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WWE SmackDown Results – February 5, 2019

WWE SmackDown Results - February 5, 2019

WWE SmackDown Results – February 5, 2019

We are in Everett, Washington and the announcers are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves.

Charlotte Flair leaves the ring.

Charlotte says they are saying the one extra dangerous thing is that ignorance is vanity and that it received Becky Lynch's greatest. He refused medical remedy and attacked Stephanie McMahon. It was the interruption of Becky's conduct. Charlotte says she hopes that Becky shall be high quality for Wrestlemania. Charlotte says she is aware of someone who is 100% healthy and needs to satisfy Ronda Rouse in Wrestlemania.

Charlotte refers back to the Wrestlemania signal.

Becky Lynch goes by means of the gang and Charlotte says about safety to ensure that this fan has a flag. One thing is to take his father's motto, however it takes a number of the doorway to Rome.

Becky leaves the perimeter.

Becky tells Charlotte to stop individuals's boring dying. Becky says the person has returned to Smackdown.

Charlotte says Becky is slipping into Smackdown.

Becky and Charlotte speak to one another till. . .

HHH's music is enjoying and he tells Becky to go residence because he's been interrupted. Hunter tells Becky to see a physician if he needs his interruption to end. Hunter tells Charlotte to go away because he doesn't contact him.

Hunter says it’s between him and Becky. If you want to go to Wrestlemania and meet with Ronda Rouse, contact your physician and get an evidence.

Becky says he doesn't trust Hunter or anyone.

Hunter says Becky doesn't need to rely on it. That's what it’s. Examine together with your doctor and get a medical report and see Ronda Rousey. Until then go residence.

Becky asks Hunter how Steph leaves the ring and asks if Stephanie was cleaned medically when she pierced her face.

Hunter says he hasn't seen it thus far. Hunter says he has purchased "i & # 39; m the Man" as everyone else. You're not a person. You’re only a destroyer of your self, afraid of failure. You possibly can stand there, disguised as your face, but Hunter says he knows he's proper. On the lookout for a method out of this matter. Whenever you scratch and shove your approach to the highest of your profession. You might have a match within the Survivor collection, and also you got here to Uncooked and a unfastened strategy to get out of the match. You knew it was a suicide process and you probably did it. You got here out the subsequent night time and claimed to be a martyr. You stated you have been in a medical jail and that may be a useful excuse.

You have been scratched and turned your means back to get a match in Wrestlemania. Now here’s a useful excuse to find a method out. The reality is that you’re afraid. You're scared. That's what it is. You’re afraid to go to the doctor and worry what they say. Hunter says he doesn't consider Becky is harm. He asks if this act is to get out of the match. You say you're scared after which they inform you that you could't go to Wrestlemania. You're afraid your physician says you possibly can go to Wrestlemania and you may meet Ronda Rouse. For those who do, you’re afraid that in Wrestlemania, Ronda Rousey will reveal you as a fraud that you’re.

Hunter says that Becky is afraid that their largest scene on the earth taking a look at Becky's Lynch fears Ronda Rouse.

Becky hit Hunter

Hunter and Becky stare at one another down. Becky smiles and walks away.

Becky leaves the gang.

We're going for a business.

Match No 1: Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Nakamura Moves. Anderson recognizes and combines the knee and the round pot. Rusev tags and Nakamura don’t perceive what Rusev did. Anderson, with Rollup and Nakamura, breaks the duvet. Gallows sends Nakamura to the floor and Rusev sends Gallows to the floor. Rusev is shipped to the floor and to Anderson, who has a hip.

Anderson is making an attempt to whip Rusev in Irish however Rusev in Irish whip. Anderson, who has a boot, and he crosses, however Rusev gets Anderson and hits uranage near the fall. Rusev kicks Anderson behind. Nakamura tags and kicks Anderson. Nakamura sends Anderson to the rods and strangles him. Nakamura places Anderson on the turnbuckle and hits the operating knees to the midline. Nakamura gets virtually autumn, after which he hits Anderson's head.

Anderson, with vanity to Rusev and Rusev, knock the Gallows out of the pre-union. Rusev mocks Gallows, with Nakamura stuck, and he will get virtually autumn. Nakamura recognizes and strikes Anderson. Nakamura in front. Nakamura kicks, but Anderson, who has a European upper. Nakamura is an Irish whip and she will't splash on the corner. Anderson is lacking the starter and Nakamura with a reverse explosive. Nakamura runs to spinebuster.

The Rusev and Gallows tag and Gallows with shoulders comply with the kick to the top. Gallows with splashes at an angle adopted by thrust. Gallows with seat cushion for Nakamura. Rusev and Gallows go to the clothesline and both are down. Lana tells Nakamura to rise up and tells her what to do once you wear your shoe. Anderson acknowledges and he hits splashes in Rusev. Nakamura breaks down Magic Killer. Nakamura kicks Gallows. Anderson, who had a flying boot and Rusev with Machka Kick, for three readings.

Winners: Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura

Mustafa Ali says that no one expects him to outlive with Randy Orton or the our bodies. What if Viper tries to hit or miss.

Paige is again and has clips of Preventing for My Family.

We're going for a business.

We are again and next week with Miz and Shane McMahon at The Usos as guests to MizTV.

Usos is behind and Jimmy says in Elimination Chamber that Usos is taking the Tag Champs. Jey says they name themselves the perfect Tag staff on the planet. Jimmy says you’ve a guy then again who is making an attempt to make his father proud, and then again you’ve got someone whose dream was to be the staff's group masters. Jimmy says they know when they are cold and hot at the similar time. Are you your brother's keeper? Jey says next week issues can be locked down

Randy Orton says he's not going to intrude together with his opponent's identify tonight as a result of he's like many previous opponents. She doesn't see names, simply face.

Match Two: Randy Orton vs. Mustafa Ali

They lock and Orton helps the Ali corner. Ali with punches and slicing. Orton, with a clothesline and he drives Ali. Orton drops Ali on prime of the rope after which Orton's background driver on prime of the announcement desk. They return to the ring and Orton gets virtually autumn. Orton with Reverse Jaw Lock and Ali Elbows. Orton, with a stroke and an Irish whip, but Ali floats over. Orton, with a robust slam close to the autumn.

Orton puts Ali within the twists and turns. Ali rises up and Orton forks Ali. Orton, who has a superplex virtually in the fall.

We're going for a business.

We’ve got returned and Orton is sending Alie's turnstiles. We see Orton catapulting Ali on the backside of the throat from a business break. Orton, who has virtually fall once we return to stay. Orton with reverse jaw lock. Ali and punches and Orton, whose forearm is behind. Ali drops kick to Orton. Orton goes to the floor and Ali follows. Orton is kicking and he sends Ali to the bulletin board. Ali avoids the drop-down driver's announcement on the desk and he descends on his ft. Ali drops the kick to Orton over the bulletin board after which hits the body half towards the ring-aspect barrier.

Ali with thrust and the opposite. Orton sends Alie to the apron and kicks him, but Ali escapes from IEDDT and kicks Orton. Ali and rolling X-factor close to autumn. Ali, with an elbow and Ali, goes to the tornado for DDT, however he distorts Orton, who waited for RKO. Ali with twister DDT near fall. Ali rises from above, however Orton pulls Ali away and hits RKO in three chapters.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Samoa Joe assaults Orton and applies the Coquina change. Joe kicks Ali on the floor

When Joe gets up on the ramp, Daniel Bryan comes out and Erick Rowan drives Bryan. Joe goes again when Daniel makes his method into the ring.

We're going for a business.

We’ve returned and Samo Joe says tonight we acquired a lesson. Physics works around the globe and also you study from this excessive reaction to Randy Orton. It’s totally different within the elimination chamber. It is a matter of destruction, evisceration and domination. The top is Joe, who retains the headline on his head.

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan are in the ring.

Daniel says finally talking to people who perceive what they are making an attempt to do. The individuals of the good state of Washington are clever individuals. You’re clever individuals and also you understand that we’d like change. Unfortunately, as a WWE champion, he speaks to a worldwide viewers. These individuals he speaks do not understand that their crass conduct destroys their minds, kills their bodies and damages the planet they reside on.

They feed their faces with fried animal carcasses. Daniel says he’s preventing uphill. That's why he created this and he seems to be at the headline. It’s a image for the individuals behind the rally. The previous title was a logo of excellence, however it was a logo of excellence. This belt is a logo of excellence and a logo of change.

Rowan says that massive thinkers like Daniel Bryan and himself are thought-about harmful because of their thoughts. Their thoughts have good intentions and subsequently individuals are afraid of them. They are notably afraid of Daniel Bryan as a result of he likes this identify. So long as Daniel Bryan is a WWE champion, they’re making an attempt to silence him.

Daniel tells those that "Rowan" is just not. They quietly tried him as a result of he was not their champion. Daniel serves extra power than company greed, money or status. He is a master of the planet. Suitable fits don't prefer it. They by no means needed him to be a grasp. That's why he could possibly be picked up in the exit chamber of the match he shouldn't be. Daniel says he has been there earlier than and knows what it’s doing. This just confirms how harmful and painful this example is.

We’ve got a video package deal within the elimination chamber.

AJ Types, Randy Orton, Mustafa Ali, Samoa Joe and the Man He Meets tonight, Jeff Hardy. They are men who lock in with the elimination chamber with him. They need to win the championship and take it again. They need to put a leather-based strap on this and he can't permit it. You need her as a WWE champion. The ignorant plenty need him as a WWE champion. Planet Needs Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion

Jeff Hardy is behind. He says as a former grasp who makes him sick. He has scars to guard the title. Jeff is asked if he thought of Daniel. Jeff says he can't change Daniel's thoughts, but he's taking good care of Daniel tonight and profitable the title at Elimination Chamber.

AJ Types seems and asks if Jeff Hardy is a man who is arresting this legacy these days.

Jeff says AJ can't beat New Daniel Bryan.

AJ brings out Rowan.

Jeff says that if AJ had achieved his job towards Daniel Bry, they wouldn't have this drawback now. He says he can stop it in the Chamber.

Naomi says that Mandy Rose advised Fonest caught something that occurred 4 years in the past at Robust Enough. Carmella says Naomi needed a gaggle of characters and she or he came to Carmella.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce say they’re the first group champion who can be filled with them for fourteen years.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are asked about their opponents. Sonya says Carmella and Naomi are over their heads. Sonya says you don't snigger your strategy to victory like Iiconics. Mandy says they're the only ones on this match which were inside the discharge chamber. Mandy says that Naomi hasn't paid her so much that she has to do one thing proper

Match number three: Carmella and Naomi vs. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay

lock. Sonya sends Carmella carpet and Mandy tags and kicks Carmella. Carmella with waist lock and wrist watch. Carmella with arm. Naomi acknowledges and Billie. Naomi with a kick and a snap-mare adopted by a sliding clothesline.

Naomi recognizes Carmella from two DDTs Billie and Carmella get virtually a invoice. Peyton identifies and kicks Carmella at the corner. Billie holds Carmella and Peytonia with a spin kick. Billie codes come near Mandya, which marks in. Sonya tags and Mandy with suplex followed by Sony's sliding kick near the fall. Sonya supports Carmella in the nook and tags for Mandy. They reduce Carmella and Billie and Peyton and Peyton's Carmella.

Billie tags and Peyton with face on Billie knees and he will get virtually autumn. Peyton's tags and he's kicking Carmella. Carmella kicks Peyton and punches Billie into the apron. Carmella, where it was crucified near autumn. Carmella, with a thrust, however Billie acknowledges in. Carmella kicks Billie into the corner and Mandy detects and stops Carmella with out making a tag. Mandy kicks Carmella at the corner.

Mandy keeps Carmella with out sign and Naomi tags. Mandy tags Sonya and Naomi drive Mandy. Naomi with a spherical kick followed by a Scorpio and a kick. Peyton acknowledges and Naomi kicks. Naomi kicks Billie out of the apron. Naomi sends Peyton to Mandy and the mark is made. Naomi punches Mandy. Naomi with boots for Peyton, adopted by a again panel. Mandy, with a seat sailor in three chapters,

Winners: Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

Andrade Almas is behind and tells of Rey Mysterion's legend. Zelina Vega says Rey Mysterio is people music and has learn from past books. He spent a legend last week because he needed to. You’ll be able to't battle fate. The legend of Andrade begins with the top of Rey Mysterion.

It's time to have fun the Black History Month on the Museum of Citizens' Rights in a picture of Birmingham.

Let's move to business

. Asuka.

Match Quantity 4: Jeff Hardy vs. Daniel Bryan in Non-Nominal Match

They lock and Bryan's aspect-end lock with a hammer lock. Hardy will get to the rope and Bryan releases the grip. Hardy with aspect-finish lock and shoulder. Bryan with knee and midline. Bryan, who has a European higher jaw followed by kicks at the corner. Bryan runs on a flying clothesline from Hardy and Hardy. Hardy sends Bryan to screwdrivers and hits again. Hardy on the shoulders within the nook, however Bryan, who had an Irish whip and a operating drop kick in the corner.

Bryan of the knee with the ribs prior to installation of the bow and arrow. Hardy with counter sideways press and he will get virtually dropped. Bryan kicks ribs and chest. Hardy and boots for Bryan, adopted by a drop kick that sends Bryan to the entrance and then a drop shot that sends Bryan to the ground. Hardy goes to the ground and units off to move out of the ring, but Rowan will get between Jeff and Bryan. Bryan, who has a foot swipe that sends Hardy's face first to the ring levels

We go business.

We’ve got come again and Bryan, whose hammer is locked and Hardy elbows. Hardy with drop toe hold and sit back. Bryan returns to the arm and bends his wrist. Bryan hits her shoulder. Bryan with a knee drop and an elbow falling near the fall. Hardy, with an Irish whip and Bryan, turns out of the nook, but Hardy, who has an inverted atomic drop, adopted by a lack of foot and drop the pot close to the fall.

Hardy with punches and Bryan with European prime cuts. They commute till Bryan gets the profit. Bryan is shipped via the top rope to the floor. Hardy with flying clothesline off the apron. Hardy sends Bryan's ring and Bryan falls on the opposite aspect of the tire. Hardy is shipped to threads and Bryan kicks ropes on Hardy's face and Bryan gets virtually autumn. Bryan left the chest, but he left a spherical pot when Hardy died. Hardy and the Twist of Destiny after which Hardy rises up to Swanton. Hardy hits it, however Rowan pulls Hardy out of the ring and the referee calls the clock.

Winner: Jeff Hardy (disqualifying)

Rowan sends Hardy to the tire levels after which back to the tire. Bryan Applies Labell Lock

Samoa Joe assaults Erick Rowan and then goes into the ring and applies Coquina to Bryan.

Randy Orton comes to the ring and swaps with the River. Mustafa Ali, who has missile surgery and suicide dive Joe. Ali, who has a suicide dive to Rowan, but Rowa catches Ali and Palmut Ali and sends him to the bulletin board.

The music of AJ Types plays and he goes to the ring. Types that hit Orton after which AJ, a sliding knee on the River. AJ Phenomenal with Forearm on Forearm

Daniel Bryan needs to know why he is being disturbed. Daniel says he didn't need Rowan's assist. He did it alone. Daniel says he is the best. Rowan just isn’t a bodyguard, they’re mental age teams. Why did they intrude together with his match? They don't get his identify. The new Daniel Bryan would be the champion endlessly because it is enough for the planet.

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