Latest Money In The Bank Results WWE

WWE Money at the Bank Results – May 19, 2019

WWE Money at the Bank Results - May 19, 2019

WWE Money in Bank Results – May 19, 2019

Your host is Jonathan Coachman and has been joined by Charly Caruso, David Otunga and Sam Roberts.

They’re discussing males's cash in a financial institution darts recreation and how Sami Zayn replaced Braun in Strowman's match.

Otunga says that this match is now open. He mentions the covenant between Corbin, McIntyren and Zayn and wonders how they will work collectively because only one can win. Sam questioned whether or not Zay had labored with Corbin and McIntyren after he had completed at the end of the match in Raw. Sam thinks it's both McIntyre or Corbin. Otunga picks up Randy Orton as a result of he can beat away anything, and that is the match. This is a chance.

We go to WWE's Raw and Smackdown Ladies's Champion Becky Lynch in an interview space. He is requested about Lacey's encounter first and then Charlotte and this is the finish of Becky Two Belts. Becky says we noticed two Jackals on Monday who can't do it themselves. Lacey explains that it is a totally different ball recreation if you stand there with one man. Let's find out what these two are. Becky says he walks on his shoulders with the weight of history. He came right here to make his identify dominant. He is aware of he has two lists full of girls who want what he has. The double master wipes double strokes.

Charly asks if Becky is on his head. Sam says Becky suffers from glory. He gained't depart with each names. The coach says that Becky understands that he can make his kingdom magical, and he must do things that others have by no means completed earlier than. Otunga says that collectively Lacey and Charlotte obtained their best of her, but they face her one. Keep in mind, Becky gained Charlotte and Ronda in Wrestlemania. Charly mentions that Lacey is filled with confidence and sophistication.

We return to Lacey Evans and she or he calls Becky Becky Huge Mouth. You speak so much particles and you understand what they say about the trash. The longer it sits, the extra it spins. It’s a must to put it out on the edge, and there Becky will probably be at the end of the night time. The more you plan to mouth, the sweeter his victory. Your night time will get worse when Charlotte scans.

Sam says Lacey isn’t conceited however confident

We’re talking about WWE championship with Match.with video package deal.

Kevin Owens is requested about his matches towards Kofi and he can win Kofi. Kevin tells Renee & # 39; s (Sarah) how he has destroyed the new day in current weeks, you don't should ask this query. He has a couple of methods to go about it. He can hit the face out of his face. He can break his hand so he doesn't have to hear Kofi's means. Kevin says Kofi is a implausible position model and an unimaginable performer and a nice guy all over the place. The one query Kevin has with Kofi is that he has the title Kevin needs. Kevin says in the present day is NEW DAY on the first day as Kevin Owens' WWE champion.

Otunga says you possibly can speak about what Kofi does, however he has the expertise. Kofi has malicious athletism and an unimaginable will to win. The coach says that the grasp has benefits over him, however the coach says that Kofi and Xavier have been sucked into considering that everybody needed to be with the new day. The coach says that Kevin reached Kofi's head. Sam says the story of the fairy tale have to be stopped. Kofi has introduced all his attention from Wrestlemania, however he has made a boneheaded motion to make Kevin Owens a member of the new day. Sam says he expects Kevin to push his associate again and he can get a psychological advantage.

Otunga says that Kevin can't attain Kofi's head, but Sam wonders how far Kevin is headed by Kofi. 19659002] Let's look at the Smackdown debut of Elias and Roman Reigns and what has led to the night's match.

Sam says that McMahon's family made an investment in Elijah to make him feel like Smackdown's most necessary signature. Otunga says that that is the Massive Canine's yard, and he returned from adversity to prove that it is still in his yard. Charly asks if it's in her yard if Roman doesn't win. Sam says it wouldn't be if Roman loses.

The coach says that an individual selected by Vince McMahon, if Elias fails, has something else ready to convey forth.

We glance at the metal Cage Match.

Otunga says Shane is hypocritical to accuse Romania of piercing his father, however Shane hit Miz's father. Sam says the state of affairs was totally different. Sam says Miz doesn't know what he's doing. All he does is together with his character. The coach says he needs Miz to vary. Otunga says Miz just isn’t speaking about himself now as a result of he’s so targeted on Shane. The coach says the cage modifications issues, and Shane loves when the odds are towards him and the hazard is all the time.

Nikki Cross says that when he was growing up he was gone and picked up. Last week, Alexa gave her an opportunity. He provides Alex an opportunity because Alexa has been lovely to her. Nikki says she must benefit from her opportunity. Nikki says that Alexa gained final yr and Nikki needs to be like Alexa. Give Nikki Play. Anna Nikki Climb. Give Nikki Win.

Beth Phoenix and Sonya Deville joined the panel to speak about ladies's games. Charly asks Sony if she is apprehensive that Mandy is perhaps in the match. Sonya says that in case you have confidence, there isn’t a drawback. Sonya mentions what Mandy has accomplished and has not skilled it. The coach asks Sony if he can be completely happy for Mandy if Mandy wins the financial institution. Sonya says he is pleased with Mandy.

Zelina Vega stops they usually need to know why we're speaking to Sony. Zelina needs to know why we care for somebody who has given up her cash in a bank. Zelina says Andrade wins money in the bank.

The coach asks if Sonya and Zelina are prepared. Sonya says no one cares about Andrade. Sonya attacks the peak of Zelina.

We're going to name Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

Jimmy says that is how we begin doing things at the moment. Masters of Usos vs. Smackdown Tag Workforce. Jey says it's Spongebob and Patrick. Usos welcomes them to the Uso offender

Match Number One: Daniel Bryan and Rowan vs. Usos

Bryan and Jimmy are starting things up. They lock and Bryan has a aspect lock. Bryan, who has a shoulder, handles the kick, but Jimmy cuts. Jey recognizes and pierces Bryan and Jey snap from Maren near fall. Rowan, with a tag, and he picks up Jey, however Jey goes to show the sundown and cross Rowan. Rowan kicks Jey on the flooring and Bryan helps Jey back into the ring. Rowan tore Jey's shirt and threw it into the crowd. Rowan with slam and splashes close to the fall. Bryan recognizes and kicks Jey in the midsection.

Bryan and the cutters and he sends Jey to the twists and turns. Bryan kicks, but Jey punches. Rowan gets virtually autumn. Rowan, with a suplex Jey and then beating Jimmy out of the apron. Bryan acknowledges and puts Jey on the surfboard. Bryan dropped the kick into the nook and then hit another. Jey with a Samoan drop when Bryan goes to 3rd. Both males are down. For the first time, Rowan moves to the shoulder publish when Jey moves. Jimmy acknowledges and hits the nook of Rowan. Jimmy more punches. Jimmy with thrust and higher. Jimmy can't get Rowan Samoa down. Jimmy rises from the prime to the corkscrew, but Rowan sends Jimmy to the entrance when he leaves.

Jimmy with enzyme and Rowa catches Jimmy when Jimmy comes off the turn button. Rowan, with a pike, shut by. Jimmy and Jey are preventing with Rowan, but Rowan with a headdresser and a double greyhound. Rowan sets a double superplex and he hits it. Bryan's tags and Bryan take time to get the tire kicked by Jey's chest. Bryan places a spherical pot, however misses. Jey with dragon whip but Bryan with round kick. Jey with an excellent-kick. Jey leaves, but Bryan strikes and Bryan applies Lebell Lock. Jimmy quits Bryan with Lebell Lock. Rowan sends Jimmy to the entrance, but Rowan goes over the prime line to the flooring. Jimmy, who has a suicide dive for Rowan and Jeyl, does the similar when Jimmy is on Rowan. Jimmy and Jey, who have tremendous kicks and a double super kick adopted by a double suicide dive for Rowan

Jimmy and Jey, who are very kicks when Bryan goes into suicide diving. Jimmy tags and both stand up.

Winners: The Usos

We’ve got a video package deal for the Universal title match.

Charly asks what this match shall be like. Sam says AJ was flirting with stagnation at Smackdown. He is one among the greatest in the world, but the greatest in the world is to win the championship. The coach asks Beth what Seth must do. Beth says that they’ve every respect behind, and he expects them to convey out their greatest.

We begin graphically in the reminiscence of Ashley Massaro.

Match Number One: Ladies's Money in a Banks Lure Recreation: Bayley versus Ember Moon vs. Carmella vs. Mandy Rose and Natalya vs. Naomi and Nikki Cross vs. Dana Brooke

Naomi and Bayley couple off when Natalya left Mandy. Naomi has a Dana and Carmella elbow ring after which Nikki brings the first ladder to the ring. Nikki hits Naomi, Bayley, Natalya and Mandy. Nikki goes with Terry Funk on a helicopter and he crashes over Naomi and Mandy. Dana drops kicks on Nikki and then man and Dana play on the ladder. Man runs Danaa into the nook and Nikki sleeps on the man. Man jumps on a ladder to get Nikki out. Mandy sends a person to the flooring after which leads the ladder to offer Danaa a knee. Carmella pulls Mandy on the flooring.

Natalya and Carmella have a ladder and Carmella pushes the Natalya ladder. Natalya, who had a clothesline for Carmella after which catapulted Carmella's ladder. Natalya catapulted to Naomi's ladder and Naomi lands on a ladder and hits a ladder on the aspect. Naomi sends Carmella to the flooring and then Naomi takes a ladder from Mandy. Mandy, who has a shock to Naomi and Bayley, hits Mandy on the ladder. Bayley is the solely ring in a second, but Man stops Bayley and Danan climbing the ladder while it is thought-about by Man and Bayley. Carmella pulls Dan off and then Carmella kicks Bayley

Mandy kicks Carmell and the ladder goes to the knees. Carmella pushes Mandy away and man hits Mandy down. We have now a number of ladder tugs with wars and Naomi dropping the ladder to Mandy. Naomi avoids two ladders with shared and Bayley, Nikki, Dana and Ember taking place

. Natalya, who has an atomic fall to Naomi, a ladder, and Natalya runs behind Naomi, but Bayley sends to Natalya ladder. Bayley grabs a ladder and Dana hits her behind once we see Carmella sending back. Dana and Dana, a jumping man, puts a man on the ladder. Dana, with a deal with on the elbow, Human. Dana places the ladder on the nook and then Dana on the forearm for Bayley. Bayley kneels to Dane and then to Bayley, where there’s a sunset overflow bomb on Dane for a ladder.

Bayley installs a ladder in the middle of the ring. Mandy quits Bayley after which Natalya and Mandy shut the ladder to Bayley and do it the second time. They do it for the third time. Naomi, who had a shared foot listening to Bayley on a ladder. Nikki returns to the ring and she or he spears underneath the ladder. Man stops Naomi and hits his face. Man pulls Nikki out of the ladder and Nikki pushes Man down and hits the hanging swinging neck breaker on Man. Dana drops the ladder to Nikk. Dana places the ladder in the middle of the ring, but Mandy climbs the ladder to stop Dan. Dana hangs from a latch holding cable

Mandy and Dana struggle at the prime of a ladder and reach into the case. Dana closes Mandy's face to the ladder. Bayley pulls Mandy off the ladder. Naomi stops Danan. Nikki climbs past Bayley and has a case, but he reaches the hook. Natalya pushes Dana, Bayley, Nikki and Naomi off the ladder. Individuals get out of the ladder to get to Eclipse in Natalya. Mandy goes to the stomach-back-suplex in man, however man descends on his ft. Mandy places the implant press on the ladder and sends the human face to the ladder first. Mandy puts the huge ladder in the middle of the tire.

Carmella robes the ring and Mandy decides to go after the Carmella ramp as an alternative of climbing a ladder the place nobody else was in the ring. Carmella sends Mandy a number of occasions to the ring-aspect impediment and then hits the thrust. Carmella units up a ladder and Sonya Deville pulls Carmella off the ladder and then she spears to Carmella. Sony gets Mandy and she or he puts her hair up and brings Mandy into the ring. Sonya places Mandy on her shoulders and climbs the ladder. Mandy will get up in the ladder backyard and Mandy grabs it, however Bayley climbs the ladder and Mandy and Sonya are dropped off.

Bayley grabs the briefcase.

Winner: Bayley

After the match, Bayley congratulates the writer (s): Charly Caruso. He’s asked if he is on the method to the Smackdown Ladies's Champion. Bayley says he’s pleased with what he and Sasha did, however Bayley says he came to Smackdown to show the point. He confirmed that he’s more than Just Bayley, he’s at Miss Money bank.

Triple H is on the telephone and Sami Zayn has something to say to him. Sami needs to know where Shane is. Hunter says that Shane is getting ready for the match. Sami says he has something necessary to say. He says this can be a drawback for everybody. It's Braun Strowman. He destroyed Braun to get into the bank. Sami says Braun is predictable and damp. Sami says he can't get into the proper mood for this career-making match. Sami says he spoke to Drew and Baron about Braun's concern.

Hunter says that Braun shouldn’t be here tonight because he’s banned from the constructing.

Sami asks for cover.

Hunter tells the Sámi to report his fist and depart his workplace if he needs protection.

We see Rey Mysterion in the locker room together with his son Dominic.

Match Number two: US Championship Match: Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey, with punches on Joe, however Joe kicking his leg. Joe kicking his leg and Rey goes down. Joe kicks Rey once more and Rey goes down. Rey kicked when he had prevented the clothesline. Rey and rana and arms at the corner. Joe pushes Rey down and Rey is shipped to the ahead movement. Rey with shoulder and ensuigiri. Rey, with a seated splash of Joe. Rey with forearm, however Joe with forearm. Rey avoids slam and Joe with a comma that sends Rey to the carpet. Joe goes into a power bomb, however Rey lands with Rana in three chapters.

Winner: Rey Mysterio (new champion)

After the match, Corey questions whether or not the shoulder was down. Repeat exhibits that Joe's shoulder might have been up.

Dominic involves the ring to rejoice together with his father and as they rise to the ramp, Joe assaults Rey and head Rey earlier than they return to the ring. Joe with uranage Rey. Joe stares at Dominic and Joe then returns to Rey and Joe provides Rey one other uranium.

We see Braun Strowman behind, knocking issues and grabbing individuals smaller than him to seek out out the place Sami Zayn is.

Match Quantity Three: Steel Cage Match: Shane McMahon vs. Miz

The bell rings and Shane go corner to climb in the cage, but Miz stops at Shane and takes Shane to the match and Miz hits Shane. Shane elbow and he climbs in the cage once more. Miz sends Shane to the cage, but Shane retains cage like a cat and tries to climb again. Miz and kicked his arm. Miz and kick the chest and then again. Miz extra kicks in the chest. Shane captures Miz's kicking trial and Shane's bombs in Miz's cage. Shane hitting and kicking Miz towards the cage. Shane with La Magistral close to the fall

Shane kneeling at Miz after which Miz sent to the cage. Shane sends Miz to the cage after which Miz's torture to the rack TKO close to the fall. Shane places Miz in the corner and kicks him. Shane goes off the coast to the coast and catches Mizi to Shane and applies the determine to a four-foot lock. Shane gets into the rope and she or he asks to open the cage door when she stays in the picture in a four-foot lock. Miz releases grip and Miz pulls Shane again into cage. Shane kicks Miz and Shanen out of the cage first, but Miz pulls Shane again in. Shane is in the chair together with her and she or he strikes like Miz.

Miz kicks Shane earlier than Shane can use the chair. Shane and Miz see the chair and their eyes. Miz has a chair and Shane asks for mercy. Shane rises to his knees and crawls to the cage door. Miz hits behind Shane on a chair. Miz sends the cage door to Shane's head. Miz hits Shane's chair. Miz extra chair photographs. Miz wonders whether or not Shanella was enough and Miz didn't assume Shane was in order that he hit Shane more occasions on the chair.

Miz picks up Shane and Miz on the skull, but Shane gets his ft in ropes and the decide stops for some cause. Shane returns to his ft and Miz places Shane on the turntable. Miz Units Tremendous Cranium Crushing for Finals, however Shane with Elbows and Hip Loss that sends Miz to the carpet. Shane climbs in the cage and gets to the begin, but Miz hits Shanee's foot chair. Miz climbs the ropes and punches Shanen. Miz gets to the prime of the cage and swaps with Miz's earnings.

Miz hits Shane when Shane hangs at the prime of the cage. Shane is shipped to the cage after which Shane falls on the carpet. Miz and frog splashes near the fall. Shane with Triangle, however Miz will get virtually autumn. Shane tries to crawl the cage, but Miz stops at Shane. Miz catauplts Shane hits the cage, however Shane lands on the prime rope and rises over the cage. Miz grabs Shane and Shane is hung on the cage. Miz-units for superplex from the prime of the cage however Shane retains it in the cage. Miz grabs Shanen Shirt and Shane fall off his shirt and Shane hits the flooring

Winner: Shane McMahon

Officers run behind and we see that Sami Zayn hangs from the cage and Hunter makes positive we all know we’re

Announcers are Vic Joseph, Aiden English and Nigel McGuinness.

Match Quantity four: Cruiserweight Championship Match: Tony Nese vs. Ariya Daivari

Pure Break. Daivari with an Irish whip, however a Nese with a again elbow, and she or he's lacking the moon when Daivari strikes. Nose with thrust and knee followed by a spherical kick. Nese and Daivari are keen on kicks, however Nese, which has a foot swipe and drop kick, is close to the landing. The Daivari, together with his jaw breaker and Nese, crosses the prime rope and falls to the prime of Daivari. Nese descends on his ft throughout a double leaping season. Daivari runs Nesen's face by way of the upper line and brings Nese back to the ring. Nese loses punches and Daivari with jabs and extra punches.

Daivari with a hard Irish whip. The Diver, together with his knee and Nese, descends his ft to the suplex. Daivari kicks and turns Boston Crab. Nese sends Daivar to twists and turns. With them, punches when he blocks piercing from Daivar. Nese with face and knee lifter adopted by spinner. Nese, who has a back corner in the nook and Daivari sends Nese to the apron. Nese with kicking and double leaping, close to autumn. Nese goes to a pump that deals with slam, however Daivari with elbows.

Nese with a comma and a Daivari with an inverted DDT close to the fall. Nese with chilly cuts and forearm. Daivari with a knee towards the rope. Nese tries to pump the driver, however Daivari escapes. Daivari kicks and he places Nese on the threads. Daivari chops Nese with rounds and then leaves to Nite flooring. The Nese is shipped to the forward motion, but Daivari and Nese, who have a wheel to avoid Daivar. Nese sends Daivar back to his ring and Daivar with a cross-hyperlink bomb. Nese keep away from the hammer locking line and Nese by rolling near the fall. Daivari is shipped to the flooring and the Nese Fosbury flop

Nese with 450 splashes near the fall. Daivari, who has an excellent pot and a frog, adopted by a hammer lock on a clothesline near the fall. Nese, who has palm timber for Daivar, with swinging heels adopted by Frankensteiner.

Winner: Tony Nese (Retains the Championship)

Triple H sees Braun Strowman behind and says Braun doesn't take Sam's place in the money bar Match. In accordance with Braun, he doesn't know what Hunter is speaking about. Hunter says he's not going to get Braun out or arrest him.

Braun says something and walks away.

Michael Cole mentions that Sami Zay has been taken to an area medical facility after an attack at his earlier night time.

Match Number 5: Bible Ladies's Championship: Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans

Becky, where it’s a must to kick the kick and kick in the corner. Becky, with a hip lock, drops and drops. Becky, with a waist lock, Lacey goes to the flooring. Becky with a baseball slide, however Lacey kicked. Becky Irish whips Lacey into a ring-aspect impediment. Lacey tries to go to the crowd, but Becky stops her. Becky sends Lace to a forward movement before they return to the ring. Lacey sends Bekley to the roundabouts, however Becky kicks. Lacey sends Becky to the battles and sends Becky to the carpet with an arm. Lacey knees on the arm.

Lacey rolls her arms, however Becky punches. Lacey with a kick and DDT in front, followed by Gator Roll. Lacey unloads the stem into the ring submit. Becky sends Lace to the apron, however Becky is first sent to the face of Lacey's carpet. Lacey, with a chest elbow drop close to the fall. Lacey with arm and chin lock. Becky, with an arm, flees, however Lacey knees and a neck breaker, followed by a rolling closeup in the fall.

Lacey held herself down and then wiped Becky's mouth. Becky with thighs and knees. Becky kicked when Lacey goes into ropes. Becky leaves on the wheels and hits the flying shoulder. Each ladies are down. Becky with an elbow but Lacey on her knees. Becky with clothesline and foot lariat. Becky kicked and exploded. Becky's forearm in the nook and Becky will get up and hits the missile drop. Lacey rolls on the flooring. Becky gets virtually autumn. Becky travels together with his elbow and Lacey on the bulldog and kicks the head close to the fall.

Lacey grabs Becky's hair and Becky's O & # 39; s Connor roll in virtually fall. Lacey will get to the ropes when Becky applies DisArmHeria. Lacey with an forearm behind the injured knee and Lacey, however Becky's shoudlers are usually not down.

Winner: Becky Lynch (Sustaining Championship)

Charlotte Aptitude's music is performed and she or he goes to the ring.

Match Quantity Six: Smackdown Ladies's Championship Match: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte goes to Becky's nook and connects to the shoulders. Charlotte suppresses Becky's nook. Becky with forearm and kick. Becky forgets the shoulder off the rods and the Charlotte kick with kick and stroke. Becky's forearms and Irish whip, but Charlotte, with Flair, turn up and kick. Charlotte rises from above, but Becky stops him and Becky slam. Becky, who has a roll near the fall.

Charlotte with shreds however Becky strikes and hits the ensuigir. Becky goes to the playoffs, but Charlotte blocks it and applies Boston Crabia. Becky tries to get into the ropes and she is going to pressure you to drive Charlotte to release the grip. Charlotte and Becky trade punches and arms. Charlotte kicks Becky's knee. Charlotte is missing from the boot and Becky with the forearm flying. They still change their arms. Becky benefits, and he goes to DisArmHer, but Charlotte avoids it and Charlotte steals Becky. Charlotte tries to make a natural selection with an apron, but Becky sticks to the rope and Charlotte goes to the flooring

Lacey Evans comes out and hits Becky with a lady on the right and Becky on the rack inside.

Winner: Charlotte Flair (new champion)

After the match, Becky assaults Lacey's flooring and Becky's knees and arms to Becky. Charlotte attacks Becky from behind and Charlotte tells Lace to send Becky's ring. Lacey owns Becky and Charlotte-Chopin Becky.

Bayley's music performs and arrives in his briefcase, and he hits Charlotte after which goes after Lacey and falls on his abdomen. Charlotte hits behind Bayley and Charlotte kicks and strangles Becky. Charlotte goes to the spear, and Bayley strikes and sends Charlotte to the coffin.

Bayley sees Charlotte and Bayley seems at the briefcase. Bayley says he's going to become profitable.

Match Number Seven: Smackdown Ladies's Championship Match: Bayley vs. Charlotte Aptitude

Bayley Rises Up and Crashes to Elbow.

Winner: Bayley (New Grasp)

Bayley celebrates his victory together with his fans.

We see Roman behind Reigns and Elias goes behind Rome and hits the guitar.

Elias leaves the ring and is ready to perform.

Elias says she felt good. Normally, he can be right here to do one thing about his acoustic collection, however his guitar broke. He isn’t solely the largest acquisition of Smackdown historical past, however the largest acquisition of WWE history. He says Vince McMahon advised him that he might sleep properly figuring out that Elias is here. When an enormous dog is out of the approach, Elijah's era can begin and he has a music.

The individuals listed here are so boring. He brings power to the world. No one needs to hear the Roman speech, Elias just took you for a stroll. I went to North Carolina, a stupendous place. Now he is aware of why Whalers is leaving this city as a result of Hartford is ashamed.

Elias plays on stage, but Roman's music performs and she or he hits Elias with Superman.

Match Number 8: Roman Reigns v Elias

Roman Reigns with Spear for Three Calculations

Roman Reigns

Match Number 9: WWE Common Championship Match: Seth Rollins and AJ Types

They Lock and AJ after a clean break. They lock once more and Seth with a clean break. AJ with waist lock and Rollins with permanent change and AJ with everlasting change. Rollers with one foot but AJ with major shaft. They lock and the Rollins wrist lock on the arm. AJ with a hand pull. They lock in and rollins with the aspect end lock. AJ with arms, however Rollins holds the head lock

Rollins with a clothesline and a comma. Rolls with an Irish whip that first sends AJ to the threads. Rolls with gall bladder and knee drop virtually in the fall. Rollins sit back. AJ with Irish whip, but he runs as well. Types with Rollins Roll Drop. AJ kicks Rollins behind and combines a shot. AJ on the shoulders in the nook. AJ on the knees and kick the chest. AJ with feedback. Rolls with jaws however AJ and arms.

Rollers with hip loss and punches. Rollins with Flatliner into bolts. AJ goes to Types Conflict out of the apron, but Rollins launches AJ AJ with a sliding knee in the apron. AJ sends Seth again to the ring. Rollins tries to chop AJ into the ring, however AJ drops to the prime of Rollins. Rollins, who’ve suicide dives for AJ and AJ, hit the bulletin board. Each men return to the ring and the Rollins garments strains AJ over the rope above and then hit the suicide dive. Rolls with holes but AJ with forearm. Rolls with Slingblad and forearm angle. Rollins with a spring plate on the clothesline virtually in the fall.

The types of Ushigoroshi and each males are down. Types with an forearm at the nook, and he sets types for Clash, but with Rollins a sunset flap. Rollins and AJ get a collection close to falling. Rolls with buckle bombs and rollins will stand up and hit the frog in the autumn. Rolls with punches for AJ. Types pierces Rollins to ship him to the rug. Rollins jumps on the wheels, but AJ slips out and sends Rollins to the pivots. AJ with German suplex and Rollins, whose roll is near autumn. AJ with torture rack and Eye of the Hurricane nearby.

AJ is shipped to the apron and AJ on the forearm. AJ-sarjat Phenomenal kyynärvarrelle, mutta Rollins matkaa AJ: n ylä köydellä ja AJ laskeutuu ylimmälle kääntökehälle. Rollins asettaa käänteisen superplexin ja osuu siihen ja pitää kiinni istuimen käänteisestä DDT: stä lähellä syksyä. Seth asettaa työntövoiman ja osuu siihen, mutta AJ välttää Black Out ja AJ Calf Crusherilla. Rollins yrittää rullata ja hän iskee AJ: n päähän. AJ, jossa on ponnahduslauta moonsault, käänteiseen DDT: hen lähes syksyllä. AJ juoksee Rollinsin superpottiin ja molemmat miehet ovat alas. Tyylit, joissa iskee jalka ja Rollins pilkulla.

AJ ja Rollins vaihtavat lyöntejä ja AJ taaksepäin, mutta Rollins entsyymirilla. AJ harhauttaa Pele Kickin ja Rollinsin super-potkulla, ja hän menee Black Outiin, mutta AJ estää sen ja osuu Types Clashin lähelle syksyllä. AJ menee fenomenaalisen kyynärvarren ja Rollinsin esiliikkeeseen. Rollins polvilla ja tremendous-potkulla. Rollins nousee ja osuu Black Outiin kolmeen lukuun.

Voittaja: Seth Rollins (säilyttää mestaruuden)

Ottelun jälkeen AJ Types palaa renkaaseen ja he seisovat kasvotusten edessä renkaassa ja Sethillä on otsikko belt over his head. AJ presents his hand and Seth shakes it.

Charly Caruso is in the again and she or he is with Xavier Woods and the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Kofi is asked about Kevin Owens’ comments. Kofi says Kevin isn’t 100% improper. He did a whole lot of great issues by himself, but if it wasn’t for the New Day, he doesn’t know if he can be standing here as WWE Champion. Xavier tells Kofi not to sell himself brief. Every part had to occur the approach it did for the win at Wrestlemania to occur. You will show Kevin that he’s fallacious and he will probably be in the again watching. Kofi says that he will show Kevin and anyone else if they attempt to use his brothers to go after him, it won’t occur.

Lince Dorado says Money in the Bank only comes annually. It’s kinda like Christmas. Kalisto says each day is a Lucha House Get together.

Match Quantity Ten: Kalisto, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado versus

Before the Lucha House Social gathering’s opponents can come out, Lars Sullivan makes his option to the ring and he catches Metalik and Metalik with a Freak Accident on the flooring. Sullivan catches Dorado and slams Lince to the flooring. Kalisto punches Lars as he comes into the ring and Lars pushes Kalisto to the mat. Lars with crossfaces. Lars with a operating sit out energy bomb.

Match Number Ten: WWE Championship Match: Kofi Kingston versus Kevin Owens

Kevin and Kofi with punches as the bell rings. Kevin with chops and forearms to Kofi. Kofi with punches however Kevin with an Irish whip. Kofi with a clothesline and Owens goes to the flooring. Kofi comes off the ring steps with a flying chop to the prime of the head. Kofi sends Kevin again into the ring. Kofi with a head butt and kicks. Owens rolls to the flooring. Owens sends Kofi again first into the apron and Kofi Irish whips Owens into the ringside barrier. Owens Irish whips Kofi into the ring steps however Kofi leaps to the apron and hits a double sledge.

Kofi with a kick to the midsection and a head butt. Kevin with an Irish whip and Kofi leaps at Owens but Owens strikes. Kofi lands on his ft and Owens with an excellent kick. Owens with extra kicks to Kofi. Owens with a hard Irish whip. Owens with a boot to the again. Kevin with a hard Irish whip. Owens with a again senton for a near fall. Kevin with a forearm to the again as Kofi goes to the apron. Kofi with a punch and shoulder but Kevin sends Kofi into the ring publish and Kofi falls off the apron to the flooring.

Owens with a operating splash off the apron onto Kofi. Kevin sends Kofi back into the ring and Kevin with a near fall. Owens chops Kofi and connects with forearms to the back after which he hits a seated splash onto the back. Kofi with punches to Kevin but Kevin with a double leg take down and Owen catapults Kofi to the turnbuckles and Kofi lands on the turnbuckles. Kevin catches Kofi off the turnbuckles and Kofi counters with a back physique drop that sends Kevin into the turnbuckles.

Kevin with a boot to Kofi and Kofi with a chop and clothesline followed by a drop kick. Kofi iwth a leaping clothesline. Kofi with a Growth Drop but Kevin counters into a Boston Crab. Kofi will get to the ropes and Kevin has to launch the maintain.

Owens sets for a power bomb on the apron but Kofi blocks it and connects with a shoulder and punches. Kevin with a kick and Kofi with a leaping double stomp on the apron. Kofi goes to the turnbuckles and he goes for a twisting splash but Kevin with an excellent kick and Owens with a near fall once they return to the ring. Kofi blocks a pop up power bomb and Kofi hits SOS for a close to fall. Kofi units for Hassle in Paradise and Owens blocks it and applies the Boston Crab.

Kofi tries to get to the ropes and makes it to drive Kevin to launch the hold. Owens and Kofi both go for tremendous kicks and Kofi blocks it and he punches Owens. Kofi with a dragon sleeper however Owens with a snap mare and power bomb for a near fall. Owens with a kick but Kofi with Hassle in Paradise and Owens falls to the flooring. Kofi will get Owens from the flooring and rolls him again into the ring. Owens with a stunner and Kofi gets his hand on the ropes to stop the rely. Kevin goes up prime for a Swanton but Kofi gets his knees up. Kofi with Hassle in Paradise for the three rely.

Winner: Kofi Kingston (Retains Championship)

After the match, Xavier Woods comes out and celebrates with Kofi.

Match Quantity Eleven: Males’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Andrade versus Ali versus Drew McIntyre versus Finn Balor versus Randy Orton versus Baron Corbin versus Ricochet

Balor and Andrade square off whereas Drew sends Ricochet into the turnbuckles. Orton with a back drop driver to Ali on the announce desk. Balor and Ricochet clothesline Baron over the prime rope after which Orton journeys Balor and hits a again drop driver onto the announce table whereas Ricochet hits a plancha. Orton kicks Ricochcet and hits a back drop driver onto the announce desk. Orton brings a ladder into the ring after which starts to set it up.

Orton climbs the ladder but Andrade drop kicks the ladder. Andrade with a again elbow to ship Orton to the flooring. Corbin and Drew with ladders to hit Andrade. Drew hits Balor with a ladder while Baron hits Orton with a ladder. Ricochet with a facebuster to Drew and Ali with a rolling X Factor to Corbin. Ali with a suicide dive by way of the ladder to Drew. Andrade is shipped over the prime rope by Ricochet. Ricochet sets up the ladder and Ali stops him.

Ali and Ricochet pull each other off the ladder. Ali floats over and climbs the ladder until Ricochet stops him. Ali is shipped to the apron by Ricochet and Ali climbs the ladder to stop Ali. Drew and Corbin pull off Ali and Ricochet. Drew and Corbin transfer the ladder from the middle of the ring. Corbin hip tosses Ali into the ladder. Ricochet punches Drew however Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly throw onto the ladder. Orton drops Drew on the prime rope and Orton hits a hanging DDT on Corbin. Orton units for the RKO on Corbin however Drew with a Claymore and Orton goes to the flooring.

Balor will get to the apron and he kicks Corbin. Balor with a forearm to Drew and a Slingblade to Corbin. Balor drop kicks Drew into a ladder in the corner. Balor with a double leg take down and a double stomp onto the ladder on prime of Corbin. Balor throws a ladder onto Drew. Balor climbs the ladder and Andrade hits Balor with a ladder and knocks Balor off the ladder. Andrade wedges the ladder into the most important ladder and arms it from the ropes. Andrade pushes Ricochet off the turnbuckles and Ricochet hits the ring steps earlier than hitting the floor. Andrade climbs the ladder however Balor climbs it too. Balor and Andrade trade forearms at the prime of the ladder. Andrade with a sunset flip energy bomb by means of the ladder hanging off the ropes.

Ali with a twister DDT to Corbin followed by a drop kick to Drew. Ali with a reverse rana to Ricochet. Ali adjusts the ladder and he climbs the ladder. Andrade kicks Ali to hold him in the ladder. Andrade will get another ladder and sets it up subsequent to the one Ali hangs from. Andrade with a kick to the chest. Ali grabs Andrade and he gets back to his ft they usually both climb up the ladders. Ali sends Andrade’s head into the prime of the ladder. Ali with a Spanish Fly off the ladders. Drew will get a ladder from underneath the ring however Ali grabs Drew by the foot. Drew with a chop and Ali falls over the ladder. Drew places the ladder on the apron and hangs the different end on the announce desk. Ali avoids a press slam onto the ladder. Ali with a kick and then Corbin choke slams Ali by way of the announce desk.

Corbin sends Drew over the ringside barrier into the crowd and Corbin pulls Balor off the ladder. Baron choke slams Balor onto the aspect of the ladder. Ricochet with a missile drop kick after which he goes for a suicide dive onto Baron however Baron catches Ricochet and hits Deep Six. Drew with a Claymore to Baron. Balor climbs the ladder and Drew hits Balor in the back. Drew throws the ladder at Balor. Drew suplexes Balor onto the ladder. Drew goes for the reverse Alabama Slam and he sends Andrade onto Balor. Drew pushes Balor off the ladder and he units it up in the ring.

Ricochet with a springboard forearm to Drew. Ricochet climbs the ladder. Drew pulls Ricochet off the ladder and Drew tosses Ricochet over the prime rope onto the ladder hanging on the apron and desk. Drew sets up the ladder and begins to climb it but Orton pulls Drew off and hits an RKO. Baron sends Orton into the ring publish and Baron climbs the ladder however Ali climbs over Baron. Baron sets for a power bomb however Ali sends Corbin over the prime rope to the flooring.

Ali climbs the ladder and he has the briefcase and Brock Lesnar’s music performs and he makes his option to the ring.

Brock knocks over ladders and he pushes Ali off the ladder. Lesnar sets up the ladder and he climbs it and takes the ladder off the hook.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

We go to credit.