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WWE Fastlane Results – March 10, 2019

WWE Fastlane Results - March 10, 2019

WWE Fastlane Results – March 10, 2019

Your host is Jonathan Coachman and has been joined by Beth Phoenix, David Otunga and Sam Roberts.

They move by means of the card tonight.

We take a look at what occurs to the Raw Ladies 's Championship with a video package deal.

The coach reminds Becky to not get to Wrestlemania if he loses tonight. The coach commented on what Becky stated he had nothing to lose

Beth says Becky stated he has nothing to lose and this is his dream to be Wrestlemania's most essential occasion. Becky has lately had a rough time accidents and arrests. He has two rivals. He has all the chances towards him, however he's hungry. Sam says Becky has every part to lose. She's as weak as ever. The coach suggests that Becky is just not 100 % at this degree. David says that each one Becky has gone via tonight. He should win or every little thing goes away. David says that Becky made a nasty choice to sign an arresting settlement that looks at it as a lawyer, however as a competitor it’s the proper factor to do.

The coach brings Charlotte, who doesn't need to need to cope with Becky and Charlotte in Wrestlemania. Sam says that Charlotte has nothing to lose as a result of he’s going to print for Wrestlemania regardless of the outcome

The coach will go to the Ladies's Tag Contest.

We hear Sasha's feedback after the victory.

The coach brings to face Nia and Tamina.

Iiconics interrupts them. Billie is shocked that Bayley and Sasha Banks are in Fastlane as a result of they haven't seen them. Sam factors out that they are in Uncooked every week. Peyton says they haven't appeared in Smackdown. The coach asks in the event that they name Sasha and Bayley. The coach asks if Nia and Tamina would call in the event that they win. Billie says that there isn’t a need to boost this situation. Peyton says he is the longer term. Billie says the longer term is Iiconic.

The coach asks for a forecast of a night match.

The coach goes to Smackdown Ladies's Championship and the current victory within the Asuka match.

Sam says he doesn't consider Mandy might be a reputable menace title at this level, however after the previous few weeks he thinks he could be. Beth says this could possibly be his moment.

Kayla Braxton is behind and she or he is Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Mandy asks if his victory is because of chicanery and Asuka is extra motivated. Mandy says that Asuka attacked them final week, so Mandy is at Asuka's head. Asuka is in search of an advantage. Mandy says there shall be an extended shot for Asuka. Sonya says Mandla now has an edge.

EC3 stops and says Mandy's identify. He says he's between uncooked and Smackdown and he's a scorching commodity.

Sonya says we are waiting for months to listen to her talking and that it is? Sonya says that Mandya was not placed in this country to flirt with a human solarium. Sonya tells EC3 to hike.

We're going to Carmel's website to attempt to get a petition to get R Fact-rematch. Zelina Vega says it's not her. You’ve gotten lost the title and now you might have a clipboard. Zelina tells the reality to surrender. When Almas is completed with Rey Mysterion, she goes after the US Department. Carmella reminds Vega that it was Almas who received caught.

Samoa Joe stops and calms them. He says he’s a US champion and he’s still a champion. If somebody has a problem, they will come to him and he will put them and their problems to sleep. Joe indicators the petition

Fastlane has added a new match and will probably be in the US Department.

We take a look at the Smackdown Tag Championship.

Christian joined the panel and compares to Sam Bob Ross and he says he has had more championships than David.

Christian is asked to return house and its impact on Miz. Christian says it gained't hassle him. Christian says for those who marvel why Miz is annoying, take a look at his father. Sam asks why Miz is on the lookout for his father's approval and Shane's approval? Christian says he knows about group championships and it's about chemistry. Usos has chemistry after it’s within the womb, and that's not the case with Shane and Miz.

We take a look at the Raw Tag Staff Championship.

We're going to touch upon Ricochet and Aleister Black. Ricochet says that our lives are determined by moments. He's speaking concerning the upcoming WWE. He can create a brand new second in the first PPV match. He had all the time dreamed of being a WWE champion. Aleister says individuals are afraid of strangers. When every victory is over, worry comes within the uncooked and Smackdown locker rooms. This can be a fate that chooses them to win the Raw Tag Workforce immediately. One fly and one strikes. All Others Fade into Black

Let's go to the WWE Championship and see how Vince McMahon broke Kofi's dream.

The coach wonders what Kevin Owens brings to the desk. AJ Types joins the panel. AJ is asked about Kofi Kingston and the way things have been taken from him. AJ says it was a mistake to do it to Kof. Kofi fought by means of the roundabout to earn his seat and he received the fitting to face Daniel Bryan. Sam asks AJ about Kevin Owens' feedback and whether he’s a liar or hypocrite. AJ says he has no love for dropping Kevin. AJ says it's time for Kofi. Individuals shout that Kofi gets into the ring with Daniel Bryan. AJ says that Daniel is excellent at what he does, and he has taken it to a different degree because he does anything to maintain the title.

Sam asks AJ what happened. AJ says you possibly can't all the time be on the prime and others have got the prospect. AJ shouldn’t be going to stay there as a result of he’s a former champion.

The coach asks Randy Orton. AJ says Randy is a bully and he tries to bully AJ. Christian says Randy is methodical and gets in the head without understanding. AJ says extra on his head. He offers with Randy when he has to.

Kayla Braxton is behind Kevin Owens. Kevin is requested if he has a title recreation after he did not know which character he can be a number of weeks ago. Kevin asks if there’s a conflict with him as an alternative of Kofi? Ask Vince McMahon. Kofi deserves an opportunity within the title, however Kevin says he doesn't turn the title match and the prospect to make his life higher and make his household's life better. He thought Daniel Bryan was talking to everyone for 5 months, and everyone needs to hit Daniel on his silly face and he can do it in the present day. She takes the title and. . .

We see a new day. Kofi says he has no problems with Kevin. Tonight is in a single day and at this time is a moment. Kofi wishes Kevin good luck. Kevin says it means quite a bit and knows that Kofi seems to make it so a lot better.

Kevin hopes Xavier and Massive E for his or her happiness.

The manufacturing assistant asks Kofia to return to the office through the WWE Championship.

Match No 1: Huge E and Xavier Woods and Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev (Lana)

Nakamura and Woods are getting began. They lock and Nakamura with a waistband, but Woods has bracelets. Nakamura with flip and knee to centerline. Nakamura with arms. Woods floats over the Irish whip, and Woods, with scissors, descends down and gets virtually a drop. Nakamura with a spherical kick to the top, Rusev disturbs Woods. The Rusev tags come and come near the fall. Rusev with a collection of kicks behind. Nakamura recognizes and kicks Woods on the midsection.

Nakamura with extra kicks ribs and foot. Rusev recognizes and punches Woods. Rusev on the shoulders in the corner. Rusev with bear hug. Nakamura tags and Rusev with knee and Nakamura with an enzyme close to the fall. Nakamrua with a front face lock, once we see Mizin to speak to his father by speaking into the match, and how it will start to pay wages. Shane says she expects Miz's father to be the fortunate one to win it yet again. Nakamura kneels and sends Woods to the twists and turns. Rusev's tags and Rusev put the Woods on the screw bar and punch him. Rusev sets superplex, however Woods blocks it and sends Rusev to the carpet.

Woods with a missile drop and both men down. Huge E and Nakamura Tag and Huge E with Two Stomach Stomach Above, and then Huge E avoids the clothesline and hits the abdomen on the abdomen. Huge E makes some gyrating and then he hits Warrior Splash. Massive E will get Nakamura's Huge Ending, however Nakamura goes to guillotine. The large E-forces are pulling off and throwing Nakamura away. Huge E is positioned by way of the rope of the spear and Nakamura on the knees. Nakamura kicks the pre-tie and pulls Huge E into the middle rope. Nakamura, who has an ax, and she or he goes up. Nakamura, with a kicking kick on the bolt, close to autumn.

Woods makes an entry and Woods with an ensuigir and tornado for DDT in Nakamura. Rusev, who has a round kick and will get virtually dropped to Woods. Rusev puts Woods on screws and punches Woods. Woods kicks Rusev and jumps over Rusev. Rusev blocks Victory Bomb and turns it into a wheelbarrow virtually within the fall. Nakamura tags they usually hit a strong suplex. Nakamura, with a flying knee close to the autumn. Nakamura units Kinshasa, however Woods, whose roll is close to the autumn. Huge E badges they usually hit UranagE and lung blower in Nakamura. They care for Rusev and put Up Up Down Down, but Lana walks to Woods. Nakamura, who has a kick on BIg E and Rusev tags. Nakamura is shipped to the front, however Rusev Machka Kick, but Woods breaks the deck.

Woods sends Nakamura to the highest of the floor. Woods is shipped to the ahead movement, but he falls down and Rusev goes over the top line. Woods with plancha, but Nakamura and Rusev hit a double choke. Rusev gets close to Woods. Rusev prepares for Accolade and applies it to Woods. Woods tries to get into the ropes and Nakamura pulls the ropes out of Woods. Massive E sends Nakamura's time to the world. Woods with an inner cradle near the fall. Rusev is missing the splash corner and Massive E signs in. They set Up Up Down and hit three chapters.

Winners: Massive E and Xavier Woods

We're going to the panel for ideas for Defend. Christian speaks of an incredible story concerning the return of Roman Reigns. Sam says Roman is stupid when he returns this manner. Dean gained't come back. The coach says this might be only a good feeling.

They go for decisions. David Otunga believes that Ricochet and Black can win.

Welcome to Fastlane. We're in Cleveland, Ohio.

Match Quantity One: WWE Smackdown Tag Staff Championship Match: Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) and Shane McMahon and The Miz

Shane and Jimmy start the deal. Shane leaves the kick, however it goes unnoticed. Shane with jab and armhole, adopted by another armhole. On the Shane aspect, sweeping the Russian leg and he means Miz. Shane with punches and then with Miz. They travel and Jimmy will get in the corner and Jey's tags in. Miz with chop. Jey, with an Irish whip and Miz, with a back cowl kick and a sunset flap close to the autumn. Shane tags and Shane Hart assault virtually in the fall. Shane with propellers and piercing nook, followed by backrest.

Jimmy acknowledges flying forearms. Jimmy on his head on the neckline and he gets virtually autumn. Jey acknowledges they usually need Shane. Jey pierced and kicked Shane. Jey behind the jaw. Jey in front. Jey, with a jumper, near autumn. JImmy tags and he hits Miz out of the Apron. Jimmy kicked Shane. Jimmy with a reverse jaw lock. Jimmy, with a boxing drop and Jey tags, hits the diving head near the fall. Shane with DDT in Jey and both males are down. Jimmy and Miz tag and Miz with double sled and flapjack.

Miz, which has an ongoing twin knee picture adopted by one other. Miz and operating on the clothesline in the nook after which kicking Jey into the apron. Miz is a sunset flap close to the fall. Jimmy is shipped by way of the highest rope to the ground. Miz rises up and hits the body on Jimmy and Jeyl and his father. Miz avoids the rotating heel and Miz's DDT near fall. Miz leaves the pot and Jimmy rolling. Jey makes an indication they usually hit the alley in the fall of Samoan close to the fall. Jey puts a operating hip stroke, however Miz will get on his ft. Jey avoids skull crushing. Jey tags they usually hit a double tremendous pot when Miz got here out of the crank, but Shane breaks the deck. Shane strikes Jeyl, but Jey will get Shane up and Jimmy hits the turning neck breaker. Miz with a cranium Crushing Finale Jey and the referee takes too long to help Shanea within the apron and Miz just gets an in depth good friend.

Miz on his knees and he places four on the picture, but Miz is first sent to the ring seat shoulder. Jey acknowledges and will get Miz on his shoulders. Jimmy is branched out when MIz sends Jey within the flip button. Miz and Jey's Rolling Near the Autumn. Miz sends Jey a ahead movement, however Jey with an enzyme gun. Jey gets up and Miz hitting. Jey falls on Miz's prime rope when Jey goes to the ground. Shane rises up and units Jimmy off the coast. Jey will get up and he dares Shane to do it. Shane beats Jey by dropping the pot to stop Jey splashing.

Miz will get up and goes to frog splashes, however Jey will get his knees and Jey inside the three.

Winners: Usos (Sustaining Championship)

After the match, Miz and Shane talk about their losses, however they are still on the identical page. Miz raises Shane's hand and Shane does the identical for miz. Miz hugs his father. Both increase Miz's father's hand.

Shane attacks Miz behind and kicks and punches him. Shane grabs George's throat after which hits Miz and applies the triangle

We see Drew McIntyren, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley, they usually mock the defend. Drew says that Defend rides as soon as more when his arms break. Baron says they’ve dominated Uncooked when Defend has had an issue. Bobby says the battle brought them collectively, however this wrestle ends all. Drew says the defend needed to be put together for kicking and shouting. This is an embarrassing loss within the arms of the dominant power of WWE

Elias is within the ring and has a track. He sings at Cleveland's personal Miza, shot by Shane McMahon. Elias Singing Miz doesn't age nicely in response to how Dad seems. Elias sings on leaving Cleveland to go to LA to hang with Lebron.

We take a look at what occurred through the Kickoff exhibition when Kofi was invited to McMahon's workplace

Match number two: WWE Smackdown ladies's championship match: Asuka and Mandy Rose (with Sonya Deville)

and Mandy with wristband, however Asuka with a flip and click on mouse. A resident with a kick and aspect lock. Mandy pulls Asuka's hair and takes Asuka down, however Asuka goes to the heel. Mandy will get to the ropes. Mandy sends Asuka to the front, however Asuka kicks after which Asuka sees Sony on the ground. Mandy, with a entrance face lock, when he pulled Asuka aprons. An ancestor with an ankle lock, and Sonya interferes with Asuka

Connie Roll and Mandy after the knee when Sonya interferes with the Dad. Mandy gets virtually a bill. Mandy with punches. Mandy with a suplex close to the autumn. Mandy, with a belly, stretches to the front. Asuka prevents suplex and Asuka from waist closure and octopus. Sonya is in search of a hoop and Mandy will flee and can soon get. Mandy with forearm and she or he pie Asuka. Asuka with chop and more shocks. Mandy, with an Irish whip, however Asuka with a missile surgical procedure,

Asuka strikes Mandy and Asuka to block the pot and Asuka again. Asuka is a operating hip within the nook adopted by a German suplex. A resident with a sliding knee close to the autumn. Asuka leaves again, but he leaves the poor within the attack. Mandy with a leaping knee near the autumn. Mandy puts the implant on Buster, however Asuka blocks it and hits the popping knees. Asuak's forearms and Mandy get the kendo hooked up to the ring. Asuka loses a spherical pot and Mandy on his option to a hoop-gown and Asuks with a rotating heel kick for three chips.

Winner: Asuka (Sustaining Championship)

Massive E and Xavier Woods are behind they usually see Kofi Kingston. Kofi says he's nonetheless waiting to talk to McMahon. Massive E and Xavier go to the workplace and see Vince McMahon on the telephone

Vince says he's been ready for Kofia for an hour.

Xavier says that Kofi has been waiting for 11 years. You needed matches with the very best competition. It's been 11 years in entrance of you. Huge E doesn't need Vince to make use of this opportunity from Kof. Take heed to individuals. Massive E means that they make it a triple menace

Vince says the WWE Championship is Triple Menace Match and Huge E and Xavier are forbidden.

Match Number three: Kofi Kingston and the Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro)

Sheamus and the Cesaro Assault Kofi and Sheamus are sending Kofi to the twists. Cesaro beats Kofi and Irish whips from Kofi. Kofi floats over and Sheamus is shipped to the ring submit. Kofi pierces Cesaro and Sheamus with the forearm. Sheamus and Cesaro, with a double one-foot crab in Kofi. Cesaro, who has a European front and Kofi, is shipped to the floor. Cesaro, with a gutwrench, on the ring boundary. Sheamus and Cesaro and forearms Kofi. Sheamus is shipped to Kofi's ring spot and Kofi sends Cesaro's ring. Kofi rises from the highest, and he hits the forearm on the forearm of Sheamus. Kofi rises from above and meets Cesaro from the Eurpoean upper border. Cesaro picks up Kofi for an influence bomb, and Sheamus adds a round of garments.

Cesaro has a Kofi who has acquired Sheam's Brogue pot. Cesaro pulls Kofi up when the referee starts to fall. Cesaro has Kofi and Huge E and Xavier Woods get into the ring, but Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura stop them. Rusev, with Machka Kick Woods and Nakamura Kinshasa in Huge E. Sheamus, and Cesaro hiding in White Noise in three chapters.

Winners: Sheamus and Cesaro

We're going back to Sasha Banks and Bayley. Bayley says Kofi evokes them and says he gained't cease preventing. They are requested if they are towards Nia and Tamina. Bayley says they have testified that they are deadly, but when they are downstream after they have achieved so. Sasha says they've been working too exhausting. Sasha says she needs to be the most important Tag Staff Champions. Bayley says he intends to defend towards anybody.

Elias is again within the ring.

This time his music is a brand new day. He compares Kofia to Miz. Elias then reminds everybody that he is from Pittsburgh

We see what happened when Shane McMahon decided to assault Miz's father George.

Shane McMahon is asked about her actions. Shane has not commented and returns to his locker room

Match Quantity Four: WWE's Uncooked Tag Staff Championship Match: Revival (Scott Dawson and Sprint Wilder) vs. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable and Aleister Black and Ricochet

Black and RIcochet Dawson when Gable and Roode cope with Wilder. Gable and Roode are despatched to the floor and then Black to the seat with a springboard, whereas Ricochet makes a springboard for Superhero Touchdown.

Gable with one foot descends to Ricochet's waist lock. Gable and second waist lock taken down. Ricochet descends to the German suplex. Ricochet with hand shower scissors and drop kick. Wilder tags and Ricochet with scissors for Gable. Dawson recognizes and he hits Superni Ricochet close to the fall. Dawson, who had a back angle to Ricochet, and sent Ricochet to the screw rods and minimize him. Dawson kicks within the corner. Dawson gets Ricochet on his shoulders and drops Ricochet in front of Wilder's knees first. Wilder on the European upper entrance

Gable tags and he supplements Ricochet and will get brief. Goth with a key lock in Ricochet. Ricochet, who has a jaw breaker for Gable and Dawson tags, stops Ricochet from doing so. Dawson drops to the top of Ricochet and hits a foot drop adopted by an elbow drop and a headscarf. Dawson, whose background is nearly autumn. Ricochet, who has a snap mare, and he connects the elbow to Dawson and then hits Wilder. Ricochet kicks Dawson and hits the rolling pot. Roode and Black tag and Black, featuring an elbow arm and back elbow. Black kicks Gable. Black sends Rooden to Wilder after which takes Roode down with a swipe of his legs.

Black with Quebrada Roode. Black pulls Rood up to Black Mass, however he hits Dawson. Roode with spinebuster Black. Gable tags and she or he goes to the moon, however descends on her ft. Gable with elbow black and black with kick. Ricochet tags and Meteora Roodelle. Gable goes to Chaos principle with black however Wilder tags and hits the splash. Ricochet, who has a shot star, wears Wilder near the autumn when Roode breaks down the deck.

Ricochet sends Roode to the floor. Dawson acknowledges and runs the Ricochet boot. Wilder goes by way of the highest rope to the floor. Ricochet goes forwards and backwards and Gable kicked off. Dawson punches RIocochet after which Ricochet hits Dawson's turnstile. Ricochet with Frankensteiner off turnbuckles on prime of the whole lot on the floor. Ricochet brings Dawson to the ring. Ricochet will get up and Roode sends a black monitor to the obstacle. Ricochet, with Plancha on the Roode ring, but Gable makes a observe. Gable, with a crossbeam and Dawson, rolls by means of and will get virtually a invoice. Gable with Rollup close to the autumn. Gable is dropped on the top rope and Dawson and Wilder hit the Shatter machine for three readings.

Winners: Scott Dawson and Sprint Wilder (Retaining Championships)

After the match, Roode attacks Dawson and Wilder and hits DDT. Black black mass for Dawson after which Ricochet rises to 630 Splash for Wilder.

We see Charlotte behind Flair and provides him a cloak.

Becky Lynch beats behind her again. 19659002] Match Quantity 5: WWE-US Championship Match: Samoa Joe vs. Andrade Almas (Zelina Vega) Towards R-Fact (with Carmella) and R-Fact

Joe-fired Fact and Rey Ship Almas to the Flooring with a Scalpel . Joe jabs and the top on the neck of Rey, but Rey goes by way of his legs. Joe pierces Rey and sends her to the floor. The reality, Almas and Rey are on the floor and Joe suicide dives on everybody. Joe chops Almas after which he cuts Rey. Almas cuts Joe and Joe again and Joe on the top. Joe with forearm with Rey. The reality grabs on Joe's foot and Almas sends Rey to Joe's seat. Almas with a backbone. The reality sends the River to the ring levels after which to the Fact with the flying forearm close to the autumn. Almas with waist lock and fact with a permanent change. Rey with double headers. Rey, who has the holes in Fact and the hand pulls Almas.

Rey, whose forearm is Fact adopted by kick and Joe, with a double line of Fact and Rey. Joe kneeling on Rey after which Joe, the place there was a jab to Fact. Joe, with a Fact headache. Joe with forearm and fact. Joe with the sleeper with Fact, however Rey drops the kicks to Joe's rope and Rey goes to 619, but Joe leaves the ropes. Joe picks up Rey and goes to energy, however Rey will land at DDT virtually within the fall. Rey kicks Joe and leaves on the rods. Almas wobbles Rey with rounds and hits the face with rinsing fact. Almas cuts Rey.

Almas goes to the rotary rods and puts on the superplex, however Rey keeps the turning button. The truth stops Almas and gets Alma on her shoulders and Rey's spear off Fact's shoulders. The reality sends Rey to the ground and Rey breaks the deck with slices. Rey gets virtually the truth. Joe sends Rey to the ground and then to the river together with his elbow and enzyme operating to the reality. Joe catches Rey off the ropes and Almas missile kick kick to deal with Rey and Joe. Almas suplex and she or he has three Amigo, but Rey blocks the third inside and near the fall.

Almas with Gory Particular in Rey, however the fact in the playoffs and Almas translates it to Gory Bomb Rey. The reality is near Almas, after which he comes near Rey, but Rey will get to the ropes. Joe pulls Fact's prelude and Almas by double clicking. Rey will get up and hits France with Almas. Vega leaves the knee to Fact, however he hits the superpot. Carmella with a double leg, Vega down. Joe on uranium when the truth and Almas separated Vega and Carmella. Fact and Almas break up the lid. Almas with Rey and Fact, with a hammer DDT breaks the lid. The truth to Joe and Alma, with double Joe Joe. The reality, with two flying shoulders, handles Almas, and then hits Joe and Alma's blue Thunder Bomb on Joe's aspect. The Fact With Five Knuckle Shuffle Joe. The reality with scissors kicks Almas. Joe, with a back manager to break the duvet.

The reality about dropping scissors kick Joe and Joe sends Fact into a ring publish. Rey sends Joe to the rope and Rey hits 619. Joe strikes with splashes and Joe applies Coquina Clutch and Rey leaves.

Winner: Samoa Joe (Keep Championship)

Match Quantity Six: WWE Ladies's Tag Staff Championship Match: Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Nia Jax and Tamina

Tamina and Bayley begin and lock. Tamina helps Bayley's nook and pushes Bayley. Bayley with punches. Bayley with wrist and Sasha tags. They ship Tamina to the locks. Nia tags and Sasha escape from the slam experiment and Bayley tags. Nia orbits Sashan Bayley and then Sasha is thrown to Bayley. Nia pierces Bayley and Tamina tags. Tamina is on a clothesline and she or he will get virtually autumn. Tamina sends Bayley inlets and Nia tags. Tamina acknowledges in.

Nia with headband and Tamina. Nia with an influence bomb, and Tamina will get virtually autumn. Tamina with jaw and wrist watch. Bayley, with holes, but Tamina with a headdress. Bayley hits Nian's apron and kicks Tamina. Bayley, with a rope cutter and Tamina lacking splashes and hitting the threads. Tamina keeps Bayley's character for a moment. Sasha recognizes and hits her knees from the apron and then hits the cross. Sasha with several knees close to autumn. Tamina, with a shot and a Sasha with a double knee. Sasha jumps between Taman and Taman, and Sasha rises over her legs.

Nia tags and he catches Sashan and hits Samoa's drop near the autumn. Nia sends Sasha's inverse and Bayley tags and hits the operating knee. Bayley, with operating elbows after which sending to Tamina flooring. Nia takes you to Bayley's nook, but Bayley's elbow. Bayley on the forearm when it is despatched to the ahead movement. Tamina moves to ringing when Bayley moves. Sasha tags and hits in Meteora. Sasha, with a transverse frame, but Nia and Tamina acquired Sasha. Bayley, who has suicide, dives at everybody.

Sasha Meteora, followed by an elbow drop from the bolt, but Tamina breaks the duvet. Bayley was a mower in Tamina's ropes. Nia goes into a power bomb, however Bayley's counters with a grid for three chapters.

Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks (Retaining Championships)

After the match, Nia and Tamina attack Sasha and Bayley. The masters are sent to the floor. Tamina, who has a superpower to Bayley and Nia, goes across the Sasha announcement over the table

Beth Phoenix rises from the bulletin board and has one thing to say to Tamina. Beth hits Tamina and Nijah falls behind Beth. Beth sent a hoop and Nia foot drop. Natalya comes out and goes after Tamina and Nia, however Tamina kicks Natalya.

Match Quantity Seven: WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan (with Erick Rowan) vs. Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali

Bryan says Ali doesn't need to be in this match and never Owens. Owens grabs Bryan's hand and hits Bryan. Ali, who also has punches, and Bryan is shipped to the ground. Ali and Owens lock up and Owens aspect lock. Owens with shoulders. Owens captures Ali's leap frog and punches Ali. Bryan chops Owens and Owens settle down. Owens with more spots and punches. Owens Chops Ali.

Ali ja pudotuspotki lähellä syksyä, mutta Bryan hajottaa kannen. Bryan potkaisee Aliia köysiä vastaan. Ali lähettää Bryanin ylimmän köyden päälle lattialle, ja Owens saa lähes pudotuksen Ali. Owens, jolla on leikkuu ja Ali, jossa on itsemurha-sukellus Bryanille. Owens putoaa Alien esiliinalle ja Owens menee esiliikkeeseen ja osuu kanuunaan Ali. Owens saa lähelle Bryanin. Owens, jossa on pilkko Bryanille ja Bryanille polvilla keskiviivaan. Ali potkaisee Bryanin ja sitten hän iskee Owensiin ja lähtee pyöriin. Bryan pudottaa potkia Ali pois kiertokangasta renkaanpuoleiseen esteeseen.

Bryan leikkaa ja potkaisee Owensin nurkassa. Bryan, jolla on vasara, käyttää jalkaa ja työskentelee toisella kädellä. Owens ja kyynärvarret ja leikkeet Bryanille ja Bryanille kääntyvät Owensin yli ja osuvat lentävälle pyykkinarulle. Bryan lähettää Ali takaisin lattialle. Bryan potkaisee Owensia rinnassa. Bryan, jolla on pyöreä potku ja Owens, on alas. Ali rikkoo kannen. Bryan, jolla on vatsa-to-again suplex Ali. Bryan potkaisee Ali: aan ja hän kiertää pyöreän potin, mutta jättää väliin. Ali lähetetään esiliikkeelle ja Aliille liikkuvan X-tekijän kanssa. Ali chops Bryan ja Bryan, joilla on irlantilainen ruoska ja Ali, kelluvat yli.

Bryan, jossa on pyykkinarulla. Owens ja cannonballs Ali ja Bryan. Ali, jolla on super-potku Owensiin, mutta Owensin kanssa tremendous-potkuja Ali ja Bryan. Owens, jolla on Ali-paketti Bryanille. Owens menee superplexiin, mutta Bryan lyö Owensin matolle. Ali goes for a superplex but Bryan stops him. Owens gets Ali on his shoulders however Ali sends Owens into the turnbuckles and Bryan is crotched. Ali with a reverse rana to Owens after which Ali with a Spanish Fly to Bryan. Bryan rolls to the floor and Ali goes up prime for the Inward 450 but Owens moves. Owens with a stunner for a close to fall when Bryan breaks up the duvet.

Owens and Bryan change punches. Owens with a kick and he goes for a stunner on Bryan however Bryan escapes and Bryan kicks Owens. Owens with an influence bomb for a close to fall on Bryan. Owens sets for a power bomb on the apron but Bryan with a again body drop onto the apron. Bryan goes for the flying knee on the apron however Ali strikes and Bryan hits the ring submit. Ali catapults Bryan’s throat into the bottom rope. Ali goes up prime and hits a 450 splash onto the apron.

Ali gets a near fall and Rowan pulls Bryan to security. Rowan takes off his flannel shirt and he will get on the apron. Ali with an excellent kick to Rowan and Owens follows. Ali and Owens with a double super kick. Ali with a rana that sends Rowan into the ring submit. Owens with a plancha onto Rowan. Bryan with a flying knee to Owens off the apron. Bryan goes up prime and Ali grabs Bryan. Ali chops Bryan on the turnbuckles and then he goes for a Frankensteiner off the turnbuckles to the floor but Bryan pushes Ali off the turnbuckles and Ali lands on his ft. Bryan misses a knee. Ali goes off the turnbuckles with a tornado DDT. Owens with a pop up power bomb to Ali onto the apron. Rowan with a spinning again heel kick to Owens.

Rowan sends Bryan back into the ring and Owens is shipped over the timekeeper’s area. Bryan will get a near fall on Ali. Bryan tells Ali he does not need to be right here and he slaps Ali. Ali slaps back. Ali comes off the turnbuckles however Bryan with a flying knee for the three rely.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (retains Championship)

After the match, Rowan with a claw slam to Ali.

Match Number Eight: Becky Lynch versus Charlotte Aptitude (If Becky wins, she is added to the Uncooked Ladies’s Championship Match at Wrestlemania)

Becky tosses her crutch excessive rope to the floor and she or he hobbles around the ring and Charlotte mocks her. Charlotte pushes Becky and Becky with punches. They lock up and Charlotte backs Becky into the corner and grabs the injured leg but places it down. Becky with extra forearms. Charlotte with chops and a kick to the knee. Charlotte with one other kick to the knee. Charlotte slaps Becky and Becky slaps back. Charlotte wraps the leg in the ropes. Charlotte goes for the leg again and Becky with a knee and Thesz Press. Charlotte with forearms throughout the knee and Charlotte with a single leg crab. Becky escapes and kicks Charlotte. Charlotte returns to the only leg crab.

Charlotte drops the injured leg on the apron. Charlotte factors at the sign after a shot to the knee. Charlotte with a dragon screw leg whip. Charlotte with an elbow after which she drops a knee onto the injured leg. Charlotte chops Becky in the corner. Becky with a round kick however Charlotte clips Becky. Becky with an inside cradle for a close to fall. Charlotte kicks Becky within the leg. Charlotte sends Becky again into the leg and Charlotte rakes the face together with her boot. Charlotte goes up prime but Becky pushes Charlotte into the ringside barrier. Charlotte beats the ten rely to get again into the ring. Becky with DisArmHer but Charlotte escapes and applies the determine 4 leg lock.

Ronda Rousey runs to the ring and she or he punches Becky. The referee needs to know what happened and he requires the bell.

Winner: Becky Lynch (by disqualification)

Elias is again in the ring. Elias says everyone loves Becky, but he isn’t a fan. Her fifteen minutes are virtually up and he shall be glad to see her go. She is so destined for failure, how was she not born in Ohio.

It’s time for Lacey Evans to make her solution to the ringside space and turn around and return up the ramp to the again.

While Elias is transfixed with Elias, Randy Orton hits an RKO on Elias. AJ Types involves the ring and hits a Phenomenal Forearm on Orton.

Match Quantity 9: The Defend (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins) versus Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley

All six men square off before the bell rings and the Defend stands alone within the ring.

Rollins and Lashley begin issues off when issues settle down. Lashley with a forearm and shoulders within the nook. Rollins with a punch and Rollins with Slingblade. Rollins is shipped into the nook and Corbin tags in and he sends Rollins into the turnbuckles. Rollins with a boot and flatliner into the turnbuckles. Ambrose tags in and Rollins with a snap mare. Ambrose with a sliding forearm, Rollins with a knee drop and Ambrose with an elbow drop. Drew tags in and he chops Ambrose. Ambrose sends Drew to the mat and Ambrose backs Drew into the corner. Rollins tags in and Roman tags in. Rollins with a forearm into the nook and Reigns with a flying clothesline for a near fall.

Drew goes to the floor to regroup. Drew returns to the ring and Drew with a kick and forearm. Drew sends Roman into the turnbuckles and kicks and punches Roman. Drew with an Irish whip and Roman with an elbow. Roman with a punch to Drew and Rollins tags in. They hit a double shoulder deal with on Drew and make a wish. Rollins with chops in the nook. Drew with an Irish whip and Rollins tries to float over but Drew with a boot to the ribs. Lashley tags in and he runs Rollins into the ringside barrier. Lashley sends him into the ringside barrier once more.

Lashley gets a near fall. Corbin tags in and he punches Rollins. Rollins punches Corbin however Corbin with an elbow and he applies the chin lock and half nelson. Rollins lands on his ft when Corbin pulls him from the ropes. Rollins with an enzuigiri and Drew tags in. Rollins with a rana and Drew retains Seth from making the tag. Seth tags in Dean and Dean with a forearm to Lashley followed by a clothesline and again elbow to Drew. Drew catches Dean however Dean will get to his ft and he will get a close to fall with a rollup. Dean clotheslines Drew over the top rope to the floor.

Dean comes off the ring publish with an elbow onto Drew. Baron pulls Dean off the apron and Dean punches Baron. Lashley with a spear to Dean and Drew gets a near fall. Rollins with a forearm to Corbin and Lashley stops Rollins and Seth is shipped into the gang. Drew with a Claymore but Dean falls to the ground. The referee begins his rely and Dean powers up at 9 and will get back into the ring. Drew with punches to Dean. Corbin tags in and kicks Dean. Lashley tags in and he hits a operating shoulder deal with into the nook and Lashley gets a near fall.

Dean with elbows and Lashley with a Flatliner for a near fall. Drew tags in and he kicks Dean. Drew with a suplex and he will get a close to fall. Dean blocks suplex attempts from Drew and Dean with a suplex of his personal. Dean with head butts to Lashley to knock him off the turnbuckles. Dean with a neck breaker. Drew tags in and Dean bounces in the ropes and hits a clothesline. Roman and Corbin tag in and Roman with clotheslines and a flying clothesline. Roman with a operating boot to Corbin. Roman with the Drive By to Corbin for a close to fall. Rollins with a springboard clothesline to Drew. Dean makes the save for Seth and Dean with a drop kick and Rollins with a boot to Lashley. Dean and Seth with suicide dives onto Bobby and Drew. Roman with a clothesline to ship Corbin over the top rope to the floor.

Baron stops Roman and hits Deep Six for a close to fall. Drew is shipped into the timekeeper’s space and Lashley and Rollins struggle in there too. Dean comes off the announce tables onto Lashley. Again in the ring, Roman and Corbin change punches. Corbin with a knee but Roman units for a Samoan drop. Corbin sends Roman into the ring publish and Baron with a near fall. Baron with a choke slam for a close to fall.

The opposite 4 men battle in the crowd and to the Kickoff Present space. Lashley sends Seth into the gear whereas Ambrose punches Drew. Corbin sets for a superplex but Reigns blocks it. Roman with a head butt and he goes beneath Corbin for a sit out energy bomb for a close to fall. Dean is placed on the desk whereas Rollins goes into the concourse. Dean is caught by Lashley and Drew however Rollins from the bleachers onto Bobby and Drew.

Roman sets for the Superman punch however Baron blocks it. Baron goes around the ring publish and back into the ring however Reigns with a Superman punch. Dean and Seth return to the ringside space however Drew and Bobby stop them. Roman with a Superman punches to Bobby after which to Drew. Baron hits Finish of Days but Dean and Seth break up the duvet. Baron punches and kicks Seth. Corbin sends Roman to the ground. Baron, Drew, and Bobby rearrange an announce table. Then they do it to the primary announce desk. They set for the Cerberus Bomb on Roman however Seth and Dean cease that. Lashley with an elbow to Rollins and Roman with a Superman punch to Lashley. Rollins with Black Out to Lashley. Roman with a spear to Corbin.

Corbin rolls into the ring and Dean and Seth decide up Drew for the Cerberus Bomb by way of the announce table they usually hit it. Corbin is in the ring and Dean, Seth, and Roman surround the ring. They enter the ring and Seth with an excellent kick. Roman with a Superman punch and Dean with Dirty Deeds. They put together for the Cerberus Bomb on Baron for the three rely.

Winners: The Defend

We get the Defend salute as we go to credit.