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WWE RAW Results – April 22, 2019

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WWE RAW Results – April 22, 2019

We are in Des Moines, Iowa and the announcers are Renee Young, Corey Graves and Michael Cole.

Triple H makes its method into the ring to start out issues off.

Earlier than Hunter can converse, Seth Rollins' music plays and leaves the ring.

Seth says this entire thing is surreal. Keep right here in the midst of this ring in your house state in any case have been via together. To maintain it here around your waist, it doesn't get extra surreal. Two weeks ago in Wrestlemania he was in the battle of his life, and he did what he stated. He killed the beast and brought the title house.

Hunter says that Seth did just that. You walked to Wresetlemania at Kingslayer and walked out of BeastSlayer. You set the Brock head in the ring. Seth reminds Hunter that he did it 3 times. Hunter says that Seth did it till he turned Universal Champion. You’re right here in your house nation, however now the panorama has modified. Via Celebrity Shakeup you’re a grasp and normal paper. You're a dipstick. Everyone is for you.

Seth sys knows that and the money in the bank is simply around the nook. If somebody is aware of something or two concerning the contract, he’s because he paid it efficiently and altered his profession. He additionally had it in cash. He will never let it occur once more.

Hunter tells Seth to not put a cart in entrance of a horse. You should not fear about who wins money in the bank, it is best to maintain your opponent's money within the financial institution.

Seth says he expects Paul to bleed Hunter's telephone, however Hunter says he has not heard

Seth asks what's subsequent

Hunter says we'll know immediately. He says the perfect one has landed in Raw. They compete in two three-tier matches, and the winners progress to crucial occasion, and the winner of this match will face you within the bank.

Seth says if it's the most effective one. . .

Samo Joe interrupts and leaves the ring.

Joe says he's missed the invitation. Joe says he does what he needs when he needs. US champion Samoa Joe has arrived in Rawi. He says Becky Lynch has an fascinating concept with a twin champion. Joe says he has another area on his shoulders.

Rey Mysterio comes out and he says Joe shouldn’t be the only former Smackdown celebrity who came to Uncooked. Rey says he didn't come to Uncooked for dropping the knowledge. He has a retailer in thoughts. It's set tonight. Within the bank, he is towards Seth.

Drew McIntyre comes out and says he gained't forgive what you assume you deserve. She doesn't care what individuals take into consideration new new matchups. He has spent the last yr getting rid of the lifeless weight and hasn't had a headline. Drew says it's time. Drew says Hunter stated that Seth is a metric. Seth is Universal Champion since you get to Brock before him. You recognize what he can do. He wins tonight and becomes the financial institution's world champion.

Miz comes out and says A Lister returns to Uncooked. The extra things change, the more they stay the identical. Miz says Seth has one thing he needs. Miz says he has had a restart because of a person who calls himself one of the best on the planet. Miz says he's not the identical man. Miz says he could be a versatile world champion and he can't assume that more might be seen as the primary reward at the financial institution than Seth Rollins and Miz.

Baron Corbin leaves the ring. Baron says he's putting it in everybody's perspective. Baron says he is a deserving man to challenge Seth. You might have killed the beast, however I retired from the legend. Baron asks Drew if he had ever gained the Olympic culture in Wrendlemania. He asks Miz and Rey about the identical question.

AJ Types interrupts and makes its approach into the ring. AJ asks Corbin if he stops. A physician is nearly as annoying as your voice. For soothing audio system, every ring has forgotten that AJ types are in Raw. Are we not Seth? He wins the match, and then he meets the other match winner. They explain why Smackdown was a house constructed by AJ Types. This is Uncooked, so he's going to provide the WWE universe what they need. With cash at the financial institution it is Seth Rollins and AJ types in the Universal Championship.

Seth asks Hunter if he spoke. Everybody goes for him. Seth says he's ready and it doesn't matter who you meet because should you forgot, he's Seth Freaking Rollins and he's burning it down.

Match Quantity One: Rey Mysterio vs. AJ Types and Samoa Joe A Matching Match Figuring out Who Will Print Seth Rollins In Cash at the Financial institution

Joe cuts AJ after he sent Rey apart. Rey with the enzyme Joe and arms. AJ pierces Rey and AJ with arduous Irish whip on Rey. AJ on the forearm at the nook of the River. AJ sends Rey to River and Rey on the seashore. Rey kicks AJ's foot, however again with AJ. AJ and the knee ship Joe to the floor. AJ with a again circuit breaker for Rey, and he gets virtually a bill. AJ collection for Sty Clash for Rey, but Rey retains the ropes and Rey on the seashore, however Joe breaks the deck. Joe kicks AJ and then focuses on Rey and sends Rey to the flip button. Joe behind elbow AJ. Joe sends the ground to the ground under Rey. AJ kicks Joe

AJ follows the thigh and the Irish whip, but Joe with STJoe near the fall.

We're going for a business.

AJ is missing stroke and AJ strikes Joe. Joe hits AJ. AJ with the enzyme Joe. AJ will get virtually a invoice. Rey cuts AJ and Rey with a kick and a bulldog with a wheelbarrow. Rey drops his toe to Joe, who sends him to the rope, and Joe goes to the ground to avoid 619. Rey leaves on the wheels, but AJ hurts Rey and head Rey. AJ and Rey are preventing for threads. They put the superplex on the ground, but Joe can turn round and hit the superplex, and all three males hit the carpet and are down.

Joe will get virtually a invoice for AJ.

We're going for a business. 19659002] We’re back and with AJ on the clothesline with Rey and Joe on the clothesline AJ. Joe places Rey on the Twists and Rey's arms. Rey sits on a centon after which hits a crucified bomb, but AJ breaks the lid. Rey, with scissors when it was floating, sends AJ to the floor. Joe with pearl, but Rey with twister DDT. Rey sends Joe to the rope, however Joe leaves the rope earlier than Rey hits 619. With the river, the Coquina change after which he applies it to the AJ. AJ makes use of ropes to struggle and get an in depth relative. AJ and Pele kicked Joe. Rey and Rana ship AJ to the ropes after which to Rey to 619 to Joe and then depart for the bow and AJ with an influence bomb and Sty's Clash of Rey Joe and AJ pins Joe.

Winner: AJ Types

We take a look at John Cena's visit to Ellen.

We're Going to Business

We have now returned and Billie Kay says that Naomi made a summary last week to thanks. . . Next. Billie and Peyton say they are masters as a result of they’ve one another's again. Who has your back? Bayley went to Smackdown and stated no glow. You reside prior to now in the event you assume you possibly can beat the longer term.

Match Number Two: Naomi vs. Billie Kay (with Peyton Royce)

Billie's kick and she or he will get virtually a invoice. Billie with Stretching Abdomen Stretch. Naomi with flying clothesline and backbone and seating jaw crusher. Naomi and the bulldog rope and he additionally takes care of Peyton. Naomi, with a sundown flap, has three chapters.

Winner: Naomi

We go to the newest Bray Wyatt, a very second vignette with a creepy doll within the chair.

We're going for a business.

] Match Quantity Two: Miz vs. Baron Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre, who faces AJ types with the chance to face Seth Rollins' money at the bank Match

Miz beats Drew and Corbin run into Miz's house. Miz, who rolls in Corbin and rolls in Drew near the fall. Miz goes to the floor and decides that Baron and Drew will come to the floor, and Miz will return to the ring and Miz baseball slide to Drew, however Baron, who hit Miz. Drew and Baron kicked Miz. Drew sends Miz into the ring and cuts Miz. Miz hitting Baron and Drew attacking Miz behind. Baron, who has pierced midsection when Drew holds Miz. Baron has Miz, but Baron releases Miz and Baron beats Drew. Baron sends Miz to the ground and follows Miz.

Baron sends Miz's tire-barrier to Miz and an Irish whip to the tire. Mew and Drew with the Northern Larya Drew brings Miz back to the ring and hits the demise crane near the autumn. Drew knocks at Baron's forefront and Drew's forearms for Miz and then he threw at Miz's nook. Miz, with a kick and Miz, sends Corbin into the nook and Corbin slides around the ring. Miz pierces Corbin and first sends Corbin's shoulder to threads. Miz with punches Corbin. Miz kicks on the corner, followed by knees Drew and Corbin. Miz on the Awesome clothesline to Drew and then he hits the double sled Drew & # 39; and Corbin.

Miz, who hits Baron and Drew. Miz and the spherical kick to Baron when Drew geese and Drew head to Miz. Drew places Miz's twists and turns and Miz punches Drew. Drew's forearms and Miz pierced back and Drew goes to the carpet. Drew sends Corbin to the roundabouts and breaks Miz. Drew hit Miz in the turnbuckle. Drew Units for Super Air Raid Crash, however Baron and Baron, with a Power Bomb, Drew hits Air Raid Crash once we go business.

We're once more Drew and Baron exchanging piercings on the floor. Miz gets up and hits the physique on each males on the ground. Flip the elbow behind Miz and the opposite nook. Harassed Alabama with Gourdbuster and he gets close to Miz. We see AJ types watching behind the display. Drew waits for Miz to climb to Claymore, however Miz's step ladder, Drew and Miz, with a four-leg lock. Drop together with your thumb in the eye to get out. Miz sends Drew to the floor, and Baron returns to the ring and hits Deep Six near the fall.

Baron claims that the referee has fallen and Baron goes to fllor, and he leaves after Miz, however Miz strikes after Miz. Baron hits the ring. Miz, whose roll is near autumn. Drew with jackknife cowl close to fall. Drew's collection for Future Shock, but Miz flees and kicks Drew and gets virtually dropped with DDT virtually in the fall. Miz escapes from the top of the day and hits DDT virtually in the fall. Miz sets for Cranium Crushing Finale Corbin, however Baron escapes. Miz garments over the Baron upper line. Drew Claymore and Baron send Miz pin to Drew's flooring.

Winner: Baron Corbin

We see AJ types within the again and are asked to baron Corbin in the primary present. AJ says it isn’t the dog's entire battle however the measurement of the canine's battle. AJ says he has extra to struggle than Baron. Baron has all these awards, but AJ has a few of his personal. AJ can also be twice the US champion. He’s also twice the WWE champion and the longest Smackdown champion in historical past. He didn't win Kurt Angle, but he hit John Cena recurrently. It's about selecting the battle within the yard with the most important bully. AJ says he needs Seth Rollins to observe him see him as a winner.

Sami Zayn makes his approach into the circle once we go business.

Sami says it's enough for you. Within the final couple of weeks, Sami says he has carried out what nobody had the courage to do, and it advised you the reality about yourself. Individuals do not need to hear that they’re completely unfavourable. You’ve gotten created a false story about him that the Sámi turned a bitter man when he was injured. Sami says he's not bitter. He says he’s cheerful. Sami says he’s a cheerful individual. Ten months after he was gone, his life was the happiest time.

Sami needs to point out how glad life might be outdoors these prison partitions. Sami exhibits footage of her in Switzerland, Norway, Mexico and Scotland. Sami says she lives a superb life and then she acquired melancholy and nervousness when she was ready to return back. What was it concerning the WWE that made her sick? Was it the corporate structure he didn't worth? Is it behind the egoists on the again who are deceptive and bonafide. Sami says he explained the issue and it’s you. It’s a tradition that you simply like and journey to everybody, however yourself.

You don't need to be responsible, but Sami says he is accountable. He retains monitor of each of you. Do you assume you get it off because you do it on the packaging. It doesn't maintain you protected. Sami says he prefers to be back in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden or Mexico. He would like anyplace else than Des Moines. Sami says if in case you have an issue, you’re taking a small web page from Sami Zayn's ebook and excursions. Isn't it snug? You’ll be able to all go. . . to hell

We’ve got a video package deal for Cedric Alexander. He says he is an effective man and needs to do things. He says this is Alexander's age.

Match Quantity 4: Cedric Alexander and Cesaro

They lock and Cesaro sends Alexander to the carpet. They lock in and on Cesaro's wrist. Alexander with swing and aspect lock. Cesaro prevents touchdown, but Alexander descends on his ft. Cesaro, who has a European upper penalty, followed by a second and a comma. Cesaro with one other comma. Cesaro, who has a kick and an Irish whip, however Alexander floats over and hits the handle of the scissors, followed by a drop. Alexander goes to the slam, but he can't get Cesaro up and Cesaroa slam. Cesaro, who has an elbow drop and is nearly pressured to fall. Alexander is in Potko and he comes off the neckline, however Cesaro captures Alexander and hits the circuit breaker.

Cesaro, with a sliding forearm on the back and again chin. Alexander's forearms, however he runs boot and Cesaro will get virtually dropped. Cesaro with deadlift gutwrench suplex, close to the fall. Cesaro with reverse jaw lock. Alexander goes to the sundown flap Cesaro does not go over. Alexander avoids the choke and will get near the fall of the sunset flap. Alexander with jaws and arms. Alexander blocks the kick and hits his elbow, followed by a drop kick on his knees and a kick kick. Alexander is shipped to a forward motion, but he connects the forearm and Cesaro blocks the hip. Alexander, with a Michinoku driver, virtually in the fall.

Alexander, with Neuralizer, who sends Cesro to the ground and Alexander to Plancha to Cesaron. Alexander, who has a springboard, however he meets three European upper boundaries.

Winner: Cesaro

We return and Usos asks Raw. Jimmy says he's excited to be in Raw and Jey says he's able to take the race. They speak concerning the social gathering of the Lucha Home, Viking Raiders, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder seem, and Scott says you're in good palms with a tag group. They could be the largest tag in the history of Smackdown. Dash says this is Raw, Revival Reformatory. You're not locking anything.

Jimmy says he had a dream that the two dudes would stroll to them and stated they have been going to kick their butt they usually appeared from Revival.

Match 5 5: Ivar and Erik vs. Lince Dorado and Kalisto (with Gran Metalik)

Erik and Ivar assault before the clock. Erik kneeling on Dorado and Erik. Metalik and Ivar put on Kalisto and with Erik's power. Ivar and alley oop energy slam Dorado.

Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder have been asked what simply occurred to the ring. Curt says these two went there. Zack says he has came upon what they are. Zack says he's new. They've been there for two weeks, while Zack says they've been here for ten years.

Becky Lynch leaves the ring.

We're going for a business.

We’ve got returned and Becky has something to say earlier than his match. He says there is something in Iowa and he knew it. It is Celebrity Shakeup when the opportunity presents itself. He didn't have to wait long to seek out out who his next opponent is, and that’s Lacey Evans. A lady who needs to suck a man. Becky has no drawback because he knew it will do. It's not a piercing that he thinks, but a lady throws punches. Becky has been hitting bleached Blondes who agree to regulate. Though Lacey is again in her quest to continue her career, Becky is right here in cement.

Before Alicia Fox comes out, she is interrupted by Lacey Evans' music.

Lacey says she doesn't perceive why Becky allows her feelings to get her greatest. Perhaps it's since you're an Irishman or you assume you're a person. Lacey says that a lady has full control over her feelings. A lady isn’t an exhibition. He teaches a person who respects a lady who has the proper. These two shiny titles are across the waist of this trendy, assured lady.

Becky says that after his journey and the individuals he was pressured to get here, Becky has tried to take pleasure in time, however he says this plank is coming to his last nerve. Becky says she needs to knock Lacey's head on her shoulders. Becky says she doesn't confuse her happiness with satisfaction. He'll care for Lace because he can. Then the man collects his debt.

Match Quantity 5: Becky Lynch vs. Alicia Fox in Non-Nominal Match

They lock and Becky's aspect-end lock and take down. Alicia elbows and aspect cap lock. Fox with shoulders, but Becky with a bridge that may reach the roof. Alicia drops the kick, however Becky with the back peak. Fox goes to the floor. Becky sends Alice many occasions to the apron. Alicia helps Becky's ring-aspect obstacle, and he kicks Becky because the referee continues studying and Alicia sends Becky back to the ring.

We're going for a business.

We're again and Fox's kick and spherical kick. Fox will get virtually autumn. Fox gets another near the autumn. Alicia behind the jaw. Becky's essential coat and he goes to DisArmHer, however Alicia blocks it and sends Becky to the floor. Alicia goes to the floor after Becky and Becky sends her to Alicante. Alicia with piercing and Becky with elbow and flying forearm. Becky, who has a again cowl kick and explodes, followed by one other explosive.

With Becky DisArmHer and Alicante

Winner: Becky Lynch

After the match, Lacey Evans hits Becky with Womanen on the fitting. Becky gets again and Lacey on the proper aspect of one other lady.

We see a baron behind Corbin and asked tips on how to win odds tonight to satisfy Seth Rollins' general title. Baron needs to know whose odds he offended? Individuals in their basement? They’re people who don't consider he ought to have met the Kurt nook. He makes Seth Rollins life depressing. He’s requested if he sees the AJ fashion over and he says he’s on the lookout for him.

Robert Roode talked concerning the release of 150 kilos of lifeless weight from Chad Gable. He says Ricochet reminds him of Gable and he exhibits he is GLORIOUS.

Match Quantity Six: Ricochet vs. Robert Roode

They lock and Ricochet on a clean break. Roode is kicking and kicking. Ricochet with a gap in it, however with a roode aspect lock. Roode holds the lock on the aspect end. Roode on knee to centerline. Roode with comma. Ricochet with hand bathe scissors and drop kick. Roode sends Ricochet to Apron and Ricochet, and he sends Roode back to the floor. Ricochet goes ahead when Roode strikes to a dive company. Ricochet avoids Roode on his method to the forward motion and to Ricochet by listening to the twist pins once we go business.

We are back and Roode with a reverse jaw lock and we see Roode's footage when Ricochet went out when Ricochet went on the screws throughout a business break. Ricochet elbows, but Roode kneels to the centerline. Roode on knee to centerline. Ricochet kicks Roodea out of the corner and Ricochet kicks off. Ricochet and Roode with beats, but Ricochet with forearm or two. Ricochet with scissors. Ricochet shoulders at the nook. Ricochet triggers a turn on Roode's head. Ricochet, who has a spring plate on a clothesline after which shoots a star press close to the fall. Roode with spinebuster, near autumn. Ricochet avoids GLORIOUS DDT and Ricochet on their knees from TKO close to autumn. Ricochet strikes to 630 splashes, however Roode moves and sends Ricochet a hoop submit. Roode GLORIOUS with DDT in three chapters.

Winner: Robert Roode

There is a new video for Firefly Enjoyable Home. Bray says she has left you. He says you knew they might come back collectively. Bray says we now have so much fun. He says this is his particular place and he can't anticipate to look to everyone he's discovered. She presents us to her particular associates. First, Mercy the Buzzard and Penny Witch. Bray says he was a really dangerous man up to now, but he have to be punished for this stuff. His half is now lifeless, however he has a reminder that he will never be the slobber again.

Bray says he all the time illuminates the street and every part that you must do

Match quantity eight: AJ types and Baron Corbin, who meet in Seth Rollins' common titles on the money bank Match

Types with a stroke and a reduce. A baron with forearm and types descends on the again of her leg. Types with a drop kick and piercing for Corbin. Corbin kneeling and sent AJ to the front. Baron, who has a stroke to cease the springboard with AJ. Corbin kicks and he ridicules AJ. Corbin with a tough Irish whip. Corbin pierces AJ's Corbin, which has more piercings within the Types fashion. Types of garments strains above the highest of the Corb flooring. Corbin moves and types descend into the forward movement. Corbin drops with AJ's apron and AJ is shipped to ring.

Types with a round propeller and types run out of the perimeter edge, but he can't rise up.

We're back and Corb's half Nelson and jaw lock. Types with elbows and Corbin. Corbin picks up types and spins him near the carpet. Corbin puts AJ on the turntables. Types penetrate Corbin's and Corbin's superplex, but Types goes down and drops off Corbin's knob. Types with a foot. Types with a flying forearm for Corbin. Types with a clothes line and he will get Corbin up, but Corbin escapes. Types with punches and kicks. Types with a rotating back, however Corbin grabs the AJ's throat and Types calculates the choke compressor by rolling close to the autumn.

AJ goes to Types Clash, however he can't get Baron. Corbin slides around the ring publish, however can't get to the clothesline. AJ Pele Kick. Corbin with Deep Six close to the autumn. Corbin with clothesline in nook. Corbin and the opposite within the nook of the clothesline, however the types fall to the top of the times as a calf crusher. Corbin closes AJ's head to the carpet to pressure AJ to launch the grip. Corbin kneeling on the nook. Corbin leaves on the connecting rods and descends into ropes when the types transfer. Phenomanal Elbow Types and Hits for Three Charts

Winner: AJ Types

After the match, Seth Rollins leaves the ring. Seth provides his hand and AJ shakes it.

We're Going to Credit score