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WWE SmackDown Results – June 4, 2019

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WWE SmackDown Results – June 4, 2019

We’re in Laredo, Texas, and the announcers are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves.

WWE champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are in the ring.

Kofi says that if there’s one thing he has discovered in the last three months, it’s that life is loopy. Life is filled with stunned. Kofi says he thinks he has seen all the things and did all the things. Championships, friendships and pancakes. It's not all high. There have been many downs, but Kofi says he's preventing by way of everyone. In this approach, he gave him the opportunity to stay. He gained the WWE championship in Wrestlemania.

Kofi says it was superb to win the WWE title on their largest scene in front of their family, crucial thing for him is to inspire individuals to do what they need to do, and to consider that every thing is possible. We see Kofi in Kingston, Ghana.

After 26 years he was finally capable of return to his residence country in Ghana. He speaks in the eyes of a kid. What you noticed on the display has been in comparison with with the ability to touch this baby and inform them they are often what they want.

Dolph Ziggler interrupts and says Kofi is inspiration, ask anybody in the area. If this have been Friday, he can be in the ring that gained you. Dolph says he respects the sacrifices and the journey you made. Dolph says it's about why he’s. Dolph says this is him.

We’ve got a Dolph Ziggler video package deal. which exhibits his accomplishment, however then it’s stated to have acquired nothing in return.

Dolph says he gave every little thing to you. Dolph says he gave his soul to WWE and acquired a Wrestleman moment. You’ve got gained the WWE championship and will have been him. You are a hero, but at some point you’ll understand that Dolph is the hero of this story and will have been him.

Kofi says no one says that Dolph has not had a terrific career. Dolph gained him to win the titles earlier. Kofi says he knows he's over.

Kofi exhibits a video package deal displaying Dolphin's release to the US Department and exiting.

Kofi says it is best to have been you, it might have been you, it will have been you and it might have been you. When issues don't go, you cease. You went out. You turned your back. You took your self out of the sport. This is the difference. Regardless of how exhausting he obtained, Kofi says he won’t ever stop himself, the brothers or the WWE universe. You say it ought to have been you, and in Super Showdown it's not you and as long as he’s a WWE champion, Kofi says it's never you.

Dolph exhibits the video package deal in current weeks. 19659002] Dolph says he is on Friday.

Match No 1: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens vs. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

Zay and Woods begin with issues and Zay's arms and kicks. Zayn with aspect-aspect lock and shoulder. Woods with a drop kick close to the fall. Woods with bracelets. Canceling Zay. Woods with its personal cancellation. Kofi tags and he gets up and hits the twin chambers with twisting rods. Dolph Ziggler is behind the display, as seen in the Kevin Owens tag.

Owens appears to be going to mark out, however after Kofi and Kofi, he leaves with a double leg and diagonals. Kofi, with more piercings in the nook, however Owens together with his personal kick and piercing. Owens fires Kofi. Owens strangles Kofi's corner and follows his arms. Kofi with a spherical kick and Zayn tags in. Kofi drops the kick after which hits Zayn's nook. Woods tags and kicks on Zay. Kofi tags improve kicks. Woods tags and he hits a kick in the corner close to the autumn. Zayn leaves on the floor with an Irish whip, and he talks to Owens, but Kofi relies on Owen and Woods in the autumn to maintain Zayn.

Woods cuts to Zayn after which sends Sam back to the ring. Owens grabs his leg and Zay kicks Woods's head. Contained in the Owens tags, he pulls Xavier on the ground and sends Woods a ring-aspect barrier. Owens, who has returned to Woods once they return to the ring and Owens gets an in depth relative. Owens with a short line of garments. Owens, who has a back supervisor near the fall.

Zayn recognizes and pierces Woods nook. Zayn takes Woods in ropes and Owens when Zay disturbs the decide and Kofi. Zayn with quick release and tailgate. Woods with punches and he tries to make a remark, but Zay keeps Woods within the ring and hits the tip of the drop. Owens tags and he kicks Woods head. Owens mocks Woods is making an attempt to make a tag making an attempt to piss Kofia. Owens blows a kiss on Kof after which goes back, however Woods gets his knees up. Zayn tags and he goes to the stomach-again suplex, however Woods descends on his ft. Woods with ensuigiri and both males are down.

Owens tags and he beats Kofi out of pre-wooden before Woods could make a mark. Owens and the chops and he places Woods on the turntable. Owens places on a superplex, but for Woods with punches and arms. The Dolph continues to be behind the display when Woods hits the missile drop. The Zayn and Kofi tags and Kofiwi have a springboard clothesline and choppers adopted by a drop kick and a bounce on the clothesline. Kofi, who has a Growth drop and then set Hassle in Paradise.

Owens grabs Kofi's foot and Woods off the staircase. Kofi, with thrust, and Hassle in Paradise in three chapters.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

After the match, Ziggler arrives within the ring and hits Kofi with an excellent kick. Ziggler also provides Woods a superpot.

Shane McMahon is behind and she or he says that folks assume she preached Roman Reigns last night time to soften her on Friday. We see what happened last night time.

Shane says this happened as a result of Roman says that Shane can't hold together with her ring. Shane says what Roman can do, Shane can do better. He's going to go to the ring and he's going to call Roman.

Alexa Bliss is on her strategy to A-minute bliss.

We now have returned and Alexa welcomes everybody in the intervening time of the special version of Bliss. He says it’s an honor to be some of the invaluable brands. Alexa brings out Bayley

Alexa needs to know who made this incompetent towel as a result of she doesn't like her coffee selection.

Bayley needs to know if Alexa is going to ask her questions, however Alexa says she's ready for coffee. Alexa calls Bayley impolite and then asks Bayle the way it started in the financial institution. Bayley says it started earlier. Alexa says that Bayley had a great night time and gained the portfolio and cashed in. Bayley says it wasn't just one night time. Alexa reminds Bayley that she has visited Nia and it was nice. Alexa talks about what she did in Smackdown, and she or he mentions that the title meant one thing when she was a champion.

Alexa asks Bayley if she thinks the title means something round her waist. Bayley says Alexa is making an attempt accountable her, however Bayley seems forward to the longer term. Alexa stops Bayley and needs Bayley to wait for her coffee.

Bayley struck a espresso cup. Alexa asks if she is the champion she needs to be.

Carmella interrupts and asks if you want to speak about former Smackdown masters or former cash in financial institution portfolio holders. If someone needs a title, it must be someone in Smackdown. Alexa asks if this can be a problem.

Charlotte Aptitude pauses and apologizes. He says he has spoken to his good good friend, Shane McMahon, and he stated there is a match to see who will meet Bayley at Stomping Ground. It's tonight. Carmella meets Alexa Bliss. . . and Charlotte Flair.

Carmella walks behind and finds R Fact. The reality says issues usually are not proper. He says this title is such a problem. The reality says he has had to defend the title on vacation. He's waiting for Shane to call him again and Carmella calls Shane and Fact says he's been using Carmella's telephone. The reality takes the call and he says that this title destroys his life. The truth asks if Shane can perceive how he needed to interrupt Shane McMahon's appreciation work. The reality is that he has a daily match and it’s right now. The truth needs to know who his opponent is, and the Fact says he is on his strategy to the ring.

Elias is in the ring and she or he is on the street.

We Go to Business

Match Number Two: R True to Elias 24/7 Championship

Fact Rolling after which Elias sends fact to the ground and Fact is attacked and despatched again to the ring. Elias with a knee for three calculations

Winner; Elias (new champion)

After the match, the 24/7 Chase group will get to the entrance and everybody crawls, but Elias gets up on the ground and crawls beneath the tire, however she even indexes the Fact. The reality grabs Elias, they usually go underneath the ring and the stuff continues within the ring, but underneath the tire are three chapters and R Fact is a new 24/7 champion.

Drake Maverick leaves after the Fact, however he can’t stop the reality before the Fact reaches the gang and he runs away.

Shane McMahon walks behind once we go business.

We’re again and Shane McMahon's ringtone and he’s joined by Scott Dawson and Sprint Wilder. Greg Hamilton presents him. Shane asks if it's okay if they go to the top of final night time and she or he needs to see it once more. Shane says think about what she's doing on Friday. What he did was to train the canine. It runs around the place and you must present it with a certain discipline and who is the boss. It is that one canine that is a little more religious, like Roman. What do you do with such a canine? You must take it to a special degree. That's what he's going to do on Friday when he snips and he drives an enormous dog and he's on the perfect heel on the earth.

Roman Reigns leaves the stage.

Scott and Dash rise to ramp and Roman with Superman to Dawson, and he sends Wilder to the collection and then hits Superman's punches.

Roman sees Shane's ring and Shane takes off his coats and Roman characters

Drew McIntyre, with Claymore as Roman, gets into the ring. The Roman is shipped to the ring and Drew picks up Shane when Shane winds up and provides Roman a spear.

We're going for a business.

Match Quantity 3: Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella and Charlotte Flair. Match to Smackdown Ladies's Championship

Charlotte kicks Charlotte with Carmella and Alexa's waistband. Charlotte is an elbow and she or he sends Alexa to the floor. Carmella, with Irish whip and Carmella, is shipped to the entrance motion. Charlotte pierces, however he loses his shoulder. Alexa, whose code is Pink, near Charlotte. Carmella, with scissors for Alexa, ship her to the floor. Charlotte, with an in depth-up, however with Carmella silence code. Charlotte escapes and Carmella gets virtually autumn. Alexa, with successful on Carmella. Alexa with a hand pull, however Charlotte with a boot on the top.

Carmella, with thrust and superpot.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose make their means into the ring.

Alexa sends Carmella to the ring. Charlotte cuts Alexa. Charlotte says one thing to Sony and Mandy and then drives Alexa round to beat her. Alexa is shipped back to the ring. Alexa will get virtually a drop in Charlotte and then Alexa throws it proper. Alexa will get one other near the autumn. Alexa and Charlotte stick to each other throughout the throat and Carmella on the junction, and he approaches Charlotte and Alexa. Carmella throws a match sixteen close to falling. Carmella sends a hoop message to Alexa. Carmella with Charlotte's arms and puts Charlotte on wheels.

Carmella goes handstandcanrana, however Charlotte blocks it and Charlotte puts an influence bomb, however Carmella counters on the seashore close to. Carmella has kicks after which she listens and hits Alexo's bowster. Charlotte, with a clothesline at Carmella, goes to the image with 4 leg locks and Charlotte bridges and Alexa rising up and hitting Twisted Bliss with Charlotte and Carmella breaking the duvet.

Alexa, with STO Carmella and hit the knee drop but heard. Charlotte's natural selection with Alexa, however Carmella breaks the lid. Charlotte kicks Carmella's apron after which Alexa sends Charlotte to the wheels and will get rolled up with a handful of tights. Charlotte on his knees and Carmella, who had an excellent kick for Charlotte. Carmella has taken with Sony and Mandy and Alexa with DDT for Carmella on three invoices.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

We look again at Brock Lesnar, which causes great injury to Seth Rollins on Uncooked and refused to money

Tom Phillips says Seth Rollins has promised to be in Tremendous Showdown and so Brock.

Kayla Braxton is getting ready to interview Lars Sullivan.

Kayla Braxton brings out Lars Sullivan.

Lars is asked what he's doing. Lars asks, would you ever ask why they sing a sweet track. Would you ask the lion why it waits for his prey earlier than he tears his prey aside. Why would you ask him what drives him. He says he’s a man. All through his life, I have stated a single word. He asks Kaya what the word is.

Lars says he has been referred to as the whole phrase so he can take it.

Kayla says "freak".

Lars says that when a lion performs its main perform, individuals name it a lion. Once I perform a main process, individuals use that word. Lars says his main activity is to disrupt and remove individuals. His main process is to point out that this world isn’t filled with rainbow and sunshine. It is filled with ache and an actual want for all times as he does.

Lars is requested what he needs to teach to the social gathering of the Lucha Home.

Lars asks Kayla if he needs kindergartens. He tells about three Blind Mic.

We see Goldberg's door in the business course.

Match Number 4: Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega) and Apollo Crews

Almas is attacking the crews before the ring rings and Almas hammer with DDT lock. The crews are removed from the ring and Finn Balor's music performs, and he leaves the ring and takes Alma down with a double foot and double stomp. Balor Slingbladella, however Vega grabs her leg and Almas with a double knee squeeze, adopted by a hammer lock DDT.

We glance again at what Undertaker stated last night time in Raw.

We see security across the Goldberg door

We are again and it's time to take a look at what occurred between the raw material of Triple H and Randy Orton

Invoice Goldberg rises from the locker room and leaves the ring. [19659002] Goldberg says it's time to get into enterprise. He says he has waited more than twenty years of expertise of being prepared to be one of the Undertakers on this ring. Now he finally will get the match he needed. Listening to Taker final night time in Uncooked, he made an fascinating level. He didn't need to share the ring with the household Man Goldberg. He would slightly have shared the ring with Icon Goldberg, who went 173-0. Goldberg says he appreciates this recommendation and turned off the light change. Goldberg says he doesn't need family man Goldberg to be in the Taker ring because he can be out.

Goldberg was left house. On Friday as certainly as hell when he is standing within the ring, you get Goldberg, which you’ve gotten been taking a look at for 20 years. Goldberg wonders how you stack. Goldberg says you will this Ass Kicking Goldberg you’ve gotten requested. As soon as we lastly find out who’s the better man. The Undertaker. . . You're subsequent. . . in. . .

The lights go out and sound Gong.

The lights are again and Undertaker stands behind Goldberg.

They face nose to nose.

The lights go out and the Gongs hear. The lights are coming again and Goldberg is alone within the ring

Goldberg says on Friday. He tells Taker that he’ll convey his jockstrap and tighten it as a result of will probably be a battle.

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