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WWE SmackDown Results – March 12, 2019

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WWE SmackDown Results – March 12, 2019

We’re in Dayton, Ohio and the announcers are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves.

Shane McMahon is on her means and she or he isn’t in the mood to combine. The world's greatest prize is in the ring.

Shane is Greg Hamilton's probability to introduce Shane to the most effective on the planet. Shane tells Greg to say it convincingly.

Shane says everyone needs to know why he would betray the so-referred to as. Shane says she's drained of people who ask her for help. All through his life, individuals have been rubbing towards him to see how they will move forward in life. Shane says you don't know what she's doing behind the scenes to make issues better for all of you. It's about them. It stopped on Sunday when he gained the holy hell of Miza in his own hometown.

Shane says she's not the perfect on the planet for prize pools or as a result of she gained the title. That's because he was born this manner. Shane goes to do things for herself. It felt so good when he hit Miz. The very last thing Miz says in front of his father in front of the potato. It felt so good and lit a spark that might by no means go away. Shane tells Miz that this is not a request because you work for him. Shane says she had such a tremendous time that she hit her ass, and she or he continues on the most important stage. . . WrestleMania. Shane tells Miz to organize for the most effective on the planet and it looks like AWESOME.

Match Number One: Aleister Black, Ricochet, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy and Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev, Sheamus and Cesaro [19659002] Black and Nakamura launch issues out. Nakamura with punches and kicks. Nakamura blocks the pot and Black with a swipe and entrance of the legs. Ricochet tags and Black with kick and Ricochet with everlasting listening virtually within the fall. Ricochet with front panel and Matt tags and Sheamus tags. Sheamus runs to the boot and Matt, the place the crouching elbow falls to the again of the top from the turning knob. Jeff tags and Jeff's foot loss when Matt hits the baseball slide. Cesaro disturbs Jeff after which he indicators in. Cesaro kicks and loses his foot close to the fall.

Cesaro sends Jeff's nook and Rusev's tags. Rusev on the shoulders within the corner. Rusev with reverse jaw lock. Rusev pulls Hardy on the carpet. Jeff with elbows, but Rusev pulls Jeff underneath his hair. Rusev kicks Jeff. Nakamura recognizes and strikes Jeff. Cesaro's tags and fired Jeff. Rusev acknowledges back and Jeff sits on a jaw crusher. Ricochet makes an indication and he hits Rusev. Ricochet with hand shower scissors and drop kick. Ricochet with a operating shoulder within the nook and he kicks Nakamura on the apron. Rusev punches Ricochet when Ricochet leaves the springboard.

Cesaro sends Ricochet to the bulletin board and then he hits the gutwrench-suplex in a ahead movement. Cesaro, with a reverse chin. Sheamus acknowledges and strikes Ricochet. Sheamus and Cesaro with a double line of garments adopted by a knee drop. Sheamus with reverse jaw lock. Ricochet with chin breaker and Rusev tags. Rusev with a double sled behind. Rusev will get a terrible bill. Rusev puts Ricochet on the turntables and tags in Nakamura for a operating knee. Nakamura behind the jaw and knee drop. Cesaro's tags and punches Ricochet.

Cesaro runs into the boot and Ricochet, whose holes are within the corner. Rusev tags and kick Ricochet when Ricochet tries to determine. Rusev pierces Matt and has words for Black. Sheamus acknowledges and strikes Ricochet. Sheamus with again cowl and reverse jaw lock. Ricochet with punches and Ricochet sends Sheamus to the highest of the rope on the ground. Cesaro pulls Sheamus into the ring and marks and stops the tag by hitting Black out of the apron. Ricochet with a back piece drop and Matt tags.

Matt's garments strains to Cesaro, adopted by punches and he sends Cesaro's twists. Jeff tags and Irish whips Cesaro and Jeff and Poetry in Movement and Matt aspect effect. Sheamus with Brogue Kick for Matt. Black with knee in Sheamus. Ricochet with a clothesline at the similar time, Nakamura kicks Ricochet and Jeff by kicking Nakamura. Hardy, who has a fate of Twist, and he rises up and hits Swanton virtually within the fall.

The new day goes spherical they usually go after Nakamura and Rusev, so the referee calls the clock.

Winners: Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sheamus, and Cesaro (disqualified)

After the match, Woods kicked off Sheamus. Huge E sends Sheam to the play levels. Massive E runs Csearoa on the ring. Huge E strangles Russia. Woods with Shining Wizard Nakamura. Kofi, having hassle in Paradise, Ruseville

Usos goes down they usually speak to see a brand new day making an attempt to take their own. They need to know who they’re in Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton leaves the ring.

We're going for a business.

We’ve got returned and Randy says there’s something he has to get out of his chest. This can be a home built by AJ types? What he doesn't perceive is that in 2002 AJ wrestled $ 10 in a 12-year-previous health club. Randy says she's making her debut. In 2004, AJ went to the bingo hall when he was the youngest WWE champion. In 2005, AJ was in Florida getting a tan with Dixie Carter when Randy was dealing with Undertaker. Randy says he’s a champion. This is not the house AJ constructed. This can be a house constructed by Randy Orton.

AJ Types leaves the ring.

AJ says that somebody taking a look at indies will definitely comply with his profession quite close. AJ says he's flattered. He says he’s proud that he got here by way of indies. Individuals like you are not made to his world, however they’re made for WWE. AJ says guys such as you wouldn't do it on the planet. Not with such issues (and AJ not Randy posing) or a knockoff Diamond Cutter.

Randy says that no considered one of you or your indie buddies tore anyone off (and Randy makes a candy gesture).

AJ says these indie boys encompass Randy. They didn't go to their fathers to get the job completed. In your first yr, you had the help of Triple H, Ric Aptitude and Batista, so you possibly can't.

Randy says he has carried out more before he was 24 years previous than anybody else. He is a 13-year-previous champion and gained the Royal Rumble. He has the primary occasion for each reward.

AJ mentions Evolution and Legay and Rated RKO Randy reminds of Ortonia Wyatt's household. It looks like you had plenty of babysitters. AJ says you’re who you say you’re. You are a viper and you employ everyone and throw them down once you're accomplished. AJ says he’s making his first step by attacking him at Fastlane

Randy says that AJ rents his house to the room and he is the landlord. You possibly can examine in at R.Okay.O.

AJ refers to the character and tells Randy to return and take it.

Randy leaves the ring.

We are reminded that Harlem Heat goes to WWE's status

Match Quantity Two: Asuka towards Sonya Deville in a non-nominee match

They locked and lived on the entrance, however Sonya turned. Asuka goes to the ankle and Sonya will get into the ropes. Sonya kicks. Asuka kicks and sends Sony's face to the rug. Asuka is lacking a round pot and Sonya is rolling close to the fall. Asuka loses the missile drop and Sony's spear near the autumn. Sonya gets one other close to the autumn. Asuka strikes and pops. Asuka with a operating knee and Sonya going to the ground

Asuka launches Mandy when Sonya moves. Mandy pulls the tire skirt and Sonya skates. Asuka with Asuka lock and Sonya leaves

Winner: Asuka

After the match, Mandy checks Sony, however Sony just isn’t proud of Mandy.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are behind and Peyton and Billie need to know the place Sasha Banks and Bayley are. They have been in Fastlane to see their defenses. You win Nian and Taman, however you’ll be able to't drive them perpetually. Their future is Iiconic.

Becky Lynch robs the ring once we go business, however he throws his arm on the aspect.

We're again and Becky is within the ring, however we take a look at what occurred at Becky and Charlotte at Fastlane. Then we hear Ronda's feedback from Raw.

Becky says it feels good to stroll down that ramp with its two legs. Everybody else received bold when he was injured, interrupted, interrupted, arrested, after which in the primary present of Wrestlemania. Becky says that is the match she began. He chose Ronda to Rouse and Charlotte acquired the horns of Vince McMahon. Becky says he has to earn his method twice. First, by profitable the Royal Rumble and enjoying Ronda Rouse as a violin. You understand how troublesome it is to play thoughts video games with a lady who has no mind however she did. He made Ronnie so unfastened that Ronnie did his soiled work for him. Becky says he is paying Ronda to Wrestlemania by profitable his identify and breaking his palms.

Becky says he doesn't care who he must win in Wrestlemania to take again what individuals have taken from him.

Charlotte Flair's music was enjoying

Charlotte congratulates Becky for lastly stepping into the occasion. The primary occasion of the golden woman. Whenever you acquired an interruption and was arrested to remain out of the ring, Charlotte says she's achieved all the work. one thing is scorching for six months. Charlotte says she's scorching for 4 years. That's why he was chosen. He was chosen to get a job. Charlotte says the WWE universe supports Becky as a result of they felt him sorry. As he feels he’s sorry for Becky. As Ronda was sorry on Sunday. You’ve gotten a hand. He has never seen in his life that someone does so little and provides credit score so much.

Charlotte says he should make you and Ronda significant if you bow to the queen.

Becky tells Charlotte about closing. You did nothing with this for 4 years, and Becky got here in and happened to Wrestleman. We don't need a queen, we’d like a person.

We see Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan from McMahon's office and are requested what they have been discussing. Daniel says as a WWE champion, a master of the planet, and gained Fastlane, he determined to inform Vince what he was fascinated with Kofi. Daniel says they’re tonight in a match with Mustafa Ali and Kevin Owens.

Match Number Three: Rey Mysterio and R Fact (with Carmella) and Samoa Joe and Andrade Almas (Zelina Vega)

Almas and Fact Start and Almas with Elbow and Fact Hover and Hit to Hip Loss and Hit then share. Fact flying with corkscrew on forearm. Rey tags and Rey with auxiliary scissors Almas catches Rey and Rey ship Almas to the rope with foremost axes. Joe makes a sign and sends him to Rey after which he beats Rey and sends him to the floor.

Joe head to Rey they usually return to the ring. Joe with slam and elbow. Joe kicks Rey and Alma tags. Almas with a sliding kick with ribs and he will get virtually a drop. Almas with a boot image. Joe identifies and launches Rey's ribs and connects the forearm. Joe works around her neck and Rey's elbows. Joe, who has a power bomb for Boston Crab and then he makes use of cross. The reality kicks Joe to pressure Joe to interrupt the grip. Almas tags.

Almas on his knees and then he hits two suplexes after which places a 3rd, but Rey blocks it and hits Code Pink. Rey tries to make a mark and Vega grabs Rey and Carmella pulls Vegan out. The truth, with a tag and two flying shoulders, and a blue Thunder Bomb. The truth, with 5 mixes of fists, and he gets Alman to regulate his attitudes, but the Joe tags and the Fact with the leg-larynx and kick. Rey makes the tag and Fact is missing the clothesline. Joe, who has a superpot for Fact, but Rey with a bow and Joe is shipped to the rope. Almas is shipped to ropes and she or he hits 619 for both men.

Rey, with Almas, but Joe with the again. Rey blocks uranium with three payments.

Winners: R Fact and Rey Mysterio

After the match, Joe provides uranium to Fact after which provides Almas.

We glance back at the host's announcement in Wrestlemania.

Match Quantity 4: Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali and Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan

Owens and Bryan Begin Up and Owens Aspect Head Lock and Shoulder. Owens with backbone and back. Rowan tags and he connects to his knees, but leaves the propeller nook. Rowan with elbow and operating shoulder. Owens with elbow and ensuigiri. Ali identifies and he crosses, but Rowan will get him caught. Ali will get her legs and avoids Rowan's nook. Ali with the ensuigiri and Rowan with the cross body resisting the rolling X Factor. Rowan hits Owens out of the apron.

Bryan tags and he beats Ali. Bryan, with a headdress after which working within the ankle. Bryan carries a face. Bryan with aspect-finish lock and spine. Bryan with a suplex close to the fall.

We're going for a business.

We’ve returned and Rowan drives the Ali chest first into the threads. Bryan acknowledges and pierces Ali and climbs butterflies to the butterfly superplex and Bryan gets virtually autumn. Bryan goes to LeBell Lock and Ali tries to get into the ropes and makes his ft. Bryan tells the referee that he has ONE LAST. Ali kicking and dropping. Bryan grabs Alli to stop him from doing the identification, and Ali descends on his ft to the suplex firm and Ali, who has a bronchodilator, near the fall. Owens, who has a superpower to Rowan and then Ali joins a double superpot. Rowan travels to Owens with a apron and sends him to the bell.

Ali with a baseball slide, and then Ali, with O & # 39; Connor roll, but Bryan turns. Rowan tags and he grabs Ali from the twists and hits the nail slam in three chapters.

Winners: Erick Rowan and Daniel Bryan

After the match, Vince McMahon leaves the ring.

We're again and Vince says he's right here to offer you what you need. He's here to provide Kof what he needs. He provides Kof a chance to put strain on the WWE championship in Wrestlemania.

We take a look at what happened on Sunday when Vince faced the New Day.

Vince says Kofi Kingston and the individuals you hear. He didn't say Kofi can be coming to Triple Menace, he made Triple Menace Match. Vince sent Kofi out and failed. You higher hear what he says, because this can be a moment to teach.

The music of the brand new day is interrupted they usually make their method into the ring.

Massive E says that if he’s trustworthy, he isn’t within the mood for Vince to teach them a damn thing. Woods says he’s uninterested in seeing what they say. Massive E says they have been there for WWE. Woods says they have never threatened to go away, even if they have been treated with garbage. Massive E says Kofi has refined for 11 years and deserves more.

Vince says that Kofi doesn't deserve anything. The brand new day doesn't deserve a fucking factor. You don't deserve the damn thing. Vince says he created every thing on WWE and he doesn't deserve anything.

Kofi says that is greater than a brand new day and nothing greater than Vince's ego. Vince says nothing is greater than his ego.

Woods says he deserves because they deserve. Woods says that Kofi has gained the champions however never received headlines. This is just one of many causes Kofi deserves the WWE title competitors. Huge E says the WWE universe has one demand. They demand that Kof be given the prospect to compete in the WWE championship.

Vince says he needs Kofi to earn this. Vince says he's a reasonably good decide. In the event you have been worthy of being in the headline, it will have occurred way back. You’re a powerful and extraordinary athlete. Current performances have been great. You’re an extra representative for this product. You're going to Corridor of Fame, however you're not a member of a new day. You’ve got these two younger bucks to take the glory and let them do all of the work. You’ve got a number of features. Vince says he hopes Kofi was as much as par. He's not a champion. Vince says he was speaking behind somebody, Daniel Bryan.

Daniel says he hit it right. Daniel says Kofi is awesome and he is an effective B Plus participant.

Kofi says he does not ask totally free driving or part. He doesn’t require a headline in Wrestlemania. Eleven years in the past she was a toddler in a dream and she or he lives in her dream. He presents his household and entertains followers. He feels that he has proved many occasions that he’s worthy, but you don't see it like that. Kofi says he's not complaining about things. He doesn’t complain that he has a hoop that breaks his ass when supplying you with different prospects since you really feel they are more worthwhile. He doesn’t complain concerning the lacking special moments in his family's life. He has never taken the trick or care of his youngsters. He missed his son's loss of his first tooth and he didn't see his son's face when he acquired money from Tooth Fairy.

She won’t complain. Kofi says he must know what he has to do to get this chance. Kofi says these individuals consider in him.

Randy Orton's musical theaters and Vince say that each one he has to do is to win this man and get an opportunity within the promised land. Samo Joe comes out and Vince says he should additionally win him. The bar is coming out and he has to beat them. Rowan also goes on stage, and Vince says that Kofin must win the title subsequent week.

The opponents of Kofi come to the circle and the brand new day fights towards them.

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