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WWE RAW Results – April 1, 2019

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WWE RAW Results – April 1, 2019

We are in Washington, DC, and the announcers are Renee Younger, Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

Stephanie McMhaon makes her option to the stage and she or he has an enormous announcement

Stephanie can't consider we are six days away from Wrestlemania and Stephanie says an important is even greater as a result of she now has a fourth lady. . . his. Stephanie calms everybody by saying that it is a joke in April's cheating day. The news is that each one titles are on line. One lady has all of the gold because three of WWE's largest athletes put their body on line and put their heart and soul on the carpet. Now the match is Winner Takes All.

Brock Lesnar leaves the stage and is joined by Paul Heyman and makes their means into the ring.

Paul presents himself and his shopper and says he’s doing the same presentation next Monday. In his opinion, it’s poetic justice that Stephanie used the time period "winner takes all" because that is how you need to describe the Common Division as a result of WINNER Brock Lesnar takes all of Seth Rollins' bids. He takes Seth Rollins' greatest shot. We know Seth is coming together with his greatest shot and we anticipate nothing much less. Brock takes every part Seth Rollins has in his life. That's what Brock Lesnar does to the individuals of Wrestlemania. He grabs the second and makes history in Wrestlemania. Brock took the road from Wrestlemanian Undertaker. Last yr, Brock took the hopes and goals of Roman Reign as everyone thought Roman would win. On Sunday, Brock takes Seth Rollins to Wrestlemania. It will not be Seth's last match, Seth gave a spoiler because Brock stops Seth Rollins' career.

For these of you who take a look at hockey for battle. For these of you who take a look at NASCAR's wrecks. For those of you who take a look at soccer riots, Brock violates Seth Rollins and desecrate Wrestlemania. Brock's foot in Seth's chest and the title excessive above Brock's head determines that life isn’t what you want it to be, however what you do about it. Then they go for dinner and talk about what Brock Lesnar's profession is subsequent. Paul says that Seth is simply submit-processed.

Afterthought makes its approach into the ring when his music seems. After Wrestlemania, things change as a result of you possibly can't act as a bully and get what you want. No one needs you right here. Seth says he is aware of Brock gained't let anyone else. You made a lot of money and also you have been in a fantastic career due to Brock Lesnar. You’re most adorned in Combat Sports. Overcoming Brock in Wrestlemanis may be unlikely, however it isn’t unattainable. Seth says he wins Brock and takes his identify and there’s nothing to lose on what you are able to do about it.

Brock begins to go away the ring and Seth kicks Brock into the groin. Seth pierces, however Brock, who has a German suplex, and he goes to F5, but Seth with one other low shot and he hits the superpot. Seth and Black Out and then he grabs the Common Headline and keeps it above Brock before placing it on Brock.

We're going for a business.

We’re back and Seth Rollins is behind and is reminded of Seth Rollins. that if he does what he did on Sunday, he will probably be rejected and he isn’t a champion. Seth says Brock was coming and he isn’t a champion. . .

Match Number One: Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Sasha Banks, and Bayley and Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka, Peyton Royce, and Billie Kay

Beth and Peyton begin doing things, but Sasha decides to mark herself. lock and Peyton take Sashan on the carpet. Sasha, with a rope-supported arm, pulls after which pulls Peyton once more. Bayley's tags they usually click on Peyton and hit the double elbow close to the autumn. Sasha tags back and he kicks Peyton. Billie tags and Sasha with a drop tip. Natalya tags and she or he supples Billie and gets virtually in the fall. Beth tags they usually ship Billie to the carpet, and Beth is nearly descending. Beth, who has bracelets and he lifts Billie into the air. Peyton tries to make a salvation and then Sasha and Bayley come to the ring and we’ve got an argument once we go business. Peyton pulls Billie out of the corner with Mafia Kick. Bayley is pulled out and Billie has a boot that knocks Bayley out of the apron. Peyton's tags are available and are available close to autumn. Peyton and Billie kick and kick. Billie gets virtually autumn. Peyton's tags they usually send Bayley to the threads. Peyton strangles at Bayley's nook.

Tamina and Nia go to the floor when Peyton needs to make a tag. Billie acknowledges and with Bayley cutter when Billie is within the rope. Beth pushes Sasha out of the apron and markings. Beth travels to Peyton's twisting rods and connects his clothesline. Beth with Billie's forearm and kicking Nia. Beth, who has the facility of slam, and Tamina pulls the ropes down and Beth falls on the floor. Beth, having a spear that sends Tamina via a ring-aspect barrier and both are down.

Peyton remembers that the match continues to be in progress and he’ll deliver Beth to the ring and hit Beth. Beth permits the strike and he hits Glam Slam in three chapters.

Winners: Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Sasha Banks and Bayley

Again to the car and Batista seems


We're back and Batista leaves.

Batista will get a spotlight and earlier than he can speak, we’ve a video package deal.

Batista tells Hunter to kiss his ass after which he drops

We're going for a business.

We’re again and Elias continues to be in New York, properly in New Jersey, as a result of he is outdoors the MetLife Stadium. Elias says she provides the greatest performance when she broadcasts Wrestleman. There will probably be no interruptions on Sunday. He's speaking about individuals's songs, however it's not when he's enjoying. Elias says after Sunday that individuals are simply talking about their musical performance.

Match Quantity Two: JInder Mahal and Apollo Crews in Harvesting?

Mahal punches adopted by a clothesline. Mahal with half Nelson and jaw lock on reverse jaw lock. Crews with stomach-back result in get out of grip. Crew with thrust and flying clothesline. Crews rises up and hits the frogs in three chapters.

Winner: Apollo Crews

After the match, the trophy is delivered to Apollo Crews after which Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas push Apollo aside. Everyone who plays, gets into the ring and fights until every thing is thrown on the ground until we’re Titus O & Neil and Apollo Crews. Mahal and Singhs forged Titus on the top line. Samir and Sunil are sent to Apollo and then to Apollo with an enzyme to allow them to ship Mahal on prime of the rope.

Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio are behind they usually converse underneath the microphone sound once we go business.

We have now returned and Kurt Angle leaves the ring.

Kurt says the gang makes this troublesome. He says this is his last night time in Raw. He says he has been in good time and in dangerous occasions. He has heard some boozes, but principally cheers. Kurt says she needs to say thanks, based mostly on her coronary heart

We now have a Kurt Angle video package deal. Randy Orton says that Kurt was at a superb degree in each facet of the game. Cena says she is a two-era performer once. Mick says that when he heard the "three father" promenade, he knew he might do it. Triple H says that Kurt's greatest was his capability to pulse enjoyable for himself and go on issues. Steve Austin says Kurt is among the most gifted associates with whom he was.

Kurt mentions that he broke his neck and left WWE. Kurt says he never thought he was back. Kurt says he was born to win the gold medal, but his destiny was to enter WWE to entertain the fans.

Kurt fights tears and becomes Baron Corbin.

He asks if he has stopped the walkout record. Baron says it should have been black and white because it was historic historical past. It's not the person you noticed in the video package deal. The person within the ring can't take his coat off and he can't take various minutes with out dishonest and swelling. Baron says that everybody is greater and better than he’s. Baron says he is sick when he hears that Kurt deserves something better than his final opponent on WWE.

Baron says the last image of Kurt Angle is a broken man on his again in the midst of a ring on Sunday.

Kurt says they meet on Sunday, however why isn't there an exhibition tonight?

Corbin leaves the ring and thinks he's stepping into the ring, however he has a case with LaceyEvansItis and returns to the ground. He says the Kurt angle depth is, but where is the intelligence. Baron says he waits until Sunday

When Baron rises to the tire aspect, Rey Mysterio leaves the ring.

Rey says it will get it. You don't need to battle Kurt tonight, however any person has to teach you a lesson. Rey suggests that he meet Corbin tonight.

Baron says he doesn't. Corbin pierces Rey and Angle's Corbin. Rey with a springboard with a patchwork patch adopted by an Olympic win. Corbin goes to the floor

We're going again and Charlotte Flair is within the interview space. Charlotte is asked about his new Sunday circumstances and if he’s fearful. Charlotte says anyone should ask the Resident if he was blinded when he was pressured to go away. The world is blinded on Sunday when he breaks Becky's foot and makes Ronda out. Stephanie needed to make a substitution after 28 minutes.

Charlotte asks if he can hold him cool in six match matches. He says he's not like Ronda or Becky.

Match Quantity Three: Ricochet and Aleister Black vs. Scott Dawson and Dash at Wilder Uncooked Tag Staff

Black and Dawson start things off. They are locked in Black with a clean break and he gets Dawson's flinch. Black with aspect cap lock and Dawson with clench and shoulder. Dawson, who has a backward Wilder tag, and he cuts Black and follows the European up. A black head has arrived and adopted by a foot-sweep and La Magistral. Black with the arm pulled into the arm. RIcochet tags and he connects the forearm to the arm and arm bar.

Dawson's tags they usually hit behind the double head. Dawson and kick. Dawson strangles Ricochet in ropes. Wilder tags and Ricochet descend behind their legs to the physique and hit the double-headed scissors. Black mark and Black knee with Ricochet sliding kick. Black with a hip loss, and he will get virtually a bill. Dawson sends Black to the front and hits Dawson. Dawson drops his arm to the middle rope, and Black goes to the floor once we go business.

We are again and Dawson tags and he hits the Northern Lights setting near Black in the fall. Dawson works together with his fingers. Dawson with a hammer. Black elbow, however Dawson goes to suplex and Black descends on his ft. Black with a foot swipe and Wilder tags, however black stops doing the tag. Black punches Wilder and approaches the nook. Black with kick and Ricochet tags and touches the operating forearm or two. Ricochet is a neck breaker for Dawson. Ricochet, with Rollup and an internal cradle close to the autumn. Ricochet, with a drop pot and a victory wheel close to the autumn. Ricochet and O & # 39; Connor Roll and Dawson pierced Ricochet. Wilder Gory Particular near the fall.

Wilder needs to make a remark, but Black pulls Dawson's apron. Black pulls Wilder on the floor. Dawson runs to his knees when Black sends Wilder a tire barrier. Wilder, with a tornado DDT, out of a tire restriction. Ricochet with plancha over ring publish. The decide begins his invoice and Wilder and Ricochet attempt to get into the ring, however Wilder sends Ricochet to the ring. Dawson pulls Ricochet from the apron underneath the ring and the referee gets ten.

Winners: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder (in response to the calculation) [Retain Championship]

After the match, black and black mass on Wilder flooring and then Dawson. Ricochet gets up and hits 630 Splash.

We see the shadow of Ronda Rouse behind the boxing and he says he’s taking good care of Riott Squad when Charlotte and Becky look. Then will probably be on the day of judgment on Sunday, until they provoke him tonight.

We go to a business take a look at Roman Reigns within the locker room. Andre Big Memorial to Battle Royal final week's Raw

Alexa Bliss talks about Tyler Breeze & # 39; s they usually speak about Tyler's hair. We see EC3 subsequent to each other. Alexa speaks of the good work she is doing because the host of Wrestlemania. EC3 and Tyler are laughing on the weekend update. Braun Strowman seems to be and needs to know what they are laughing at, and Tyler says individuals within the corridor laughed at Weekend Replace.

Braun walks within the hall and asks them in the event that they thought it was fun. He calls them Michael Che and Colin Jost. He tells them to satisfy him in the ring or get these arms.

We go behind Roman Rignin and are asked what Drew has carried out to him just lately and is requested if he’s 100%. Roman needs to know who’s getting rumors about his well being. Roman says he's 100% empty. WrestleMania. . .

Drew McIntyre is attacking Romania by guaranteeing and piercing him. Drew tells Roman that he ought to have stated no, after which Roman is shipped to the storage instances. He tells Roman that he needs to see Drew as he goes to mattress at night time.

We’re behind Becky Lynch as he prepares to go for his ring within the ring. Becky says this Sunday that he will depart the MetLife Stadium as the first Raw and Smackdown champion. Who cares what picket doll Charlotte says. Becky says Ronda had gained a month in the past. He triggered God's complicated. When Ronda feels intact, he’s invincible. Becky says she needs her to lose her cool to kick out. The one method to ensure they will't embed him after Wrestlemania is to take all of the gold. Charlotte and Ronda speak about history, however Becky says he has no selection however to make history.

Match Number four: Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan with Ronda Rouse, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair Riott Squad wrestlers flip to their companions. . . they are out of the primary occasions of the Wrestlemania recreation

Charlotte begins to start out because Becky and Ronda are busy watching each other. Charlotte kneels to Ruby and he sends Ruby to the carpet. Charlotte with the Ruby Chopping after which He raises. Charlotte pushes Ruby's ropes and Becky's tags and help. Becky needs Charlotte to hit him, but Charlotte isn’t so stupid. Becky kicked, however Ruby shouldered. Becky bridges off the deck and the Becky arm pulls.

We're going for a business.

We’re back with the Sarah Cobra change in Becky. Becky starts to show and hits her elbow. Becky sends Sarah to the ground. Ruby tags and he hits the ensuigir. Sarah recognizes and connects the knee with Becky. Sarah on the reverse Cloverleaf. Becky escapes and Liv tags are available. Becky, who had an explosionist for Sarah, followed by a kickback to Liv and an explosive near Liv within the fall. Liv with internal ear, close to autumn. Charlotte acknowledges when Becky tries DisArmHeria. Ronda recognizes himself and Charlotte and Ronda are nose to nose. Liv with Rollup however Ronda with Judo Thrush and Arm.

Liv faucets

Winners: Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch

Ronda beats Charlotte. Becky is related and safety makes its approach into the ring. Charlotte, Ronda and Becky go after the security, after which the police depart the ring.

Ronda escapes and goes after Becky. Ronda is in handcuffs. Becky attacks Ronda when she is in handcuffs, and Charlotte seems at the flooring. Becky gets the handcuffs. Charlotte launches Ronda and meets the threefold menace of arrests. They are being taken to the ramp and they are nonetheless making an attempt to withstand the arrest.

We're going again the place Charlotte takes the police into the automotive. Ronda kicks Becky earlier than Becky is placed on the police network, nevertheless it's the same as Ronda. Ronda journeys the window and it breaks. Charlotte leaves her automotive and it’s kicking until Ronda rises behind one automotive wheel and drives it to another. Ronda grabs his head from the window and Charlotte kneels to Ronda. Two automobiles drive away and Charlotte continues to be in the automotive park once we go within the business course.

We’ve once more moments that have been immediately in regulation and order. . . Keystone Cops.

Match Number five: Chad Gable and Bobby Roode and Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight

Otis and Gable are starting things up and Otis on the shoulder. Tucker recognizes and marches around Gable and hits a double splash. Knight with waistlock but Gable with Northern Lights. Roode tags and Gable with piercing adopted by knee lifter and clothesline from Rood close to autumn. Roode with forearm behind and. . .

Lacey Evans goes on stage and she or he spins round when Roode is Tucker's reverse jaw. Roode kneeling midsection and uneven. Lacey goes again and Roode runs greater. Otis recognizes and Roode kicks, but Otis blocks Superb DDT and runs Roode within the flip button. Otis with splashes and Caterpillar nearby. Gable is a cross piece and he goes up from Tucker. Gable tags and he goes to the cross, but Otis catches him and hit The Compact for 3 readings.

Winners: Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight.

We now have a video package deal for Kofi Kingston.

We’re back and informed that Ronda, Charlotte and Becky have been sent to the native police middle

Match Quantity Six: Braun Strowman versus Colin Jost and Michael Che

Braun splash each and he biels "Colin" and does the same " Michael ". Braun and garments strains for each males. Braun sends them to both the highest rope on the floor. Braun leaves on the ground and Braun, who has a shoulder, meets each men. Braun with a second cylinder with shoulder straps. Braun sends each males again to the ring. Braun returns to the ring and he hits a splash on each males after which Braun, who has slams for every man. Braun picks up each males and hits a double slam with three chips.

Winner: Braun Strowman

We're back and Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush are within the ring. Bobby is asked about his matches with Finn Balor on Sunday. We see how he received this match. Lio takes the microphone and says that final week was Fluke. Finn didn't know Bobby. On Sunday, Bobby doesn't have to fret about Jinder Mahal. After Wrestlemania they should maintain where there would be the aftermath.

Bobby is requested to face Demon. Bobby says he's preventing for a very long time. He's not afraid of some Irish fairy tales. Finn Balor is a demon and demon is Finn Balor. He destroys the Finn each time.

Finn exhibits TitanTron and tells Bobby he has some demons. He says the demon shall be a nightmare.

Match Number Seven: Rey Mysterio Jr. towards Baron Corbin

Baron supports Rey within the nook, however Rey escapes and hits Baron's leg. Rey drops his knees to kick. Rey leaves on the ground and Baron follows him, but Rey returns to the ring and hits the drop. Rey tries to slip between Baron's legs, however Baron stops with Rey and Rey with Rana, who sends Baron's higher rope onto the floor. Rey goes on suicide dive however on Baron's forearm and goes business.

We now have returned and Corbin sends Rey to a tire-aspect obstacle. They return to the ring and Baron puts Rey in the turntables and connects the forearm. Baron goes after Rey's mask and Baron shouts to the referee when he works. Rey descends on his stomach-to-suplex, but Rey can't reap the benefits of it. Baron beats Rey. Rey gets on the floor and he robs across the tires and then Rey drops to his knees. Baron sends Rey yet one more time to the ring.

They return to the ring and the referee checks Rey when Rey retains his ankles. Rey kicks his head. Baron with a roll, but Rey in the playoff. Baron sends a carpet to Rey. Baron sends Rey to the bottom of the floor. Baron, who has a clothesline on Reyy's flooring. Baron's palms to the Rey pre-tie and Rey's shoulders, however Rey is shipped to the ring submit. Baron goes to slam, however Rey drops the sleeper. Baron, who has a snap mare, but he can't splash into the corner. Rey with scissors and satellite tv for pc DDT virtually in the fall.

Baron kicks Rey's forward movement, however Rey, together with his shoulder and the primary axes that ship Corbin to the ropes. Rey 619 after which Rey gets up and leaves the frog. Corbin returns to his ft. Baron goes into an influence bomb, but Rey pierces and sits splashing. With Baron Deep Six three bills.

Winner: Baron Corbin

After the match, Angle assaults Corbin and applies an ankle lock. Baron Corbin journeys as a result of it doesn't matter because it's not part of the match. Officials come out and hold arms to tell Kurt to stop.