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WWE RAW Results – May 13, 2019

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WWE RAW Results – May 13, 2019

We are in London, England and the announcers are Michael Cole, Renee Young and Corey Graves.

Miz goes to the ring of MizTV

. Miz welcomes us and reminds us that there is money on the bank on Sunday. He reminds people who he has gained cash within the financial institution and that he has made cash and altered his profession. He says one man and one lady see it on Sunday. Miz mentions his opponent on Sunday, Shane McMahon. On Sunday they’re locked in a steel ring and as a lot as he needs to speak about himself, he needs to speak about his go to.

She brings out Roman Reigns.

Miz asks Roman what we will anticipate him on Sunday towards Elias.

Roman says Elias is lots. He is younger, robust and charismatic. Roman says if you need a karaoke performer or a wedding music, you possibly can walk with Elias. He has not gained the championship and on Sunday doesn’t make a fantastic battle.

Miz says they don’t seem to be often on the identical page, however he mentions the position of Rome in the new Fast and Livid spinoff and suggests collaboration.

Roman tells Miz that he seems like an previous Miz who needs to hit him in the mouth. Roman says he needed to talk to a brand new Miz, who stood by the authority and chased Shane across the building on a chair.

Roman says that Miz, which we all need to speak about when watching a video

Miz says he has by no means been on the same web page with the Roman or WWE universe, but Shane McMahon took it. It is about incomes respect for the aged and the public. Miz says he has earned it for thirteen years. Shane by no means earned this respect and is his father's son. Miz says he will not be the strongest or quickest, however he is aware of tips on how to win. Shane has attacked her father and run her at each flip. On Sunday, none of his powers or privileges is significant because Shane is stuck in a metal ring with him. There shall be no operating and no hiding anyplace. You're sorry for what you probably did, and you go down quicker than your father did for the Superman stroke.

Shane McMahon's music is enjoying and she or he's on stage.

Shane says it’s proper that you simply converse to remind me of Romania and Miz that he’s their boss. Shane says right now, MizTV is over

Bobby Lashley's Spears Roman and Elias are attacking Miz.

Shane says they will stay in the ring as a result of they have a match with Elias and Bobby Lashley

Quantity One: Elias and Bobby Lashley vs. Miz and Roman Reigns

Miz and Elias Start Things and Miz with Pucnhes and Elas Ship Miz to the forward motion and Miz returns to the ring and gets near the drop by rolling. Elias punch. Miz on knees and at the pot, adopted by actuality. Miz, with a wrist lock and a Roman, asks to mark and Miz allows it. Elias goes to the floor to get to the top of Rome. Lashley's tags are locked. Lashley breaks and Roman stops punching. Lashley, with shoulders, is near autumn. Lashley with a lock on the entrance, but Roman helps Lashley's nook and connects to the shoulders.

Lashley, with elbow and roman, virtually within the fall. Roman with NeverEnding Story and Miz tags and hits the Awesome clothesline. A Roman with a stroke and then he connects the elbow to Elias. Miz kicks Elias and Lashley. Miz and a spherical kick to Elias, but Lashley blocks the round. Miz descends on his ft in a bomb company, and Elias falls to the highest of Miz's rope and Lashley at Flatliner near the fall.

We're going for a business.

We're again and Shane strangles Miz's ropes. The referee doesn't look. Elias gets virtually autumn. Elias goes to the rope and goes to the old-fashioned with Meteora virtually within the fall. Lashley's tags and he hits the nook of the operating shoulder. Lashley, with a delayed vertical suplex. Lashley elbows Miz and Elias tags. Elias with a kick. Elias with slicing and punching. Miz's elbows and thighs acquired out of the nook, however Elias stops Miz's identification. Roman beats Elias and MIz with DDT. Lashley's tags and keeps Miz's id.

Shane pulls Roman out of the forward movement and sends Roman to the play levels

The decide calls the clock.

Winners: Roman Reigns and Miz (disqualifying)

After the match, Lashley and Elias labored over Miz until Shane casts a couple of beats. Miz has labored with Roman with Plancha on Elias, Lashley and Shane. Roman beats Elias and Shane stops at Roman. Roman with a pull down and he strikes Shane. Elias and Lashley go after Roman to flee Shane. Miz hits Elias and Lashley with the chair and then Roman with Superman's gap.

Seth Rollins talks to a manufacturing assistant in a business method.

We have now returned to see Seth Rollins and AJ Types lead their matches on Sunday.

We take a look at Braun Strowman, who threw Sami Zayn out of the trash last week.

Braun Strowman walks behind and is requested what he did final week and if he is unlucky.

Braun says his solely regret is that the receipts weren’t turned into a dice. Tonight the money is advised in the bank's darts recreation and he wins it again.

The manufacturing assistant tells Braun that he needs Shane's office.

We're going for a business.

We have now returned and Sami Zayn is in Shane's workplace and he says it’s toxic in nature. fans who have led some wrestlers. Sami says that folks will only cheer Braun when he acts as a monster.

Braun enters and sees the Sámi and says that this have to be why he was invited to the top office. Sami says that Braun shall be taken out of the cash in the bank's matches and Sami gets his seat. Sami says he fights on the bottom. Sami proposes Falls Rely Anyplace Match so he can throw Braun within the trash.

Shane reminds Sam that Braun was supposed to satisfy Drew McIntyre and Sami says Shane can imagine something for Drew.

Braun says he’s eating him alive.

Match Quantity Two: Mojo Rawley and Apollo Crews [19659002] Males with forearm back piercing Rawley. Crews are floating and seem to wreck their knees. Mojo with a shoulder on an injured knee. Mojo, with a operating forearm, followed by Alabama Slam for 3 calculations.

Winner: Mojo Rawley

Alexa Bliss is behind and she or he is on the telephone. Alexa is just not in an excellent mood. He talks about his misplaced luggage and he mentions that his gear was in the bag. Alexa says her baggage is her main objective.

Nikki Cross stops and needs to know if all the things is ok.

Alexa says she doesn't understand how Nikki received up here. He says he is excited to speak to Niki.

Nikki says she's been right here for 4 weeks and doesn't consider individuals observed.

Alexa doesn't need to speak about her problems, however Nikki says it's okay. Alexa talks about dropping two weeks ago due to her footwear and then she's not caught. He doesn't need to be confused again. Nikki means that Alexa go to McMahon to elucidate her state of affairs and Alexa want to thank Nikki for the place she took tonight.

We see Becky Lynch and his belt back once we go business.

and Michael Cole are in a hoop with a table and three chairs. Michael mentions two nominations for Becky Lynch.

Lacey Evans is on her means.

Charlotte Aptitude is the subsequent one to get into the ring.

Uncooked and Smackdown Ladies's Champion Becky Lynch

Cole asks Becky if he understands what is occurring on the event by defending each titles on separate matches on Sunday.

Becky says it's nice to be back in London. He says it's a great query. They’re both greater, stronger and more sporty than he’s. He doesn't understand how a lot he's beating, but he doesn't care. You’ll be able to speak extra about biting than you possibly can chew. She says Lacey knows the strain she backs up, what you stated when she collided together with her neck. Becky tells Lace to ask her twin sister

Charlotte says Becky by no means learns. You might have the whole lot you ever needed and you still need to dig. The identical thing obtained into hassle for you. You’re in a state of affairs that you simply can’t win.

Lacey says she is just not the only one who appears correctly dressed correctly. Lacey says it's about signing a contract, not a battle in a barn.

Becky says Lacey hasn't seen one in every of these. Becky reminds Charlotte that he’s going to match with Becky what he thought. Becky says that Charlotte has not worked just lately and is beneath strain. Becky says that certainly one of you’ll be able to't afford to lose the first hit and the opposite can't afford to lose one millionth. Becky says he isn’t the one one underneath strain.

Charlotte says that Becky obtained her storybook by ending Ronda, but that isn’t enough. You had to identify your self Becky Two Belts and the fame you possibly can't reside with. All this crashes. Charlotte says it's hilarious because these two titles can't disguise jealousy and uncertainty.

Lacey says that everybody wants the correct master to be an example. Your conduct confuses women. Lacey says you’ll be able to continue to fake something you don't have. You possibly can't take two ladies like Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair.

Becky presents Lace the primary shot for her.

Lacey says she doesn't need to destroy her gown.

Becky sends Lace to the twists and Charlotte goes after Becky, but Becky pierces and kneels. Becky puts a bomb by means of the desk, but Lacey stops Becky. Becky goes to DisArmHer with Lace, but with Charlotte's tremendous-kick. Charlotte sends Becky's twists and turns. Charlotte with a forearm on Becky's back. Charlotte takes bombs via Becky via the desk with Lacey

We have now returned with Baron Corbin to get Steve Corino's Lite demonstration.

Ricochet says profitable money in a financial institution is sort of a profit lottery, but he's not going to take a seat back because of his probability.

Match Quantity three: Baron Corbin vs. Ricochet

Corbin sends Ricochet to the Apron and Ricochet with an elbow and turns to Corbin to return to the ring. Ricochet with drop kick. They lock and Corb on their knees to the midline and send Ricochet to the turn button. Ricochet floats and Ricochet elbow. Ricochet slides into the corner and Corbin slides around the ring. Ricochet, with a lead-by way of physique and Corbin, goes to the ground. Ricochet, with a baseball slide and Ricochet, is shipped to the apron.

Ricochet, having a piercing and leaving for Corbin, however for Corbin on a clothesline once we go business.

We’ve got come again and Corbin captures Ricochet's back and Corbin's stomach suplex. Ricochet jumps over Corbin and Ricochet on the forearm. Ricochet with upper. Corbin sends Ricochet to the nook, however runs. Ricochet in a rolling drop recreation. Ricochet, with a cross body in a nook followed by an ensuir. Ricochet, with a lead-via frame near the fall. Corbin goes to the choke change, however Ricochet descends near the sundown flap. Corbin with Deep Six close to the fall.

Corbin claims with the decide and Corbin escapes from the top of the day and hits the twister DDT. Ricochet rises and descends on his ft as Corbin strikes. Corbin with a boot and Ricochet with a palmtop. Ricochet is shipped to a ahead motion, however to Corbin, however to Ricochet, which has a springboard Frankensteiner, followed by a capturing star by urgent near autumn. Ricochet goes to tornado DDT and Corbin blocks it and hits the top of Days with three figures.

Winner: Baron Corbin

After the match, Corbin sets up a ladder on the ring. Baron climbs the ladder and Ricochet pushes the ladder up and Corbin hits the ropes and bounces on the floor.

We take a look at what occurred final week when Samoa Joe met Dominic Mysterion.

Rey Mysterio is being asked last week. Rey says Joe crossed the road by focusing on his son's loss. If Joe or someone else has one thing to say, they will find him and say it to his face

Cesaro enters and says Rey is brash to talk about Joe when he's not right here. Cesaro needs to know when Raw got here to deliver your son to work.

Rey says Dominic is coaching.

Cesaro says Dominic is 6 foot 2 when you’ve 5 foot anything. Cesaro says he appears more like Joe than Rey. Cesaro wonders whether Rey is even Dominic's father.

Rey and Cesaro struggle till safety separates them.

AJ Types is behind us once we go business.

We're back in the video package deal Roman Reigns.

We go behind the AJ fashion. He’s asked what has occurred in current weeks and his strategies. AJ says he asks if he's going to beat AJ on Phenomenal's forearm final week. He needed to hit Corbin, but Rollins didn't know. AJ says this was Seth's show until he seemed. AJ says he got here to WWE after he was on the chip. It made him shoot at the Common title and he leaves the financial institution at Universal Champion

Naomi says that the bank is a gambler. There isn’t any athlete within the recreation as he does.

Dana Brooke says that profitable at a bank does not apply to a contract or title. It's his validation. He deserves to win.

Natalya says she has more expertise than a financial institution. That is her fourth.

Alexa Bliss points out that she gained the match last yr and she or he performs this yr and controls the Ladies's Division.

Match Number 4: Naomi versus Natalya and Dana Brooke with Nikki Cross

Nikki, who slept with Natalya and Naomi, but Dana, with Naomi roll, virtually in the fall. Natalya is close to Dana. Nikki sends to Natalya flooring and Dana sends Nike to the ground. Naomi and sit with BubbaBomb. Nikki travels to Natalya and joins the forearms when she puts Natalya in a ring skirt. Naomi will get a number of close to Dana. Dana with baseball slide, Nikki and Natalya. Naomi with a corkscrew once we go business

We're back and Natalya elbow Dana when Dana goes to the deal with. Natalya is a surfboard. Nikki rises from the top, however Naomi pushes Nikki from the cross tubes. Naomi and Bulldog to Danaa and then get near Natalya. Naomi sends Nikki to the floor. Natalya leaves for Naomi suplex and Dana helps to raise Naomi up and drop her on the carpet. Nikki's forearms Dana and Natayla followed the stomach-to-back grocery store Dana after an in depth drop to Naomi.

Nikki modified to Rings of Saturn, however Naomi gets virtually dropped. Naomi with an elbow and kicking Dana. Naomi and forearms and then hit Natalya and Nikki. Naomi kicks Danan and closes him on Natalya and hits Dana and Natalya on a shared leg, but the referee didn't attempt to rely.

Dana leaves underneath the tire and will get a ladder. Natalya, whose forearm is Dana and Nikki, and a dart underneath the ladder. Dana climbs the ladder and points to the briefcase before hitting the body Nikki, Natalya and Naomi. Natalya sends Dan to the tire-aspect barrier and then to the garments strains Naomi. Nikki head to Natalya after which to Nikky with a swivel neck breaker in Natalya.

Winner: Nikki Cross

After the match, Nikki helps Alexa put the ladder within the ring.

Nikki units up a ladder and begins climbing it, but Alexa decides to climb as an alternative. Alexa grabs his portfolio

Sami Zayn is behind and he says he seems at social media and nobody says he has an opportunity towards Braun Strowman. That's precisely what you are expecting. Sami says he has a fantastic probability of profitable. It’s because he fights for a purpose when Braun is an expression of your poisonous beliefs. This isn’t life. Need to know what's better than being huge or robust? That's proper. Sami says he’ll find a strategy to win Braun and enter the cash into the bank's darts recreation.

We go to Samo's comments on Joe's Rey Mystery. Joe says somebody is small, you speak an enormous recreation once you're not around. Joe says he did not cross the road, crossing the road when he brought Dominic to WWE. Someone needs to show him to be a man and you don't do it. Joe says he sees Rey on Sunday and hopes he’ll see Dominic.

Match Number 5: Rey Mysterio vs. Cesaro

Cesaro, with a waistlock, falls, but Rey pierces. Rey escapes from the slam and drops kicks from Cesar on the knee and hits the spike. Rey is shipped to the rods and hits the satellite. Cesaro, with its boot and Tilt-a-whirl suggestions, is close to autumn. Rey pierces they usually go excessive line on the floor, however Cesaro retains a shoudler on Rey, however Rey sends Cesaro a ring-aspect obstacle. Rey sliding on the reverse aspect of the sunset, but Cesaro rolls and sends Rey a number of occasions to the tire barrier with an enormous swing.

They return to the ring and Cesaro will get virtually autumn. Cesaro puts a suplex on the ground, but Rey is kneeling and he’s going forward. Rey with a shot, but Cesaro with a boot. Cesaro moves to the shoulder for the first time when Rey jumps over Cesaro. Rey rises from the top and Cesaro on the operating European prime. Cesaro, with a delayed superplex, close to the autumn.

We're going for a business.

We’ve got returned and Rey kicked. Cesaro goes by way of the sunset flip check and Rey drops to DDT. Rey, with a springboard seated splash, followed by satellite head scissors and La Magistral close by. Rey is the forearm and scissors that ship Cesaro to the rope. Cesaro blocks 619 and Cesaro with an enormous swing, but he lets out the sympathy. Cesaro, with a European higher front, who sends Rey to ropes. Cesaro thinks about it and he goes to Tiger Feint Kick, but Rey avoids it and Rey kicks. Rey with sled Code Pink near autumn.

Rey will get up and meets close to the upper European border in the fall. Cesaro places Gotch Type on Neutralizer, but Rey drops and sends Cesaro to the rope and hits 619, and then Rey rises up to three splashes of frog.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

We take a look at the questions between The Usos and Revival in current weeks

Scott Dawson needs to know what a wierd voyeur is taking a look at his good friend's again. Dash says he's serving to a good friend. Dash says you took it too far with Ucey Scorching. Scott says the ball is in your courtroom. Scott says it's not exhausting to seek out them.

Seth Rollins within the Interview Space

We're Going to Business

We now have returned to the newest Firefly Fun Home. Bray says he has a secret. Abby says it's higher to be good. Mercy says he has stuff. Bray says it's time to point out everyone what she's working on. He asks all Fireflies to assist him. Bray says this warms his soul, but there’s nonetheless darkness here. Bray says he’s aware of methods to use it and management it. Do you need to see his secret?

We're going to a dark house and he asks you to let me in. Bray is a masks and we hear Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

We take a look at the signing of the settlement earlier this evening.

Behind Universal Champion for Seth Rollins

Seth was informed that the forearm was involuntary final week. Seth says we're outdoors. It isn’t a matter of respect. It's personal. That is the primary time they meet in the WWE ring. They met 15 years in the past in a small building and it was the first time his pal and household believed in him. It is going to be Sunday. It isn’t about displaying something to family and friends, but to point out it to myself and to the AJ type. That that is his business and this is his presentation. Fifteen years in the past, he looked at AJ types. When the dust settles on Sunday, AJ is on the lookout for him.

Match Quantity Six: Sami Zay vs. Braun Strowman Falls in Rely Anyplace Braun Strowman's Spot on the Financial institution's Cube Recreation

Sámi on the Braun flooring and Sami operating on the shoulder. Braun with a splash in the nook after which another splash. Sami leaves on the ground and Braun follows and hits Sami down the operating shoulder. Braun goes around the second spherical of the ring and Braun to the opposite operating shoulder. They return to the ring and Sami leaves the ground and crowd.

Braun follows the Sam's seating area and Braun's hole. Sami throws a drink on Braun's face to get out of Braun. Sami goes to the camp when Braun follows. Saami hits Braun within the trash and Braun on his knees and he sends them to workplace. Sami is shipped to the submit many occasions. Braun gets the duvet of just about autumn Jericho. Braun shot. Baron Corbin hits Braun with the trash.

Sami gets virtually autumn. Baron continues to assault Braun within the trash. Baron, who has a backward-dropping driver by means of a merchandise rack, and the Sámi get virtually a invoice. Braun sends Corbin to merchandise once we go business.

We now have returned and Sami runs down the hallway the place Braun follows him. Sami hits Braun on a chair. Sami hits Braun behind a chair. Strowman locks the chair shot and takes the chair by means of Sam and Braun. Braun grabs the ladder, but Sami runs off so Braun falls on the ladder. They go back. Sami throws issues in Braun to try to sluggish him down, but Braun grabs the Sami and sends him to the metallic door. Drew McIntyre assaults Braun and sets up a chair.

Drew with DDT in the chair and the Sami comes shut. Drew throws the chair to the decide, but Braun sends Drew to the monitor after which Braun hits Drew cooler. They make their method to the place of the gorilla and again to the world. Braun, who has a kick on the top after which grabs the ladder and hits the Sámi with it in the center and back. Braun drops the ladder onto Sam, however Baron hits Braun and Drew. Braun punches Drew's and Baron's hits from Braun. Baron with punches and Drew grabs the ladder. Drew hits Braun with a ladder. Braun pierces Drew, but Drew punches back and Baron and Drew suplex Braun ladder.

Drew with Claymore and Baron pulls the Saami to Braun, and Baron and Drew improve the shell strain on three counters.

Winner: Sami Zay's

Braun Strowman grabs Sami Zayni they usually're coming to the announcement table. Braun enriches Sami by means of a bulletin board.

We're Going to Credit