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WWE SmackDown Results – April 2, 2019

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WWE SmackDown Results – April 2, 2019

We’re in Baltimore, Maryland and your contributors are Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips.

Kevin Owens is in the ring and it's time for Kevin Owens Show.

Kevin welcomes everybody. He says we’re five days away from Wrestlemania and every one among his opponents is making an attempt to proceed his personal heritage.

Kevin brings out Randy Orton first. Kevin brings out Randy's opponent, AJ Types.

Kevin says everybody was ready for Kurt Angle to battle towards AJ Types, however you didn't let it occur. Kevin says he sees Smyry on Randy's face and Kevin asks if Randy is pleased with what he did. Randy says he is proud. He says he saved the WWE universe from seeing a damaged man who thinks he’s on the prime of the sport. He also saved everybody from watching the match.

AJ points out that Randy has been right here for almost twenty years, has been in the ring with legends and discovered just one step. It can be lethal, nevertheless it's just one move.

Randy says that if the switch is so lethal, you solely need one movement. Randy says you assume these indie guys are so troublesome to finish once they depart the health club and fitness center for $ 50, so they want dozens of people when Randy wrestled with hundreds of people in Wrestlemania.

AJ factors out that he wrestled in the gyms, you have been right here at WWE, in drug checks.

Randy says the truth is should you have been nearly as good as you thought you’d have been in WWE long ago. Do you assume the legacy is that onerous work costs? It's not your heritage. Your legacy is the position of a business bitch, as a result of John Cena has gone to Hollywood

Kevin rises from the table and leaves the ring because it's time to battle.

AJ and Randy rise up and AJ's holes in Randy and provides him a nook. Randy punch and closes AJ's head to the table. Orton, with a forearm with a European higher chest and AJ, and puts Phenomenal on the forearm, but for Orton with RKO.

The new day is behind and Kofi Kingston is holding a match towards Daniel Bryan. Match Number One: Aleister Black, Ricochet, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso and Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev, Sheamus and Cesaro

Ricochet and Cesaro start and lock. They’re locked once more and Cesaro places Ricochet's turnstiles and Cesaro with piercing on Ricochet. Ricochet goes to go scissors, but Cesaro blocks it. Ricochet lands on his ft and Ricochet rolls close to the fall. Cesaro, who has a European higher entrance. Sheamus acknowledges. Ricochet with a thrust, however Sheamus pushes Ricochet over his head. The black tag, after which Ricochet will get his ft. Black with Quebrada and a foot swipe adopted by a slding shoe close to the autumn. Jimmy tags and he combines a double sled arm. Sheamus with an Irish whip, but Jimmy slides into the corner.

Sheamus goes to Jey's ropes. Jey punches Cesaro, but Sheamus. Nakamura identifies and connects knees. Jey with punches and Rusev makes a blind signal. Rusev pulls the ropes down and Jey crosses the top of the rope on the floor. Jey is shipped to the shoulder first to the ring levels and then Rusev sends him to the bell. Rusev sends Jey again to the ring and gets virtually autumn. Nakamura recognizes and kicks Jey in the midsection. Nakamura strangles Rusev in the corner. Nakamura kneels to the centerline, however Jey is behind. Sheamus tags and he kicks Jey earlier than Jey could make a tag. Jey is shipped to the ground and Cesaro kicks Jey when the referee is distracted.

Cesaro's tags and he hotly fires Jey with the apron. They return to the ring and Jey hitting. Jey, with a back seat, and each males are down. Rusev acknowledges and retains Jey doing no tag behind the double reel. Rusev on the shoulders within the nook. Rusev kneels and Jimmy tries to get the referee's consideration. Sheamus tags and he makes use of a reverse jaw lock. Sheamus kneels to midsection, but Jey, who has a jumper, and each men are down.

Cesaro tags and he stops Jey without making an identification. The Jey Step Cesaro and Cesaro go to the floor. Jey indexes the ring and Nakamura tags and kicks Jey behind. Nakamura strangles Jey's nook after which Jimmy tries to disturb Nakamura. Rusev tags and a suplex assisted with Rusev, followed by a sliding knee from Nakamura. Rusev will get virtually autumn. Nakamura tags they usually want. Nakamura puts Jey on the twists and turns her into the middle of the operating knee.

Front of Nakamura. Jey hitting and he hits Samoa's drop. Jimmy and Rusev acknowledged and Jimmy beats and thrust. Jimmy upstairs and he goes to Samoa's drop, but Rusev flees. Rusev leaves a round pot and Jimmy with an excellent kick. Rocochet drop kick in Nakamura. Cesaro, where there’s a beautiful European higher parallel to Ricochet. Black and jumping knee to Cesaroo. Jey's tags they usually hit the double enzyme Rusev. JImmy and Jey, who had a double super kick for three calculations

Winners: Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Ricochet and Aleister Black

After the match, Wrestlemania host Alexa Bliss appears on stage. He mentions the modifications when he left Ronda, Becky and Charlotte released from prison. He mentions that Kofi has his title.

He talks concerning the loss of a competitive spirit. He mentions how Usos misplaced his seat last week. Alexa says it was so noble, so heroic. . . deserving effects. In Wrestlemania, you possibly can defend your titles towards all of the teams you will have shared with Fatal Four Method Match.

All eight males crawl within the ring. Black hits black mass on Cesaro and Ricochet, with Plancha Ruseville, Nakamura, Sheamus and Usos.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay make their means into the ring once we go business.

We're back and Peyton and Billie have been within the ring. We see how Peyton and Billie earned a place within the Ladies's Tag Contest in Wrestlemania.

Billie says it’s the state of affairs of the Smackdown tag groups in Wrestlemania. Peyton says that Usus should defend his titles in Wrestlemania. Billie mentions that also they are in Deadly 4 Approach in Wrestlemania. Billie says Peyton could be Natalya they usually can turn out to be masters. Peyton says Billie can draw him who should have retired. They're talking about Nia or Tamina because they didn't assist them in Raw. They've already gained Bayley and Sashan to win the title and make Wrestleman IIconic.

We see what happened when Ronda, Charlotte and Becky have been all handcuffed in the automotive last night time at Raw.

Miz has one thing to say before the match starts. He says Wrestlemania means various things to totally different individuals. For Ronda, Becky and Charlotte, it means making history. For Kofi, it finally means a breakthrough. Miz tells her that it means punishment. Miz says he has been capable of decide an individual and he feels at his greatest. He mentions his exhibition that asserts after Smackdown and that he is not an affordable plug. His family did it together. Miz says he's preventing with a full coronary heart and meaning he's the perfect version of Miz. Miz says that's why he needed Falls Rely Anyplace Match. He wins Shane in all places and in all places.

Miz says he used to battle for his father's approval, but now he is preventing for his father. She says Shane has a dad, so it means you're a bitch boy.

Earlier than the match, Shane McMahon combined his means on the stage. He says he needs to see this intimately and personally.

Match Number Two: Miz vs. Eric Young, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe

Younger starts and Miz pierces turnbuckels after which hits Wolfen's forearm and kicks Dain. A young man with a collapse and kicks Miz once we go business.

We're back and Miz's elbow for the teenager on the entrance and then to Dain. Miz sends Wolfe out. Young tags and Miz kicking Young within the corner. Miz's infinite Awesome garments line for Younger and Dain.

Shane interrupts and says that the match is Falls Rely Anyplace and we see a picture of Shane grabbing George.

Miz has dropped a pre-match and Wolfe, Young and Dain triple workforce Miz. Wolfe sends Miz to the tire-aspect impediment, however Dain leaves the crossbar towards the tire restriction. Miz sends Younger and Wolf to the gang and Miz pierces Younger. Wolfe pierces, but Miz sends Wolfe via the table by way of the driving force by way of the desk. Young violates the lid. Miz pierces Young and sends him to the bell and then to the stores.

Miz and Younger go back and Young is shipped to the wall. Miz sends Young right into a storage case after which comes to a promo photograph room. The younger is shipped to the metallic doors, however Dain breaks the duvet. Dain sends Miz's storage instances. Dain picks up Miz, however Miz rises and Dain is shipped to the wall. Miz and Younger are preventing for Baltimore. Miz pierces Younger

Miz with a operating knee on Younger's head. Miz rolls the case to Younger's head and Miz gets three chapters.

Winner: Miz

After the match, we see Shane leaving the constructing to his car.

The police automotive arrives and Becky Lynch leaves

We're going for a business.

We now have remembered what occurred in Rawi last night time, which was related to ladies's title.

Corey Graves is within the ring and mentions that each one three members at Wrestlemania's essential occasion not have a jail. Corey brings out Becky Lynch.

Becky takes Corey's microphone and leaves the bulletin board. Becky says it's good to be free in Baltimore. He says he doesn't reply Corey, but he answers these individuals. He says that this shirt is outdated. He says behind the police guard that he considered what a yr of difference. He was the perfect good friend of Charlotte and Ronda was able to make his debut in Wrestlemania. They tried to set up a match between Charlotte and Ronda, however it was till he hit Charlotte on SummerSlam's face. Becky says he had decided to do anything to get to Wrestlemania this yr.

For the primary time, ladies are crucial occasion in Wrestlemania. The king, the worst lady on the planet and the man, are on their heads. Becky says that the actual revolution that started in SummerSlam final yr explodes on Sunday when the winner takes every thing and Becky makes one in every of them by tapping. The subsequent time you see him, Becky will be the master he thought was a double champion.

Daniel Bryan is behind Erick Rowan and he’s on the lookout for an agreement to ensure every little thing is ok. [19659002] We see lots of people in the again because we have now a combined loop of 18 individuals.

Match Number Three: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Tucker Knight, Otis Dozovic, Fact Fact, Naomi, Asuka, Nikki Cross and Carmella vs. Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Andrade Almas, EC3, Shelton Benjamin, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Zelina Vega and Lana.

Nikki and Vega start doing issues. Nikki shouts and Vega backs up. They lock and Nikki pulls his hand and closes Vega's head on the carpet.

As a result of it's proper, Lacey Evans is the time to stroll across the ring, see the invisible pressure subject, turn round

Vega sends Nikki to her knees and Vega on her knees and she or he strangles Nikki into the rope. Nikki with stomach-again-suplex, close to autumn. EC3 tags and Jeff Hardy are available. Jeff, with a wrist lock and Matt tags, strikes to the arm on the turning elbows. Matt with shoulder straps but EC3 with piercing. Matt, with an Irish whip, and he runs to the boot. Matt's aspect effect near the fall. Matt sends EC3 to the exhaust pipes. Tucker tags after which Otis tags. Otis with Irish whip and Tucker, gently positioned to splash out of Otis again to EC3.

EC3 drops on carpet and Otis with Caterpillar.

We're going for a business.

We now have returned and Mandy gets virtually a invoice for Naomi. Naomi with a seat. Almas tags in and R Fact come. The truth with leg-laria after which the Fact divides and hits the splash corner. It's time for a dance break. Anderson attacks Fact after which it’s a cluster so that the referee calls the clock.

No Competition

After the match, everyone seems to be preventing over the rope above the street to the ground. Asuka strikes Lana on the ground. Sonya and Mandy kick Carmella's apron. Mandy and Sonya go after Asuka. Asuka, who had a popping knee to Mandy, and then he despatched Sony to the floor. Otis sees Mandy and Otis is now Corey's least fashionable wrestler. Shelton casts on Otis flooring and then Nikki throws Mandy from above. Nikki needs Shelton to return to her. Nikki jumps on Shelton's back and Shelton and Nikki cross the upper rope on the floor as Nikki rides on Shelton's again for eight seconds. EC3 leaves Matt on the floor after which to Jeff, whose Twist of Fate is for EC3 and Asuka. Jeff kicks and throws the EC3 on the floor. Jeff and Asuka hug, however Asuka throws Jeff on prime of the floor.

We’ve got a video package deal for the Universal title match.

The brand new day is behind and Massive E has a pancake with Woods

Match number four: Samoa Joe vs. Mustafa Ali in a non-named recreation

Joe, who hits the leg, and Ali avoids Joe and punches Joe. Joe jabs and headache in the corner. Joe with a comma. Ali drops the pot and Joe goes to the ground. Ali with suicide diving and punches. Joe sends Ali back to the ring and Ali kick. Ali with tornado DDT from twist pins near fall. Joe is missing an angle from the elbow and Ali kicking and crawling X Factor

Ali rises up and falls behind 450 splashes. Joe with Coquina Clutch and Ali leaves out when Joe applies physique scissors.

Winner: Samoa Joe

WWE champion Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan make their option to signing an enormous deal.

We’ve returned and Michael Cole is on the node that hosts signing the contract. Michael brings out Daniel's challenger, Kofi Kingston, and is joined by Xavier Woods and Massive E.

Michael says Kofi requested this time, but Daniel pauses.

Daniel says he has it right here. Daniel indicators the deal, after which he tells Kof that he is aware of you're going to signal this deal, and he’ll proceed with Kofi on the WWE Championship in Wrestlemania. He's not right here to stop Kofi from signing, he's here to coach the plenty. Daniel says that is for everyone. Daniel asks that the gang be quiet when he trains them.

Daniel says he intends to show you an necessary life. Just as they stated behind, Baltimore is so ignorant. Here is a life lesson. Don't be joyful that Kofi has been completely happy. Don't assume that good is sweet enough for eleven years. Don't assume that little success is sufficient for eleven years.

Daniel says he has another lesson in life. He says that you’re not a sideline in our personal life in a approach that Kofi has been a bystander in his own life. Don't sit down and watch for others to push you within the course that Kofia has been helped by Huge E and Xavier Woods. Ignorant individuals have tried to push him to the top. Don't be bystanders in your personal life.

Daniel says he nonetheless has one lesson in life. Daniel tells Kof that it doesn't harm Fad's actuality. Daniel says he is Kofi in the same place and in his footwear. The best way they sang to him is identical method they sing Kofia for you. Daniel says he is aware of the way it feels and the way it reveals in your physique. This admiration makes you are feeling stronger. You don't feed them, they feed you. They’re parasites. They want you to satisfy what fantasy they’ve in their lives. Once they take in you from positivity, they reject you.

Daniel says he needs Kofi to absorb all of this as a result of it is going to be one of the best it’ll ever be for you. have claimed to coach us. Kofi says it's time to train you. You claim to be what he is, and you claim to know what he is aware of. Kofi says you don't know him. You turned a World Champion within the first two years at WWE. Kofi says he seemed and watched. Kofi says he understands it. Kofi says he seems at it. Here's the thing. You don't know me and also you don't know what he's been by way of. For eleven years he had never had an equal match for the title, however it has led to this. Kofi says he can see it in Daniel's eyes, and he knows what Daniel is making an attempt to play to know that Kofi is ready. this seems like you’re scared like hell. You need to be as a result of you understand what's next. In Wrestlemania he wins Daniel and turns into WWE champion

Kofi indicators the contract and the match is official.

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