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WWE RAW Results – April 15, 2019

WWE RAW Results - April 15, 2019

WWE RAW Results – April 15, 2019

We’re in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the announcers are Michael Cole, Renee Young and Corey Graves.

Stephanie McMahon Starts Issues and Makes Approach

Stephanie welcomes everyone to Rawi and Celebrity Shakeup. Stephanie presents her brother Shane McMahon. Shane mixes on stage and then leaves the ring and mixes the ring.

Stephanie asks concerning the introduction of Shane after which Shane says it was good but makes Mike Rome do it and then she needs Mike to do it in French.

Shane does it in French and Stephanie says she's impressed.

Stephanie says that by the top of Smackdown, every celebrity is worthy. Shane says you possibly can see some superb matches. Stephanie says that that is certainly one of her most popular nights, because it begins all the best way to Wrestleman next yr. Shane quits Stephan and needs to go a couple of minutes after the previous few months.

Before Stephanie can announce the primary superstars that change brands, Miz's music performs and assaults behind Shane. Shane runs Miz into a ring submit after which Shane throws punches in Miz's basic path earlier than sending Miz to the gang. Miz hits Shane's chair they usually come to the ring. Shane rises along the ramp when Miz leaks on his head.

We take a look at Seth Rollins who hit the Brock Lesnar Universal title in Wrestlemania.

We’ve a six-man character with Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley. and Drew McIntyre v Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and mystery associate.

Match Number One: Ricochet, Aleister Black, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs. Scott Dawson, Sprint Wilder, Ivar and Erik

Hawkins and Dawson start off with Dawson on the aspect-lock and shoulder. Dawson prevents hip loss and hip rods from Hawkins. Hawkins with a hand pulling his arm. Ryder tags they usually hit near the aspect of the Russian leg sweep and Aspect Impact + VCR to fall. Ricochet tags and kicks on Dawson and hand in hand. Black tag and he hits Dawson. Wilder tags and black arm draw. Wilder with a shot and a reduce. Ivar tags after which Erik tags and Ivar forearm. Ivar with kick and forearm.

Wilder tags and strokes Black. Ricochet tags and Black knees and Ricochet with flying knees near the autumn. Black tag and he strikes Wilder. Wilder with thigh and headband. Black with piercing. Ivar tags and he means Erik. They’ve a double clothesline, but they're on a black quebra. Ricochet leaves the playoff and then all eight men get into the ring. Dawson and Wilder are given again to the physique and go business.

We're again and Ivar tags and he sends Hawkins to Erik for his knee. Ivar will get virtually autumn. The Erik tags and Ivar, where slam and Erik slams for Ivar's Hawkins, are near the autumn. Erik with clothesline and Ivar tags. Ivar, together with his shoulders, marks Wilder in the match. Wilder with kicks and Dawson tags and Dawson fall on Wilder for Hawkins, and Dawson will get virtually autumn. Dawson, who has a headdress, and he gets virtually a bill. Wilder with reverse jaw lock. Hawkins sends Wilder to the rods and each males are down. Dawson recognizes and prevents the Hawkins path at his corner, but Ryder acknowledges and connects the clothesline and elbow. Ryder kneels at Dawson after which hits the missile drop at Wilder. Ryder with flapjack for Dawson and operating forearm.

Black and Ricochet kicked Ivar and Erik. Ryder sends Dawson to his ring and pierces Wilder's flooring. Erik tags and he runs in addition. Ryder with a coarse Ryder off the pin. Dawson sends Ricochet to the rope, but he sends Dawson on prime. Black with double knee impression. Ricochet listening to the ring publish. Ivar has a clothesline for Hawkins. Hawkins is excessive rope of Ivar and Erik. Erik on his knees and then Ivars on Fallout and three chapters.

Winners: Ivar, Erik, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

We have now a video package deal for Cedric Alexander and he is coming to Uncooked. 19659002] Zelina Vega and Andrade Almas are on their method to the stage and Zelina introduces them to the gang. He presents his business associate Andraden. Zelina mentions Finnish Balor and how she is bizarre, however can do additional things. Over Smackdown, Almas has introduced his skills. Certainly one of his many talents is that he’s multilingual. In Montreal, English is another language. Don't be afraid, Andrade offers with the WWE universe in his native language.

Andrade throws the seaman, and then he tells the Finn to take heed to what he says. He says he is crucial and he’s in Raw.

Match Two: Finn Balor and Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega) in a non-nominee match

They lock up with Balor's waistband and Almas on the again. Almas, who has a kick to Balor and then Almas, who has a operating double knee, hits the top and gets virtually a drop. Almas kicks Balor's head and goes double downhill, however Balor blocks it. Balor blocks the facility bomb and Almas by turning, however Balor crashes and hits the playoffs. Balor with forearm and forearm. Balor dropping. Almas goes slam, however Balor counters on DDT. Balor slipped by means of the ropes with baseball, after which he leaves the apron on the impeller, however Almas pulls Vega in entrance of him and he travels to Balor for a forward movement.

We're going for a business.

Almas kicks within the corner. Almas strangles Baloria in the corner, however he leaves a double knee strike when Balor strikes. Balor hitting and kicking Almas. Balor and baseball slide within the corner. Balor retains his knees hitting a kick. Almas prevents the ensuigir and then goes to the tornado within the reverse DDT, but Balor blocks it and hits the raised elbow chest. Balor with sling. Almas, with a handspring recreation, is near the autumn. Almas goes to the listening tubes, but Balor strikes and Almas goes second, however Balor goes up to his knees.

Balor drops with a kick, and Balor rises from the top to Coup de Grace, but Almas forks over Balor. Almas goes double however the Finn moves. A Finn who has an ensuigiri after which Finn returns from Coup de Grace and misses. Balor with a rotating back, and he goes to the hammer lock DDT, but Balor stops it and will get virtually dropped with the inside case. Balor clothes strains Almas excessive line on the floor. Vega gets to the front, but Balor, with Plancha over Vega, to Almas. Vega, with a sling from the front to Balor and Almas, sends Balor again to flush

Almas, whose hammer locks DDT in three chapters.

Winner: Andrade Almas

We consider Elias is anticipating

We’re trading with Elias guitar.

We're again and Elias is in the ring.

Elias says that her music is so highly effective that it brought Thuganomics Doctor to destroy her Wrestleman for the second yr in a row. He made Lifeless Man final week. What has he accomplished to get all these legends to stop him? It could possibly be envy, however it is something else. It's the truth they don't need to cope with. He says the Bell Middle is packed tonight and the power is out of the maps. You possibly can really feel this on a regular basis if Canadiens was ok for the playoffs.

Elias says that if somebody stops her, they’ll never be capable of show her face once more.

Rey Mysterio interrupts and leaves the ring.

Rey avoids Elias and goes to the ring. Rey kicks and punches, but Elias kneels. Rey shrugged and he kicked Elias. Rey with springboard scissors and baseball slide.

Rey celebrates within the ring and Lars Sullivan leaves the ring.

Rey drops kick to Lars when Lars tries to get into the ring. Lars sends Rey to the corner, but Rey moves when Lars goes into splash. Rey kicks and Rey goes to the entrance, but Lars picks up Rey. Rey kicks and piercing. Rey is locked up by Lars, but Lars flees. Lars captures Reyn Freak Accident.

We're going for a business.

We are again and Bobby Roode mentions that that is Celebrity Shake Up and other people have found new things. Bobby says when they’re enjoying, they will win any WWE tag staff. Chad says they’re enjoying as we speak. He says the invitation is open and who needs one thing?

Match Quantity Three; Bobby Roode and Chad Gable and Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

Gable and Jimmy start doing things. Gable waist lock and take down. Gable and the other take down. Jimmy and ensuigiri. Jey tags and punches Gable. Jey Bumps Roode Off The Apron and Jey's again on her back to send Gable to the floor. Roode travels Jey and Gable Jey again. Roode with clothesline on Jey flooring. Roode recognizes and sends Jey a bell. Roode kicks Jey and Gable tags and makes use of a jaw lock and physique scissors. Gable kicks Jey and Roode tags. Roode with quick release and reverse jaw lock.

Gable and Jimmy, and Jimmy, with clothespins, and a kick adopted by an upper and Samoan drop. Jimmy, who had a operating hip, hit the corner. Jimmy gets virtually autumn. Gable with armband ropes and Roode tags. Gable with waist lock and Roode pen, which adds German suplex from Gable virtually within the fall. Roode with a neck breaker, however Jimmy escapes. Gable leaves the moon and Jimmy's tremendous shot. Jey makes the code and he hits the Gable superpot. They knock Roode out of the apron. They hit a double superpot with Gable. Jimmy tags they usually each stand up and hit the double area in three chapters.

Winners: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

We look back at Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyle from Wrestlemania

Alexa Bliss makes her option to Bliss once we go business.

Alexa says that this could possibly be her last night time in Uncooked, but when so, she loves nothing more than giving everyone a great say in France and her guest is the right individual. He brings out Sami Zayn

Alexa has been impressed by Sam's reception after the music plays twice. Music performs for the third time and Sami continues to bop on stage.

Sami says this can be a fish in a barrel. He says that is too straightforward, and he says he's kicking it within the notch and he's starting to be a track.

Alexa says it's great to see Sami back to Raw.

Sami says he's on the town for every week. He has seen his good friend and household. He walked round his neighborhood. She acquired herself recent sacks. He says he loves this metropolis. The town is great, but it is the individual he can't stand. World class cuisine, artwork and structure, but individuals. The low point of his week would in all probability be in this room with these individuals right now. It's one thing within the air of Quebec. Sami says he really doesn't need to be right here tonight and didn't need to make Alexa's present.

Alexa throws out "how rude".

Sami says he would have liked to get a response 9 months ago, however now they're sick of him. Saami says what the gang sings, which makes him more durable. You design untreated problems and them them and Sami says he doesn't accept it, and he says everyone must be ashamed of themselves. Sami says these are usually not fans as a result of they are too busy for critics and royal manufacturers.

Alexa asks if Sam has problems together with his critics because he thinks he’s good. Are Individuals a Drawback?

Sami says he was born here, however these will not be his individuals. Sami says he doesn't even reside right here anymore. She lives in a sunny Orlando. He determined to go away Montreal earlier than he needed to go away Montreal right now. Sami says she is aware of where she goes and she or he tells everybody she sees them in hell.

We're going for a business.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are within the ring and see Bayley earlier when Billie and Peyton supply advice to Bayley. Bayley tells them not to point out Sasha's identify, and she or he says she finds a associate.

Match Quantity 4: Peyton Royce and Billie Kay vs. Bayley and Naomi in a Non-Nominal Match

Bayley and Billie start up and Bayley punches Billie and sends him to the turnstile. Naomi means Billie beats and beats, but Billie with kick and Peyton tags. Peyton kicks within the nook of Naomi. Pyeton with forearm and elbows on Naoma, adopted by an inverted jaw lock. Peyton, who had a knee to Naomi and Peyton, beat Bayley out of the apron. Naomi with a chin, but Billie acknowledges it. Naomi kicked Billie and Bayley with a belly-belly-suplex in Peyton, followed by cut up-footed listening from Naomi to 3 chapters.

Winners: Naomi and Bayley [19659002] We take a look at the primary event of Wrestlemania.

EC3 is on its approach to a business stage

We’re again and the smoking box is again.

Match Quantity 5: EC3 versus Braun Strowman

Strowman attacks EC3 before ringing and he accelerates EC3 with two rings. Strowman is a splash and he sends the EC3 to the ground. Strowman sends EC3 to the bottom of TitanTron.

Becky Lynch's music plays and leaves the ring.

Let's go business.

We take a look at raw new faces. They’re Miz, Andrade Almas, Eric Young, Zelina Vega, Cedric Alexander, Ivor and Erik.

Match Quantity 5: Ruby Riott (with Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan) and Becky Lynch in a non-named

lock and Ruby with forearm. Becky with Thesz Press and Punches. Becky pulls Ruby out of the ropes after which kicks at Ruby's nook. The Ruby and Becky blocks are despatched to the turntable. Becky with hip loss and kick off. Becky with forearm off Apron. Becky forgets Liv and Ruby beats with STO close to the fall. Ruby pierces and she or he yells at Becky's face. Ruby chops on Becky's ropes and Ruby kicks in the corner.

Ruby with forearm and snap mare followed by a mine. Becky, with a back heel and clothesline. Becky flies with the forearm. Becky explodes, but Ruby sends Becky ahead. Becky gets up and Becky gets a fork and pulls out. Ruby starts to show and hits back. Ruby forgets the double stomp, and Becky applies DisArmHer, however Sarah and Liv pull Ruby to security. Becky, with a crossbeam for Liv and Sarah.

Winner: Becky Lynch

After the match, Becky punches Liv and hits the explorer Sarah after which Liv.

We're going again to Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. They’re asked concerning the thriller companion they meet. Drew says he's not giving an enemy associate and he's not grieving Seth Rollins. He just needs to get his palms on the Roman kingdoms. Baron reminds us that he ran from the WWE to the Kurt corner. They run Seth and Roman away from Uncooked. Lio says you must ask who is silly sufficient for the group with Roman and Seth.

Natalya is on her means when Becky continues to be in the ring.

We're going for a business.

and Becky stand within the ring with microphones.

Natalya congratulates Becky on her victory right now and her victory in Wrestlemania. Natalya says she dreamed of an important events in Wrestlemania and it’s a must to do it in Charlotte and Ronda. He points out that Becky is the first to draw Ronda to Rouse and the primary to win each titles the identical night. Final week you talked about all the women who got here after him with the title and how you might want to sleep with one eye open. Natalya says she is here to inform Becky about her face that she is the perfect there, one of the best was, and the perfect ever. Natalya says she's coming after the Raw title

Becky says she's been in the wells of many forgotten ladies. Second, he held two headlines, forgotten ladies came after him, simply as he went after Ronnie and Charlotte. If you want to take the world, you must take the individual up. They traveled the world as youngsters to get our ft on the WWE door and see us now.

Nattie helped build a revolution from the ground up, it might be a pleasure. . .

The music of Lacey Evans performs and she or he walks on the stage and has something to say.

Lacey says this isn’t simply fantastic. Lacey says she admires Nattie's willpower, however the title shouldn’t be around the unclassified waist. You will need to cease the pins from speaking about taking your identify. One lady knows learn how to help a curry and use her affect to get what she needs. Now that he’s formally in Uncooked, he needs to be a Uncooked Ladies's Championship. Lacey says she has the facility that Nattie shall be in the next match towards her, and the winner would be the first line with Becky in Uncooked Ladies & # 39; s Championship. She educates Nathan on the best aspect of the lady, and she or he tells Becky to pay attention as a result of she will train a person something or two.

Match Number Six: Lacey Evans vs. Natalya Quantity One Competitor's Match

Natalya with Waist Lock and Lacey Elbow. Lacey, with an Irish whip, however she will't splash. Natalya with a hip-atom drop adopted by a drop kick and a garments line. Lacey is shipped to the floor once we go business.

We’ve got returned and Lacey hit Natalya, but she makes it ladylike. Natalya goes to Sharpshooter, however Lacey escapes and goes to the floor. Natalya with baseball slide and blow. Natalya sends Lace again to the ring and Natalya with punches. Lacey sends to Natalya's neckline and captures Natalya's head within the turning knob. Lacey kicked. Lacey with a reverse jaw lock. Natalya, with an inner cradle near the autumn. Lacey elbows and reverse jaw lock. Natalya with a dangling line and she or he goes to Sharpshooter and applies it. Lacey reaches the ropes, however Natalya pulls Lacey in the midst of the tire. Lacey gets into the rope and Natalya relieves the grip reluctantly. Natalya runs to Lacey's aspect-barrier

Natalya hits Lace and sends her again to the ring. Lacey together with her female and Lacey, who has a double leap hook on three payments.

Winner: Lacey Evans

We are behind once we search for news from associate Seth and Roman. Seth and Roman depart the locker room. Seth says Chuck needs to know who the third man is. . . but the Romans minimize Seth. Seth says he has to wait like everyone else. Seth says it's a honeymoon part. He gained the Brock for Universal title and Roman is again and higher than ever. Seth says it might be their final night time in Uncooked. Roman says tearing down Montreal tonight.

We're going for a business.

We are back and there is a puppet theater, a doll and a rock horse with a bun. The room has extra stuffed animals. The rocking chair has a feminine doll.

Match Number Seven: Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin vs. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and AJ Types

Lashley and Rollins are starting issues and Lashley's shoulders and thighs. Rollins with kick and Roman characters. Roman with prime and elegance tags. AJ punches Lashley and Lashley runs AJ on the connecting rods. Corbin and Corbin have a stroke, however AJ has an outstanding drop. Drew tags and she or he needs Roman. Roman with piercing and drew kick and punch. Roman with a stroke and Neverending Story. Roman runs to the top of the stomach, by the drew and headband close to the autumn.

Drew picks up a Roman carpet for a suplex and gets an in depth relative. Drew pierces Romania. Baron tags and he runs to Romania on the tire-aspect obstacle twice. Roman is shipped back to ring and with Corbin with chokebreaker virtually in the fall.

Let's move on to the business

We are back and Rollins acknowledges and hits the springboard clothesline and begins at Corbin. Rollins jumps over Corbin and hits Slingblad. Rollins took the colony to Drew. Rollins with a sunset flap close to the autumn. Rollins, who has a thrust and sets thrust and corib rolls on the floor. Corbin's forearm when Rollins goes on suicide diving. Corbin slam close to autumn. Corbin, with a piercing, they usually go to headbands. Rollers with punches to cease the superplex. Rollins kicks Corbin and hits Blockbuster.

Types and Lashley's tag and types with strikes and clothesline. Types with splashes on Lashley and he tries to get Bobby on his shoulders. With AJ boot and he tries DDT but Lashley pushes him away. AJ Pele Kick to Lashley and then to Corbin. Drew with Claymore when AJ goes to Types Conflict. Drew blocks Superman and hits the explosive Roman. Types with a superpot for Drew and Roman with a Superman shot that sends Drew to the gang. The Roman with Drive By, to stop Corbin when he slips across the ring submit. Lashley captures types and hits the dominator, but with Rollins Black Out. Roman with spear for Lashley and AJ on Phenomenal forearm for three readings.

Winners: AJ Types, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

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