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WWE SmackDown Results – March 19, 2019

WWE SmackDown Results - March 19, 2019

WWE SmackDown Results – March 19, 2019

We are in Indianapolis, Indiana and your announcers are Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Miz leaves within the ring.

See what occurred final week when Shane McMahon made a match between him and Miz.

Miz says he's targeted on one street for the last ten years, Street To Wrestleman. But at what worth? He has used individuals and sacrificed each business together with his wife. His friendship with Shane McMahon meant him. The whole lot was to show to at least one man that he was pleased with him, his father. When his father was with him within the ring, he heard for the first time that he beloved him and was pleased with him. Shane did it to happen. Miz says he has given Shane his dream of being a staff champion. Miz says he was warned about Shane.

Miz says at Fastlane, Shane McMahon attacked him in entrance of his 68-year-previous father. Miz says his father thought Shane was cheating on him. What would a man do? Then Shane put his hand on his father. Shane grabbed her from the throat, asking her son for help. He calls Shane a rotten core, like his father. You are not one of the best on the earth, you’re McMahon, you’re born within the worst. You assume you’re something particular because you are a billionaire and you are able to do whatever you need. You’ll be able to own this company, but you don't own it. You don't have Kofia.

Miz says he wasn't born of a privilege. Everyone informed her that she was on average and wouldn't have something. Miz says he went out on his personal and showed the whole lot fallacious. He went to Real World after which got here to WWE and became a champion. Miz says he's doing it alone. Miz says he’s pleased with his exhausting work. Miz says he is a confirmed success story. He needed to earn his father's love. He had to earn the respect of the fan. Miz says it has been 13 years and he feels he deserved it.

Miz tells Shane that he deserves one, what he deserved by himself, the whipping of the ass in Wrestlemania.

We're going for a business.

We’re again and Billie Kay is stunned that Bayley and Sasha are at Smackdown. Peyton says they appear strange and small. It's like their mother and father pay them access to the Ivy League Faculty they couldn't get. Peyton says they went up to NXT. Billie factors out that Nia, Tamina, Natalya and Beth threw them raw. Peyton says they should face one of the best staff in an unknown area.

Match Number One: Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay in a non-named recreation

Billie and Bayley begin things up and lock. Peyton tags and Bayley depart the nook. They lock and peyton on their knees and forearms, adopted by kick. Peyton modifications to Sasha with an apron. Peyton goes to the floor, but sees Sashan and returns to the ring. Bayley with clothesline virtually within the fall. Sasha tags and Sasha start Peyton and Billie tags. Sasha sends Billie footwear and badges to Bayley. They hit the cross-arm clothesline and Bayley follows the garments roll close to the autumn.

Lacey Evans makes her approach in the direction of the ring when Billie hits Bayley. Lacey has to show round because there is a pressure area across the tire.

With Peyton's elbows and following the aspect-head lock in Bayley. Peyton sends to Bayley Circus and Bayley, which has started in Peyton. Peyton, with a rotating heel, is close to autumn. Billie tags they usually come to Bayley. Billie with one other kick and forearm behind. Billie strangles at Bayley ropes and Peyton tags and kicks Bayley. Bayley with arms and Peyton with Irish whip. Bayley, whose roll is close to autumn. Peyton sends Bayley to the floor

Peyton sends Bayley back to the ring and kicks Bayley. Billie tags they usually come to Bayley. Billie with an arm. Bayley pierces, however Billie sends Bayley to the rods. Bayley goes out and Billie sends Bayley to the handwheels and follows the clothesline. Peyton tags and stretch on Bayley ropes. Billie recognizes and keeps Bayley unidentified. Billie, who has an Irish whip and both hair are sometimes based mostly.

Identification of Peyton and Sasha and Sasha with clothesline and drop. Sasha blocks the pot and Sasha at his own pot. Sasha, with a double knee image and then with Sasha Meteora, was near autumn. Sasha sends Billie to the floor after Billie breaks down the action. Peyton, whose roll is near autumn. Sasha with back line close to autumn. Sasha kicks Billie on the floor. Sasha with kick and loop ring. Billie kicks Bayley and will get three figures with Peyton

Winners: Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

Rey Mysterio is in the locker room and requested about his plans for Wrestlemania. Rey is his son with Dominic. Rey says Samo River after last week when he meets Joe on the US Department in Wrestlemania. Dominic is requested his father to satisfy Samo Joe. Dominic says Joe is a bully, and he will probably be at the forefront of watching his father maintain the bully.

Kevin Owens goes to the KO Show for visiting Charlotte Aptitude and Becky Lynch. [19659002

We’re again and Kevin is in the ring and he welcomes everyone to the brand new and higher Kevin Owens exhibition. Kevin refers to new imaginary graphics and healed as a result of he's dressed. Kevin says it has been a quite bumpy journey and it seems that it’ll worsen. Kevin mentions that he calls Wrestlemania KOMania and this yr is Kofi. Kevin says he is watching it responds intently tonight to see if Kofi can meet Daniel Bryan in Wrestlemania.

Kevin brings out his first visitor, Becky Lynch.

He brings out another customer, Charlotte Flair.

Kevin welcomes his friends and he says no one is aware of better than he could make friendship fallacious. No one can underneath your skin greater than your greatest pal. A number of issues have been stated forwards and backwards in current months. Kevin brings out a number of things which were stated. Kevin brings out Ronda to Rouse and how Ronda referred to as Becky's joke. Ronda stated that WWE might problem it with Charlotte and Becky towards Ronda and that might be great. Kevin says Ronda attacked security and Ronda's husband had to intervene.

Kevin factors out that Ronda is just not right here, but Charlotte is. Kevin says that Becky stated that Charlotte and Becky have been selected, and Charlotte was within the shoe horns and didn't.

Kevin says you could have stated so much and Kevin says that no one really needs to see you speaking anymore. That is Kevin Owens Show and he all the time says Battle Owens Struggle. Kevin says it ought to be Struggle Becky Struggle. It ought to be Battle Charlotte Struggle.

Charlotte says profitable the hell of Becky.

Kevin leaves the ring before giving Becky a response to Charlotte's assertion.

Becky beat Charlotte and Charlotte Spears Becky over the table. They change punches. Charlotte leaves the ring and runs to Becky's apron and ring. Judges come out and maintain their palms up and wobble them to inform Charlotte and Becky to cease the battle. They continue to battle within the bulletin board. Charlotte strikes a security member when Becky sends one bell.

Charlotte, with another Becky blow. Officers will not be doing a great job as a result of Becky runs Charlotte in a bulletin board.

AJ types return. AJ is requested about his matches with Randy Orton in Wrestlemania. AJ is asked if he has what it takes to beat Randy. AJ says that Randy has advantages that the majority of us don’t have on WWE. He’s the third era star and more agile than most people. Randy is a superb wrestler. The difference is that Randy is the primary round sketch and AJ is on the stroll. Take a look at her now. On April seventh, Randy stands over the ring for somebody who didn’t have his pursuits. He says Randy has the benefit of House. AJ says he's not going to construct Wrestlemania, he's coming to tear down the house.

AJ hopes Kofia happiness tonight.

Daniel Bryan makes his method with the tire with Erick Rowan once we go business.

We're again and Daniel Bryan talks about injustice. Kofi Kingston says there’s injustice in taking this tour. Kofi Kingston doesn't deserve a chance. Daniel says he knows how one can stack the deck towards him and the authority retains him closed. This has not occurred to Kofi Kingston. Kofi was chosen to exchange Mustafa Ali in a roundabout before the exit chambers. He was picked by hand and given the chance he had never earned. Kofi fought roughly and in the disappearance chamber, and he lost each occasions. Kofi hasn't obtained something.

Since Kofi Kingston, in contrast to him, isn’t just a B + player. It's okay for all of you, because for you all B + is sweet sufficient. It seems like a good suggestion that the shirt goes on all the passports that folks don't want to buy. B + just isn’t ok. No matter how a lot you call Kof, it doesn’t change the truth that he has lost his fellows and Elimination Chamber. When Kofi obtained one other probability for Fastlane, he misplaced once more.

The new day comes out and Xavier Woods and Massive E wish Kof a great luck before he goes to the warfare recreation.

Match Number two: Kofi Kingston Wrestlemania Destiny Gauntlet Match (featuring Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Cesaro and Erick Rowan)

Phase One: Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus

They lock and Sheamus helps Kofia's corner. They're locked once more and Sheamus is missing the corner. Sheamus goes on foot, but Kofi avoids Sheam and makes use of a waist lock. Sheamus gets to the ropes. Sheamus with kick and aspect end locks down. Sheamus gets virtually autumn. Kofi, who has virtually a drop on his roll when Sheamus locks his aspect finish lock. Kofi with hammer lock, however Sheamus with bracelets. Sheamus together with his arm, but Kofi retains his arm and Kofi gets near the fall. Sheamus, with an Irish whip, and Kofi floats and Kofi's hand pulls his arm.

Kofi will get virtually autumn. Sheamus on the forearm, but Kofi sends Sheamus to the top of the rope on the floor. Kofi with Plancha Sheamus. Sheamus, with a operating knee raise to Kofi, when he returns to the ring. Sheamus forearms in chest and forearm in decrease again. Kofi, who has a half-moon kick on Sheamus. Kofi, who triggers, but Sheamus sends Kofi to the rope, and Cesaro, who has European higher Kofi and Kofi and Sheamus, are coming near the fall. Kofi with elbow, however Sheamus with back.

We're going for a business.

We’re back and Kofi Chops Sheamus. Sheamus is missing a stroke and Kofi has more jaws. Kofi, with a drop kick and a flying clothesline. Kofi and Growth Drop. Kofi units Troy in Paradise, however first he refers to the Wrestlemania mark. Sheamus blocks Hassle in Paradise and Kofi kicks Sheamus. Sheamus runs from Kofi. Kofi, with its double skeleton, near the fall.

Kofi pulls Sheam again to the ring and Sheamus pulls Kofi first into the rope throat. Sheamus with uranage breaker near autumn. Sheamus goes to Cloverleaf and applies it. Kofi pulls himself up and will get an inner cradle near the autumn. Sheamus with knee near autumn.

We see Usos behind Huge E and Xavier.

Sheamus collection for Brogue Kick and Kofi move and get virtually a drop by rolling. Kofi and Hassle in Paradise, three chapters.

Sheamus Tube

Phase Two: Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro

Cesaro, with a operating European higher back close to autumn. Cesaro will get another close within the fall. Cesaro with punches and a European upper. Cesaro, with guttwrench-suplex, virtually in the fall. Cesaro works on foot. Kofi kicks Cesaron. Cesaro with an Irish whip, however Kofi and boots for Cesaro's obtain. Cesaro and punches. Kofi, together with his apron and Kofi, leaves a springboard, however Cesaro captures Kofi and hits a tilting hurricane near the fall.

Cesaro backwards and he keeps Kofi on his knees to increase strain backwards. Kofi, with piercing, but Cesaro, with a European upper jaw, after which closes Kofi to the throat apron. Cesaro catapulted Kofi to the underside of the throat. Cesaro, who has an elbow drop and is nearly pressured to fall. Kofi hits Cesaron. Kofi, with a crossbeam close to the autumn.

More fighters take part watching the get together when Cesaro continues to work on Kofi's back. Kofi kicks, but Cesaro, with a double leg and an enormous swing. Cesaro and Cloverleaf Kofi. Kofi tries to get into the rope, however Cesaro pulls Kofi in the midst of the tire. Cesaro turns Cloverleaf into a suplex, and Cesaro is nearly descending. Cesaro tries Boston Crab, however Kofi blocks it. Cesaro with one foot crab on his knees on Kofi's back. Kofi kicks Cesaro's head. Cesaro units Gotch Fashion Neutralizer, however Kofi, who has a again seat, and Cesaro descends.

Cesaro Putki

Phase Quantity Three: Erick Rowan vs. Kofi Kingston

Rowan with a clothesline and he sends Kofi to the nook and cuts Kofi. Rowan, where she splashes round and sends Kofi to the floor. Rowan follows and hits the operating frame at Kofi. Rowan Irish whips for Kofi. Rowan sends Kofi to a tire-aspect barrier and then hits Kofi with a metal chair.

Erick Rowan Dropped (disqualified)

Rowan, who had a bear cuddle in Kofi, and runs Kofia to a hoop submit. Rowan sends Kofi the tire restrict over the time supervisor space. Rowan appears at the bulletin board and hits clawslam by means of the bulletin board

Fourth Phase: Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe

Joe, with a operating again angle. Joe follows the top. Joe within the corners and forearm behind the top. Joe kneeling, but Kofi and blow and kick. Kofi with punches and kicks. Joe iwth irish whip and operating back elbow and ensuigiri. Joe will get virtually autumn. Joe works round her neck. Kofi with punches, however Joe's clothesline. Joe gets virtually autumn. Joe with a jaw using Kofi's hand for extra strain. Kofi with a jaw when Joe goes to the Coquina change. Joe STJoe close to the fall.

Kofi on the forearm and he descends to his ft on his stomach. Kofi with a double leg. Joe cuts behind Kofi and Joe places Kofi on the turntable. Joe sets Muscle Buster however Kofi counters and will get three figures.

Samoa Joe Putki

Joe applies Coquina change to Kofi rope. Officials lastly get Joe to release his arrest, however Kofi is out of the ring.

Phase 5: Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton

Orton sends Kofi a hoop. Orton calls Kofi stupid and Kofi's Irish rusty Orton. They arrive back to the ring and Orton sends Kofi into the pivot packing containers. Orton with European tops and piercings. Orton propellers and he drives the boots over the eyes. Orton with sidewalk and then foot close to autumn. Orton with reverse jaw lock. Kofi spots. Orton pushes the dropout firm off and Orton Garvin with Stomp. Orton sends Kofi's turnstiles and Orton climbs the turntables and punches Kofi.

To the European prime of Orton. Kofi, who has an Irish whip and Orton, is on the clothesline. Orton goes to RKO, but Kofi escapes. Kofi is Hassle in Paradise, however he can't benefit from the Orton rolls on the ground once we go business.

We have now returned and Orton pierced the Kofi turning knife and joins the European higher. Orton puts on superplex, however Kofi hits Orton and sends him to the carpet. Kofi, with a crossbeam, but Orton crashes and will get shut. Orton, who has a kick and sends Kofi to IEDDT for a ahead movement and Orton hits it. Orton is wanting round and getting ready for RKO. Kofi, who has Rollup, and he retains Orton grabbing three ropes.

Randy Orton

Winner: Kofi Kingston

After the match Massive E and Xavier Woods came to the ring to rejoice with Kofi.

After the match, Vince McMahon comes out and congratulates Kofi Kingston. What you’ve got finished thus far is fantastic. You're going to Wrestlemania. Vince says you’ll Wrestlemania so long as you possibly can win one last opponent. Vince tells Xavier and Massive E to go away the premises or he loses this chance. Vince hopes that Kofi's happiness.

Match Number Three: Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston in Non-Nominal Match

Bryan kicked within the corner. Kofi together with his arms and kicks Bryan. Bryan with knee and midline. Bryan puts Kofi on a affluent and Bryan tree. Bryan puts a stomach-back superplex and hits near the autumn. Bryan tries to unfold LeBell Lock and Kofi gets his ft on the rope to break the grip. Bryan kicks within the chest. Bryan is missing a spherical pot and Kofi with SOS virtually within the fall.

Bryan with more kicks in the corner. Bryan, with a operating drop kick within the corner, and he follows with one other. Bryan goes to third, however Kofi, whose roll is near autumn. Kofi, who has a backbone, and leaves a double bounce frame. Bryan with boots on the top. Bryan units a flying knee and he hits it and gets three figures.

Winner: Daniel Bryan