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WWE SmackDown Results – June 18, 2019

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WWE SmackDown Results – June 18, 2019

We are in California, Ontario and the announcers are Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

The new day is on its means.

Kofi welcomes everyone to Smackdown. Xavier mentions that we see Kofi Kingston in front of Dolph Ziggler on Sunday in a metal ring. It's just if Dolph makes him tonight. With this on the horizon, they need to hold the exhibition recent. Massive E means that the second hour of Smackdown or the Freaky hour that there is a slide and a slide.

Dolph Ziggler interrupts and talks about smoke and mirrors to take away what we know from the Tremendous Showdown. Kofi, you don't need to be a WWE champion. They don't have your back and you may't stand on your aspect. The subsequent time you go to Ghana, it's not a celebration, it's an apology. You must take a look at all the faces and inform them that when the playing cards have been down and the whole lot was in your shoulders and also you have been supported in the corner and defended the title your self, it failed

. Come on me slamming your physique with that unforgettable steel. It's me grinding my physique over that metal. I'll take the names on Sunday.

Kofi says that Dolph is here as Kofi doesn't find out about steel frames. Keep in mind where this trip began? It began in the exhaust chamber. Kofi says he is aware of the brutality that happens within the metal ring and that he is good. Whether he kills you in the ring or climbs over the cage to go to the ground, or perhaps he will hit you in Hassle's paradise and he will depart the front door. Regardless of the way it occurs, I'll win you at Stomping Grounds. Kofi says he's staying a WWE champion

Kofi says it's Sunday, but it’s a must to fear tonight. His brother, Xavier, has shrunk into his mouth as he did at Tremendous Showdown.

Dolph tells Kof that he needs to attract consideration to what happens to his pal. If it weren't on your pals, I might be a WWE champion proper now. Tonight he can never aid you. On Sunday, Stomping Grounds, all positivity, all dangerous inside jokes, colours, laughter, everyone pretending to be belongings you haven't come right down to if you're in a steel ring with him. At Stofing Grounds, Kofi, you're not a WWE champion as a result of it might have stored me.

We see Smackdown's feminine champion Bayley strolling back.

We're going for a business.

Match Quantity One: Dolph Ziggler vs. Xavier Woods (with Huge E and Kofi Kingston)

Ziggler prevents Woods from going to his ft and Ziggler goes on foot, but Woods, with a waist lock, rolls close to autumn. Ziggler gets virtually autumn. They lock and Ziggler goes on foot when Woods rolls close to the fall. Ziggler, whose roll is near autumn. Woods with bracelets and Ziggler pushes Woods to break and Woods pushes again and sends Ziggler to ropes with a drop tip. Woods with a drop sit back near the autumn. Ziggler with knee kick.

Ziggler brushes his eyes via the highest rope. Ziggler with neck collar close to autumn. Woods with piercing, however Ziggler punches again. Woods with an Irish whip, but he runs to the boot. Ziggler sends Woods to carpenters. Ziggler, who has an Irish whip, but he runs to the boot and Woods, who has the honorary title. Woods rises from the highest, however Kevin Owens and Sami Zay are attacking Kofi and Massive E on the floor. Ziggler stops Woods, but Woods sends Ziggler away. Woods, with a crossbeam to Owens and Zay when they are sent again. Ziggler, with DDT, is near the autumn

Kofi and Huge E are additionally despatched again to officers. Forests with an elbow and sending a ZIggler to the turning knob. Ziggler kicks Woods again on his knees again. Ziggler expects Woods to return to their ft. Ziggler, with a drop kick close to the autumn. ZIggler builds eyes when he has Woods over the center rope. Ziggler, who has a lattice wing in Woods, but Woods, who has an arm pulling escape. Woods is missing the splash angle when Ziggler moves and Ziggler gets virtually autumn. Ziggler with arm and chin lock. Woods, with punches and Ziggler, goes to the neck breaker, but Woods reclines the slides close to the autumn. Forests with arms and kick on knees and chest.

Woods with a turbulent elbow and he will get virtually a invoice. Woods sends Ziggler to the ground and Woods, the place he has to drop a kick via the ropes and Ziggler hits the bulletin board. Woods sends Ziggler again and Woods pushes Ziggler on his head and hits the double knee zone close to the autumn. They go to the front and Ziggler helps Woods in a hoop publish and Ziggler is a superpower to ship Woods to the floor.

They return with the ring and Ziggler with Zig Zag, but Woods rolls to the apron. Ziggler says it isn’t ok, and he puts Woods on the ropes and makes use of an armband, however the referee warns Ziggler.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

We look back at Seth Rollins, who makes a chair on a chair for anybody who needs to be a decide on Sunday.

Take a look at what occurred on the end of Raw when Baron confirmed that Seth just isn’t the one one who can use the chair.

We see Baron Corbin's locker room and Staff B and Shelton from Benjamin's waiting outdoors. Curtis says he doesn't care what happened yesterday. Bo says he is enthusiastic about taking a high profile. Shelton says he doesn't thoughts utilizing Baron for his objective. Matt Hardy comes up and tells Senator Benjamin subsequent. Shelton fixes Matt and steps into the room

We see Alexa Bliss and her greatest pal Nikki Cross as we go business.

We now have returned to Bliss's second with Alexan Bliss and greatest good friend Nikki Cross on his aspect.

Alexa welcomes everybody and presents her special good friend who might be on Sunday at Nikki Cross. Alexa asks Nikki where her coffee is and her guest at the bar is Bayley, but Bayle has her personal coffee

Alexa says she's not stunned that Bayley drinks espresso and says Bayley is egocentric.

Bayley says he would by no means say anything adverse Nikki and Alexa minimize him off and says that Bayley broke Nike's goals of being a characterist.

Bayley says Alexa makes use of Nikki. She says she is uninterested in Alexa, who’s talking behind her, and she or he dares to say to Alexa on her face

Alexa says she knows the actual Bayley. He says that everybody informed him that he was not that Alexa turned to a "nice person" and that Bayley felt he was worthless. The one one that had time for him was Charlotte. You come here and say you’re identical to everybody else. You aren’t harder, you’re a liar.

Bayley says you’re mendacity and doing the identical factor to Nike you probably did to Nia and Mickie. You aren’t a goddess, you’re a reliable princess who doesn't deserve anything.

Alexa says she has no proper, she's higher than Bayley. She has all the time been better than Bayley. Because he doesn't anticipate autographs from John Cen after the present, he's higher.

Bayley says that Alexa has been making an attempt to hang on to anyone who might help her get ahead.

Alexa says Bayley is a placeholder since you've reached NXT, one individual you've discovered so undesirable is the one who lives within the career you want.

Bayley beats Alex and furnishings is tousled. Nikki pulls Bayley and shouts to Bayley. Alexa hits Bayley behind.

Zelina Vega is behind and Apollo Crews stops. Zelina asks Apollo if she will help her. Apollo says he's on the lookout for Andradea. Zelina wonders if she actually needs Andradea or flirt together with her. Almas attacks Apollo and sends him together.

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan speak behind once we go business.

We are again and Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan are joining the commentary group for the subsequent match.

Match Two: Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight vs. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas

Tucker and Axel start-ups and Dallas interferes with Tucker and Axelia together with his arms. Tucker with a shot, however Axel. Axel kicks Tucker and indicators Axel again. Bo, with a clothesline and knee, Axel hits DDT virtually within the fall. Tucker pierces and turns over Axel and hits the clothesline. Each men are down. Bo and Otis and Otis shoulder are missing for Bo and Axel. Otis, with a rotating slam, and his garments strains above the highest of Axel on the floor. Bo kicks and Otis shimmies. Otis slam and Axel go into the nook. Otis with splashes and Bo goes down.

Otis and caterpillar. Tucker's tags they usually hit Compact for 3 readings.

Winners: Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight

After the match, Seth Rollins hits Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas with their chairs because they have been outdoors Baron's workplace. Seth has extra chair footage.

We see that the limousine arrives at the area and Shane McMahon appears

Sami Zay and Kevin Owens inform Shane what Seth just did, and Sami says he doesn't really feel protected. Kevin says that dangerous individuals do what Seth does. Sami says there’s a drawback with both masters. Kevin says Kofi is a nasty individual.

Shane says that Kevin and Sami can face Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston in two three falls.

We're going for a business.

We are back and Aleister Black asks what modifications in the human being are required? He understands why no one has penetrated my door and why nobody has chosen to struggle with him. He can hear whispers whenever you move. He was advised he wouldn't be anything. He was presupposed to rely on grace. Black says this isn’t a story. That is the enemy that the opponent's story is. Someone's gonna knock on my door. Somebody preventing with me. Once we struggle towards our wrestle, I modify the essence of this man.

Shane McMahon leaves on stage and is joined by Elias and Drew McIntyre.

Shane mentions that he had a case with Roman Reigns at night time, but we should emphasize the best man, Drew McIntyre. A person who kicks his ass and takes names for five days at Stomping Grounds whenever you win Roman in the midst of this ring.

Drew tells Roman that he prays you’re listening right now. Drew says he's doing you good. Shane needed to finish his career in Rome tonight, but they are better. They are higher than Roman Reigns. That they had their very own job and Roman tried to throw them in and he sucked them. On Sunday, she needs Rome 100%. He doesn't need excuses.

Miz's music performs and he will get to the scene.

Miz says he wants Drew, you and a bushy guy with a guitar to observe this, and see what occurred final night time on the Roman Reigns and Shane group.

Shane asks Miz if he thinks it's funny.

Miz says it isn’t as fun as "this", and we see Shane slowly on the transfer when Roman drives him and a sluggish shot of Superman stroke and spear

Miz says he didn't know that in sluggish motion it was attainable sweat more.

Shane interrupts Miz and says that if any truck repeats extra material, they may lose their jobs tomorrow.

Miz says Shane is a toddler who all the time played because the coach was your father. He says he makes a particular MizTV from raw materials for Drew's defeat. Miz says once you returned to Smackdown, you pressed this present to be totally different from Uncooked. The one prospects in both exhibitions are for you and your folks. You’re breastfeeding on a regular basis and we’re sick of it. It began at the World Cup when he was injured for the first time in his profession. You gained the match and have become the perfect on the earth. Miz says Shane is his duty as a result of he despatched you on the journey of this ego and he is the one who stops it.

Shane says you didn't give her anything, you couldn't get a job. He did what you couldn't do. Because you've all turned up and able to go, why don't you do it and do it subsequent. We might have an identifier. Drew McIntyre and Elias will meet you and. . .

Miz is shocked by the fact that Shane put him in a handicap recreation.

Shane tells Miz that he can choose the companion he needs as long as it is inside the next ten seconds

and Miz sees the truth and says Awesome Fact is again.

Shane says that is chargeable for destroying.

We're going for a business.

We see behind Akam and Rezar and then we see Peyton Royce and Billie Kay.

They go back they usually stop to take a look at Asuka and Kairi Sane with Paige.

Paige means that Asuka and Kairi meet Peyton and Billie. Billie says they're busy this month.

Paige says she's going to the same locations and she or he says she is going to get a match next week in Tokyo. Paige tells Billie and Peyton to pay attention. If they win, they’ll get an ID and will probably be Iconic.

Match Number Three: Elias and Drew McIntyre v R Fact and Miz in Elimination

Elias and Miz begin and lock things and lock them again. Miz with a aspect lock and Elias with an higher lock to lock the aspect finish. Elias with a shoulder but Miz on her knees in the center. Miz and bracelets. The indicators of fact they usually hit the double hip loss and Miz. The truth, with a rotating foot drop near the fall. Fact with aspect-end lock. It is true that there’s a shared and foot-liar for Elijah. Drew tags and Fact piercing Drew and launching him. The truth overlooks the scissors, and Drew helps Fact within the corner and then throws the Fact ring.

Drew with chilly cuts and arms. Elias strangles Fact and the referee stops Miz's participation. Drew with suplex close to fall. Elias recognizes and connects to the shoulder. Elias kicked off, but Elias handed the top line to the floor when Fact deserved. Drew sends Elias back to the ring and Fact indexes the ID. Shane pulls Miz from the front and Elias to the operating knee.

R Fact Tube

Because the 24/7 rule has been restored, the 24/7 Chase workforce is making its approach into the ring. Shelton takes the belt and the referee explains the principles to him. The truth takes the strap again and chases the gang.

Miz, whose holes are Drew and Drew, is shipped to the floor. MIz is missing from the falling stroke by way of the ropes and the Drew clothesline. Drew with suplex on the ground. Drew cuts Miz and returns to the tire. Drew stomps in his hand and he delves into his face. Elias recognizes and strikes Miz. Elias, with a aspect lock and Miz, is shipped to the ground. Shane kicks Miz's rib when Elias disturbs the decide. Drew left Miz when Miz moves and Elias sends Miz to the tire-aspect impediment

Elias rises up and leaves the crank within the cargo compartment. Miz piercing for Elias, adopted by kicks on the corner. Miz, who has two operating double knee strokes, follows the Awesome garments roll. Miz, whose roll is near autumn. Miz with DDT and he gets virtually a bill. Miz and kicked the chest. Elias blocks the round pot and she or he gets Miz on the shoulders, however Miz gets on his ft and Miz O & # 39; s Connor Roll, however Drew will get off the floor. Drew tags. Drew with Claymore in three chapters.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Elias

After the match, Shane picks up Miz for an additional Claymore.

Ember Moon walks behind and sees Carmella and asks if Carmella has seen Mandy and Sony. Carmella asks if she noticed the truth.

We see the monks of eating Mandy and Sony.

Ember says they are making individuals like Sonya and Mandy all their lives.

Sonya presents a donut and he beats them from Mandy and from the palms of Sony. Individuals and Sonya are preventing and must be separated.

We see Kofi and Seth talking back to the chair.

We're going for a business.

We’ve got returned with Firefly Funhouse

see R Fact outdoors on the lookout for Carmella to go away. The reality sees one of many judges and he thinks ref can also be a Uber driver. Drake Maverick is dressed up for Carmella and she or he rolls the truth and gets three figures. Drake drives away and declares he is married and he is a champion. The reality could be very indignant that he didn’t know that Carmella was married and was not referred to as.

We are trading with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens who’re talking behind.

Match Quantity four: Kevin Owens and Sami Zay vs. Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins in Two Three Falling Matches

Autumn Number One

Kofi, who had hassle in paradise at Zayn and Rollins, stopped Owens with out breaking the duvet for three calculations.

Rollins and Kingston One Fall Owens and Zayn Zero Falls

Fall Number Two:

We go business.

Owens with arms and knees on Rollins and he sends Seth to the turning frames. Owens with Punches and Rollins with Slingblade. Kofi tags and he combines the twin chamber threads. Rollins tags and he rises from the highest and hits the double carriage arm. Zay and Owens slams Rollins differ from the ropes and hit DDT virtually within the fall. Owens, who is nearer to falling.

We see Paul Heyman's distressed back

Zayn tags and he punches Rollins. Zayn with a again circuit breaker. Zayn, closer to the fall. Zayn with punches and snap-mare. Zay's sleeper. Zay punches Rollins in the corner and places Rollins on the screw bar. Zayn places on superplex, but Rollins blocks it and ends Zaynia on the carpet. Owens tags and strokes on Rollins. Rollins pierces backwards. Rollins with boulders and both men are down. The Zayn and Kofi tag and Kofi, with a spring plate on the clothesline and cutters for Zayn, followed by a drop kick.

Kofi, with a leaping line, followed by Growth Drop. Kofi Units Hassle in Paradise and Sami are out of the best way. Sami will get a start and Kofi with a double bounce rope near the autumn. Sami, with a shot and a blue Thunder Bomb, virtually in the fall. Owens acknowledges and Kofi drops and Owens rolls on the floor. Zay is shipped to the floor and the Rollins tags, and she or he falls into suicide diving in Zayn after which in Owens. Rollins sends Owens back to the ring and hits the springboard. Zayn grabs on Rollins' foot, however Kofi stops at Zayni. Owens, with a rollup and an excellent kick, however Rollins avoid the pop-up bomb. Rollins passes and hits the superpot. Rollins with enzyme. With Rollins, Black Out with three figures.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins

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