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WWE RAW Reuslts – July 8, 2019

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WWE RAW Reuslts – July 8, 2019

We are in Newark, New Jersey and the announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young.

Match Quantity One: Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins and Zelina Vega and Andrade Almas

Ladies start off and Lynch with a waist lock. Lynch, who has shoulders, and Becky retains Vega doing no identification. Becky grips Vega's leg and pulls him in the midst of the ring. Lynch with a stroke. Vega goes to the entrance and hits Lynch's head and hits DDT virtually in the fall. Lynch, with an Irish whip and Vega, with a bow tray kick on the top and suppressing Becky's rope. Vega with a choke on the rope. Lynch behind elbow and kick.

Almas acknowledges and means Rollins comes in. Almas pushes Rollins and locks. Curler lock and wrist strap. Almas with rope turning. Rollins with an arm pull and Irish whip into the corner. Almas floats and hits the arm. Rollers with arm. Rollers with scissors and Almas are eliminated. Almas with scissors and Rollins are fleeing. Almas with a kick angle in the middle adopted by forearm and commotion. Almas with a belly-to-back suplex attempt, but Rollins descends on their ft. Almas with forearm again, but Rollins with boulders, and a clothesline that sends Almasa over the top line. Rollins, with a suicide dive, and he recognizes Becky.

Becky with an explosive and back heel adopted by a flying forearm. Becky with DisArmHer and Vega

Zelina Vega Pipe

We see Lacey Evans watching from the entrance row. Becky, when she's completed, goes after Lacey is within the crowd and Seth keeps Becky again.

We're going for a business.

We’re back and Almas elbows and he supports Rollins corner and cuts Seth. Almas with a kicking head near the fall. Almas with Reverse Jaw Lock and Rollins. Almas with slam and then she rises from above, however takes too long and rolls punch. Almas with arms for Rollins. Rollins are put in peril and Almas's tree with a double stop for Rollins virtually within the fall. Almas with a suplex and she or he retains on and rolls to another. Almas sticks, but Rollins lands for the third suplex experiment and hits Falcon Arrow in the fall.

Almas sends Rollins to the Apron and Rollins on the forearm. Rollers with a spring plate knee to the top near the touchdown. Rollins rises up and Almas pushes Rollins to the ground. Vega with a spike on Rana Rollins, but Becky comes out of the apron and beats Vega. Almas pulls Lynch out of Vega and Almas on his elbow that hits Lynch. Rollins punctures Almas and Almas with the forearm and sends Rollins a tire barrier. Almas sets for a knee strike and hit it.

Vega goes to the headband on the apron and Rollins catches him and Lynch's Vega recreation. With Rollins, Black Out with three figures.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch

After the match, Rollins and Lynch rejoice their backs at the entrance and Corbin beats behind Rollins after which Lacey Evans comes out and punches. Lynch.

Paul Heyman comes out and goes on stage with Seth and Becky.

We're going for a business.

We’re back and see behind Lace and Baron. Baron says it was straightforward they usually never noticed it coming. Baron says love makes you blind. Lacey says they manipulate these nasties. Baron and Lacey marvel what happens to their relationship when Becky or Seth lose their second identify. Lacey says that taking good care of each other exhibits that it is a duty.

Paul Heyman is in the ring

Paul says it's time to shoot on the hip. On Sunday, it's referred to as the Pay Per View Extreme Rules. Paul says he knows the word "extreme." Paul says that the exhibition exudes Philadelphia. Paul says he feels excessive in Philadelphia. This Sunday in Philadelphia's Extreme Guidelines, his shopper, Brock Lesnar, pays for a WWE champion or Universal Champion in money. It's not a forecast, it's a spoiler. Paul says he has not broken the spoiler before Wrestleman 30. Paul says he has built his credibility so that he can lie. Paul has both given you a historic event on Sunday, or he’s screwed up with Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston. Paul says he is aware of the answer and the opposite also knows the reply, the upcoming WWE or Common Champion Brock Lesnar

We’re advised that Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley are coming to the Excessive guidelines. We see what happened at the start of Rawi last week.

They meet within the newest standings in extreme rules.

We are behind and Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon stop a good friend who throws garbage and Drewia says he's the perfect trash on the planet. Shane asks him what his identify is, and he says he is Tony.

Jimmy and Jey speak concerning the works with Miz they usually say they're coming to headlines.

Match Quantity Two: Miz, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso vs. Elias Scott Dawson and Sprint Wilder in Two Three Falling Matches

Fall Number One:

Dawson and Jimmy are getting began and locked. Dawson with a aspect-end lock. Jimmy, with rolls close to the fall. Jimmy together with his hand pulls his arm. Dawson, with a curve and Elias, check in. Jimmy pierces, but Elias pierces his personal. The decide warns Elias and Elijah extra kicks and a clothesline. Miz is brought in and the referee retains Miz back. Elias piercing. Elias and Jimmy and Wilder tags. Wilder kicks. Miz pierces Elias on the ground and sends Elias a couple of occasions to the ring. Elias kicks Miz they usually go through the ring, and Elias comes up on the ramp

Wilder and Dawson hit the Shatter machine in Jimmy in three chapters.

Autumn winner: Dash Wilder, Scott Dawson and Elias

We're going for a business.

Fall Number Two

Wilder is lacking the nook and Dawson's tags they usually reduce Jimmy to the underside of the throat. Dawson with elbows and diving head. Dawson gets virtually autumn. Jimmy and the slice and Dawson with one leg take within the dwon and Wilder tags and kicked off Jimmy's face. Dawson makes a mark and makes use of a waist lock. Dawson with a stretching abdomen. Dawson retains Jimmy doing no identification, but Dawson goes into the ringing when he can't splash. Wilder tags and he beats Miz out of the apron. Jimmy, who had a fall-back drop, and Jey-tags and Jey-clothesline, and a thrust and higher line. Jey goes to Samoa's drop, but Wilder descends on his ft. Jey, with a rotating kick for Wilder, adopted by a operating hip, hits the nook.

Jey will get up and hits the cross, however Wilder rolls to fall off. Wilder goes to turn to sunset, but Jey falls down and will get an in depth good friend. Dawson recognizes and Jey, who has Samoa's drop to Wilder. Jey hits Dawson. Dawson with punches and concussion close to the autumn. Miz makes the character and Jey with the enzyme. Miz and Skull Crushing Finale for three chapters.

Autumn Winner: Miz, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uo

Autumn Quantity Three:

Jimmy tags and Usos tremendous props in Wilder and Dawson. Jey, with a splash of Dawson for 3 readings.

Winners: Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso and Miz

We take a look at Drake Maverick and his love, 24/7 title and his honeymoon [19659002] We see Drake and Renee on their honeymoon in Orlando and Renee reminding them that they reside in Orlando. We see Draki celebrating at Common Studios. Honeymoon continues in Newark

We see Drake coming out of the storage case and Renee screaming at her as an alternative of the headline.

Drake apologizes to Renee and tells her she exhibits her nice grasp and husband. He provides him the honeymoon he deserves. Drake is happy to get his full marriage and the Benny Hill's 24/7 Chase Committee will hear him and drive Drake behind.

We see Rey Mysterion behind and go business.

We have now come back and see Drew Gulak and Shane McMahon speaking to a beer seller who gave him the chance to be a Roman tag group companion.

Rey Mysterio leaves the ring.

Rey says he likes it to be brief and easy. He stood in this ring six weeks in the past together with his arm and needed to make some of the troublesome issues he needed to do throughout his profession. He had to surrender the US Department. Rey says he was advised that he would have a very long time to return back, however Rey educated more durable and became extra hungry. He gained the doctor's forecasts and now he's again. He says he’s so ready to go and compete. Rey makes an open challenge for anyone behind.

Match Number three: Rey Mysterio vs. Bobby Lashley

Rey assaults Lashley when Bobby arrives. The match starts and Rey kicks and drops the kick. Rey lands with DDT, and he drops Bobby kicks on ropes and Rey 619. Rey rises from the highest and Lashley and Lashley catches three.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match, Lashley throws the Reyn beneath the ground.

Lashley scares the decide back and then Lashley pulls Rey up the ramp. Lashley seems to be at the TitanTron wall and he picks up Rey and Rey can reach his ft as the referee tries to talk to Lashley in thoughts. Lashley picks up Rey and squeezes him to 3 judges.

Lashley says final week that he was the one standing man, and you higher consider he’s the final man standing on Sunday in excessive rules.

We're going for a business.

We're back and AJ types, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are again. Kayla asks why AJ attacked Ricochet last week.

AJ says he has no debt to anybody. Karl is requested to remark and he refuses. Luke additionally refuses.

Match Quantity 4: No Method Jose and Cesaro

Jose goes after Cesaro when the conga line runs from Cesaro. Cesaro is shipped to the steps and the tire-aspect barrier earlier than the tire returns.

The match begins and Jose punches. Cesaro, who has a European upper mess, and then joins the collection within the collection. Cesaro with gutwrench suplex. Cesaro and Big Swing to Sharpshooter and Jose Hanoes.

Winner: Cesaro

We see the street victory behind them they usually see the cameras. Montez says we've gathered right here immediately for a special reminder. You don't mess with Cesaroo. Montez mentions extreme guidelines and provides thumbs. They move by means of the card and mention the match with Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyren towards Roman Reigns and Undertaker. Montez asks Angelo who he’s within the match. Angelo says he intends to take souls by digging holes. Montez says that Roman has to do it on Sunday, they usually speak about tag matches and how Undertaker is out of the game if he disturbs. They're talking about who might select Shanen. Montez tells Kerwin concerning the transition.

We see Bayley and Nikki Cross on a shared display as a result of they are getting ready to discuss their match later in the present.

We're back to see what occurred last week to Mike and Maria Kanelli.

We see Mary behind and Mike Kanellis walks with flowers. He says he’s sorry for what happened last week. He says the news took him away. She is happy together with her second youngster. They speak about how a lot they love each other. Maria says she loves ice cream and Mike says she loves ice cream. Maria needs ice cream and pickles and Mike understands that she's ordering. Mike asks if he needs skimmed ice cream and Maria yells Mike calling fats.

Maria asks what sort of man triggers a lady.

We're going to Bayley and Nikki Cros, who are in separate rooms to debate at the moment Beat the Clock Challenge.

Nikki is asked if he feels the strain to overcome. Nikki says she feels that the whole world is on her shoulders and she or he has to overcome this for Alexa. He owes the whole lot to Alexa and doesn't know the place he can be without Alexa.

Bayley says Alexa makes use of Nikki. You're the rationale why Alexa has retransmission. Alexa makes use of you to the Extreme rules.

Nikki says she is sick of Baylee, who runs right down to Alexa. You've been jealous of Alex for the first day.

Michael interrupts and explains the Beat the Clock concept. Bayley meets Sarah Logan. Nikki meets Dana Brooke

Bayley talks about Sarah being part of the Riott groups and using chaos to win. Bayley says he's not afraid of chaos. Bayley says he’s a champion of Smackdown, and he wins the order.

Nikki says Dana is greater and stronger than she is, however Dana shouldn’t be more durable than she. Nikki says she's doing Alexa. He wins the clock, and he tells Bayley to "show"

We see Erik and Ivar in a hall filled with orange mild and we go business.

We are back and see the seek for R Fact and Carmella by Drake Maverick. The reality says she needs the infant back and hopes Drake feeds her and doesn't present her any scary films.

Drake runs in the corridor and Benny Hill Gang runs previous. Fact and Carmella go the opposite approach.

Match Quantity 5: Erik and Ivar versus Colin Justin and Devin Justin

Erik and Colin started things up and Erik with German suplex and Devin tags and Erik backwards. gutbuster. Ivars and Erik, with a gutwrench power bomb and Ivars with a splash, and he pulls Devin up. Devin and Colin are a double pressure bomb in the ring and Erik. They hit Viking Experience in three chapters.

Winners: Erik and Ivar

We see Drake Maverick going into the ring and Erik and Ivar maintain Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. Drake goes into the gang and the Fact comes to the ring and then leaves.

Ricochet walks behind once we go business.

We have now returned and Roman Reigns is in the locker room and is requested concerning the games Shane plays with him. Roman says he has no concept who Shane is going to decide on. The one individuals who play mind games are his staff

Ricochet has something to say earlier than the match begins. He says that AJ Types congratulated him on Samo Joe's stroke and challenge, Ricochet says he thinks he has had to face a man he has been honoring for years. Earlier than he might rejoice his largest victories, AJ Types, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows gave him considered one of his biggest lives. He meets AJ on Sunday. We all know what's happening and Luke Gallows just isn’t alone. He has Karl Anderson and AJ types. Ultimately he fights all three.

AJ Types thanks Ricochet for reminding them of who he’s. AJ has some advice. In WWE we transfer fairly shortly, so he tells Ricochet to slow down and recognize the moments. Gallows is going to stomp over Mudhole in you. Though we’re speaking a few second's appreciation, we speak last week and watch a video package deal.

Match Number Six: Ricochet versus Luke Gallows (with Karl Anderson and AJ) in a non-named

] Ricochet, with punches at Gallow. Gallows with an Irish whip, but he runs to his elbow. Gallows catches Ricochet off the connecting rods and hits the choke slam. Gallows get virtually a invoice. Gallows with multiple punches, however Ricochet punches back. Gallows with a start for Ricochet. Gallows with elbows. Gallows with reverse jaw lock. Gallows with forearm behind. Gallows with a head blouse. Gallows kicks Ricochet in the nook and follows up. Gallows with an Irish whip, but Ricochet kicked. Gallows with clothesline.

Gallows picks Ricochet and Ricochet out of three bills.

Winner: Ricochet

After the match, AJ tells Ricochet to undergo all three, so why not undergo Karl Anderson here, right now.

We're going for a business.

Match number seven: Ricochet vs. Karl Anderson (Luke Gallows and AJ types) in a non-named recreation

with Anderson's kick and he sends Ricochet to the pegs. Ricochet behind the elbow and punch. Anderson, with an Irish whip, however he runs to the boot. Ricochet was a springboard on a clothesline near the fall. AJ interferes with Ricochet and Anderson sends Ricochet's shoulder first to the threads. Anderson, who had a backpack near the autumn. Anderson, with a reverse chin. Ricochet elbows and holes. Ricochet turns to Anderson's again and hits the primary ax. Ricochet with punches and thrust kick. Anderson, who had a spinebuster, near the fall.

Anderson, who has a stroke and has words for Ricochet. Anderson, who has a European head, but Ricochet, who has a kick and an ensuigir. Types stick with the foot and prime of Anderson. Ricochet with Fosbury Flop in Gallowas when he earns Anderson. Ricochet, who had a shoudler for Anderson, and listened to the ring submit to AJ. Ricochet returns to the ring and floats over Anderson and Anderson moves to the ring submit. Ricochet, with a operating nook in the corner and Ricochet rises to the highest of 630 splashes and hits it

Winner: Ricochet

After the match, AJ assaults Ricochet and hits him. AJ picks up Ricochet and hits a stroke. AJ requires Magic Killer they usually hit Ricochet. AJ asks Karl and Luke to provide him Ricochet's styled Conflict off turnbuckles, however AJ decides to not do it.

AJ takes a microphone and he says he's a great man and he leaves some left for Ricochet so long as he's down. He needs to win him on Sunday.

AJ, Luke and Karl depart the tire and Ricochet returns to his ft.

AJ tells Luke & # 39; s and Karl to return to the ring they usually like Ricochet

Let's take a look at Evolve, which has a tenth anniversary on the WWE network on Saturday. We see some individuals who have been in Evole, now in WWE.

We see Renee Michelle behind Drake and Drake celebrates her surviving night time as a champion. R The reality and the referee come out of the case and Carmella comes out of the other. We see Drake operating, after which Fact, who needs his child.

Bayley seems to be in any respect this.

We see a guard in the backyard and Shane and Drew say they have discovered her husband.

We're going for a business.

We've come back and Shane and Drew ask the caretaker if he needed to make $ 5,000. He would do anything $ 5,000. Shane asks the caretaker what his identify is, and he says it's Gary. Gary says she doesn't consider she will wrestle. He tells Gary that it stands on the apron they usually do every little thing.

Match Quantity eight: Bayley vs. Sarah Logan in Beat the Clockenge Interview

They lock up and Bayley took down and falls. Bayley pierces, however Sarah kicks her off. Bayley with a sundown flap close to the fall. Bayley, with its double skeleton, near the autumn. Bayley kneels and Sarah pushes Bayley to the apron, but Bayley returns to the ring. Sarah with a pop-up head. Sarah is a baseball slide that sends Bayley to the ground. Sarah pulls Bayley into the ring and gets virtually autumn. Sarah's forearms and the Irish whip and drop the kick that sends Bayley's hatches shut in the fall. Sarah kicks behind Bayley.

Bayley together with his personal strokes. Sarah, with an Irish whip and Bayley, with a draw and canopy virtually in the fall. Sarah gets virtually autumn. Sarah with Reverse Cloverleaf. Bayley will get into the rope and Sarah releases the grip. Sarah strangles Bayley. Sarah with a surfboard and behind. Sarah loses the baseball slide and Bayley, whose knee is Sarah. Bayley, with a clothesline, but Sarah, together with her own clothesline, close to the seashore. Bayley will get an in depth pal and Bayley on his knees.

Winner: Bayley (Time wins four minutes 32 seconds)

Match 9: Competition between Nikki Cross and Dana Brooke

Dana goes to the floor when the bell rings. Nikki stays in the ring when Dana returns to the ring and returns to the floor. Dana High Points of interest and Hugs Bayley. Nikki goes after Dan and Nike on the shoulder. Dana sends Nikki by means of the ropes to the ground. Nikki returns to the apron and connects the shoulder and drops the pot close to the fall. Dana, whose roll is near autumn. Nikki punches. Nikki sends Dan to the jog and kicks Dana. Nikki places Dan on the turning knob, but Dana returns to his ft and hits the gourdbuster. Dana gets up and leaves Swanton. Dana, whose roll is near autumn.

Dana will get Nikki on her shoulders, however behind Nikki. Dana will get virtually dropped by rolling. A nickel with a swivel neck breaker in three sections.

Winner: Nikki Cross (wins Problem)

Nikki needs a microphone. Nikki tells Bayley to return in as a result of she has something to say to Bayley and she or he needs to say it to her face.

Nikki tells Bayley in current weeks, you've tried to convince her that Alexa Bliss just isn’t her good friend. Nikki says the issue is that you simply don't understand what true friendship means. That's okay. Nikki says she exhibits what it means in extreme guidelines, when Alexa provides her the prospect that the title will probably be answered in two single-handed matches. Nikki tells her to help Alexa take the Smackdown Ladies's Championship. Nikki provides free advice to Bayley. Go and find your good friend. You need somebody loyal and trustworthy like Alexa Bliss. Somebody actually hit you with one thing.

Bayley hit Nikki on his face. Bayley provides Nike a stomach-stomach degree. Bayley pulls Nikki into the nook and hits his elbow.

We're going for a business.

We’ve got returned and Maria continues to be waiting for ice cream and pickles. Mike brings ice cream and Maria says that food would make fats. Maria needs to know she wasn't pregnant if Mike acquired uninterested in her. Mike says she's getting her proper now if she's not pregnant. Maria tells Mike to not let Mike get bored once more and she or he says Mike won’t be a father.

Corey is behind Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. Corey asks how their personal relationships affect their matches. Is it a Fall of Match? What if Becky loses Seth's title? What if Seth loses Becky's title?

Becky says that everybody is aware of that he has supported all the things he has stated and has supported the whole lot he has stated. There are not any rules on Sunday. Once they lose, they’ll not have the opportunity. They stroll out once they go in, masters. Becky walks away. Seth agrees what Becky stated and walks away.

We see Road Income talking about Samoa River and Kofi Kingston. Angelo tells Montez that they don’t seem to be right here to occupy Rock. Montez asks Dawkins for a WWE championship match. Angelo says that Kofi is his good friend, but he doesn't need to sleep on Joe. Montez asks for a hyphen. Angelo picks Baron Corbin after which he says he received Montez. Montez says this is the second week so they can't go. Angelo says Baron's mother doesn't also have a son.

Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon stroll back once we go business.

Shane says she confirmed Roman that she's one of the best on the earth when she gained her. Shane says she is going to make an instance of Rome for a match on Sunday. In contrast to these idiots, Drew says he's simply by way of Rome. You need to fake to be a pleasant man and position model. You haven’t any respect for Shane McMahon and the authority. You simply respect the Roman Empire. Drew says he is profitable respect for Roman. Right now everyone seems to be closing their mouths and listening to what Shane says.

Finally, Shane has discovered a Roman tag staff companion. Right here is the champion of the fifth grade spell of bees. Right here's Gary “The Goat” Garbutt.

Match Number ten: Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon vs. Roman Reigns and Gary Garbutt

Roman with clothespins and flying clothesline at Drew. Drew with boot and Roman with Samoa drop. Roman units the Superman hole to # and Drew, with a boot and a punch adopted by a head blouse. The Roman knocks on Gary with an object and Drew sends Roman to the ring submit. Drew brings Gary's ring and Shane tags. Shane mixes and Gary goes to the entrance. Gary, with an ensuigiri and a springboard clothesline. Gary, with a round propeller and a shot. Gary and Plancha Drew. Gary goes to the entrance and hits the springboard however he runs to Claymore. Shane gets three chapters.

Winners: Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre

After the match, Roman had a Superman shot at Drew. Shane keeps Drew again because Drew needs to return to the ring.

Gary takes off the mask and we see that it was Cedric Alexander.

We're Going to Credit score

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