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WWE RAW Results – July 1, 2019

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WWE RAW Results – July 1, 2019

We’re in Dallas, Texas and the announcers are Michael Cole, Renee Younger and Corey Graves.

We see the Road victory again before we get the first

Match primary: Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley Falls at Rely Anyplace Match

Strowman with a shoulder and bounces on Lashley. Lashley and Spear and Strowman go to the floor. Lashley goes to the floor and runs to Braun and Braun's shoulder behind Lashley to get the ground shut. Lashley sends Strowman's ring publish and Lashley's spear to Strowman into the timing district and Lashley gets virtually autumn. Lashley's garments strains over Strowman to the gang of the ring. They struggle the gang and Lashley sends Strowman to the trash. Strowman with an higher. Lashley will get a chair and hits Strowman behind. Lashley hits Strowman's rib and then again. Lashley gets near the autumn.

Lashley hits Strowman's standing timber. Strowman throws Lashley on the ground with a biel and then joins the operating shoulder. Strowman, who has a operating shoulder for Lashley and Strowman, is coming close to autumn. Strowman biels on Lashley's stage. Lashley with forearm and throat. Lashley puts a suplex on the steg and hits it. Lashley will get virtually autumn. Lashley Units Spear and Strowman sends Lashley via Titantron and we have now explosions.

The decide asks the EMTs to return out and verify each males.

No Competition

We're Going to Business

We've come again and see that Lashley is stretched out of the world and put into an ambulance.

We see that Strowman is placed on the boat and brought to a different ambulance.

Michael Cole mentions that they are making an attempt to do every thing that ensures the security of wrestlers, however typically issues that happened with Lashley and Strowman

Match number 2: Ivar and Erik towards Massive E and Xavier Woods

Erik and Massive E getting began and Erik with arms. but BIg E is the European higher. Huge E strangles Erik and then strikes to the apron. Massive E will get virtually a bill. Erik on the forearm and he marks Ivar. Ivar, with a snapshot of Huge E. Ivar and an elbow on his back, adopted by kicking and boxing at Massive E. Ivar together with his forearm and Erik tags. Huge E gets Ivar up, however Erik kicks with Huge E and Ivar's splash and Erik dropping. Erik runs to Ivaria Huge E and Erick will get near the autumn.

Erik with an arm. Huge E with holes, however Erik on his knees. Massive E, with its belly-belly suplex and each men down,

Samo Joe comes out and pulls Woods out of the apron and the referee calls for a clock. Joe with Coquina

Winners: Xavier Woods and Massive E (disqualifying)

Kofi Kingston comes and he follows Joe. Ivar and Erik are attacking Kofi.

We're going for a business.

Match Quantity 3: Kofi Kingston, Huge E and Xavier Woods and Samoa Joe, Erik and Ivar

Kofi and Ivar begin the deal and Kofi kick and drop down kick off the fall. Woods acknowledges and Kofi kicked, followed by a sliding clothesline from Woods and a splash of Kofi. Woods with Elbow Falling from Hatches Close to Autumn. Woods, with a comma and Joe, interferes with Woods and Ivar on a rotating heel. Joe tags and Joe with shoulders. Ivar tags and he connects the knee to Erik's knees at Woods. Erik with arm. Forests with hand to tug and minimize. Woods with a cross piece, but Erik catches Woods and hits an explosive suplex.

Ivars and Ivar, the place slam and Erik close Ivar's Woods. Joe tags and he hits Woods back to the shut-up. Joe on the forearm and has some words for Massive E and Kof. Joe pierces Massive E. Woods' forearm, however Joe has a comma. Erik tags and he combines his arms with Woods. Joe tags and Joe with headband and Irish wihp. Joe runs to the boot and Woods has a missile drop. Ivar and Kofi tag and Kofi with spring carts for Ivar followed by spine and kick off. Kofi is lacking the corner and Kofi pendulum. Ivar catches Kofi out of the threads, however Kofi reaches his ft. Kofi, with a stroke, but Ivar with the top and ERik tags, and Kofi, with a leap on the clothesline.

Kofi, with Growth Drop. Kofi, who has a forearm knocking Joe away from the entrance, and Erik hits Kofi behind. Joe tags and Kofi launch Joe. Kofi gets up and Erik pulls Kofi back into the ring and connects the knee. Massive E with Stomach Stomach Belly. Massive E sends Ivar to the front and Ivar to the knees. Woods beats Ivar's apron. Forests with suicide dives in Erik and Ivar with suicide dives in Woods. Kofi kicks Erik and Joe using the Coquina change.

Winners: Samoa Joe, Erik and Ivar

We see the current historical past of the 24/7 title the place Drake Maverick misplaced it.

Drake Maverick's spouse is eyed and she or he says they are going to be on a sandy seashore for a honeymoon. Renee screams to Drake when she's in Raw. Renee is launched to Dana Brooke. Renee provides Drake ultimatum, her or 24/7. Drake says he chooses his wife. He gained't let something break this.

Drake screams his wife and sees R Fact there. The truth says he’s a sock for romance.

We're going for a business.

We are back and Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are in the locker room. AJ types come and she or he says they have been coming last week, but you still lose. LIKE says Viking Raiders are professional. Karl factors out that AJ lost virtually a brand new block of kid. Based on AJ, he didn't need to be harm. Karl says AJ is lying as a result of he gave 100% and virtually lost. Luke says AJ gained, so he's in keeping with the US Division. Luke says Karl doesn't consider AJ will win Ricochet. Karl says his scorching Asian spouse is on the line.

AJ says that Ricochet could be one of the best athlete he's ever been in, AJ says he's considering.

We see Drake Maverick and his wife Renee in the front row. The reality is part of the conga line and she or he dances in entrance of Drake, and then she dances with Renee.

Cedric Alexander and the remainder of Benny Hill Chase Club following Fact across the ring and then again.

Fourth Quantity: Cesaro vs. No Means Jose

Cesaro strikes Jose out of the pre-ring ring and hits the gutwrench-suplex, followed by Gotch Type Neutralizer.

We're going back and Charly is in the interview space with NXT Tag Workforce champions, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford

Angelo says he's doing properly. Montez appreciates the introduction, however it lacks something. Angelo says it's lacking an element. Montez finally casts. . . and Angelo says they don't. Montez says they're here to convey the mask back to Uncooked. Montez says we need to smoke and begin dancing.

Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon walk back once we go business.

We're back to see what happened through the Bobby Lashey / Braun Strowman match.

Renee mentions that they are evaluated at an area medical facility.

We go to The Miz interview area. He says WWE superstars, we put our bodies weekly. We take a look at what happened at Miz last week. Miz is asked if he’s 100% of his matches. Miz says it's not about how he feels, but about what he wants. Miz says his mistake led to this monster. Tonight, Shane should search for Elias. Elias returns to the guitar in the subway. Miz says he heard Undertaker being here tonight.

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre make their means into the ring.

Shane Demonstrates Mike Rome.

Shane says she has been bombarded with Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman. Shane says she has different duties. Shane says she needs to return to final Monday night time and Roman Reign. That they had an entire lineup. Can you think about being a Roman and seeing these two faces in the ring? She had to shake her footwear. Roman knew he had no probability of profitable them. Shane says about her private fun, she needs movies back to TitanTron

Drew says the movies converse for themselves. Roman is aware of what happens to her in the Extreme Guidelines. Shane says she needs to speak to a Roman who asked her to help her, Undertaker. You stunned us final week, nevertheless it doesn't occur in the Extreme Guidelines. They put Roman and Undertaker on the bottom

Drew says Undertaker is the most important wrestler in WWE's historical past. He has discovered worry in the face of every human being. Drew says he's not an atypical man. He says he’s a hybrid of every era and he isn’t afraid of the Undertaker. Drew says he’s absolutely trustworthy, he doesn't hand over the Undertaker. They heard a rumor and Drew stated he was dressed to battle. When you're in the building of Deadman, he needs you to march yourself down the hallway and magically appear within the ring so we will inform you we're not afraid. In the Excessive Rules we lose the legacy of the Undertaker

There’s a sound within the constructing that begins to flash.

The lights go off and then they return, but Shane and Drew are still within the ring.

Gong sounds and lights turn off once more. The blue tone fills the constructing and the Undertaker leaves the ring.

Shane and Drew go into the gang as Taker leaves.

Undertaker stares at Shane and Drew and says Roman Reigns by no means requested him for help. It's not that Roman is. Should you need answers to why Taker says to elucidate who he is. Taker says he is and has been the recipient of a far-reaching soul and is right here to collect your soul. Shane, you had some respect for some time, slightly. You gave him every part he had in Hell in Wrestlemania, and you lived to tell me about it. Identical to most mortal men, you’ve got fallen into your personal greed and ego. Chances are you’ll be the perfect on this world, but where he sends you two, you’re not just some of the misplaced souls affected by the struggling and torture that is the odor of the demise of that muzzle.

Taker says it's eternally for everyone. You’ll by no means rest in peace.

Lacey Evans is back within the making of make-up when Baron says they may profit from the Excessive guidelines match. No one can overlook how a lot Seth gained over Universal at Wrestlemania. Why are you losing your whole latest fling?

Lacey says that Becky has fought his entire life to make his dream come true. Becky is more than an individual, it's a enterprise. He has positioned all his faith in Seth. Lacey says that a man's man can't hold his eyes out of a lady when he wins Natalya.

We're going for a business.

Match Quantity Four: Natalya vs. Lacey Evans

They lock up and Natalya pauses and Lacey pushes again. Natalya pushes Lacey on the ground and Lacey's clothesline. Lacey will get virtually autumn. Lacey sends Natalya's twists and turns as we see behind the back pair watching the monitor. Lacey, with Bronco Buster, shut by. Lacey on her elbow adopted by a slice of elbow drop close to the autumn. Natalya, who has a snap mare, however Lacey with a neck breaker and she or he gets virtually autumn. Lacey leaves for the gangs, however Natalya pulls Lacey out of the threads. Baron will get to the front and disturbs Natalya. Lacey, with Rollup, however Natalya counter and will get virtually a invoice. Natalya, with a hanger hanger, adopted by a blow.

Natalya, together with her hip atomic loss and operating over Lacey, but Baron's journey to Natalya. Lacey, with a lady proper, in three chapters.

Winner: Lacey Evans

Ricochet, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder are behind and Charly needs to get words from Ricochet. He is requested to lose to AJ Types final week and if he thinks he can maintain himself with AJ. Ricochet says that AJ can consider what he needs. It was an honor to satisfy AJ types. AJ won’t have been 100 %, but he knows he can win AJ if they meet again.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows look, and Karl says AJ might have put him beneath three minutes. Luke says AJ had Ricochet's fuck.

Ricochet says he can win AJ subsequent time.

Luke says it's time to place Ricochet in place. Ricochet says if he needs to struggle, he can do it. Luke says it's not a problem with them, but another person.

Miz walks behind once we go business.

We're again and Luke and Karl see AJ types and inform him what they needed to listen to. Ricochet says he can win AJ. AJ says he's speaking to Ricochet. Luke and Karl are talking about dropping AJ. He needs to know where there are AJ types that may settle for the challenge and find Ricochet over his face?

We see AJ strolling on his again and seeing Ricochet.

AJ needs to know that Ricochet wasn't operating. AJ says he’ll take the title tonight.

Ricochet says he doesn't know why AJ's all burned, but he accepts.

AJ hit Ricochet's and Ricochet's strikes.

Match Number 5: Miz vs. Elias in Two Three Tubes. 19659002] Fall Number One

Miz pierces Elias when she involves the ring they usually go to the floor.

The match begins with Miz Skull Crushing Finale on three payments.

Autumn Winner: Miz

Fall Quantity Two

Fall Quantity Two

Fall Quantity Two

Elias and she or he goes to the ground when Miz costs Elias. Miz and drop kick by means of ropes after which Elias knee and Miz drop kicks in Elias knee. Miz goes to a four-foot lock, however Elias with an internal cradle close to the fall. Elias sends Miz's ahead motion and Elias to Drift Away in three chapters.

Autumn Winner: Elias

We Go to Business

Fall Number Three

Miz and Holes and Kick on Thigh. Elias gets Miz on her shoulders and sits in a power bomb close to the fall. Elias kicks and hits Miz's corner and then kicks Miz. Elias with a operating again. Elias pierces and she or he virtually falls. Elias with a lattice with an inverted jaw lock. Miz tries to flee, but Elias keeps the jaw. Elias on European tops that cease Miz. Miz with a tailgate close to the fall. Miz together with his elbow and Elijah with a comma.

Elias with pivoting swivel neck change close to autumn. Elias goes to the walking knee in front, but Miz moves and Elias hits the ring submit. Miz brings Elias again to the ring and applies the figure's 4-leg lock.

Winner: Miz

We see Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins in Challenge with Charly once we go business.

We're again within the video package deal for the winner.

Charly is in the problem space with Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. Seth says he thinks Bobby and Braun. Charly congratulates them on their victories at Stomping Grounds after which raises the situation in excessive rules and if it was impulsive? Seth says he isn’t impulsive, and he tells Becky to say he isn’t impulsive and he agrees. Seth says one Becky can win Lacy and he can win Baron. In case you are affiliated with the Excessive guidelines, he loses his identify and if he’s hooked up, Becky loses his identify. Becky says she gained't lose her title and Seth says she gained't lose the title. Becky says she sleeps with the title and Seth says it's a problem.

Maria Cannel seems and she or he says she finds somewhat determined to call yourself the first pair of WWE because you are not. Maria says you walk with honors and titles. You possibly can win at Ronda Rouse, however Maria says she's pushing eight kilos on her baby's womb. Let's see when you do it in Becky? Maria says Seth doesn't affect her both.

Mike Kanellis. Maria says you’re a Common Champ as a result of her husband hasn't acquired the prospect to take her from her. Your match with Lace and Baron is just not an extreme concept. Why don't she and her bitch take you and yours?

Becky says they are both attacking right now.

Seth says you've made a multitude.

We're again to see what occurred to Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley. Renee says that Braun might have suffered a rupture of the family.

Match Number Six: Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis vs. Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch

Males start things and lock. Seth by the hammer lock and snap mare, followed by sit back. Seth, with a again, Mike. Mike on the forearm and sends Seth to the screw rods and kicks Seth. Seth is a rotating elbow and buckle bomb. Seth, who has a superpot, forces Mary to mark, so it's time for ladies. Maria goes to the ground and will get a microphone. Maria says Mike needed to shield her. You stated mops on the floor with Seth, but you’ll be able to't mop the ground at residence.

Maria says she is pregnant to stop Becky. Mike is so excited that Maria is pregnant. Mike needs to understand how she's pregnant? Maria says Mike hasn't considered getting her pregnant. Becky hip beats Mike's ring and applies DisArmHeria and Mike.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch

After the match, Maria says she will't consider Mike is the daddy of her youngsters. He waited for him to grow and present some duty, however you're disenchanted. The one man tonight was a man, Becky. Perhaps next time he asks Becky to impregnate him.

Charly is upset when Paul Heyman appears. Paul introduces himself and says that Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston have had a wierd night time so it might be the proper night time for Brock Lesnar. Perhaps Brock is here and perhaps Brock is just not.

The Road Winnings appear and are shocked by the fact that BROCK LESNAR is here. Montez commented on Paul's knot and he says he doesn't have time for road wins.

Montez shouts that Paul is back. Angelo and Montez speak about Mary's announcement.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross walk behind once we go in a business path.

We’re again and Alexa Bliss will seem in Bliss. Alexa sends her thoughts to Bobby and Braun.

Alexa brings out her guest, an individual who obtained Alexa's identify competitors with Bayley in the Excessive Rules. Alexa Brings Nikki Cross

We look back at Nike's victory over Smackdown, Bayley.

Nikki says she needs everyone to know that nothing might have been completed without help and steerage. You have been the primary individual to take him critically and greet him with open arms. Nikki says she is all the time grateful.

Alexa says this is Niki.

Carmella interrupts and makes her approach to the stage.

Carmella says this is the moment of Niki's bliss.

Alexa needs to know why Carmella is making an attempt to steal the Nikki mild.

Alexa says Carmella is just a aspect view of R Fact.

Carmella says she seems to be at Alexa, what sidekick is, what they go into the ring, and she or he's kicking Alexa's head.

Match quantity seven: Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss (with Nikki Cross)

Carmella with three bills.

Winner: Carmella

We're Going Business

Match Quantity eight: Nikki Cross vs. Carmella

Nikki punches Carmella and applies a sleeper. Carmella with a drop kick and satellite head scissors. Nikki pulls Carmella's ring into a skirt and connects her arms. Nikki sends Carmella back to the ring and gets virtually autumn. Nikki drops shut. Nikki runs to Carmella and Carmella rods with a clothesline. Carmella with an atomic drop and he sends Nikki to the threads. Carmella with Bronco Buster near autumn. Nikki with forearm and shoulder followed by ankle boot. Nikki gets up and jumps over Carmella. Nikki rejects the thrust and Nikki with a rotating neck breaker in three chapters.

Winner: Nikki Cross

AJ Types is behind us once we go business.

We're again and Alexa and Nikki are strolling behind. Nikki is requested about individuals who need Nikki to satisfy Bayley as an alternative of Alexa Bliss. Alexa walks away and says no comments.

Drake and Renee stroll behind and Renee goes recent and Benny Hill Gang runs past Drake. The reality sees Drake and Drake saying he has completed this and he simply needs to go on his honeymoon. The reality tells Drake that she has an excellent time on her honeymoon.

Drake hits Fact together with his baggage and will get three numbers.

Drake says this honeymoon is great because it is going to be 24/7.

Match 9: AJ Types and Ricochet in the US Championship

Ricochet, with one leg, and types with a waist lock and Ricochet, whose roll is nearly in the fall. With AJ, and he sends Ricochet to the turning knob. Ricochet, with Irish whip and shoulder within the nook. Ricochet, who has a springboard laundry line, and he goes to a shotgun press, but AJ gets his knees up and will get virtually dropped by rolling. AJ sends Ricochet to the connecting rods. AJ kick in the corner. AJ and an Irish whip, but Ricochet, who has a kick and a rolling kick that sends AJ to the floor.

Ricochet and Fosbury flop for Types. Ricochet jumps in types, however types on the forearm of the forearm, and he hits Phenomenal's forearm, however Ricochet's foot was beneath the rope

Winner: AJ Types (new champion)

After the match, one other referee comes out and explains what occurred.

We're going for a business.

We are back and we’re advised that the match shall be resumed with Ricochet as a champion.

Match Quantity 10: AJ Types and Ricochet, US Championship

We see AJ types that ship back Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

AJ is lacking from the thighs and from Ricochet with the arms. AJ piercing and kick. Ricochet with enzyme syringe and swivel neck change near autumn. AJ moves and Ricochet rolls in a splash at Phoenix. Ricochet sends AJ over the higher rope and AJ strikes and Ricochet lands on his ft. AJ with an outstanding forearm on the floor. AJ with a stroke close to the fall. AJ kicks Ricochet after which AJ with a rack of torture close to the bomb. Ricochet pierces AJ's twist pin and sends him again to the carpet.

Winner: Ricochet (retains the championship)

After the match, AJ and Ricochet shook palms,

Luke and Karl get ahead and AJ needs to know what they are and AJ strikes Ricochet and kicks him. With AJ, Karl and Luke arrive on the ring and hit the Magic Killer at Ricochet

Karl and Luke give Ricochet AJ types Clash off turnbuckles. AJ Punches Ricochet

Credit score: