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WWE RAW Results – March 4, 2019

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WWE RAW Results – March 4, 2019

We are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the announcers are Michael Cole, Renee Young and Corey Graves.

Roman Reigns leaves the ring.

see Roman's comments last week

Roman says final week's return in Atlanta. This week, at Philly, we’ll take our yard again. Roman says he can think about his future and what he needs. He needs one man to face his approach. That man is Seth Rollins. Roman says he gets what he needs, he needs to cope with things with Seth to ask Seth to return out.

Seth Rollins' music plays and leaves the ring.

Seth says he sees Roman Ring, which talked about profitable his largest battle, marked him quite a bit. Seth says he intends to take this motivation and take it to Wrestlemania and kill the beast. He's going to deliver the Common Division again to where it belongs. . . Raw every week. Seth says he is aware of the place Roman's head is. He understands what he needs to release the title with out dropping it. If someone has earned a chance towards Brock as a lot as he does, it is Roman. Seth says he needs to speak about this.

Roman says that Seth knew the whole lot but Seth was improper. Roman says when he was gone, one individual appeared over this place. It was Seth Rollins. One individual held this place in line and knew what was greatest. Roman says he’s confident in Seth and he is aware of what it takes to win this title and he is aware of that Seth can do it. Roman hopes Seth is lucky in Wrestlemania.

Roman has, but he asks Seth for reputation. Seth says he's doing something to Roman. Roman says he needs to get the band again together last time. Seth says something else. After Ambrose did at night time, he did it. Roman says he thinks he's going to get him immediately, however he has to sell Seth. Roman says he needs it, and he asks the public in the event that they need to. Roman says tomorrow shouldn’t be guaranteed and life is short. An important things are the relationships they’ve. They're brothers. Roman says she doesn't know if Dean is coming or going, however she needs her again together with her brother.

Seth thinks about it, and he says he put some of his life behind, but you're proper. Life is just too brief. Tomorrow isn’t assured. If you need Defend yet one more time, he's for Roman.

Roman needs Dean Ambrose to finish the deal

Dean Ambrose's music performs and he will get to the stage. Dean hurries up and Elias hits back and goes back.

Dean doesn't want Seth's or Rome's assist and she or he's going back.

Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, and Lio Rush are behind and are being asked to attack Elias on Dean Ambrose.

Drew says he broke Defend months ago. It was three pious individuals dwelling up to now. Baron says they should face Braun Strowman, Kurt Angle and Finn Balor, they usually show the place the facility is. Bobby says the Finn has quoted his Intercontinental identify. Baron says he’s uninterested in the embarrassing Kurt corner and exhibits that Kurt can't cling with right now's main athletes

Match Number one: Finn Balor, Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle vs. Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley (With Lio Rush)

Corbin throws his bra into Braun, however Braun sends Corbin to the floor and then hits his operating shoulder at Corbin. Braun sends Corbin again to the ring and Drew tags in. Braun sends Drew to Drew's turnstiles and Irish robberies, but leaves a splash. Braun with thigh & forearm. Balor recognizes and hits the double sled axle. Drew on knees. Lashley's tags and he connects the forearm. Lashley goes into a power bomb, but Balor is on his approach out. Lashley goes to the floor when Balor moves, after which he sends Corbin to the floor. Balor and plancha after which he sends Drew to the floor. Lio travels to Balor and we are in the business path.

We’ve returned and the Corbi runs to the boot, but Baron and Deep Six to Balor. Baron with jaw and half Nelson. Balor on his shoulders and then he hits Lashley's apron. Baron, with a stroke like Balor, takes the slope. Drew tags and he cuts Balor. Balor blocks the suplex and punches Drew, but Drew is kicking and a concussion near the fall. Rotate with arm and jaw lock. Drew retains Balor's id. Balor kicks Drew and Drew goes to the slam, but Balor reaches his ft and Drew lacks splashes. Two German suplexia markers and hits, but he blocks the third. Drew goes to the threads and loses.

Drew avoids the angular stroke, however the angle backwards and he makes use of the ankle lock. Angle with the German suplex for Lashley when he tries to disturb. Drew to go and we go business.

We’ve returned and Baron has an angle in the jaw lock and half of Nelson. The angle with one leg is taken down, however Corbin starts off the nook. The angle is lacking from the splash and then he goes to the ground when the angle strikes. Into the Strowman tags and he hits a collection of shoulders and a clothesline in the nook. Braun on the forearm chest. Balor tags and Braun with slam and electric cylinder Balor, and Rush break the duvet. Balor goes to the floor and goes after Rush, however Lashley runs to Baloria's ring publish. Strowman costs for Lashley, but Bobby strikes and Braun sends Lion by way of the tire-aspect barrier.

Lashley's tags and he hits the spear at three readings. match, Drew goes to the ground and sends Angle to the ring. Corbin sends an angle to the ring. Baron retains ringing steps and Lashley and Drew ship an Angle step.

With Drew Claymore in Balor. Baron and Lashley, with a double choke, are ring levels

Heavy equipment is within the problem space. They are asked what kind of issues the Raw workforce has. Konnor says he is sick and uninterested in NXT calls. Bo says it's recent meat. Curt says the new teams are good and Zack says he can win. Konnor talks about heavy equipment. Zack says that Otis seems to be like Chris Farley's incorrect draft.

Otis says he is delicate and hurting his emotions. Tucker says Otis' feelings are being harm for some time. Tucker says he's doing this right. They take all these groups.

Natalya makes her method into the ring once we go business

Match Quantity Two: Natalya vs. Ruby Riott (with Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan)

Ruby's knee and she or he connects the knee and sends her to Natalya's carpet and kicks her back. Ruby first sends Natalya's face to the carpet and kicks Natalya in the midsection. Ruby sends Natalya to the ankle and kicks Natalya. Ruby with fast launch and reverse jaw lock. Natalya with arm and suplex. Natalya, who has hand towel linens and she or he put it on Sharpshooter and applies it.

Ruby turns and gets the internal frame near the fall.

Winner: Ruby Riott

After the match, Lacey Evans walks on the ramp and then will get to the underside of the ramp and turns around backwards.

] It's time to talk about Batista's attack on Ric Aptitude last week in Uncooked.

We glance back last week.

Stephanie McMahon is behind and she or he sees Colin Jost and Michael Chein. Stephanie says they are special correspondents for Wrestlemania. Colin says he's ready for Wrestlemania in New York. Stephanie tells Colin that WWE is difficult. He tells them to get used to fans and superstars. They are a bit more aggressive than a few of them they handle with SNL. Colin says he's wrestling in highschool and still has his own singlet.

Triple H leaves within the ring.

We're going for a business.

We are again and see feedback from Batista to Triple H. He regrets that he has not executed so for Raw, but he does not need to be there. He has no other duties and he isn’t afraid of Hunter. He doesn't like Philly. He thinks he doesn't like Pittsburgh and perhaps he sees him there or perhaps not. They may play this recreation based on their rules until Recreation & # 39; s Over.

Hunter is within the ring. He says he was capable of convey one of many largest legends within the company to his 70th anniversary. She might stand out right here for an hour and sing her praise. Hunter says he's not shocked by Ric Aptitude. He wasn't there by Ric Flair, he was there by Richard Fliehr. He was there behind a man behind Ric Aptitude. He was there for the person he drove up and down the street and was there for Hunter's greatest and worst occasions. Hunter says he's the perfect and worst of occasions. Ric was there for Hunter's wedding ceremony and Hunter was there for a couple of riche weddings. Hunter says he is there when Ric buried his son.

Richard Fliehr is a person who, simply over a yr ago, was lying in a mattress of a Atlanta hospital coma. At the moment, every time the telephone rings, he would get that feeling of worry as a result of he thought Ricon had referred to as. He was there for a man who shouldn't have been alive on his 70th birthday in a matter he beloved more than anything on this world, standing in entrance of the ring in front of you.

Hunter was walking in Richard Fliehr Ring so he might be Nature Boy Ric Flair as a result of he lived. It didn't occur due to this music. . . Dave needed her consideration and we all know why. You've cried on it online in the final two years. When he was injured in November, you thought it was gone. You couldn't do what you all the time did, you stop. Once they don't shout you, you stop. You couldn't cease since you couldn't get what you needed. You attacked a 70-year-previous man, fortunate sufficient to be alive and stay his goals for the individuals. You took it out of him.

Now you need to appear on the display and go together with Dangerous Man 101. In response to Hunter, he doesn't actually care about the place you need to go or what you need to do. Hunter says he has come to the Dave Home. He calls Dave to return residence. He goes to the movie collection if he has to. He waits for Dave and he says Dave has obtained some balls. Hunter tells Dave of every time down the street and each second with them as you step in entrance of him and needed his consideration. It's not a recreation. It's not that they sell or arrange. This isn’t a sign. Once you face up with him, you don't take a look at the character, you take a look at the person. Take a look at her in the eyes as a man when you can. Keep where you possibly can and tell him what you need. Hunter provides it to Dave.

We take a look at what happened to Ronda Rouse final week.

Stephanie McMahon is requested concerning the place of the Raw Ladies title. Stephanie says that when Ronda set the championship on the carpet, it was blasphemy. That's why WWE goes to do the perfect for businesses. All funds have fallen towards Becky Lynch. The suspension is removed. Stephanie says she referred to as Becky to return to the world to signal Hold Harmless when Becky meets Charlotte Aptitude's Open Raw Ladies Championship.

We go business.

We’re back and Roman Reigns asks Dean Ambrose if that they had beforehand met in such locations. They have locker rooms they usually can speak about every part. Dean says if you want to speak, let's speak.

Match Number three: Heavy Machinery Resund Gauntlet Match

Phase One: Heavy Equipment vs. B Workforce

Otis and Axel launch issues and Axel dances. Otis with shoulders, sends Axel to the hatches and connects the arms. Tucker tags and he hits a splash within the nook, and Otis, together with his shoulder and Tucker, virtually falls. Axel avoids the splash within the corner and Axel kicks Tucker. Bo tags and Tucker kicked Axel and then beats Bo. Tucker, who has a clothesline for Axel and leads DDT to Bo. Bo invents Otis and Otis and Tucker Compactor for 3 calculations. Konnor with punches and Viktor's tags, and he will get virtually autumn. Konnor recognizes and hits Tucker and gets virtually autumn. Konnor cuts Tucker and connects his arms. Konnor with a hard Irish whip. Konnor will get virtually autumn. Konnor overlooks the nook of the syringe and hits the ring first. Viktor and Otis and Otis on the shoulder or two. Otis with fallaway slam and splash angle.

Phase Three: Heavy Machines versus Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

Hawkins with Reverse DDT and Ryder with a Humpback Set Close to Autumn. Ryder with punches and Hawkisn tags. They hit the aspect of the Russian leg sweep and STO mixture near the autumn. Tucker pierces Ryder and each move via the top line on the Foley clothesline. Otis, who has the facility of slam, after which he makes Caterpillar in three chapters.

Winners: Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight

We see the announcement that Torrie Wilson can be included in WWE's well-known Corridor.

are back and subsequent week Triple H is nose to nose with Batista.

Colin Jost and Michael Che walk behind. They stroll previous EC3 by spraying themselves in front of the mirror. Titus O Neil stops them and needs a picture and he has Colin.

We have now a video package deal for Torrie Wilson

Charlotte Flair is behind and requested about Raw Ladies 's Championship match. Charlotte says somebody might be if. Becky and his stubborn Irish delight and ego, he signs the dotted line. Charlotte says Becky is conceited to assume he is the subsequent champion. Becky was crushed when he heard his interruption after the top of Wrestlemania. Charlotte says she places Becky on the shelf. Charlotte apologizes for Becky's hopes. The excellent news is that the WWE universe returns to its glory as he becomes Raw Ladies 's Champion.

We see behind Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins stops at Les Nessman's Tribute. Seth says the brothers are preventing and even in any case have been by way of, there was mutual respect. Seth says Dean is his wrestling soulmate. They have one probability and one shot to do it in the appropriate path.

Dean says to place Defend together again? No can do. Dean says he appreciates the assistance he gave last week, however he has something to do with the tire tonight and he has to do it himself.

Elias is in the store.

Elias says she is aware of she's in Philly as a result of the Stanley Cup isn't found anyplace. He knows he's in Philly as a result of everyone seems to be pleased with this metropolis. Have you learnt how he knows he's in Philly because all mom seems to be from Gritt. Have you learnt how he knows he's in Philly? Everybody has a fat load. Have you learnt how you understand he's in Philly? He saw the Eagles fan by eating horse manure on the aspect of the street. Have you learnt how he is aware of he's in Philly? Youngsters haven’t any future, regardless of how arduous you attempt. She says Bryce Harper advised her that her profession was dying.

Match Number four: Elias vs. Dean Ambrose

Dean with thighs and forearms, however Elias with knees and commas. Dean with a flying clothesline and punches. Dean kicked at the corner, but Elias kicked. Dean sends Elias to the carpet and the garments strains to Elias on prime of the floor. Dean leaves on the ground and kicks Elijah and sends her to the ring. Dean, a Russian leg on the aspect, sweeps the ring-aspect barrier after which Dean breaks the calculation.

They return the tire and the Dean laundry line over the rope above Elias to the floor on the other aspect of the tire.

We're again and Elias goes to the old-fashioned within the Dean. The dean is shipped to the ground and with Elias baseball slide. Elias loses the peso and Dean with suicide diving to Elias. Dean sends Elias to the tire-aspect barrier and then returns to the tire. Dean with clothespins and operating forearm. Dean with an Irish whip and forearm. Elias sends Dean's sternum first to the twists and then to Elijah with the northern laria. Elias kicks and knee drops near the autumn. Elias pierces the suppressing suplex of Dean and Dean and will get virtually dropped on the inside rack. Dean gets up and meets the jumping knee when she comes out.

Winner: Elias

After the match, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins take the stage.

We're going for a business.

We're again and Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are coming out.

Seth needs to get one other shot right here. Dean walks by means of Roman and Seth and leaves the ring.

The music of Baron Corbin plays and comes to life with different CorreBin members, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyren.

Baron needs to end the damaged document and he says this is pathetic. Drew says that truthful hounds are three misleading canine that battle for scraps on their tables. This isn’t the return you have got been ready for. Drew says he's going to offer them a chance to have an epic match with Fastlane, but they’ll determine this at the moment. They’ll cease this proper now.

Bobby, Baron and Drew encompass the ring and Roman and Seth battle towards them as a result of Dean has a hall within the corridor. Dean leaves the ring and leaves after Drew, Baron and Bobby. A Roman with a Superman strike for Lashley when Seth's superpots Drew and Dean send Corbin to the floor.

Dean, Roman, and Seth are within the ring they usually choose Defend Fist, but behind Dean.

Becky Lynch is behind us once we go business.

We're again and it's official. Defend meets Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyren and Bobby Lashley

Match Number 5: Sasha Banks (with Bayley) and Tamina Snuka (with Nia Jax)

Tamina hitting Sasha and kicking Sashan. Tamina sends Sasha's twists and turns to Sashan. Sasha elbow, but Sasha with kick and knee. Tamina behind. Tamina will get virtually autumn. Tamina, with an Irish whip and elbow in the corner. Sasha, with a double knee, hits a nook adopted by another. Sasha will get virtually autumn. Tamina's head, but she will't get to the dive head. Sasha is a operating knee close to the fall. Tamina gets to Sasha's shoulders, however Sasha escapes. Tamina sends Sashan to the carpet and leaves the superpot. Sasha, whose roll is near autumn. Tamina punch

Tamina loses her shoulders within the corner and Sasha on the aspect of a Russian foot swipe and she or he applies the bank assertion. Nia pulls Tamina on the floor to assist her. Nia sends Bayley to the floor. Sasha with Meteora off Apron. Nia grabs Sasha's leg and provides Tamina the prospect to hit a superpick in three chapters.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

Colin and Michael walk behind and Michael has to go to the toilet. Colin says he's not afraid of any of those guys, and he turns to Braun Strowman. Braun tells Colin that he’s a fun man. Colin tries to offer Braun a pep conversation and then he speaks to himself in the corner. Colin asks if this is actual, and we see that Braun picked up Colin's throat, and he asks him what he thinks.

We're going for a business.

We’ve got come back and Braun continues to stifle Colin. He asks Colin if he solutions the question. He says they’re in Wrestlemania.

Ricochet and Aleister Black are behind and are requested about their identify competitors. Black says individuals are afraid of what they will't understand. He says he is doing actions that present that they belong. Ricochet says he is humble, but they’re prepared.

Match Number Six: Scott Dawson and Sprint Wilder vs. Ricochet and Aleister Black Raw Tag Workforce Championship

Wilder and Black start doing things and punches Wilder and kicks Dawson. Wilder with stomach-to-back suplex. Wilder with a comma and Dawson tags. Dawson is kicking and squatting. Dawson, with a European upper and snap-mare, adopted by a foot and elbow drop. Dawson, who has a diving head near the autumn. Black and Quebrada for Dawson.

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable make their means into the ring once we are in a business course.

We're again and Dawson, with a prime wrist strap and arm. Black with a hand pull and a black knee. Black with piercing and Dawson. Black with a flying knee and each men are down. Wilder tags and Black with a foot swipe and it means Ricochet. Ricochet with kick and forearm in Wilder. Ricochet kicks Dawson and gets a drop off with Wilder's again. Ricochet, who has a neck breaker for Dawson and curler Wilder. Ricochet goes to crucify, however Wilder blocks it and retains the ropes. Ricochet, who has virtually autumn. Black kicks with Dawson and Ricochet with scissors for Dawson. Ricochet with a shoulder on the nook and he hits a springboard on the prime of Europe Wilder.

Roode and Gable Attack Wilder and Dawson and the referee call the clock.

Winners: Ricochet and Aleister Black (disqualified) [19659002] Roode and Gable get into the apron they usually come to the ring. Roods have some words for black and black punch and Ricochet takes care of Gable. Black with Quebrada, Seat and Ricochet with Arms on Superhero Landing

We're going for a business.

We’ve got returned and Stephanie McMahon has the Raw Ladies title.

Stephanie says that there are lots of things that may happen on Wrestlemania, such as the return of the Roman Empire and the renewal of the defend. We will see Ronda Rouse's ladies's week before Wrestleman.

We see what occurred final week with Ronda Ronda Rouse

Stephanie McMahon brings out Charlotte Aptitude

Then Stephanie brings out Becky Lynch. ] Stephanie says we undoubtedly want a champion. At Fastlane Airport, Charlotte Aptitude is considered one of Becky Lynch's Uncooked Ladies & # 39; s Championship. Stephanie tells Becky that he has no contract he needs to signal before the match starts. Becky indicators the contract and indicators it.

Charlotte says Becky indicators it until Stephanie needs to offer her identify to the queen.

Becky says he has gained Charlotte's one leg on the Royal Rumble and doesn’t have to wait now.

Stephanie tells Becky that they need to undergo legal hoops.

We go to the garage and Ronda Rousey leaves for the tire once we go business.

We're again and just in time for Ronda to go

Ronda needs to know what's happening. Stephanie says she had no selection however to launch the title.

Ronda says he gave Stephanie's week, and he needed Becky to be in the match. Ronda says he needs his identify again

Stephanie provides Ronda a belt, but Stephanie says she has to do enterprise right here. Becky still meets Charlotte Aptitude. If Becky loses, he's ready. If Becky wins, he shall be added to the match in Wrestlemania.

Ronda says that Stephanie proudly appreciates his pockets. Will he admit he has lost management? Ronda says he can go crazy at any time since you value your bank account with the Charlotte or Becky our bodies. Ronda says he is doing his greatest to make his ass go for leisure, and you made him out of the Los Angeles constructing. Ronda says he gained't fake any more. He can break his nose if he needs to. Ronda is not a dancing monkey. Ronda hits Charlotte after which goes after Becky. Ronda punches Becky's

Ronda with a Becky arm. Ronda punches Becky after which Judoheit. Charlotte involves the ring when Ronda makes use of the hand bar, however Charlotte does nothing about it.

Ronda stands at Becky's neck as he stares at Charlotte. Ronda punches Becky. Ronda with a hand bar, but he kicks Becky off.

Stephanie is asked if she has finished for Ronda. Stephanie says that Ronda showed real colors. He has no which means to anybody. He says he has no love for Becky Lynch, however he feels sorry for Becky. Becky signs the contract and then Ronda wins him. Who Ronda Rousey believes he’s. Stephanie says she will't wait to see what occurs to Ronda in Wrestlemania. Stephanie says we get one hell in Wrestlemania. Stephanie says there can be lots of raw materials subsequent week


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