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WWE RAW Results – March 11, 2019

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WWE RAW Results – March 11, 2019

We’re in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the announcers are Michael Cole, Renee Younger and Corey Graves.

The defend is on its option to the gang, however

Roman says in current months that he has come to understand that life is short and tomorrow is just not guaranteed. If last night time was the last time he has no regrets. He has no regrets as a result of he did what he loves with the individuals he loves. Final week he requested them for good they usually didn't let him down and Roman stated he was grateful for it. We’re on our option to Wrestlemania and if there are three males who should cope with their enterprise, they’re. Roman says he hasn't had singles in Raw for greater than five months, so he realized he might repair it in the present day. Ambrose has a business. He doesn't know what it’s, nor Dean. A person with a real enterprise is Seth. Roman asks how lengthy you’ve got been in your dream. Roman says he isn’t right here to talk for Set, but he kills the beast. He takes the world championship and the entire world sings "burn it down".

Roman and Dean depart the ring when Seth stays in the tire.

Seth appears on the Wrestlemania character and says Fastlane last night time, Defend burned it down.

Paul Heyman pauses and drives the scene. Paul presents himself and reminds us that he is Brock Lesnar, the conqueror of Seth Rollins in the primary performance of Wrestlemania.

Seth additionally says Brock's identify. He says Brock Lesnar, who controls his opponents. He ruled the large show, ran Samo via the River, took Braun to Strowman to Suplex Metropolis and destroyed Bill Goldberg.

Paul appreciates Seth's line.

Seth says to Brock Lesnar, who had a very onerous time attending to Daniel Bry. Brock Lensar, pushing his AJ-fashion border. Brock Lesnar, whom Finn Balor was near. That Brock Lesnar?

Paul says yes.

Seth says your shopper has a bit of drawback with boys who are his measurement, progress, velocity, agility and elegance. There is only one man with AJ, FInn and Daniel who is ideal for profitable your clients in Wrestlemania and Seth Freakin's Rollins. Three weeks, that's all you’ve got. Seth says he will take the Holy Beast and convey it again uncooked every week.

Paul says that Seth doesn’t kill the beast. Paul says that Seth doesn't tell the entire story. Brock had no time to organize for all of the individuals you mentioned. Paul says it ought to be Brock and Jinder Mahal, nevertheless it wasn't Jinder Mahal, it was AJ types. It was meant to be Brock Lesnar and AJ types, nevertheless it was Daniel Bryan. It was presupposed to be Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman, however it was Finn Balor. Paul says Brock had only 5 days to organize for these males.

We now have a Brock Lesnar video package deal.

Paul says that after you have got gained the Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar has had these sadistic fantasies in mind as he intends to do for Seth, because he has prepared for you in the primary performance of Wrestlemania. Do you assume you already know Brock Lesnar? Seth Rollins, you don't know Brock Lesnaria

Shelton Benjamin, with two German suplexia Seth Rollins. Benjamin's third German suplex.

We're going for a business.

Match No 1: Shelton Benjamin and Seth Rollins

Benjamin with Waist Lock, and Slam. Rollers with aspect-end lock, however Benjamin with aspect-end locking and punches. Rolls with back elbow and comma. Rollins, with a drop kick and Benjamin, goes to the ground. Rollins sends Benjamin a tire restriction after which again to the tire. Rollins beats Benjamin and Rollins with Blockbuster. Rollins is lacking from Black Out, and Rollins descends to their ft. Rollins sends Benjamin to the ground and Benjamin's kick when Rollins goes on suicide diving.

We're going for a business.

We’re again and Benjamin's reverse jaw lock. Rollins with punches and Benjamin ship Rollins to the floor. Benjamin sends Rollins to the ring edge and apron after which connects the clothesline. Benjamin sends Rollins again to the ring. Rollins get virtually a bill. Rollins drops a power bomb on the seashore. Rollins cuts Benjamin and kicks Benjamin. Curler pads. Rollins is with a pre-tie and rollins with an ensuir. Rollins with a springboard clothesline, virtually in the fall.

Rollins lacks thrust and Benjamin with German suplex. Benjamin and one other German suplex. Benjamin leaves for F-5, however for Rollins, who has an excellent-kick and thrust, followed by Black Out, in three chapters.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Finn Balor leaves the ring.

Match Number 2: Finn Balor and Bobby Lashley at the Intercontinental Championship

Lashley, with a waist lock, and she or he sends to Balor's turnbuckle. Lashley kicks and he strangles in the corner of Balor. Lashley Chokes at Balor Ropes. Lashley works around her neck. Balor drops kick to Lashley. Lashley runs to Balor's nook and hits his shoulder. Balor goes to the entrance, however Lashley blocks the enzyme and connects the elbow. Lashley leaves for a forward motion, and he places a suplex on the apron, but Balor will get up on his ft and drops off Lashley's apron.

We're going for a business.

We're back and Lashley, with a reverse jaw lock. We see a video of Lashley's business break engaged on the floor in Balor. Lashley was at Flatliner close to the autumn. Lashley stomps in hand after which goes to the facility bomb, but Balor returns to his ft and sends Lashley to the ground. Lashley travels to Balor and then hits the background chief for the apron close to the autumn.

Lashley with piercing and arm with jaw lock. Balor, who has a backbone drop and a Lashley with a sunset flap, but Balor rolls and hits a drop. Lashley runs the boots of Balor and Balor on the forearm and the flying forearm. Balor with Chopping and Lashley with Irish Whip. Lashley captures Balor when Balor tries to float. Balor was retired and double. Lashley runs to the corner of Baloria after which he does it once more. Lashley goes to Dominator, but Balor, whose roll is close to autumn. Lashley throws in Balor's handles, however with Balor's boulders.

Balor, with a dropping kick that sends Lashley to the nook and someone hits the ring and is Lio Rush. Lio grabs the headline and tells the Finn that he doesn't belong to him. Balor, with a shoulder to Lashley, and a kick to Rush, however Balor goes to the springboard motion and Lashley's spear to 3.

Winner: Bobby Lashley (new champion)

After the match, Lio and Bobby rejoice

Charly Caruso is behind and she or he is a baron with Corbin. He asks Baron about his comments on Roman Reigns after his leukemia has been revealed. Baron says he doesn't keep in mind what he stated, however we’ve got videos. Baron admits to saying it, but he isn’t concerned about violating individuals's feelings. She needed Roman to get out of the ring and now she's back. You can’t tell him that profitable this illness signifies that Roman is identical. Roman can be here tonight. Baron says he has carried Uncooked after Roman has left.

Ronda Rousey walks behind.

We're going for a business.

We’ve returned and WWE's uncooked feminine champion Ronda Rousey gets into the ring.

Ronda doesn't care about cellular phone rings and what they assume. She didn’t overlook that you simply deserved the songs. That's why you pamper Becky. Would you want to shut the barrier behind. There's no shrine for you. He destroys Charlotte & Becky on their largest stage. That's why he obtained Charlotte discarded. He is right here to point out that WWE is a Carny present. He’s a champion after Wrestlemania and no one can cease him. You can also make it a nuisance and he can be embarrassed if he broke Hika. He calls Becky and Ronda a joke.

Dana Brooke is on the stage. He tells Ronda that this is enough. We've heard enough of your poison and have nothing left. He does not offer you respect for WWE and the WWE universe. She doesn't give Ronda any respect for the women's dressing room. He is probably not a fantastic fighter for a very long time and he loves WWE. He loves this enterprise. Dana says she has earned a respect for the locker room. He fights every week for a chance, however he doesn't get a match. He will not be on television and he isn’t your property identify as you, but all he needs is an opportunity. It’s a night time after a consecutive view and you supply an open problem. Dana tells Ronda who she is and she or he accepts the problem.

Ronda kicks in the midst of Dana and then throws Ronda and judo on the floor. Ronda goes by way of and hits Piper's pit when the referee makes his approach into the ring to maintain his palms and tell Ronda his cease.

Ronda walks back

Michael Cole says in case you assume what Ronda or Baron has stated is tasteless, it doesn't examine to what Batista did to Ric Flair.

Match Number Three: Aleister Black and Ricochet vs. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

Black and Gable are launching things and blacks with punches, but Gable with a draw down. Roode tags and Black send Gable to the ground and Black to kick and foot-swipe. Roode with spinebuster, close to autumn. Roode kicks and he runs within the Black Turn Knife. Roode with a comma and Gable tags. Roode with Suplex and Roode Drops Gable for Black Near Autumn. Rear jaw lock. Roode tags in and kicks Black at the nook. A roode with a again-circuit breaker and he gets virtually a bill.

Black with punches and Black with a sundown flap close to the fall. Roode with knees and Irish whip, but Black strikes and Roode hits the wheels. Ricochet tags and hits on the clothesline at Roode and neck breaker at Gable. Ricochet, with scissors, falls down. Ricochet with a shoulder at the corner and she or he goes to the apron. Gable makes a blind signal and Gable captures Ricochcet with a hand control and Gable with a German suplex when Roode hits successful plate and Gable will get close to the fall.

Gable tags and he goes to the moon, however jumps over Ricochet. Ricochet with clothesline Gable. Ricochet avoids Superb DDT and Ricochet by rolling near autumn. Roode rolling. Black tag and he hits Roode. Ricochet and kick and black black mass on three figures.

Winners: Ricochet and Aleister Black

Raw Tag Staff Masters Sprint Wilder and Scott Dawson are attacking the black and Ricochet ramps.

Alexa Bliss leaves in the direction of the ramp.

Alexa says this can be a very special section. He says individuals have been saddened by what Rawilla has completed thus far, but additionally they speak about his horrors. He says he reveals the host of Wrestlemania. He mentions previous hosts like Kim Kardashian, Rock and The New Day. This yr's Wrestlemania host is. . .

Alexa Bliss.

Alexa says that the only thing she will say is that it is so honored for the WWE universe. You’re welcome. Finally, Wrestleman hosts the brightest star on their largest stage.

Braun Strowman is behind and requested about Colin Jost's feedback last week and has the correct to do what he did for him. Braun says he's higher off. Braun says she stored her in her neck. Braun is advised that his automotive is right here.

We're going for a business.

We've come back and see the new Braun automotive and there is a card. The new automotive is on Saturday night time and signed by Colin Jost. Braun needs to see what this has executed, and he tore the door off and throws it away. Braun says it doesn't fit into it because it's too small. They don't even wash it because there’s shit in the window. He opens the Hood and attaches the entrance bumper.

Braun provides a part of the automotive to a production assistant and tells him to tell Colin and MIchael that he sees him, that he’ll reside in New York and they’ll get these arms.

Elias is within the ring. He says that Braun didn’t respect his present, however you respect this present. Elias says she won’t return to her hometown till she was a star.

Elias says it is a miracle that she is so successful. There’s overwhelming proof that in case you are from Pittsburgh, you will be an enormous waste. He remembers how awful everyone is here. It's the depressing individuals who maintain massive individuals back. He has given recommendation to Antonio Brown.

No Jose Jose's music is interrupted and the conga line goes off.

Elias, who had a drop kick by way of the ropes, and then he despatched Joses to the ring. Elias assaults one of the members on the conga line. Elias hits the Drift Away rally.

It's time to take a look at the newest induced WWE's well-known hall. . .

The music of Lacey Evans performs and she or he forgets that she is supposed to walk on the ring and as an alternative walks into the bulletin board

Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka come out and Nia doesn't need something to do with Lacey

Natalya says final night time, that he knew who had his again. He thought Ronda was behind, but that isn’t the case. She doesn't trust Nia and she or he doesn't trust Tamina, so she has her greatest pal. Beth Phoenix comes out.

Match Number 4: Natalya (with Beth Phoenix) and Nia Jax (with Tamina Snuka)

Nia on the clothesline and she or he accelerates Natalya. Tamina grabs Natalya's leg and Nia.

Winner: NIa Jax (disqualifying)

After the match, Beth takes care of Nia and Tamina.

again and Sasha Banks and Bayley try to struggle with Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka. Officials do their greatest to separate them.

We see that quite a lot of automobiles arrive on the building, and Batista rises up together with his church.

We're going for a business.

Triple H leaves within the ring. [19659002] She needs Batista on the street.

Batista's music performs and goes on stage. He is accompanied by his guards who make V on the ramp.

Hunter asks if Batista is going to face on a ramp like a model of a nostril ring or will he get a tire. He asks if security protects him.

Batista says safety is right here because he's not stupid. He says he discovered and he paid attention. He discovered about two dirtiest in the recreation. He discovered from Hunter and Ric Aptitude. They’re right here for his or her safety. Batista asks the place the sled is. The most important mistake was to underestimate her. We do it in response to his phrases. He says Hunter is aware of what Batista needs.

Hunter tells Dave that he's not going to offer him something. How many occasions have you completed this business? Should he offer you stuff because you're an enormous film star? Hunter says he doesn't give him anything. Since you are too huge a coward to face him like a man, they do it the best way. He goes out of this ring, rises and tears by way of Unbiased Scene Guards

Batista says they're not doing Hunter's method. On the time you come right here, Batista is behind. Dave says he’ll cease as a result of he needed to get out of Hunter because he appreciated them. If he doesn't get what he needs, he will nonetheless harm the individuals Hunter loves.

Hunter tells Dave to return to the ring and face him as a man as a result of he doesn't give Batista anything.

Batista says you understand Hunter needs it. You're not in management. Batista says to offer him what he needs. He says he needs Hunter in Wrestlemania.

Hunter asks if so. You possibly can win a 70-year-previous man and hide behind safety. Hunter tells Batista he's on.

Batista says he’s in search of the final match and match to determine on Hunter's career on his phrases. Batista says he sees Hunter in Mania

Hunter says you see him in Wrestlemania, however you need to dig down deep into Hollywood to seek out the animal's scrap. It could be your terms, however the match is his terms. There are not any rules, no restrictions on what he does, won’t cease

We're going for a business.

We now have returned and Kurt Angle leaves the ring and is dressed to struggle.

Kurt says 23 years ago, he left Pittsburgh to compete within the Olympics and he gained a gold medal with a damaged horror. He has traveled the world, and he met and gained every legend. Wherever he went, he thought-about Pittsburgh as his hometown. Kurt says he needed to make this announcement tonight. It's his farewell match in Wrestlemania. Kurt thanks WWE and each celebrity the place he shared the locker room. He needs to thank every considered one of you.

He says he nonetheless has one match in his hometown after which it is in Wrestlemania.

Match Quantity 5: Apollo Crews vs. Kurt Angle

] They are locked and crews with aspect-finish lock and shoulder. An angle the place the hip loss and the arm are drawn to the arm. Males with piercing however angled with Irish whip. A crew with a boot however an angle with an stomach above the stomach. Crews with a drop kick near the fall. Crews with suplex near autumn. Angle with elbows and punches, but Crews punches backwards. They trip with the German suplex and have two extra to finish the Three Rivers mixture in the fall. The nook goes to the Olympics, however the crew with an arm and an oguigiri, followed by a everlasting moon close to the autumn.

Crews strikes into screw tubes and leaves frog air.

Winner: Kurt Corner

After the match, the nook will help Crews up and hug him.

We're going for a business.

Match Number Six: Roman Reigns v Baron Corbin

Drew McIntyre attacks Roman when Roman will get into the ring. Drew sends Roman to the ring submit. Roman hits Drew and Drew on Claymore. Drew tells Roman to struggle when Drew expects him to rise. Drew and the opposite Claymore and the top of Rome hit the ring submit. Drew says this is just the start.

A member of the medical employees inspects Roman. The Roman staggers circulate round. Seth Rollins comes out to verify Romania. Roman says he's advantageous and he has a bit of headache. Roman has hassle protecting stability when he rides a ramp with Seth Rollins. Roman walks again and we are within the business course.

We’ve got returned and Dean Ambrose has joined Roman and Seth. Seth says she's getting Roman out when Dean calls her a coward. They go to the trainer's room and Dean leaves the ring and Hunter stops him. Dean says he needs to struggle Drew tonight.

Hunter accepts the match.

Drew asks Dean if he's going to take this player like a man or are you

Match quantity six: Dean Ambrose vs. Drew McIntyre Falls at Rely Anyplace Match

Dean rises to satisfy Drew and the match begins. Dean with suplex, and double sledge on stage. Drew with kick but Dean elbow and he sends Drew into Dasher boards. Ambrose hits Drew. Drew eyes and commotion. Dean with elbow and chop when he ends Drew sending him to the railing. They're preventing in the hallway. Drew sends Ambrose to the rail. They struggle above the corridor and Drew sends Dean to the wall. Drew tries to throw in the Dean, but Dean bites Drew's fingers.

Dean, who has a double sled off the counter and throws the trash at Drew once we go business.

Dean follows Drew. We see footage of a business break when concessions have been used in addition to merchandise. They make their means back to the ring space. Dean strikes to a hoop-aspect obstacle, and Drew and Drew seize over her stomach-stomach suplex. Drew adjusts the tire steps and expenses Dean and hits Dean's head. Drew gets virtually autumn.

Drew has new steps and he hits Dean a second time. Drew gets virtually autumn. Drew brings Dean back to the gang and Drew has something to say to Dean, however Dean, who has a again cowl kick for Ding Ding. Dean with piercing for Drew. Drew sends Dean to one of many production events after which to scorching photographs on Drew's table. Drew has a chair and Dean kicks Drew and sends Drew to a production case.

Dean hits Drew and places him within the case and rolls him into another case and Drew falls on the ground. Dean will get virtually autumn. Dean sends Drew's head to the case and then Drew leaves the bulletin board. Dean with an inner cradle on stage near autumn. Drew with kick and punches. Drew adjusts the bulletin board, however Dean has a stomach-to-back suplex bulletin board. Dean with punches.

Drew with a slight blow to Dean. Drop the eyes of a Dean with a pen. Drew lawn darts Dean into TitanTron. Drew gets one other garden mower, however Drew will get virtually autumn. Dean hit Drew and Drew beat Dean. Drew places Dean's head on the rail and Drew punches and hits Claymore.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Dean Ambrose gets his leg and Drwe with one other Claymore once we go on credit