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WWE SmackDown Results – February 12, 2019

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WWE SmackDown Results – February 12, 2019

We begin with a graphical representation of the memory of Pedro Morales.

We are in Toledo, Ohio and the announcers are Corey Graves, Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton.

] We see Vince McMahon's comments from Raw final night time when he replaced Becky within the Lynch Raw Ladies's Championship with Charlotte Flair, and is seemingly a new TitanTron video for Charlotte, making her means into the ring.

We’re informed that a New Day member will substitute Mustafa Ali within the elimination chamber match

Charlotte says his destiny has been on this match. He says his coronary heart breaks to Becky, however it actually isn't. Charlotte says he thought Becky taught not to be frozen. He then dropped the ball before the Survivor collection. Who Becky Selected When Occurred? He selected Charlotte in order that the person's fable might continue. Charlotte says he’s the spine of this division and franchise participant. Charlotte says he's a winner.

In the event you assume he is Mr. McMahon's favorite, that's not the case. He selected him as a result of it was a sensible business choice. He selected the future of Corridor of Famer for somebody with a number of good months. McMahon chose him as a result of Wrestlemania's most necessary event is the most important match of the yr, and you're not going to waste it on a flash like Becky Lynch. You might not like the decision, however Wrestleman shall be like some other reward he made. You call this Is Awesome.

Charlotte says she's choosing her up now because you're welcome.

Charlotte says she needs to have her greatest good friend in her historical past win. . . Becky Lynch.

Charlotte says he has the frontline flag for Ronda's match at Elimination Chamber. Perhaps we’ve a new champion, and he has a new Wrestleman opponent.

We see a brand new day in the locker room looking for out who's going to the dressing up.

Match Number One: Carmella and Naomi vs. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce vs. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, united originally of Becky and Sashan Elimination Chamber Match

Issues to start out with Peyton and Carmella and Mandy is tagged. Lock. Carmella, with permanent change and Mandy elbow. Sonya acknowledges and kicks Carmella and sends her to the rug. Sonya gets virtually autumn. Carmella, which is a entrance lock and Naomi tags. They assault Sony and hit a double suplex close to the autumn. Naomi with a double wrist lock, however Sonya supports Naomi within the nook and connects to the shoulders. Naomi kicks Sony. Sonya sends a round pot and a cut up splash to Naomi's apron and Naomi close to the autumn.

Carmella tags and Sonya on knees centerline. Sonya, with a snap mare, but Carmella descends on her ft. She avoids sweeping the legs and listening. Carmella with satellite tv for pc head scissors and Naomi tags. Mandy tags also. Mandy goes to the ground and Billie and Peyton avoid the sign. Naomi, who had a pescado for Mandy, when Carmella bothered Mandy. Naomi throws Mandy back into the ring and Sony's tags in. Naomi, who has a hand pull and then Carmella tags, throws Sony. Carmella and bronze. Carmella kicks, but Mandy grabs her hair. Sonya is a spear close to the fall.

Mandy acknowledges and kicks Carmella. Mandy with Abdomen Stretching at Carmella. Carmella, who has a hip loss, but Mandy keeps Carmella with no identification. Mandy with a jumping knee close to the fall. Mandy gets one other near autumn after which makes use of Japanese Stranglehold. Mandy sends Carmella carpet and Sonya tags. Mandy with suplex and Sonya with sliding knee near autumn. Sonya Physique Scissors at Carmella. Carmella leans back and will get virtually autumn. Sonya retains the body with scissors and a jaw lock.

Carmella, where there are punches when the exit is gone. Sonya and Carmella both attempt cross-sections and both ladies go down. Mandy beats Naomi out of pre-union to stop Carmella from tagging. Mandy makes a sign and so does Naomi. Naomi with a flip flap and forearms. Naomi with a rotating chin breaks. Naomi, who has a sprocket tour, and then sends Sony to the higher rope on the apron and Carmella on the superpot. Naomi, who had a cut up leg for 3,

Winners: Carmella and Naomi (Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose begin chamber)

After the match, Billie and Peyton are attacking Carmella and Naomi. They send Naomi to the ring publish and then the Bulldog to Carmella on the Billie knee.

We get feedback from Bayley about how a lot Sasha's heart is and she or he's there on Sunday.

Nia says that no one will challenge them on Sunday.

Liv says he's doing something for Sarah. Sarah says they shield each other and win the tags. Liv says that you would be able to see the opposite aspect of RIOTT Squadista Sunday.

Miz and Shane McMahon are on their approach to the Usos host.

Mustafa Ali commented. He says he has taken huge hits, however this is great. He has not been cleaned on Sunday at the discharge chamber, and he won’t fall into the WWE championship. He says this is not the top. He retains this pen and writes his story. It takes greater than what occurred to him last week. You attempt to put him down, however he gained't stay down.

Miz and Shane welcome everybody to McMiz TV's night episode. It has made them the world's greatest workforce and Smackdown Tag Staff Champions. Final week, Usos despatched a robust message. The master works like a master and a ring. That's why Miz was photographing Miz and Mrs Shane was filming NCIS: LA. Shane says something to Miz and Miz says they are the entire family.

Shane brings visitors, The Usos.

Jimmy prefers to ascend. Jey says he is honoring the workforce of the world's greatest group. Jimmy says he sees a wannabe tag workforce in the midst of a ring making an attempt to be in Usos.

Shane says they don’t seem to be making an attempt to be Usos, however they are one of the best on the planet.

Jimmy and Jey accept it. Jimmy asks if they're together, practice together, eat together, swim collectively?

Jimmy says they need to make a tag workforce.

Miz accepts it they usually do it by whispering by some means.

Jimmy says they're not speaking about Marys or his father Kish.

Miz asks if they should speak about Mandy Rose.

Shane says she's hit Jimmy a lot that Jey is aware of it.

pulls the microphone out of Miz's hand and tells Miz that he’s doing each service and stopping.

Jey says you call your self the world's largest tag staff, an insult to who you stand in entrance of. They greet Shane and Miz Uso Penitentiary.

Shane says that the one factor that’s real is headbands.

Jimmy and Jey give Shane & # 39; s and Miz huge kicks.

Usos goes behind once we go business.

WWE champion Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan make their approach into the ring. Daniel says he knows there are lots of people who need to see he lose his title on Sunday. The reality is that you simply mislead your self. You’re all confused and wish some new Daniel Bryan to point out you how one can reside your pitiful life. You need her as a WWE champion. Daniel says he doesn't need to participate in Elimination Chamber Match as a result of it’s painful, it is horrible, and is more likely to shorten his profession. Daniel says he has to sacrifice. Daniel doesn’t need to be referred to as martyr, however his sacrifice is important.

New day interrupts Daniel and makes his approach into the ring. Massive E takes off his ring needle, but Xavier decides he's up until Kofi takes the pole and accepts the point in the match.

Match Number Two: Gauntlet Match, Defining the Ultimate Individual to Go to WWE Championship Elimination Chamber (Daniel Bryan, AJ Types, Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy and Kofi Kingston)

Phase Number: Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston

Bryan's backpedals nook and ropes. They lock and Kofi has a aspect lock and a shoulder. They go to Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and Kofi gets to Bryan's carpet. Bryan with bracelets and aspect-head lock. Bryan, with a shoudler fork and aspect-finish lock, is taken down. Bryan with bow and arrow. Kofi counters with lateral clamp and close to touchdown. Bryan goes to the floor.

Bryan will get again to the ring. Kofi with waistlock but Bryan with wrist watch and Kofi with swivel and armhole. Bryan with punches and European prime edges. Bryan, with an Irish whip and Kofi, hovers and Kofi together with his hand pulls and drops shut. Kofi with an arm. Kofi, with splashes on his arm, goes to the reverse jaw before spreading the chest. Bryan supports Kofia on ropes and Bryan's back cowl on the knees and knees on the midline. Bryan, who has another knee to midsection. Bryan, who has a 3rd knee midsection. Bryan with the knee behind and then going to the surfboard.

Bryan will get virtually autumn when he will get Kofi's shoulders on a surfboard rug. Bryan with shoulders, however Kofi with a jumping elbow close to the autumn. Kofi iwth aspect cap lock and Bryan send Kofi on prime of the rope, however Kofi creates a cat and sends Bryan to the ground. Kofi, who has a plancha once we go business.

We're again and Kofi is down. We see the footage of a business break when Kofi was despatched to the phases of the call. Bryan will get virtually autumn. Bryan puts Kofi on the ropes and brushes her face. Bryan drops the sit back when Kofi is within the rope. Bryan tries to shrink Kofi back into the ring, however Kofi blocks it and connects his arms to the again. Kofi hits Bryan, but Bryan punches back. Kofi sends Bryan to the treadmills and follows the holes. Bryan kneels to the centerline and falls to the top of Kofi's rope. Bryan, who strikes her chest and Bryan rises up her knees behind her head.

Bryan gets virtually autumn. Bryan gets up and leaves the back of the dive head. Kofi adopted by dots and drops kicking jumps on a clothesline. Kofi units the Growth drop and hits it. Kofi, with a permanent sento, near the fall. Bryan turns out from the corner, however Kofi, who has a back peak and a double jumping level, is close to the fall. Kofi drops to the corner, however Bryan, who has a drop tip, sends Kofi to the turn button. Bryan puts Kofi on the turntable and places him within the wood. Bryan kicks within the chest. Bryan, with a baseball slide and coming close to the autumn.

Bryan places Kofi back into the thread and places a belly-to-back superplex, however Kofi moves his weight to show it right into a aspect press and both men are down. Bryan, with a stroke, however Kofi with a comma and an in depth relative. Kofi leaves for a forward motion and leaves the springboard, however Bryan blocks it and hits the butterfly-cross. Kofi is able to forestall using grip

with Bryan's comma and Kofi. They trip and improve the European upper. Bryan, who has headbands and strikes the chest. Bryan hits the spherical, but Bryan will get only two payments. Kofi descends his ft to a suplex firm and Kofi seashore, however Bryan has a sundown flap near the autumn. Bryan and Kofi alternate close to the autumn. Bryan goes to LeBell Lock. Bryan applies it and Kofi tries to crash or get into ropes and will get to the ropes. Kofi goes to the ground and Bryan goes to the entrance.

Bryan sends Kofi back to the ring and Bryan rises from the top, however he’s confronted with a kick-off of Kofi. Kofi units Hassle on Paradise, but Rowan travels to Kofi when the referee doesn't look. Rowan and Huge E are preventing on the floor and Woods with a baseball slide in Rowan. The decide sends Woods and Massive E back.

Bryan, whose roll is near autumn. Bryan kicks at the nook adopted by Irish whip. Kofi, with a pendulum tip and Rowan, sends Kofi to the timer when Bryan disturbed the decide.

Bryan brings Kofi again to the ring and Bryan places on the flying knee, however Kofi, with Hassle in Paradise, has three chapters.

Daniel Bryan Pipe

Phase Two: Jeff Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston

This phase is occurring and Hardy can't get to the clothesline, but Kofi, with a drop kick that sends Hardy to the floor. Kofi misses the steps and hits the ring edge. Hardy ft lariat off ring steps. Hardy is lacking from Swanton when Kofi strikes. Hardy on a operating forearm and he hits an inverted atomic drop and a foot drop. Hardy, with a dropping kick, but with Kofi counters which are close to landing. Hardy, who has a mule kick and Hardy, leaves a hesitant nook within the corner.

Kofi rises up and Hardy hitting him to stop him. Hardy sets for superplex, however Kofi blocks it. Kofi with piercing and strikes Hardy off the scarf with a headscarf. Hardy with a kick that consumes Kofia. Kofi prevents superplex and Kofi's arms and strokes once more. Kofi, with a crossbeam, however Hardy rolls by way of and will get shut. Hardy loses Hassle in Paradise however hits SOS in three chapters.

Jeff Hardy Dropped

Third Phase: Samoa Joe vs. Kofi Kingston

The phase is operating and Kofi is together with his arms. Joe was on his knees and hit the neck behind. Joe with forearm, but Kofi with elbow and headband. Kofi with thrust and front wheel. Kofi together with his arms and kicks Joe. Joe, with an Irish whip and Joe with a operating elbow within the nook, and an enzyme shut by. Joe on knees to midline followed by stomach stretch. Joe, who has a clothesline and she or he's gonna get near the fall.

Joe, with a chin in the back, and he adds crosses when he places extra strain on Kof. Joe is shipped to the ground and Kofi with a wash. Each males return to the ring eight. Joe with a clothesline close to the autumn. Joe forgets the forearm and Kofi with punches and kicks. Kofi pierces in the corner of the River, however Joe is the inverse atomic drop. Joe extends to Kofi. Kofi, who has a mule kick, but Joe, who has a again supervisor close to the fall.

Kofi pierces Joe and leaves the springboard, but Joe pushes Kofi on the ground of the ropes. The decide makes his bill and Kofi returns to the ring before ten. Joe works around her neck. Kofi pierces Joe and hits the playoffs. Kofi, the place there’s a bounce on the clothesline, and he will get an in depth relative. Kofi goes to his clothesline and Joe catches Kofi and applies Coquina, but Kofi uses pins for Joe.

Samoa Joe Pipe

Joe's uranag when he's eliminated. Joe applies the Coquina change to the floor when officers come to the ring.

Fourth Phase: AJ Types Vesus Kofi Kingston

AJ pierces Joe to release him from Kofi.

We're going for a business.

We’ve got returned and Kofi returns to the ring, but AJ provides Kofi entry to the tire earlier than doing something. AJ tells Kof that he doesn't have to do that. Kofi pushes AJ and says he's been ready too long. Kofi tells AJ to battle him. AJ punch and sends Kofi to the flip button. AJ kicks. AJ with backward circuit breaker. AJ with a tough Irish whip near the fall. Kofi kicks, however AJ with legs and elbows, and he’s working on the foot. Types where the elbow drops on the foot. Kofi will get to the ropes.

Kofi with punches, but with AJ kicking. With AJ suplex and he will get an in depth good friend. Kofi, with holes, but AJ on his knees and Kofi, whose roll is near autumn. Kofi with one other roll close to the fall. Kofi, the place there is a crucifixion close to the autumn. Types with STO again protector. The types ship Kofi to the twists and turns, however AJ is shipped to the forward movement. Kofi kicked his knees. Kofi kicks his shoulder. AJ avoids that Kofi and Kofi first move to the knee submit. Kofi will get to the ring before ten.

AJ with an Irish whip and splashing right into a nook. AJ puts Kofi in turns and in collection with Frankensteiner, however Kofi retains the ropes closed. Kofi climbs up and crosses back into the body back to the autumn.

Kofi Kingston Tube

Phase 5: Randy Orton and AJ Types

Orton comes back and hits RKO in accordance with three readings.

Winner: Randy Orton

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