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WWE RAW Results – June 17, 2019

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WWE RAW Results – June 17, 2019

We’re in Los Angeles, California, and the announcers are Michael Cole, Renee Younger and Corey Graves.

Let's begin with Elijah within the ring.

Elias says she spoke to her pal Anthony Davis and asked Anthony why she was shifting to LA. Anthony stated he was junk and so was Los Angeles. Anthony stated he needed to be round probably the most poisonous individuals. Elias says Baron Corbin invited her right here. Elias picks up her husband and exhibits the referee's shirt and she or he says she was referred to as a overseas referee on Sunday.

Seth Rollins hits the back of Elias's chair after which does it more occasions.

Seth takes a mic and she or he says all the things she's gone by means of with Brock Lesnar, she's played games. Baron Corbin should discover a referee before Sunday. Seth says this is the primary and last warning should you comply with be a referee. It doesn’t matter what Baron guarantees you, that is what you get on the other aspect and Seth keeps the chair.

Miz leaves the ring and provides Elias a Skull Crushing Finale. Bobby Lashley comes to the ring and hits Elijah's spear. Cesaro leaves the ring and provides Elias a Big Swing. Ricochet makes his method into the ring and provides Elias a face. Braun Storman goes out and Strowman stands over Elias and picks him up for a operating slam.

Match Number One: Miz vs. Bobby Lashley and Cesaro vs. Ricochet vs. Braun Strowman. US Headline

Strowman drops kicks to Lashley and Cesaro when the ring rings and Strowman grab them into the throat and send them to the top line to swim. Miz and sleeper, but Ricochet runs to Strowman's shoulder. Strowman, who had Biel with Miz, and he knocked out Lashley's apron. Cesaro, who has a European higher jack, followed by an Alpamare water slide.

Strowman, who has energy over slam Lashley for Cesaro and Cesaro, has been hooked up.

Cesaro Putki

Strowman, who has a launch for Miz, however Lashley and Flatliner Strowman. Lashley sets the suplex and hits it.

To Strowman Lashley with a view to remove him

Bobby Lashley Fall

Strowman leaves the ground and hits his operating shoulder in Miz and then he does the identical with Ricochet. Strowman with one other Miz when he runs previous Joe. Lashley and Cesaro assault Strowman and Cesaro with Gotch Fashion Neutralizer for Strowman. Ricochet and 630 Splash remove Strowman with Lashley and Cesaro

Braun Strowman Tube

Strowman sends Ricochet to the highest of Lashley. Strowman sends a Lashley to a barrier and Strowman runs on the ramp and sends Cesaro to the wall.

We're going for a business.

We're again and Ricochet on the seashore. Miz pulls Ricochet out of the apron and leaves the baseball slide. Ricochet with Plancha. Ricochet rises up and falls to 630 splashes and rolls. Miz runs boots and Ricochet kick Miz. Ricochet goes to the springboard clothesline, but Miz blocks it and goes to the Skull Crushing Finale challenge, but Ricochet's winding. Miz with DDT, who is near the fall. Miz kicks Ricochet after which leaves a spherical pot, but Miz's chest. Ricochet had fallen and he lost his ensuigir. Miz is kicking, but Ricochet, whose roll is close to the fall.

Ricochet with an enzyme gun and he goes to a rolling pot, but Miz catches him and uses a 4-foot lock. Miz adds strain and will get virtually a drop. Ricochet crashes and flips. Miz rolls again and Ricochet will get into the ropes to pressure the arrest. Miz goes fourth, but Ricochet, who has an inner cradle close to the autumn. Miz is shipped to the ahead motion. Miz goes to the springboard and to Ricochet at Codebreaker. Ricochet rises from above and hits 630 in three chapters.

Winner: Ricochet

After the match, Joe assaults Ricochet behind and Joe accused Ricochet, however Ricochet falls down and Joe crosses the rope and Ricochet

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan get into the world.

We additionally see Raw Ladies Master Becky Lynch, who walks behind.

We're going for a business.

Uncooked Ladies Grasp Becky Lynch makes his means into the ring.

Becky needs Lacey Evans to return out and she or he mentions she hears Lacey exploding on and on. The subsequent time Becky tells you to get a hanging distance, you get what you deserve. You speak about what you do to get forward and curry. Why not kick his ass throughout Los Angeles

The music of Lacey Evans performs and she or he gets to the stage.

Lacey says no one cares. Lacey says Becky doesn't perceive her.

Becky says he is aware of that Lacey prefers to talk as slowly as potential and not to the ring

. The image is tough as a nail lady who has been via issues that a man can't understand.

Becky asks if Lacey is enjoying heart.

Lacey says her life deserves a film. He's not just a lady, he's US delivery. He can make a begin-up camp within the morning and run a cotillion at night time. This is the division of girls deserves.

Becky asks why Lacey does what she does on her past. Becky says Lacey isn’t just a piled pile of trash.

Lacey says that is what WWE needs. They need a trendy lady to set a regular champion, not as dangerous as you. You're profitable. Lacey reminds Becky that she already helped her lose her identify.

Lacey takes her time and Becky provides Lacey and Exploder.

It sees the security behind and we see behind the Revival. They see Shane's door they usually come. Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre are already there they usually drink champagne.

We're going to the interview area for Baron Corbin.

Baron is asked to discover a decide because Elias not needs to work. Baron says he has a whole lot of decisions. He says he has somebody in thoughts and he reveals it in a special magazine of Kevin and Sámi.

Baron turns and Seth hits Baron on a chair. Seth says he’s providing a baron seat, however he has extra to do.

Viking Raiders are behind us once we go business.

The masters of the Smackdown Tag staff Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan make their approach to the stage

Daniel Bryan says he knows why McMahons needed to deliver him right into a wild card because it sucks. Daniel says talking about Uncooked and Los Angeles. We all know that L.A is the capital of the American smog, however additionally it is filled with ignorant and impotent individuals. They are here to raise you out of the smog and practice you. They are right here to inspire you. Tonight he evokes you by destroying Common Champion Seth Rollins.

He proves that half of the Planet's Tag staff masters are better than all Raw and proves to all Uncooked staff groups that they’re the most effective. Los Angeles impotent plenty. . .

Match number two: Erik and Ivar vs. Russ Taylor and Randy Taylor

Erik tags and hit the German suplex. Ivar tags and goes to the springboard clothesline, adopted by the Viking Experience in three chapters.

Winners: Erik and Ivar

We see two individuals in the costume when the digital camera is in search of the entrance row. They understand what has happened, they usually flee and go underneath the ring, whereas the 24/7 Chase workforce is enjoying. They pull Titus O & # 39; s underneath the ring. Fact and Carmella can escape by means of the gang.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn speak to Baron Corbin in Gorilla's position earlier than they go on a journey. Sami and Kevin are on their solution to trade.

We are again and see Shane's Crew celebration. There’s a knock on the door and Heath Slater is available in. We will't hear what they say and Heath asks for one thing, but he doesn't get the lobster tail, like the masters of the tag group. Heath says that things are costlier and he needs to know if he can get a increase.

Scott and Dash snicker when Shane tells Heath that he needs a number of balls. Shane says she also has youngsters, but the answer is not any. Shane says Heath walked as a person and he can stroll out like a man because this can be a closed get together.

Shane tells Drew to cope with things.

We see Heath on the telephone together with his spouse and Drew to Heath. Drew says he has to do something for Heath because they go back. Drew drops the cash and Heath picks it up and Drew uses this chance to unite the forearm and shut Heath's head to the wall. Revival and Shane stored Drew back and advised him that it will be saved on Sunday when Sprint and Scott take the money to the floor.

We go to a circle the place Kevin Owens and Sami Zay are getting ready for Kevin and the Sami. 19659002] Kevin regrets Sami for not having new graphics and shouting to Bob. Kevin introduced his guest, Baron Corbin.

Sami tells Baron that this can be a protected area that is greater than he can say about WWE. We saw what happened to Elias tonight and what occurred to him last week when he was a decide and was attacked with a steel chair that had no impact. Sami says he is retiring as a decide at Stomping Grounds. Kevin says he is also withdrawing his identify in solidarity with the Sámi.

Sami asks Baron to inform him who his decide will probably be.

Baron says individuals have been lining up on the job and he has discovered a delivery

Baron brings out EC3

EC3 is attacked behind a metal chair by Seth Roll. Seth continues to attack

Baron shouts to Seth to attack one other and future celebrity. Baron says it's time to return to the drafting board.

The brand new day goes to the stage. They stand over EC3 and have a moment of silence for him.

Sami Zayn says the new day shouldn’t be invited friends and also you're not wild playing cards, so you shouldn't be here tonight.

Kevin tells them to go away

Kofi says he’s a WWE champion, so it means he goes where he needs when he needs. He says he would deliver the boys with him as a result of they want.

Kevin says Kofi is nervous that WWE's identify will probably be left for you, and if it isn’t Dolph Ziggler on Sunday, he would be the next

Kofi asks Kevin if he wins him identical to the Financial institution . . . where Kevin didn't win. Kofi says he’s in the Dolphin, the place he needs, in the midst of a ring of steel. There will probably be no cheats, and on the end of the match he is still a WWE champion.

Baron says that in the event that they don't need to be overseas judges, why don't we send all of them the best way again

Xavier says it feels like a problem. Xavier says if we only have a WWE official who punishes this match. Huge E suggests the decide they usually go to EC3, which has helped up and Xavier and Huge E shake EC3 sufficient to make this match with Kofi Kingston.

We go to the coach's room the place AJ types are checked. Dr. Karl and Dr. Luke say they're taking up. In line with AJ, he doesn't need these docs, but he thought of Karl and Luke. AJ says three years in the past that they debuted at the Staples Middle. You made a press release. AJ says they have been cool in Japan and dominated. AJ talks concerning the answers Karl and Luke have been on the WWE and AJ stated they acquired snug. They made a lot of money here, but AJ asks when did they final win the match? When was the final time you have been in Uncooked? When was the final time on WWE? AJ says he loses the previous Gallows and Anderson.

Luke says he's taking out the gloves tonight. Karl says they have a battle towards Usosia tonight and you may see how critical they are often.

Match Number Three: Baron Corbin, Sami Zay and Kevin Owens and Massive E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in Two Out

Fall Number One

Woods and Sami begin off and the Sámi wristwatch and Zayn. Woods, having his own turn. Zayn, whose forearm is in the corner, adopted by Irish whip and Woods, floats over and Woods, with its stormy elbow near the fall. Owens tags and kicks on Woods. Corb's tags and fired Woods. Owens strangles Woods when Corbin claims with the decide. Corbin with elbow and half Nelson and jaw lock. Woods with ensuigiri and both men are down.

Owens tags and he kicks Woods behind. Woods, with a yard sign that descends to Woods knees. Zay's tags and he pulls Woods back to the corner. Woods with punches and he is approaching his corner, but he can't make an identification.

New Day 1 Fall Corbin and Company 0 drops

We're going for a business.

Autumn Quantity Two

We are back and Corbin kicks Massive E in the nook of Woods and Kofi are on the floor. Owens tags and he punches and kicks Massive E. Owens, who has a back supervisor virtually within the fall. Zay's tags and kicked and punched Massive E. Zaynia with punches, however Huge E punches again and fights his approach out of the nook for a moment. Zay, who has a kick angle to the middle line, Huge E sends Owens to the ground. Owens with a superpot near the autumn. Corbin tags and Irish whips with Huge E. Corbin. Zayn tags and kicks Huge E. Zaynia with punches and Owens tags. Owens leaves the shoulder within the nook and hits the ring publish. Owens runs over the abdomen to his abdomen.

Corbin and Kofi identifier and Kofi with springboard and forearm. Corbin sends Kofi to the corner and Kofi with a pendulum and crosses the body virtually in the fall. Kofi kicked Corbin and Kofi with Growth Drop. Zay is disturbed by Kofia and Corbin hits Deep Six near the autumn. All six males are within the ring and Zay and Owens are sending Woods and Huge E to the ground. The Corbin slips around the ring submit and the Corbin clotheshops Zay when Kofi strikes. Owens pushes Corbin and Owens with an excellent kick. Kevin and the Sámi depart for Kofi and Hassle in Paradise in three chapters.

Winners: Kofi Kingston, Huge E and Xavier Woods

Nikki Cross is within the locker room and Alexa Bliss stops with the present. Nikki is so excited and is being asked to be together with her a ring together with her IIconics. Alexa says she's doing magic when Nikki gained Peyton. Alexa says the WWE finally has a champion who knows learn how to treat followers after profitable on Sunday.

Paul Heyman prepares for his locker room once we go business.

Paul presents himself. She says she doesn't really feel snug whereas she is here at night time when Seth Rollins hits individuals with a metal chair. Paul says he isn’t a bodily menace to Seth Rollins. Paul says he is NOT a overseas decide on Sunday. He says he’ll reject the supply if Baron did it. Paul says you need to be dumbass to simply accept this supply as a result of you will be on the opposite aspect of the steel chair. Paul says that for this reason he thought this morning. Paul asks what’s widespread to Lakers and Seth Rollins? They each bought their balls. The Lakers traded on Ball, so he can have a day of play and betray the entire metropolis of Los Angeles. Seth went out of his balls on a steel chair as a result of it was the only option to battle his clients.

Paul says his shopper knows find out how to turn the metal chair properly. If Seth is right here and he has a match and he has an enormous opponent, Seth is weak. Perhaps Brock Lesnar is right here tonight. Perhaps not. Perhaps on Sunday? Perhaps next Monday. Paul says he doesn't know and also you don't know. Most importantly, who doesn't know? Soon, the previous Universal Champion, Seth Rollins

Baron Corb's int he and he talks to Eric Young about being a decide on Sunday. Eric says he thinks about it. Eric walks within the hallway and sees Seth Rollins. Eric tells Seth that he’s translating the supply. Seth tells Eric that he understands and they are back. He knows that Eric doesn’t compromise on their friendship.

Seth walks previous and then hits behind Eric on a chair and then hits him rather more.

Jimmy and Jey Uso speak about good brothers turning tonight and it seems like they’ve one thing to show.

We're going for a business.

Match Number 4: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

Gallows and Jey Starting Up and Gallows Beating Jimmy Out of the Apron. Gallows tags imply Anderson, they usually hit the take-off and TKO mixture virtually within the fall. Anderson beats Jeyä

We see AJ types in a room with a back display.

Anderson, who had a clothesline on Jimmy flooring. Anderson, with a reverse jaw lock in Jey. Jey hitting, but Anderson blocks the pot. Anderson is on the clothesline. Gallows too sweets and tags. They set for Magic Killer, but Jimmy was a superpower for Anderson. Gallows sends Jimmy to the front.

Winners: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

I come back to Shane's Sweat Lodge and Drew drinks when Dash and Scott went.

Roman Reigns walks

We are back and Roman Reigns leaves the ring.

Roman says the Tremendous Showdown was not a superb week for him, however he's not making excuses right here. Excuses Don't Entertain You. What she entertains is she shouts somebody's ass tonight. Roman says giving Shanee the prospect to return in and prove that you’re a man and meet him at present.

Shane appears at Sweat Lodge and she or he says there’s some firm to deal with and she or he has Mike Rome who introduces her.

Shane says you shouldn't be ashamed of dropping the most effective on the planet. Shane says no, and he says the Roman ought to care for Drew McIntyres.

Drew says the one purpose he's not there, tore you to the limbs, is Shane McMahon, but Shane gained't stop him inside six days of finding your ass. Drew says he’ll attack you till it becomes very uncomfortable. He can connect Roman, however your night time ends if you find yourself unclear. Drew says he needs your youngsters to cry of their father's eyes. Drew tells individuals to observe Romania in their film because the subsequent movie can be a dull physique.

Roman makes his method again and Roman hits Dawson and head Wilts. Wilder is shipped to the wall when Dawson is shipped to the toilet.

Roman arrives at the Sweat Lodge and the Roman punches Drew and goes to Shane, however Drew can pull Roman away. Roman sends Drew to the wall and pushes the slams by way of Drew by way of the table.

Shane runs from Roman they usually go to the world.

Shane jumps to the ring area and to Roman with a dive in Shane and he strikes Shane. Roman sends Shane's ring and Roman to Superman with Shane. Shane rises, nevertheless it's not lengthy because the Roman spears Shane.

Roman stands over Shane and tells Shane to tell Drew he's going to spin his ass on Sunday.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are strolling behind

We're again and Natalya, Naomi and Bayley are in the locker room. Bayley is asked a few social media message from Bayley, who refuses to take a photograph with a fan on Nikki Cross's t-shirt. Bayley says Alexa has written it, and Bayleys says she is going to deal with Alexa about it.

Peyton and Billie are desperate to be in Hollywood and it is sensible for them to defend their tags tonight. Peyton has no excitement with Alexa and Niki. Billie wonders if there are different teams. They say Alexa was a champion and she or he's with Niko? Billie says this reminds her of Lebron James and Lakers. Lebron was a champion and he joined Lakers and looked at what occurred.

Match Quantity 5: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay in Ladies's Tag

Earlier than the start of the match, Alexa's opponent on Sunday Bayley leaves the ring.

Alexa and Billie begin doing issues and change words and Alexa with their strokes. Billie sends Alexa to the carpet and then Alexa sends Billie to the turning knife and kills Billie. Peyton is disturbed by Alexa and Billie is kicking Alexa. Peyton tags they usually double Alexa's workforce after which cause. Nikki tags are available and get virtually a drop. Nikki with a jaw breaker and a drop recreation. Nikki starts to turn and leaves a cross piece when Peyton strikes. Billie tags come and are available close to autumn. Billie, who has a kick behind, followed by a forearm,

Peyton's tags and kicked Nikki and works behind. Peyton with reverse jaw lock. Peyton slams Niki's head carpet and Peyton will get virtually autumn. Billie tags they usually kick Nikki before Billie strangles Nikki within the corner. Nikki elbow and forearm to get out of the nook. Nikki with arms. Billie, who hits Nikk and Alexa, leaves the apron and hits Bayley. Billie, with Rollup, and Bayley pulls Alex away from the front to stop her from helping her associate and Billie will get three chips.

Winners: Billie Kay and Peyton Royce (Keep Championship)

After the Match Alexa Explains

We're Going Business.

We’re again and Nikki and Alexa are behind and Alexa is making an attempt to apologize for what happened. Nikki says, if it wasn't for Bayley, they might be the workforce's group champions. Bayley is just not who he says he is. Bayley lit his dream and Nikki says he's in Alexa's nook on Sunday to observe Alexa win the title.

We're going to the newest Firefly Funhouse. They need water and sunshine and your thoughts develop. Some thoughts are filled with worms, nevertheless it's not good. Some individuals misinform you. Your mother and father say the world is spherical, however have they traveled all over the world? Academics say dinosaurs are lifeless, however how they know. Bray says he has built this place so we will all be together. Bray says he needs you all to hitch them here, where fun by no means stops. Everyone says to hitch them.

Bray says individuals worship what they worry. Worry is energy.

We see footage displaying "Let Him Be"

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan are in Gorilla's position and Daniel is asked if he's ready to step into the very aggressive Seth Rollins. Daniel asks why no one is sensible to take a chair from Seth. Daniel says that and not using a chair Seth Rollins is not any higher wrestler than Daniel Bryan. Daniel may be "Beastslayer," however Seth has never gained Daniel Bryan.

Seth Rollins walks behind and stops when he sees Becky Lynch. Seth exhibits us a steel chair when he walks commercially.

Match Number Six: Daniel Brya (with Erick Rowan) and Seth Rollins (with a metal chair) in a non-named recreation

They lock up and Bryan's chief takes down, however Rollins with a scissor. Rollers with aspect end locking will fall down. Rollins, with their shoulders and Bryan, sends Rollins to the floor and Bryan goes on suicide diving, but with Rollins forearm. Rollins, with a springboard laundry line and Bryan, go to the floor. Rollins, who has a suicide dive, and goes to Rowan, however Rowan, who has a nail ticket, and the referee calls the clock.

Winner: Seth Rollins (disqualifying)

Rowan retains following Rollins.

The brand new day goes to the ring and Kofi in Troy's paradise in Bryan. Woods and Huge E go after Rowan. Kevin Owens, Sami Zay, The Revival and Usos make their means into the ring. Jimmy and Jey, who’ve a double super kick for Rowan and Huge E, above Rowan. Jimmy and Jey designed The Revival, Owens and Zayn.

Officials go to the perimeter and there’s disappointment.

Bryan and Rollins are lonely within the ring and the match starts again and nobody is allowed

Match number seven: Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins in a non-nominal match

Rollins on the knees, however Bryan sends Rollins excessive of the floor with a again piece drop. Bryan sends Rollins to the tire levels. Bryan, with a operating drop kick within the corner. Bryan, who has another drop kick, after which he goes to 3rd. The rollers on the clothesline cease Bryan. Rollins with punches after which Rollins, with Irish whip and Bryan, end up of the nook and rollins at Slingblad virtually in the fall.

Rollins puts a superpot and hits the thrust and goes to Black Out, however Bryan strikes and Bryan will get virtually autumn. Rollers with a drop. Bryan was near the autumn. Bryan, with a European upper chest and Rollins comma. Bryan with another European higher chest after which swapping punches. Bryan is missing a round pot and Bryan blocks the enzyme and makes use of an ankle lock. Bryan, with a German suplex and Rollins, goes to the ground.

Bryan goes to the entrance and hits the flying knee, and Rollins goes down. Bryan will get up and Rollins smells like Bryan. Rollins with punches and he units superplex, but Bryan blocks it. Bryan, with punches and a headscarf, sends Rollins to the rug. Rollins jumps superpleksin the translator, but Bryan forestall the Falcon's arrow and counters Lebell Lockiin. Bryan binds his arm, but Rollins gets his ft on the rope to pressure a break.

Bryan, who leaves the chest and Bryan connects the round pot to the top. Bryan units a flying item, however Rollins falls and hits the buckle bomb. Rollers with thrust and close to landing. Rollins goes to the entrance and then he will get up, but Rollins gets his shoulder tight. Bryan gets his knee to a frog-splash and Bryan repeats the LeBell lock. Rollins counters are near landing. Rollins with ensuigiri and black out three chapters.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match, Corbin beats behind Rollins with a steel chair, as Rollins turned his back. Corbin beats Rollins back.

Corbin rolls Rollins and hits Rollins at the end of the day. Corbin calls for a headline, and he retains it over his head once we go on credit.