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WWE RAW Results – January 28, 2019

WWE RAW Results - January 28, 2019

WWE-RAW Results – January 28, 2019

We are in Phoenix, Arizona and the announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young.

Seth Rollins leaves the ring so he can take him

Seth says he has arrived at this ring final week, and he stated that thirty men would have put every little thing on the road of Royal Rumble for immortality. Seth stated he was crossing them for coronary heart, willpower, ardour, love. Tonight Seth says he's on this ring and he can say he goes to the primary event of Wrestlemania.

Seth promised himself that if he gained the Royal Rumble, he wouldn't do it. . . But this can be a shot once during his lifetime, so he has to point out the signal. Seth says that all the things he needed to do was licked in the sign and the primary present at Wrestleman. Profitable the Royal Rumble shouldn’t be the top of the journey, it is the starting of the journey. He has a selection. One path can take him to Smackdown, the place he can challenge someone who has been his pal for a very long time, WWE champion Daniel Bryan.

Seth's second path takes him to Suplex Metropolis, the place he sues Brock for Lesnar's Common Championship.

The music of Triple H performs and he goes to the ring.

Hunter says he is comfortable that Seth was dwelling in a dream and displaying an indication. Hunter says he was dissatisfied if he didn't. That's why he got here out a couple of months in the past to problem Seth Rollins. Hunter says he is aware of this dream. Hunter says she knows what this dream was because it was her dream. Seth challenged and Hunter says he’s proud.

Royal Rumble is a match to check the bounds of all athletes. Put the 30 greatest within the tire till one is left. Final night time we came upon who’s one. It's Seth Rollins. Hunter reminds Seth that he has a question about who he's burning in Wrestlemania. Identical to Becky Lynch has the same determination. He comes to a decision about Smackdown, but it’s a must to make you tonight. You recognize higher than anyone how fast the machine is shifting. We need to know and you need to make a decision in the present day. You will have until the top of the night time.

Daniel Bryan will probably be right here. Brock Lesnar can be here. Hunter says he must know whose ass Seth triggers Wrestlemania.

Seth says this is among the most troublesome selections he needed to make in his profession, but if it needs to be carried out tonight. . .

Dean Ambrose interrupts his music and leaves the ring.

Dean says that is so cute. This father / son shtick makes him sick. Once we rode in Florida for $ 500, he didn't care. Hunter tried to eliminate you, but Dean says he believes you. Hunter tried to stop us.

Hunter tells Dean's attacking brother the same night time his second brother announced he had leukemia.

Dean says this dialogue isn’t for you.

Hunter says this is all about him.

Dean calls Seth to suck and kiss. Go forward and head to Wrestleman. Dean says she hopes Seth will win any title competitors she chooses, however the individual Seth can't win without help is she.

Hunter leaves the ring and Dean asks if his father's permission is needed first.

Hunter requires a decide.

We're going for a business.

Match No 1: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins with cuts and punches adopted by kicks. Rolls with double sled on the again and snap-mare, adopted by a kick within the chest. Rolls with a knee drop on the top and Dean rolls on the ground. Rollers with a baseball slide that sends Ambrose to a tire-aspect obstacle. Rollins sends Dean Dean to the tire-aspect barrier and cutters. Ambrose with a stroke and Seth with a reduce and punch. Rollins violates the referee's drop and Dean sends Rollins to the gang. Rollers with punching and springboard clothesline. Dean with a kick and he sends Rollins to the carpet.

Ambrose punches Rollins and kicks him into the nook. Rollins kicking head. Rollins is lacking from Black Out and he’s leaving for a sundown bomb, however Ambrose escapes and sends Rollins a number of occasions to the ring submit. Ambrose will get virtually a bill. Ambrose and STF. Ambrose with knee and midline, near autumn. Ambrose is shipped to the floor and Dean's forearm to cease the suicide dive. Ambrose, with kick and butterfly-gourdbuster, near the autumn.

We're going for a business.

We're again and Dean with the forearms within the again, however Seth pushes Dean away. Dean with forearm and she or he goes to butterfly superplex. Seth blocks it and punches it and spins on Dean's carpet. Seth with a transverse frame away from the threaded pin. Rollins with Cube and Dean Slicing. They travel until Dean loses and Seth behind the elbow. Seth and slingblade and Dean go to the floor. Seth is a suicide dive and he sends Dean to the ring. Seth's clothesline over Dean's higher rope flooring and Seth's second suicide dive

Seth goes to the suplex, however Dean descends on his ft and Seth with the enzyme gun. The dean falls on the floor. Seth goes on a suicide dive and she or he connects. Seth sends Dean back to the ring and Seth will get up and leaves the frog. Dean, with La Magistral, is near the fall. Dean with a kick, but Rollins avoids a double DDT hook. Rollins with buckle bomb and thrust kick.

Winner: Seth Rollins

We see the headlines of the WWE Ladies's Tag Staff.

We're going for a business.

We have now returned and Dean Ambrose continues to be and has a chair.

Dean says he has something critical that he has to tell individuals. When he signed WWE. .

Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka are on their strategy to the match.

Dean and Nia have some words to one another. Nia beats behind Dean and have to be separated.

Alexa says the primary sign of Champs is the logical next step. He doesn't see anybody else utilizing these titles. Mickie asks in the event that they see Nia and Taman with them. Mickie says it will be like putting a lipstick on a pig.

Match Quantity 2: Mickie James and Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka within the WWE Ladies's Workforce Championship Qualification

Alexa and Tamina start with issues and Alexa punches but Tamina pushes Alex to the carpet. Alexa, with a month of knee drops, virtually within the fall. Nia tags and she or he splashes on Alexa and Mickie has dropped from the pre-business method.

We’re again and Tamina avoids the moon with a knee drop and Tamina pierces Alexa and will get an in depth relative. Tamina's forearms on her head and she or he makes use of a reverse jaw lock. Tamina, with a stroke and an Irish whip. Bliss with elbow and sunset flap near autumn. Tamina with forearm on head. Nia tags and provides Alexa head butt. Nia suppresses Alexa's rope. Nia is a operating hip within the corner. Nia pulls Alex out of the corner. Nia with a cobra change in Alexa. Nia sends Alexa's grips and Tamina tags. Alexa, with a sundown flap near the autumn.

Tamina keeps Alexa unidentified. Tamina goes to slam, but Alexa will get her foot and Alexa makes a mark. Mickie kicks and he gets up and hits Thesz's press. Mickie with punches and elbow. Mickie, with scissors, descends and neck collar near the fall. Tamina forgets the tremendous-pot and Mickie with the back cover kick and Nia tags. Nia loses the splash within the corner and Mickie kicks and Nia pushes Mickie away. Nia gets Mickie to Samoa's drop and Alexa gets up and Nia gets Alexa on her shoulders and hits double Samoa's fall for 3 calculations.

Winners: Tamina Snuka and Nia Jax

We're going to comment earlier on Kurt Angle on his matches towards Baron Corbin. Kurt says he liked to be Basic Supervisor and if not for Baron, he may nonetheless have a job. Kurt is requested about his match towards Drew McIntyle when Baron Corbin left the constructing. Kurt says she has spent her lengthy to get over the match with Drew. It has taken him longer to get a match towards Baron Corbin.

We're going for a business.

Match Quantity Three: Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin takes a microphone earlier than the match and says Kurt is among the largest on a regular basis. If someone stepped into you, you broke their ankles. Baron says he is aware of Kurt believes he has one huge run and one massive match. Individuals make you consider and it's not true. Individuals were not there whenever you hit. Baron says he's going to humiliate. .

Angle hits Corbin after which the referee begins the match.

Angle with punches and German suplex. Corbin on his knees and then he slides around the ring submit to get to the corner of the tire and clothesline. Corbin kicks and he strangles the rope. Corbin kneeling on the midline and behind the forearm. Corbin pierces the nook. Corbin, whose elbow is on the chest, followed by half of Nelson and jaw lock. Corbin kneels midsection and then the Irish whips the nook however the angle of the elbow. Corbin strikes to the ring publish when the angle moves. Angle with the German suplex and he has another one. The angle continues for 3 Rivers mixtures in three chapters.

The corner goes to the Olympic track, however Corbin will get on his ft and he hits his clothesline near the autumn. Angle with the Olympics near autumn. An angle with an ankle lock and Corbin tries to get into the rope, however he kicks off the corner.

Winner: Baron Corbin

After the match, Corbin returns to the ring day.

Finn Balor walks behind and congratulates Heath Slater, Rhyno and Apollo Crews. He is additionally greeted by Heavy Machinery, Sasha Banks and Bayley

We are as soon as once more watching the Royal Rumble athletic match.

Finn Balor leaves

He says last night time for ten minutes, he went to the toe with Brock Lesnar. Finn says he's making no excuses. Brock Lesnar gained him. Then Brock Lesnar gained him again. He by no means felt such a velocity or comparable energy. He by no means saw it collectively. Right now he is harm. He says he isn’t standing right here when his head is shallow. He's standing right here when his head is excessive. Final night time Brock Lesnar gained him and Brock gained him once more as a result of he made Brock Lesnar's perception.

Bobby Lashley's music is interrupted and comes out with Lio Rush.

Lio says it's a shame that twerp, like you have got been shot at the Common Championship. We all know that you’ve virtually gained Brock Lesnar final night time, but you would not be a snowball coincidence in defeating Bobby Lashley. Bobby is greater, quicker and stronger than Brock Lesnar ever. What you probably did final night time is nothing in comparison with what Lashley is doing to you.

Finn points out that he lasted longer with Brock than Lashley did at Rumble.

Lashley with kick and spinebuster. Bobby with another spinebuster. Bobby picks up one other Finnish spinebuster.

Lio takes off his shirt and places it on Balor.

We're going for a business.

We now have returned moments that have been Bobby Lashley's assault on Finn Balor's attack.

Match Number 4: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

Hawkins and WIlder Begin Up and Hawkins Clips. Ryder tags and Hawkins are despatched to the nook and Ryder flapjack. Hawkins sends Dawson to the ground and Ryder takes care of Wilder. Ryder on the ground with a baseball slide. Wilder, who’s kicking Ryder and Dawson's tags. Wilder, with a drop ball, provides strain to the Dawson suplex. Dawson with elbows and stomach-back-suplex.

Wilder tags and Dawson, whose foot loss was near autumn. Wilder transports his forearms over the nostril bridge. Wilder goes to the suplex, but you don't suplex Zack Ryder as a result of he descends on his ft and hits the neck breaker. Hawkins acknowledges and hits Dawson. Hawkins, with an forearm and a kick to Dawson and one to Wilder. Hawkins and ensuigiri to Dawson. Dawson, who has a clothesline and he beats Ryder out of the entrance.

Hawkins gets virtually autumn. Wilder tags they usually hit the Shatter machine in three chapters.

Winners: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

After the match, Hawkins exhibits his frustration and Ryder tries to calm him down.

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan walk behind and Charly Caruso asks Daniel Rowan's participation final night time. Do you assume he can win Seth Rollins? Daniel asks what the query was. Daniel says he would have gained AJ types final time. Daniel says that Seth promotes environmentally pleasant destruction by telling individuals to burn it. If Seth Rollins chose him tonight, Daniel wouldn't await Wrestlemania as a result of we did. . . I'll end all of Seth Rollins' wishes tonight.

We're going for a business.

We are back and Elias is in the ring.

Elias says she has tested you all and gave her down. You need to be better. If you hear that the guitar has seen and seen him within the ring, you must give him a everlasting ovate. You need to be cheering extensively, and there ought to be indicators within the building. You’re within the presence of Elijah and you’re within the presence of greatness, however it's too late

Elias says she not writes or does something. They’re now for him.

Jeff Jarrett interrupts Elias. Jeff leaves the stage and has one thing to say to Slapnuts. You assume you're going to return here when he has broken him up with a guitar and a concert for your self. You don't have to fret about the issue with these individuals because you could have a problem with him. It’s written in J-E-Double F J-A-Double R-E-Double T.

Street Dogg interrupts and asks Elijah if he just needs to make himself. He tells Elijah to play in his own time. Street Dogg says in case you are not, he has two words for you

Street Dogg says he needs to sing to everyone, even Elias.

Elias hits Street Dogg after which assaults Jarretti. Jarrett hits Elias several occasions. Jarrett grabs the guitar, but Elias hits Jarrett and hits Jeff with guitar.

Natalya prepares back and Dana Brooke stops and talks about being a man harm and the way she was her first selection. Dana says she gained't let Natalya down. Natalya says that an important factor is to attempt the toughest. Dana says she's higher than Ember and she or he's better than Natalya. Dana walks away and needs to know if Natalya is coming together with her.

We're going for a business.

We're again and Mojo Rawley says it's your fault, and there's no purpose accountable it. If you weren’t such a compromise, he would not be in this place. He is the best mixture of power and velocity, however they assume he isn’t considered one of you.

We see that Mojo appears at himself in the mirror.

Mojo says it ends now. Quickly everyone will see who he really is.

Match Number 5: Natalya and Dana Brooke vs. Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan (Ruby Riott) Elimination Chamber at WWE Ladies's Tagti Championship

Natalya and Sarah start with issues and Natalya suplexes and Dana tags. They go to double sink in Sarah and hit it. Sarah kicks Dana away and Liv tags in. Dana, together with her enzyme and Liv, goes to the floor. Dana kicks Liv and hits Liv's LED board. Ruby and Sarah verify Liv and Sarah tags. Sarah beats Natalja out of the entrance. Liv tags and bullfight close to the seashore.

Liv pushes Dan off and Dana pushes Liv away, but Liv with enzyme. Natalya tags and hits on floppy disks. Liv is in Irish whip, however not operating. Natalya, who has a hip atomic loss, however Liv is rolling up when Ruby disturbs. Natalya with Sharpshooter, however Sarah pushes Dan to Natalia and Liv gets three payments rolling.

Winners: Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan

We now have returned and Ronda Rousey leaves the ring.

Ronda says for those who can't dream of massive ridiculous goals, what is the function of the dream. Ronda says he came to the primary Women Royal Rumble last yr and he dreamed of being ridiculously massive and he's Uncooked Ladies 's Champion. Sasha Banks, last night time he gave him a battle for his life. He has extra passion and want than anybody he has encountered. Ronda says he needs to thank Sasha

Ronda refers back to the Wrestlemania mark, regardless that he has no right to point out it. Ronda says he knows that Becky is watching and Becky can select.

Bayley's music plays and he's on stage.

Bayley says she is just not Becky Lynch, however she's half of the boss and hug connection with the lady who gave you life. Bayley says you appear to be here in battle and so he’s. Why don't you set the title on the road and get the match tonight.

Match Number Six; Ronda Rousey vs. Bayley Uncooked Ladies's Championship

Ronda went to Judo and went to the arm, but Bayley will get into the rope. Bayley works on the arm and sends Ronda to the ground. Bayley follows and brings Ronda again to the forefront, and he pierces Ronda and goes to the cutter rope, but Ronda, with armbands for ropes. Bayley, with mower rope shut by. Bayley clips after Ronda, when Ronda goes down the corner of an Irish whip

Bayley, with a dragon-like screwdriver rope once we go business.

We have now returned and Bayley is working on his knees and doing a step on the prime. Ronda goes into the choke, but Bayley kicks Ronda's leg. Bayley sends Ronda to screwdrivers and punches Ronda. Ronda elbow. Bayley with a hoof and shut. Bayley's forearms and he runs Ronda into turning and connecting shoulders. Ronda with shoulders.

Ronda with clothesline and judoite followed by another. Ronda with more judo theaters, however Ronda's knee provides out. Ronda with diagonals and judoheit. Ronda with a clothesline virtually within the fall. Ronda knees in the center, however Bayley knee beam. Ronda escapes they usually go to the floor. Bayley, with belly-abdomen-suplex into the ring once we go business.

We now have returned and Bayley jumps over Ronda when Ronda falls to the nook. Bayley's shoulders and then he sends Ronda to the ground. Bayley leaves the drop shot by way of a ring publish. Bayley will get virtually autumn. Bayley will get up and hits the elbow and applies the bank assertion. Ronda gets fingertips on the rope. Bayley units a superplex, however Ronda escapes and pierces Bayley. Bayley beats Ronda out of the crank.

Winner: Ronda Rousey (retains the championship)

After the match, Ronda helps Bayley and shake palms.

Becky Lynch's music plays and makes his option to the ring by favoring his left knee with a sling.

Becky says the person has returned to Uncooked. He says Ronnie ought to discover the best way back to him. He has heard of this "worst woman on the planet," but for the final time he got here to the present, Becky fell to Ronda. . . there. Even after that, you by no means come to see him show you are the worst. Becky says he got here to Ronda to show he wasn't. You've heard of this, but Becky reminds Ronda that she gained the Royal Rumble. Becky says he has no time to decide like Seth Rollins. Becky chooses Ronda. In Wrestlemania, he breaks Ronda's mysticism. He takes his identify and kicks his ass in entrance of the world.

Ronda says he needs the entire world to hear this. Ronda asks how Becky is on his leg and needs Becky to take a look at him. He needs to see Becky Lynch's greatest model. Ronda says he can tear his face quicker than saying Nia Jax. Ronda says he has the power to kill you with naked palms with out breaking Hika. Ronda says they're the same age. Through the coaching, Ronda says he is an important event in a company that did not need ladies. Final yr you have been on the Wrestlemania kickoff present and Ronda reminds Becky that he’ll top off the exhibition in Wrestlemania. Ronda says he owns any tire he enters.

Seth Rollins is behind and sees Braun Strowman subsequent to him. Braun tells Seth that he earned it final night time and he provides his hand. Seth shakes it. He tells Seth that he makes the proper selection and calculates it in Wrestlemania.

We're going for a business.

Match Quantity Seven: Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman

They lock and Strowman pushes Drew away. Drew with a aspect lock and a shoulder, but Braun stays on his ft. Drew with kick and chop. Braun runs into the bags compartment. Drew with a comma and start Braun. Drew with punches, but Braun with shoulder deal with. Braun kicks in Drew's rib and Drew goes to the ground. Braun goes to the floor together with his shoulder blade, but Drew drops the pot to his knees and Braun goes to the ringide barrier.

We're going for a business.

We're back with Drew sleeper. Braun, with a aspect impact of escape. Braun pierces and Drew goes down. Braun with splash in nook and forearm in chest. Braun sends Drew to the higher rope on the ground. Braun goes to the ground and he robs after Drew. Braun picks Drew, however Drew will get his ft and sends Braun to the ring publish. Braun grabs his leg, however Drew kicks Braun. Braun sends Drew off the Apron to the ground with an arm wringer.

Braun picks the rounds, however Baron Corbin hits Braun and the referee calls the clock.

Winner: Braun Strowman (disqualifying)

Baron will get a chair and hits Braun. Braun fights again with headbands after piercing the chair. Baron shall be sent to the tire restriction and tire levels. Braun, who has a shoulder on his lap, is missing Drew after which does the identical with Baron. Braun gets the ring levels and puts them in Baron. Braun sends Corbin's head a couple of occasions to the ring levels. Drew with operating boot head.

Baron and Drew have a couple of phrases and Drew piercings. They provide Braun a double choke within the cylinder levels.

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan are behind. Paul Heyman knocked Brock Lesnar's door in a business approach.

Sasha Banks and Bayley are in entrance of Nikki Cross and Alicia Fox and next week to see the third Raw Group removing service.

Seth Rollins introduces Brock Lesnar's music. Paul Heyman joins him when Brock leaves.

Paul presents himself and his shopper. The whole premise of this program is absurd. This ought to be the simplest choice for Seth Rollins life. The alternatives are straightforward to make when you haven’t any choices. There’s only an choice. Seth Rollins should face champion Daniel Bryan. This applies to Seth's own good. They have an amazing sports lodging as a result of the very last thing you need to do is get FIGHT with Brock Lesnar.

Paul says he endures the specialty that it takes the participant Brock Lesnar may give when he goes to his home to take what he’s.

Seth Rollins' music plays and he involves the ring.

Seth goes to Brock's face and Seth pierces and kicks Brock. Rollins with super-kick, however with Brock F-5. Brock with another F-5. Brock goes to the third and hits it. Brock picks Seth and hits fourth. Brock decides to provide one to the thumb and hit the fifth title zone

Seth asks Lesnar if it's all he has. Brock on his knees and he starts with the opposite hand and the sixth F-5.

We're Going to Credit score