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WWE SmackDown Results – August 20, 2019

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WWE SmackDown Results – August 20, 2019

We're reside from Sioux Falls, SD. The staff you’ve got listed is Tom Phillips, David Otunga and Byron Saxton.

Randy Orton comes out to start out the show as reporters drive down the occasions of the evenings. The events of Orton and the collapse of Revival's New Day are being taken up once more. Xavier Woods has not medically arrived to seem in the present day. Orton begins by calling Kofi Kingston a fool. Orton calls for Kofi to comply with the destruction of Xavier's leg. Orton declares Kofi a failure and proves it once more.

New Day music comes and Kofi comes from behind in paradise. Kofi grabs a chair from the aspect of the tire and wraps Orton's ankle in it. Kofi with flippers on Orton's face. Revival comes to the rescue. Kofi fights them both out, however Orton escapes. Kingston was sacked when Orton and Revival run for cover.

Reporters talk about assaults on Romanian rule and whether Daniel Bryan retains his promise to show the attacker. Full video view if events from the last two weeks are shown. We go to our first match:

Andrade w / Zelina Vega vs. Apollo Crews

Before the match we go to Shane McMahon warning Kevin Owens to behave. Owens tells him that he’s not going to make issues worse and needs to focus only on the King of the King match. Owens seems sad and asks Shane to know the results of the $ 100,000 advantageous and asks Shane to reconsider. Shane says he will contemplate it rigorously.

The whistleblowers appear to be hitting the crew exhausting. The crew comes out of the gate with a operating clothesline. The crew skips the charge to the nook. Andrade dual bicycle 2 for counting. Cradle of Crew Inside 2. Andrade works ropes and fastens arm. Andrade prime rope to excessive Dropkick from Crews. Motion leaks outdoors and hits the hurancanrana steps as we transfer into business.

The motion goes again to the ring and Andrade with a set of arms, driving the crew into the nook. Andrade slows things down with the armband. The crew again on their ft and Andrade 2 in a vertical suplex. Andrade climbs up, however Apollo knocks him. Apollo, with a dangling nook, follows an excellent-fold attempt that Adrade fights. Andrade exited the top, Crews caught and Crew hits a double knee drop. Forwards and backwards punches. Pump kick: Apollo. Crews Olympic Slam for two. Crews lowers the corner and hits the dropkick. Andrade dropping his toe onto the corner. Crew keep away from double knee angle. Pump kick and enziguri to Apollo's standing monthly cassette 2. Crowd provides this ovation, you’ll be able to't blame them. Andrade's rear elbow after Vega's consideration. Andrade hammerlock with DDT pin.

Winner: Andrade (advances to King of the Ring)

Announcers share closures.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan have a suspect coated in a black hood. Bryan mocks the suspect. Bryan threatens him if he moves out of the room.

Elias walks within the back and plays the guitar. He finds the referee and exhibits the worth where "he" is. Elias opens the container to show Drake Maverick. Elias has acquired a discover from Shane stating that the 24/7 rule will probably be suspended for the night time in order that Elias can consider his match with Owens later this evening. Within the meantime, Maverick says he needs to complement his marriage once we go business.

It's time for a blessed particular guest with Charlotte Aptitude. Alexa and Nikki are together. Alexa praises her success and her couple posing and welcomes Charlotte to the present. It is fascinating to note that not one of the ladies are dressed in ring gear. Charlotte needs to take a seat on the KOTR throne. Bliss opens by asking if his victory over Trish Stratus was a torch. Charlotte says she took the flashlight, nothing was missed. Alexa asks Bayley and his place as a champion. Charlotte says Bayley may be a champion, but a queen is a model. He believes it's him, not Bayley, who goes to the purple carpet occasions and is the face of WWE.

Out comes Bayley and says that at the finish of the day, he is the grasp, which makes him the perfect and is aware of he eats Charlotte alive. Charlotte believes she is among the whole WWE universe and can challenge Bayley to a Clash of Champions match, which Bayley shall be pleased to simply accept by operating out of Charlotte's outfit. Charlotte appears shocked as we move into the wallpaper for Buddy Murphy.

Roman Reigns confronts Murphy and needs to speak about one individual to another. Murphy tells him he was "pretty sure" that he noticed Rowan within the background when Rome was attacked. Rome threatens to seek out out that Murphy is mendacity once more.

Daniel Bryan vs Buddy Murphy

Bryan grabs the microphone and meets Murphy for his ever-changing story. Bryan calls her a scared liar. As soon as again, Bryan pronounces that he will reveal the wrongdoer tonight and assures him that Murphy had one thing to do with it. Murphy operating for 2 and waiting across the corner. Bryan kicks the corner. Cuts forwards and backwards. Bryan bit Murphy's forehead. Bryan shouted at Murphy that he was a liar. Bryan at the prime and straight into Murphy's nook. On Bryan's chops, Murphy's chopping. Murphy's clothesline sends Bryan out of the ring. Murphy combines diving as we transfer into business.

Murphy drops the kick from the top rope. Again to prime and double knee size for 2. Bryan hits LaBelle in the midst of the ring. Bryan turns it into Saturn's rings and then again to the LaBelle lock. Murphy reaches for the ropes. “Let's go Buddy” begins. Yes, kicks Bryan. Bryan yells at Murphy to stay down, Murphy continues to rise. Bryan binds Murphy within the emergency tree. Sure Kicks and Dropkick. Bryan raises Murphy within the prime rope and hits a tremendous stomach again to superplex 2. Yes kicks within the corner. Murphy beats however turns the attack into a operating bomb into two 2. Forwards and backwards punches, Murphy kicks. Bryan's cuts. Murphy with a again skate 2 and a brainstorm, however Bryan will get his foot on rope 2. Rowan's apron, Murphy kicked it off. Murphy on his knees and Murphy's Regulation for 3!

Winner: Buddy Murphy

We return and take a look at Bryan's black-clad suspect. Otunga reveals that his lawyer pal, he advised him Daniel Bryan, employed a forensic skilled to research.

An interview after the Murphy match results in an attack by Rowan and Bryan. Rowan, with a throttle, strikes the boot.

Displaying a summary of Kof's assault on Revival. Dawson cuts the promo on New Day calling them cowards and there’s undoubtedly no championship material. Wilder talks about Xavier not with the ability to walk. Revival Challenges New Day Title Match at Conflict of Champions

Revival vs. Heavy Machinery

Revival both function Ribs from a earlier attack. Wilder and Tucker begin. Tucker with a bear, signifies in Otis, who applies his personal bear. HM double-suplex with both Dawson and Wilder. The double sheets ship outdoors Revival. Revival will get out of control and doubles the Tucker staff. Dawson's Legdrop and Elbow Drop. 2. Wilder and Dawson from outdoors the throttle disturb the referee. Wilder rear bracket. Wilder with a hairpin to maintain Tucker away from Otis. Tag by the Revival and Dawson want an elbow from above. Wilder tries to cut the nook, however Otis will get a scorching tag. Otis clothesline. Wilder was broken up by Otis at the shipyard. Tucker marks and hits a centon, instantly rolls to the pin.

Winners: The Revivial

Chad Gable in an interview within the background. Shelton Benjamin units an indication in the background, which is enjoyable for Gable's size.

The black-coated suspect continues to be being held as a captive background.

Miz seems on MizTV in three-piece suits.


We are welcomed by our Grasp and he brings up his special visitor, Sami Zayn. Zay's regular tire. Miz welcomes Zayn. Zayn says he doesn't care about MizTV, however he has to get things finished. Miz mocks Zayn's dropping pipe. Zayn says he had finality, and that it’s a lure for greed, selfishness and ambition. Zayn laments that she needs redemption by means of altruism, helping others. Zayn says many people want his assist and he brings up the person he helped, Shinsuke Nakamura. Miz asks why Nakamura needs help. Zayn is indignant with Miz for not speaking to him about Japan. Zayn says there is a connection between her and Nakamura and that the Sami is talking for her now. Nakamura kicks in and follows Kinsha. Nakamura strikes Miz's nook they usually depart after another Kinshasa.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan return to the suspect. They informed the suspect that he had referred to as Rowan. The suspect seems quite calm.

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens again in the dressing room. Shane is apologizing and Kevin is giving him one, certainly it seemed unhappy. Shane is considering a discount within the wonderful. Shane tells him that if he hits the officers, he will probably be dismissed.

Elias vs Kevin Owens within the 1st spherical match of the King of the Ring

Owens lock. Elias shoulder. 2. Another head lock resulting in an elbow and clothing Owens. Elias outdoors. Owens follows they usually trade. Elias throws Owens into the barricade. Again within the ring, they go to the place Owens turns the whip into a corner. Owens cannonball for two. Shane McMahon will go to the store.

We're again and Elias with the lock. Shane watches vigorously beside the ring. Owens strengthens and kicks Elias. Elias knelt down. Elias assaults the nook. Powerslam by Elias for 1. Again to headlock. Owns counters with DDT. Owens, who has a shipment. Elias drops a pop-up bomb and uses a spinout-powerbomb. Elias chops in Owens' nook and tries to set up a superplex. Owens is aware of him. Elias' knees met at the tip of Senton. Elias from outdoors and Owens with operating cannonball. Shane goes between them and divulges that he has a referee shirt. From behind, Elias scrolls Owens and Shane with a very fast rely of three.

Winner: Elias

Backstage Roman meets Bryan. He reveals the subject, revealing Rowan's like. Double Rowans "stares at Roman as we go for credit.