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WWE RAW Results – May 20, 2019

WWE RAW Results - May 20, 2019

WWE RAW Results – May 20, 2019

We’re in Albany, New York and the announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young.

We begin with a person who fought onerous for a number of seconds to generate profits in the bank's portfolio. Paul Heyman has joined him

We see a video of what occurred at Brock during financial institution money

Paul Heyman presents himself and his shopper. Paul says he can hear anger and paranoia by means of the room. Consider conspiracy theories that go through your head. Brock has heard the conspiracy principle that he hacked this plan when Sami Zayn received Braun Strowman out of the ladder garden. Tips on how to cover Brock in Lesnar Area? One way or the other, Sami was lured, crushed and hung the wrong way up. Then somebody with the fitting political advantage was capable of negotiate by including Brock as the eighth man within the ladder. With these conspiracy theories, you give us too much credit score. Why not cause the homicide of Lesnaria Kennedy.

This is what happens. If I have been a WWE or Universal Champion, now I'm paranoid man. When Seth Rollins or Kofi Kingston appear at the WWE occasion, they are weak to WWE's largest assassination, which literally has an agreement on their championship.

If I have been Seth Rollins, I'll all the time show in Uncooked, or a cost transaction or walk to the world, he should have healed that Brock jumps on him. Paul says his father informed him that just because you are paranoid, the entire world is just not towards you. The excellent news about Seth is that the whole world is just not towards you, the dangerous news is that Brock Lesnar is towards you and Brock has an settlement that requires you to defend the title every time he needs.

Seth Rollins' music plays

Seth says he ought to be in a superb mood as a result of he was preventing towards his life final night time towards AJ Types and he gained. Seth says he isn’t in a very good temper as a result of he has to return out and see this. Brock Lesnar with money in a banking settlement. Seth says he’s right here as a grasp who evokes individuals. Master Brock never had. Seth says he can't do it when Brock has this deal over his head. Seth says he wins Brock in Wrestlemania and he can win Brock once more and he doesn't need to wait. Seth tells Brock to be with Brock tonight.

Seth and Brock nose to nose and Paul tells everyone not to encourage him. Paul says that Seth is sitting right here because the sword of Damocles is on his head, however this is the Brock recreation of Antici. . . This implies you need to wait till Brock appears to be in the portfolio. You have to be used to waiting for Seth Rollins. It's like waiting round 7 hours in Wrestlemania in your girlfriend's most essential occasion once you show you’ve gotten dreamed of crucial occasions.

Brock and Seth push one another and Paul tries to avoid Seth's assault.

Paul asks if Seth has yet earned a return to Ring with Brock. How have you learnt that he can pay his hand within the contract? Perhaps Brock needs a new challenge. Perhaps it's a new day for Brock Lesnar. What about Brock Lesnar and Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston comes out and he says he’s right here cementing his legacy as a WWE champion. When all is claimed and completed, he needs to be among the best WWE masters. He can't do it until he strikes the perfect night time and night time. Kofi congratulates Brock on being a Mr. Cash bank, but if you will money this yr, Kofi says Brock should pay it to him.

Paul says we’ve got Universal Champion and WWE Champion and both of you might have listened to your important performance in your title Brock.

Paul says you haven't completed the night time, and since you two are in all probability here tonight, Brock and the deal gained't go anyplace. Paul says he is famous, the beast continues to be coming.

We see that the car withdraws from the world and Mick Foley rises to the brand new title zone. Mick is stopped by Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder and Titus O Neil once they attempt to take a look at the brand new title belt.

Sami Zayn complains to Bobby Lashley that he has to face Braun Strowman tonight. Sami says he’ll soften Braun for Bobby in a number of weeks. Bobby says he doesn't help the Sami, and he hopes to get luck.

Braun Strowman wanders into the digital camera once we see that Sami leaves in the ring.

Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston stroll behind and Seth tells Kof to be careful about what they're getting. They see Triple H and ask why Paul stated they were not made. Hunter says they have been impressive last night time, in order that they're a tagged workforce towards Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin.

Match Number One: Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman

Braun drives the Sam crowd earlier than the ring rings and Braun chases Sami again. Braun tells the Sámi that he can't run him. Braun sees one thing and walks in the direction of it. He sees Bobby Lashley and Sam's stroke on Braun's aspect. Sami is shipped to the laundry basket. Sami begins to crawl and Braun stares at Bobby. Sami tells Bobby to do one thing and Braun tells Bobby he's going to cope with him later. They're preventing again on the gorilla station, however Sami sets the chairs to cease Braun's destruction path.

They return to the world and Braun has a sleigh on his shoulders. Sami sends Braun to the ring publish and Sami pushes Braun back into the ring publish. Braun stops Sam from sending him to the ring levels and Braun sends Sam's cylinder barrier.

They arrive inside the ring and Braun leaves the shoulder nook and hits the ring submit.

The decide calls the clock and Braun's clothesline. Braun sends Sam to the ground and follows. Braun, with a operating shoulder, crashes into the Sami.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Alexa Bliss is behind Nikki Cross and we discover out that Alexa is speaking to Becky Lynch concerning the blissful moment [19659002

Charly Caruso is with Lars Sullivan.

Lars is requested about his unparalleled destruction path and we see a video package deal. 19659002] Lars is requested what his objectives are, however identical to Elias, Lars is interrupted, but The Lucha House Celebration.

The Lucha Home Get together surrounds the tire on three sides and Lars leaves after Kalisto and Kalisto with a primer. Dorado and Metalik with a double propeller. A fishing boat with a springboard and then a triple drop that sends Lars to the floor. Lars captures Kalisto's laundering company and Lars first sends Kalisto to the Apron face. Lars takes Dorado and Metalik. Lars, who has a clothesline for Dorado and shoulder at Metalik. Dorado with arms to Lars, however with Lars and Freak. Lars places a operating seat bomb on Droado, but Metalik and Kalisto make salvation and pull Dorado into safety.

We’re taking a look at a common financial institution for cash from a financial institution.

AJ Types Speaks

We see what happened to Ricochet final night time when he was thrown via ropes by means of the ladders.

We see Cesaro telling Ricochet that he deserved to be injured final night time. Ricochet says he's doing it once more. Cesaro tells Ricochet ice and takes the night time away. Ricochet says he's advantageous.

Match Number Two: Ricochet vs. Cesaro

Cesaro sends Ricochet to the corner and Ricochet's thighs. Cesaro with a high spine drop to Ricochet. Ricochet goes to the ground. Cesaro tries to ship Ricochet to the ring publish, but Ricochet flees and sends Cesaro to the ring submit. Ricochet and Asai Moonsault out of Cesaro. Ricochet goes to the laundry, but Cesaro captures Ricochet and drops him out.

We're again and Cesaro's bow and arrow. Ricochet penetrates and then Ricochet will get to Cesaro's shoulders, however is shipped to the carpet, however descends on his ft. Ricochet, with satellite access scissors, followed by Fosbury Flop Cesaroon. Ricochet sends Cesaro again to the ring and Ricochet goes cross, but Cesaro, who has a European higher mess, stops him. Cesaro, with a army press, and then Gotch Fashion Neutralizer for three counters

Winner: Cesaro

Charly Caruso is again in AJ type.

Seth Rollins and what is next. AJ says it means he's back to sq.. He has a number of arduous work before him. He's working arduous on something. AJ says he can win Seth Rollins, but not last night time. Seth was a better man and he lost a fair and square. There’s a cause why Seth is a Common Champion.

The Baron Corbin interrupts a mocking applause. Baron says he needs us not to hear AJ speak about it with the ability to do it subsequent time. Baron tells AJ he misplaced and he failed.

AJ says this comes from a man who destroyed the cash within the banking portfolio by dropping his job as common manager.

Baron says he tied Seth Rollins two weeks ago and will never have had the prospect to face Seth.

AJ says it's not a blow that he didn't get a match, but this can be a blow to face and AJ hit Baron.

Baron tells AJ that he is paying for it.

Roman Reigns leaves the ring and we go business

We are again and Kofi Kingston and Mick Foley are speaking behind when Michael Cole mentions a brand new title that

Roman Reigns is in the ring and earlier than he can speak, Shane McMahon's music stops and Shane mixes on stage.

Shane reminds the Roman that the yard is that this nice in comparison with the world's greatest. Shane says she confirmed her point in a brutal steel ring, where she had her hand at a high win. Shane says she's formally made with Miz. Meaning his concentration is going elsewhere and it's Roman. Shane says he can't get out of his thoughts what Roman did to the president of this company, Vincent Okay. McMahon. Shane asks Roman what kind of man hits the other man's father in a easy means. Shane tells Roman that he disapproves of him.

Roman says he hates broken youngsters. You stated an entire bunch of shit, but we heard you probably did it with Miz and because Roman was made with Elijah, his cards are open.

Shane says that Romania isn’t doing with Elijah, and one Fluke victory gained't finish there.

Roman says she doesn't see Elijah, so if Shane has a beef together with her then they will squash tonight.

Shane says his body was cruelly via the steel ring. Shane says, allow us to not depart them, however depart it to the gang. Shane asks in the event that they need to see her with Roman Reigns. Shane takes off her coat and walks into the ring, but then says it gained't happen. It doesn't occur right now. Shane says she does what all the pampered rich youngsters do and she or he controls her destiny. He does what he needs when he needs. Shane reminds Romania that she is her boss and she or he is in control.

Drew McIntyre comes out. Shane says serious about the problem, it still doesn't occur in the present day. Shane accepts the challenge and takes place at the Super Showdown. The very last thing you hear unconscious after waking up is that Shane is the winner of the match.

Roman tells Shane after the match, she says, what everyone says they received their kick on Roman Reigns.

Becky Lynch is behind her headline and is reminded that she will probably be Alexa's guest tonight.

Brock Lesnar is behind Paul wiping his portfolio.

We see Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyren behind and Shane is asked about her matches towards Romania at the Tremendous Showdown. Miz stops and asks Shane if he thinks he's with him. Drew says he is aware of Shane is with him. In case you have problems with Shane, you will have a problem with Drew. Miz says that if Shane is completed with him, then he will come after Drew

Scott Dawson says, if you want to see who’s one of the best tag workforce, do it in the ring. It's time to cease enjoying games.

Match Quantity 3: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs. Scott Dawson and Sprint Wilder

Wilder attacks Jimmy before ringtones and Dawson's foot by dropping the turntables. Dawson sends Jimmy to the ground and Wilder to the clothesline. Wilder tags and ship them to Jimmy's ring-aspect impediment. They return to the ring and Wilder with a shot and a European prime. Dawson's tags they usually hit a strong suplex, and Dawson will get virtually autumn. Dawson brushes his eyes and connects his elbow to his nostril. Jimmy hits Dawson after which Wilder gets out of the corner. Jey recognizes and Jimmy's elbow for Dawson, adopted by a double superpot. Wilder is shipped to the ground with a double clothesline once we go business.

We're again and Wilder, with a reverse jaw lock in Jimmy. Jimmy pierces, but he descends on his ft, and Wilder makes an indication and Dawson stops at Jimmy. Jimmy with dragon and both men are down. Jey and Wilder and Jey on a clothesline, adopted by thrust and upper. Jey with Samoa's drop to Wilder and one to Dawson. Jey, who has a operating hip, hits Dawson and then Wilder sends Jey a ahead motion, but Jey with an enzyme gun. Jey, with a crossbeam to Wilder, is near autumn.

Wilder is shipped to a forward motion. Wilder will get up and Jey punches. Jey with Wilder chop with twists. Jey climbs on the turnbuckle, however Dawson's tags and Wilder get Jey's energy bomb and Dawson's elbow spherical his neck near the autumn. Dawson with a European higher or two. Jey with a stroke and Dawson punching again. They trip. Dawson leaves back, however Jey turns off the ropes. Jimmy tags they usually hit a double super-pot and Wilder breaks the duvet.

Wilder hits Jey out of the apron. Dash goes to the ground and Dash with the twister DDT out of the tire restriction. Jimmy, who has a suicide dive to Wilder and Dawson, gets virtually autumn. Dawson blocks the pot and combines the shot. Jimmy, who has a superpot near the autumn. Jimmy rises up and jumps over Dash and Dawson on O Connor's roll and a handful of tights in three figures.

Winners: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Alexa is getting ready for her phase and Nikki Cross stops by. Alexa says she thought that Nikki did a superb job to exchange her last night time, but Nikki didn't win. Nikki says his arms have been within the briefcase. Alexa says she noticed it, but you didn't win. That's okay.

Alexa and Nikki interrupt Scott Dawson and Sprint Wilder. Scott says they should be friends at A Bliss of Bliss.

We're going for a business.

We now have returned to the Firefly Fun Home, which has a full theme, nevertheless it becomes darker when the track slows down and the pictures turn into distorted.

Alexa Bliss comes out with Nikki Cross to Bliss's second.

Alexa says it’s massive at present. Alexa says she didn't need to lose her baggage again, so she completed. Alexa says she asked for coffee and wonders the place Nikki is. Two cups of espresso are brought out and Alexa brings her guest Becky Lynch.

Alexa welcomes Becky and understands that Nikki is standing over her shoulder, so she tells Nike to maneuver. Alexa asks if it was heartbreaking last night time and needs to know the way it feels to be Becky Two Beltts

Ladies Tag Group champions determine and Billie asks if we will name Becky Becky Two Belts. Peyton says we have now to call him Becky One Belt. Billie says it doesn't have the same ring. Becky seems so unhappy. Peyton says they still have two belts.

Becky tells them to close his face. Becky says he has defended his headlines extra at night time than from Wrestlemania.

Lacey Evans begins with a chat program collection and Lacey says it's a typical man. Never know where to offer credit score. You’re not Becky Two Belts because he is.

Becky says you’ll be able to speak about grandma's garments, whatever you want, but she received out. You may not get a job when he might solely offer you half his attention. Now that he has just one title, he can own his whole time around him.

Nikki says she is her associate

Lacey says you're still too brief.

Becky says he’s doing it and Alexa says he doesn't accept it. Becky tells Alex that she just needs to stand there and look good because she does all the work.

Match Quantity four: Lacey Evans, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce and Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss (together with her coffee)

Becky starts with Billie and Becky needs Lacey to start out. Becky with aspect-end lock and shoulder. Peyton's tags are locked. Peyton escapes from the slam and pulls the Becky carpet, however Becky's bridges off the deck and kick Peyton. Lacey does not need to be labeled and Becky drop toe and the entrance of the lock. Nikki tags and Peyton push Nikki, however Peyton drops by dropping Nikki and Nikki. Nikki, who has an Irish whip and splashes into a corner, followed by a bulldog close to the fall. Nikki, who has a prop from a pre-joint and he rises from above and hits the cross close to the fall.

Peyton hits Nikk from behind and Billie acknowledges it. Billie with forearm and Lacey tags. Lacey kicks on the corner. Lacey, who has a hesitant bronze and she or he recognizes in Peyton, who will get virtually a drop. Peyton, with an arm and chin lock, when Alexa continues to take pleasure in her drink. On the Peyton aspect, a Russian foot swipe and Peyton return to the arm and chin lock. Peyton sends Nikki to the nook and Lacey's tags in. Lacey walks behind Nike and then uses the toe bar.

Peyton's tags and his Irish whips Nikki, but depart the shoulder within the corner. Becky and Billie signify Becky's clothesline and drop-off as Lacey's leaves. Billie gets virtually a drop. Becky is an explosive and operating forearm angle. Becky gets up and hits the missile drop. Becky beats Peyton out of the preload after which pushes Billie and hits his legs in three chips.

Winners: Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

Mick Foley walks behind and Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, No Method Jose, EC3, Mojo Rawley, Cedric Alexander and Naomi are again to greet him.

We're going for a business.

We have now returned and Mick Foley is leaving for a new WWE championship. He says Raw is missing something. Mick says it's time to take a look at these three letters again. . . R. A. . W. We have now to make raw on Monday night time. For superstars who need to enhance their experience, there’s numerous signal and a champion of WWE. Headlines are what you breathe, assume, crave, love, and are ready to sacrifice. That is how a legend arises. It's an obsession that consumes you all day. Each moment every hour. Twenty-4 hours a day, seven days every week.

Mick presents the newest title. . . 24/7 title. This title have to be defended at any time, anyplace, anyplace. You don't have time with this title. As long as the referee is there, there could also be a match. Falls really fall all over the place.

Mick puts the title down and says it’ll start tonight, the third uncooked hour uncooked and nasty and just a little soiled. Starting tonight we are going to crown the primary 24/7 champion. There's a rush. Mick says this title is open to all Celebrity on Uncooked, Smackdown, 205 Stay, NXT and NXT UK. Perhaps there’s a visiting legend that fights for this championship.

He who’s on the lookout for it to realize it and destiny is in search of you proper within the eye.

Match Number 5: WWE 24/7 Championship

Cedric Alexander, Mojo Rawley, Titus O Neil, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, EC3, No Means Jose, and rather more on the ring, but no one is received into the ring. Cedric, with a springboard clothesline in Mjoo. Karl and Luke pull up Eric Young and Cedric on the ground. Karl and Luke stick collectively and EC3 stops him. No Method Jose beats EC3 and each go to the ground. Drake Maverick will get into the ring and Titus stands on the belt and Titus tosses Drake on prime of the rope for everybody.

Titus grabs his belt

Winner: Titus O Neil (new champion)

After the match, Robert Roode rolls Titus and gets three chapters.

Winner: Robert Roode (New Champion)

Everyone goes again to Roode.

We're going to a business

. behind and behind some instances. All others spend after Roode and go over.

Match Quantity Six: Miz vs. Drew McIntyre (Shane McMahon)

Miz aspect-finish lock and Drew tosses Miz aside. Miz with punches, but Drew with chops. Drew, with an Irish whip, and Miz floating. Miz escapes from suplex and hits jawbreaker. Miz sends Drew on prime of the rope, and Miz drops Drew. Miz blocks the pot and sends Drew & # 39; s leg to the tire-aspect obstacle. Miz sends Drew back to the ring and leaves for the sundown, but with Drew punch stops Miz. Drew sends Miz into the nook and Miz's drop recreation on his knees.

Miz pierces and he descends over his legs to a belly-to-again suplex. Miz on the Superior clothesline, but Drew grabs Miz and hits the stomach above his stomach. Drew with suplex near fall. Drew with a comma and he goes to the apron. Drew Units to finish Miz on the floor, but Miz is obstructing it and Miz is kicking and Miz is leaving for a sundown swing on the floor, however Drew stays on the apron. Miz clips Drew as he continues to work on his knees. Turned from the elbow after which broke into Miz's ring edge.

Drew beats Miz out of the ring restriction to the gang. Drew suplexes Miz again to the ring space.

We're going for a business.

We're back and Drew Units for Super Air Raid Crash, however Miz counters with a sundown penetration bomb. Miz pierces Drew and follows the kicks. Miz, who has an on-going double knee image and he hits one other. Drew loses his ring publish when Miz moves. Miz Superior clothesline. Miz, who has a double sled, which is close to autumn. Miz and kicked the chest. Drew blocks a spherical pot, but Miz on the seashore to struggle the facility bomb. Drew escapes from the Skull Crushing Ultimate. Drew units flip to Alabama Slam and hit it however can only get near the fall.

Drew is forcibly in the corner and Miz hits his leg. Miz blocks the pot and hits the knee breaker. Miz sets 4 footage, but Drew kicks Miz and Shane with a shot. Drew with spinebuster close to fall. Drew loses Claymore and Miz with a 4-foot lock. Drew Chops Miz forces Miz to launch the grip. Miz sends Drew to the floor and Miz drops kick to Drew. Miz goes after Shane, but Shane will get into the gang. Drew leaves the bell when Miz moves.

Shane hits Miz behind when the referee didn't look. Miz is shipped with the ring and Drew with Claymore in three chapters.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Shane will get into the microphone and says he's carried out with Miz, but he has one present. Shane has drew Miz into the corner and Shane rises up and the music of Roman Reigns performs and Shane escapes from the ring and Roman with Superman to Drew. Shane flees from Roman

Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin are discussing, but Robert Roode bumps into them and runs away when everyone follows Roberti. Drake hobbles additionally.

Charly is with Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins. They’re asked about their matches they usually need to maintain Brock Lesnar. Kofi says as a WWE champion, you must multi-process. They know Brock and Paul are here, but Lashley and Corbin are big opponents. Seth says nobody likes Corbin, however it doesn't make them less dangerous. Charly asks who Brock chooses. Kofi says he has worked so onerous that he turned a WWE champion, so he's able to go to Suplex Metropolis and survive there.

Seth refuses to show to Kofi.

We're going for a business.

Take a look at the top of america title recreation when the Samo River's shoulders were not in the rug.

We're going to touch upon Samo Jo after the final night time's match. Joe says everybody witnessed what occurred final night time. He says the shoulders weren’t on the mat, so he by no means lost his title. Joe says she is going to discover her identify around the waist of Rey Mysterion. It's wonderful. He's not indignant and he's not indignant. Errors are made and the water is underneath the bridge. You’re Rey Mysterio, a valuable and virtuous man. You are a man who won’t ever waste your status, what happened at the Bank with cash. Joe says he’ll give Rey the prospect to do the proper thing and provides him the title back. Be the person Joe needs Dominic to grow. For those who don't think about the example he is doing about you.

Robert Roode asks for assist from R Fact and gets his automotive on the chassis. Everybody asks where Fact went and he says Roode went like this. They're going within the other path. The truth opens the physique and he says they are gone. The truth kicks Roode after Roode sees the decide. Fact sends her to the physique, and Fact gets three chapters

Winner: R Fact (new grasp)

Match number seven: Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins towards Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley in an abandoned match

Baron assaults Seth earlier than the bells ring when Lashley runs Kofia on the stage.

Seth punches Corbin's bells and Corbin's Deep Six close to the autumn, but Kofi makes a rescue. Bobby sends Kofi to the floor and then to the ring. Corbin, with a stroke of Rollins. Baron pulls Seth up and he descends on his ft and hits the ensuigir. Kofi and Lashley and Kofi, with a spring plate and a drop kick adopted by a leap on a clothesline and a Growth Drop

Kofi units Hassle in Paradise, but Kofi, whose forearm was on Baron, dropped him from pre-joining. Kofi, with a launch for Lashley, adopted by a double jumping body close to the autumn. Corbin beats Rollins off the apron. Corbin tags and Lashley ship Kofi to the floor. The Baron and Lashley Irish individuals rustle Kofia on a tire-aspect impediment and do the identical as Rollins.

We're Going Business

We're again and Corbin punches Rollins when Lashley strangles Kofi's flooring. Corbin and operating work on Rollins. Rollins with Slingblade Corbin and he strikes Lashley off the Apron. Rollins, who has a suicide dive, however Corb catches Rollins and an enricher, hits him on the apron and then sends it to the timing. Corbin places chairs on Rollins. Lashley with a operating shoulder on the corner of Kofi. Lashley and Baron put Kofi on the turntable and placed a double superplex. Kofi blocks it and Rollins beats Lashley and Corbin. Corbin punches Rollins and sends Seth ahead. Rollins, which has a springboard for the knee Corbin, followed by an ensemble Lashley, followed by a superpot. Rollins with a kick to Corbin

Linsley and Curler pull Lashley on the ground and Lashley kicks him. Kofi sends Lashley to the top of the rope. Corbin runs by way of the top rope to the floor when Kofi falls down. Rollins, with suicide diving for Lashley after which Kof, with a coffin drop for Lashley and Corbin. Kofi and Hassle in Paradise in three chapters.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston

After the match, Lashley's Spear Rollins and Kofi. Lashley loses on Kofi's chair and Rollins, who has an excellent kick for Lashley.

Brock Lesnar's music performs and walks with the ring with Paul Heyman and his briefcase.

Lesnar walks around the ring. Brock gets to the front, but then returns to the floor. Paul tells Brock that you’re their head. Paul says they may come back subsequent week to tell the world to whom you will spend money.

We're Going to Credit

Credit score: