the top edges on the nook. Woods with thrust and Huge E marks. Huge E overalls with tops and hits upwards for 3 chapters

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Fall

Phase Two: Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev vs. Huge E and Xavier Woods

Woods fires Nakamura, but Nakamura kneels . Woods, with scissors, descends and Woods is missing a nook. Nakamura puts Woods in a turning knob and connects the operating knee to the autumn. Rusev identifies and strikes behind a double sled and then hits Woods. Rusev sends Woods to the floor. Nakamura recognizes and hits the operating knees the place Woods hangs alongside the apron. Woods falls to the floor. Nakamura kicked again and Rusev recognized. Rusev with knee and Nakamura with enzyme. Rusev gets virtually autumn.

Rusev chops Woods in ropes. Lana beat Woods when the referee dealt with Rusev. Rusev will get virtually autumn. Woods with punches, but Rusev stops Woods making a tag and Rusev goes to Woods corner. Nakamura acknowledges and strangles the Woods turning knob. Nakamura with knee drops near autumn. Nakamura in front. Forests with punches to get out from the entrance. Nakamura with reverse jaw lock. Nakamura with knees and Irish whip, but Woods, whose forearm is Rusev. Nakamura goes into an invading explosive, but Woods descends to his ft and Huge E indicators in. Massive E sets Warrior Splash and hits it. Massive E units for Massive Ending, but Nakamura escapes and Massive E runs by means of ropes. Rusev tags and Massive E Irish rust Rusevia ring levels. Nakamura falls to the top of Huge E and Rusev's pot. Nakamura acknowledges and Rusev has a suplex and Nakamura on his knees, but Woods breaks the deck.

Rusev hits Woods, but Woods sends Rusev to the ground. Woods, the place you must drop a kick by way of ropes. Massive E avoids Kinshasa and Massive E sends Nakamura shoulder first to ring publish.

Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura Corrected

Phase Three: Xavier Woods and Massive E vs. Sheamus and Cesaro

Sheamus kicks Massive E as Cesaro keeps him whereas he’s coming back from business and match action. Sheamus works on the foot. Massive E with forearms throughout chest, get out. Cesaro's tags and he sets Big Swing to Sharpshooter. Huge E tries to get into the rope, but Huge E kicks Cesaro on the ground. Cesaro stops Huge E and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus on the forearm and kicks Huge E on his leg. Sheamus ft and Cesaro tags in. Huge E sends Cesaro's flooring and Huge E's elbow to Sheam.

Huge E with Cesaro and Woods backwards, and combines with forearm with Sheamus. Woods, with thrust and kick on Cesaro's head. Woods, with a drop sit back and then an ensuigiri Sheamus, adopted by a springboard twister DDT. Woods with Plancha on Sheamus and Cesaro. Woods climbs up and hits the foot drop close to the autumn when Sheamus breaks the deck.

We're going for a business. and Sheamus tags and Sheamus kicks from Woods Apron. Sheamus gets up and leaves the clothesline. Huge E with an influence bomb. Woods tags and Woods with shoulder after Cesaro code. Cesaro, the place there’s a European greater when Woods comes out of the ropes and Cesaro chokes in the Woods rope. Sheamus fires Forests coming from Esilina and Cesaro are virtually descending. Massive E pulls Cesaro out of carpentry and Woods by scrolling to Sheam.

Sheamus and Cesaro have been eliminated

After removing Sheamus kicks in Woods and then Sheamus and Cesaro go after Massive E. Cesaro will get a desk and provides it to Sheamus. They arrange a table after which they go to the T threshold via Massive E by means of the table.

Phase 4: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs. Massive E and Xavier Woods

The decide pulls the table out of the ring when Woods protects Huge E.

Jey says Usos fought wars towards New Day and is one one that deserves to struggle for the WWE championship and Kofi Kingston. Jimmy says they’ve earned their respect and Kofi has earned each respect in the locker room. Kofi deserved respect.

Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso Fallen

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan destroy the locker room over the decision of Usos.

Let's move on to business.

Phase Five: Huge E and Xavier Woods vs. Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan

Rowan leaves after Huge E when Bryan, who has European searching with Woods, and Rowan sends him to the floor. Bryan kicks Massive E when Rowan sends Woods to his ring. Bryan drops Massive E on a hoop publish when Rowan hits the physique on Woods flooring. Bryan hits the Huge E. Massive E in Rowan after which he hits Bryan. Massive E with more punches to Rowan. Bryan, who had one foot crab on Massive E, kneeled on the again of Huge E. Woods, where there’s a springboard to kick kick Bryan, followed by an ensuir. Woods falls down and Rowan goes excessive line on the floor.

Woods with Plancha for Rowan. Bryan leaves to kick the corner, but Massive E gets Bryan and hits Uranage. The straps are down and he hits Huge Ending, but Rowan breaks the duvet. Rowan beats Woods from the apron and the ring. Rowan tags and near falling. Bryan tells Rowan to adjust the bulletin board. Rowan throws a chair. Woods, with elbow on Bryan and twister DDT off Apron. Rowan leaves for clawslam, but Woods escapes and Rowan goes to the ring publish. Huge E Garments Rowan over the bulletin board

Massive E pushes a bulletin board for Rowan and then Huge E rolls into the ring and the referee begins to fall.

Winners: Massive E and Xavier Woods

After the match, Kofi Kingston arrives with a hoop experience with Xavier and Huge E.

Vince McMahon is asked what just occurred and if meaning Kofi Kingston goes to Wrestlemania. Vince says that Kofi goes to Wrestlemania. Can a B + participant win Daniel Bryan at the WWE Championship.

The listing becomes a circle displaying help for Kofi.

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