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Why Cell Phones and Tablets are not completely safe for children

Why Cell Phones and Tablets are not completely safe for children
Nicolas Pineault

. Cell phones and tablets, and the EMF emitted by them, are definitely not safe for children.

At a time when the website Mother and father.com has referred to as the iPad the "best babysitter" [1] and the place the 2014 survey confirmed that up to 75% of four-year-olds in sure US districts already personal a mobile phone [2] … hoping I’m died mistaken here.

Unfortunately, you’ll be able to see that five science-based reality reveal the reality: wi-fi know-how are simply not safe

These details are the rationale that I turned the best-selling writer and EMF activist who demanded safer methods, and additionally why I have sworn that I By no means let my 1-year-old son maintain a tablet or telephone .

Fax No. 1: EMF Safety Standards Not Upgraded since 1996

Most people increase eyebrows once I tell them that the final time the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) up to date EMF safety standards was again 1996. [3]


A number of US Businesses, such as the US Division of the Inside [4]the Environmental Safety Agency (EPA) and the National Company for Safety and Health at Work (NIOSH). ) [5] has urged the FCC to update these obsolete safety requirements through the years, but in useless.

# 2: Oops, there are no EMF security standards for children

Do you know that cell phones, tablets and other wireless units are being tested with a model referred to as "SAM" (normal anthropomorphic mannequin) with a head like 6 & # 2; 2 ", a 220-pound man?

Do you know that the top of SAM is greater than the good 97% of mobile phone users?

Scientists like Dr. Om Gandhi have been saying for over 20 years that the best way during which engineers check wi-fi units is just not smart for children, and that requirements must be up to date [19459003[6]

It is not shocking that Dr. Gandhi shortly lost the cash business provided to him when he began publishing his considerations and observations

Although most children now use wireless units very frequently, it seems that the exams to make sure They do not take note of the truth that they have smaller heads and evolving brains, or that their our bodies take in twice EMF radiation in comparison with an grownup, pound per kilogram. [7]

Reality # three: 90% of cell phones fail This particular safety check within the first place!

Cell phones and tablets should by no means be stored in the suitable physique… [19659006]

Virtually all wireless units are tested with a 5 to 15 mm separation between the top of the dangerous SAM and the gadget… but is anybody Really adopted these direct strange instructions and retaining their telephone

This can be a key problem that French authorities officials stored in thoughts once they started testing tons of of various handsets in July 2016, and this time on the physique – 0mm.

Their findings have been nothing Even though the French physician Dr. Marc Arazi has began a non-profit group from this industrial scandal referred to as "The Phonegate Alert". [8]

Unbiased exams in France confirmed that 90% of all cell phones already exceed the outdated security limits by as much as 10 occasions

Phonegate alarm has led to a handful of cell phones Referred to as or up to date, however principally business and most politicians who seem to be very happy to take the "wait" strategy and keep away from duty, have swept underneath the carpet.

Dr. Om Gandhi himself analyzed these checks and confirmed their validity. In IEEE Access, the Institute for Electronic Engineers (IEEE) peer-reviewed open scientific publication. [9]

Reality # four: Safety Standards Based mostly on Incorrect Assumptions

As I advised a number of months ago on Greenmedinfo.com entitled " 7 things every healthcare practitioner needs to find out about EMF ”, our EMF safety requirements are based mostly on false beginning factors

An engineer and EMF activist Daniel DeBau might not say it better:" It's like saying the only means cigarettes can hurt when you burn your fingers. [10]

Hundreds of research have proven that this assumption is flawed, and that we desperately have to develop safety standards based mostly on the biological results that EMFs have been shown to have on human cells ] oxidative stress DNA breaks, loss of fertility, impaired mind improvement and other issues [11]

Scientist S. Pockett summarized it completely in 2018 paper:

The prevailing official assertion on the connection between public health and radio frequency (RF) emissions from cell phone know-how, Wi-Fi and power meters is scientifically and ethically flawed

[Safety standards are] 20 years outdated and ignore present laboratory knowledge that forestall the central assumption that the only Biol The carbon effect is the heating of the tissues. ”

Reality # 5: EMFs are new to smoking.

Individuals think of Vits once I tell them. Or worse, I exploit worry and sensationalism to extend my readership.

I do not consider that smoking and cellphone or tablet use the identical. In reality, I feel giving a baby to a tablet or telephone could possibly be thought-about extra harmful than in the future giving them a cigarette.

In 2011, the Worldwide Institute for Cancer Research categorised Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, and Bluetooth devices as a "potential" carcinogen for Class 2B.

Some individuals assume the whole lot is completely satisfied as a result of the "2B" score is quite "low".

But the problem is that since 2011 numerous new EMF research have come.

The truth is, so many research have confirmed the cancer-EMF link over the past 8 years that many unbiased researchers [13] declare that EMF radiation must be – categorised as "probable" or even "clear" in school 2A Carcinogen right subsequent to asbestos and tobacco.

Dr. Anthony Miller, one of many world's largest epidemiologists, despatched an urgent and emotionally prepared warning in a current presentation:

My conclusion is that, if the IARC needed to reassemble a workgroup, it will assess the EMF radio frequency, they should conclude that This Publicity is a Human Carcinogen

This is something we discovered from ionizing radiation, like X-rays. You not see X-ray gear in shoe stores as a result of we study that it was fallacious. X-rays and Pregnancy – Let's Minimize to Forestall Leukemia in Children

All these evidence came and work. We’ve now acquired proof of radio frequency radiation and we should act. ”[14]

What Can You Do About It?

But that's just the tip of the iceberg, as a result of most cancers is only one

Clearly, EMF-emitting methods are not safe for adults, not to mention children.

The excellent news is that decreasing EMF publicity and minimizing these dangers

Whenever you give your tablet or telephone to children (which I do not advocate in any case, as a result of skreentime is an issue for itself), ensure you first press "Airplane mode". Preview films and choose apps and video games that can be performed offline.

But above all, if one thing you are reading on this article is of interest to you, evokes you or rebels you – take motion and begin training in EMF. 19659006] Whether you are a healthcare skilled who needs to guard sufferers from these new well being dangers, or someone who needs to guard your self, your family or buddies, the easiest way to get began is the model new free information we've just released ”How Does 5G & EMF Radiate your health ”.

I hope that if we unfold the notice extensively sufficient, my son will see a day when safer technologies that are suitable with human well being will develop into a brand new norm.

Electrosmog RX is a 5-module EMF on-line course for healthcare professionals and wholesome lovers, offering every little thing it’s essential to shield your self, your loved ones, and your clients from EMF units.

] Need to know extra concerning the damaging influence of electromagnetic frequencies on well being? Visit the GreenMedInfo Database:


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Nicolas Pineault is a researching healthcare supplier, educator and supporter of safe applied sciences. In 2017, he wrote a guidebook for the EMF, an unusual ebook accepted by top-class well being authorities reminiscent of Dr. Mercola and coping with the very critical subject of electromagnetic contamination with humor and widespread sense. She has launched an Electrosmog Rx on-line course to coach 100,000 healthcare professionals to determine EMF signs and assist sufferers or shoppers scale back their EMF publicity.

Disclaimer : This article is not meant to be given to a doctor, analysis or remedy. The views introduced right here do not essentially mirror the views of GreenMedInfo or its employees.

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