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What really happened to the prisoners of the Aktion Reinhardt transit camps in Poland?

What really happened to the prisoners of the Aktion Reinhardt transit camps in Poland?
John Wear

The founding historians state that each one Jews sent to the Reinhardt camp in Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor in Poland have been destroyed. It is claimed that a handful of robust young Jews have been briefly saved to maintain camps operating. All different Jews sent by the Actor Reinhardt camps are stated to have been immediately gassed on arrival without registration. [1]

Historical Peter Longerich states in his Holocaust that 1,274,166 Jews had died in the camps of Action Reinhardt by the finish of 1942. Longerich bases his assertion that Höfle's telegram exhibits that many Jews had been sent to Aktion Reinhardt camps. Longerich assumes that each Jew despatched to the camps of Motion Reinhardt was murdered. [2]

I’ve written an article, which explains why the Aktion Reinhardt camps have been transit relatively than extermination camps on the edges. [3] I’ve been requested:

If the Aktion Reinhardt camps have been transit automobiles, what did the Jews not gasify in these camps? Why are there no documents displaying that the Jews have been despatched to other locations outdoors the Aktion Reinhardt camps? ”

This text solutions these questions.

Dramatic Hollywood films aren’t proof of "destruction camps". The Holocaust story defenders have typically used forensic archeology Dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls and his limited excavation at Treblinka to prove that Treblinka was a destruction camp. An analysis of his work exhibits that he can’t prove that Treblinka was a destruction camp. Read more here

Historical Background

The rationale why documentation has not been proven, that the Jews moved out of the Aktion Reinhardt camps, could be defined by learning the historical context. The next questions and answers are necessary:

  1. Who gained the Second World Conflict? Reply: Allies
  2. Who dominated all the related documents after the struggle? Answer: Allies
  3. Who claimed that Germany had a genocide towards the Jews? Reply: Allies
  4. Who might have destroyed the documents associated to what happened to the Jews during the struggle? Answer: Allies

The Soviet Union took management of documents associated to Poland and Aktion Reinhardt camps. We know that the Soviet Union is engaged in many lies and fraud in the Second World Struggle. One of the greatest examples is the three witnesses from Nuremberg who testified that Germany was chargeable for the occupation of Polish officers in Katyn. At the moment, everybody agrees that the Soviet Union and never Germany have been answerable for Katyn's forest reindeer [4]

In Katyn's forest and other locations there have been a number of massacres of 1940, leading to the deaths of some 22,000 Poles. "In a final report published in 1952, the committee declared that there was no doubt in the Council, and called the massacre" the world's most barbaric crimes in world historical past ". It stated that the Roosevelt administration suppressed the public's knowledge of the crime, but said it was not in military need. It also recommended the government to bring charges against the Soviet Union before an international court – something never worked. "Source AP

Another example of Soviet fraud is that the Soviets hid info that might permit an outsider to build what is occurring militarily in the Soviet Union at the beginning of the German attack on June 22, 1941. Viktor Suvorov, a former Soviet army intelligence officer injured in the United Kingdom In 1978, he received access to a closed Soviet archives by making a analysis paper in the Soviet Military Academy. Suvorov observed that the historic model of World Struggle II is a lie and that it covers the Soviet Union's duty for beginning the struggle. The Purple Army in June 1941 was the largest and greatest outfitted army in the historical past of the world. [5]

The Soviets additionally lied about the existence of deadly fuel chambers in Majdanek, Poland. In August 1944, the Soviet-Polish Committee determined that there were no less than five homicide chambers in Majdanek. Nevertheless, Majdanek's documents show that Majdanek's fuel chambers are constructed only for sanitary functions, resembling rinsing chambers. [6]

The Soviet archives have documented quite a few felony acts by the Soviet government. For instance, the Soviet archives show that Stalin, Molotov and Lazar Kaganovich ordered 38,679 army officers, poets, writers and different individuals in 1937 and 1938.

The paperwork of the Soviet archives undeniably show the Soviet executions of Soviet residents [7]

Soviet Union There have been quite a few different felony acts underneath Josef Stalin, including the murders of many tens of millions of Soviet residents. The destruction of paperwork relating to the transportation of Jews from the camps of Motion Reinhardt would have been very straightforward and absolutely in line with the felony nature of the Soviet authorities.

The crimes of Stalin would sweep the Allies underneath the carpet. These included ethnic cleansing, slavery, massacres and forced relocation of peasants to Siberia, Ural or Kazakhstan, the place they have been thrown into the chilly bare steppe. " Tens of hundreds of thousands either died or suffered horrible circumstances. Stalin. Read more here


Germar Rudolf tells about an fascinating case for a Jew who moved to "East" from Treblinka. Rudolf writes:

Jean-Marie Boisdefeu has documented an fascinating case she got here across when she passed Vad Vashem's database of Holocaust victims. This case can also be based mostly on a pocket book revealed by public authorities, in this case Germany. It considerations the Berlin Jewish Siegmund Rothstein, born in 1867, who was first expelled from the Theresienstadt ghetto for elderly Jews in August 1942. Hardly a month later, on September 26, he was expelled at the age of 75 in Treblinka. it was not his finish at all, as the German authorities continued to find signs of his life east once they finally determined that Rothstein died in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, about 240 kilometers east of Treblinka. I think that 75-year-old Rothstein jumped off the practice earlier than arriving in Treblinka and ran to German occupied Minsk. So he had to journey there by practice. I also suspect that the German authorities arrested the practice only for him or solely put him on a army practice to Minsk. Slightly, he has had to journey tons of or hundreds of expelled by Theresienstadt.

Boisdefeu notes that none of the Jews deported from Theresienstadt are listed in the German Memorandum, as a result of it is killed by Treblinka, however that they’re all listed in numerous places where they either died or have been last heard after which lost.

This case also exhibits that hundreds of Jews appear to be deported to the east ”with Treblinka as a transit station. In consequence, Treblinka has indeed had to get the logistics briefly to reside, feed and clear a whole lot, if not hundreds, of individuals in a short time. Amongst other issues, it was in all probability a very real shower room for this function. [8]

Germar Rduolf writes:

I have no idea that no one has carried out a radical, systematic analysis that tried to find extra particular person instances where Jews moved by way of Treblinka, Sobibor or Bełżec to other places using revealed sources, victims and witnesses Database info, and so forth.… Docs… thus far have not had the human, financial, logistical and temporal assets to carry out such analysis on a big scale. Thus, in this case, the proof also deteriorates when the reminiscences fade, the decay of the documents and the survivors die. "[9]

So we now have at the least one example of a Jew who survived from Treblinka to" east ". Hopefully somebody will do the research to expose the surpluses of the Aktion Reinhardt camps that have been shipped to the East.


Holocaust historians typically discover that if documents have been to be transported from the Reinhardt camp to the east. Because there isn’t a such large documentation, they declare that the Jews have been pressured to destroy the Motion in the Reinhardt camps. These historians do not admit that the Soviet Union might simply have destroyed the documents associated to the transportation of the Aktion Reinhardt camps.

Proof exhibits that Aktion Reinhardt camps have been transit automobiles relatively than destruction camps. Demographic Studies, Numerous Statements by Heinrich Himmler, Reviews on the Transfer of Jews from the Acts of Reinhardt to Auschwitz and Majdanek, Absence of Important Forensic Evidence of Mass Destruction, Photographic and Technical Proof in Camps It is inconceivable to destroy so many organs in such a short while, the lack of secrets and techniques and security in the camps and The small measurement of the areas where the corpses have been supposedly buried show that Aktion Reinhardt camps have been transit automobiles [19659030] Founding historians characterize National Socialist Germany as a singular barbaric, cool and felony system that was absolutely answerable for commencing World Struggle II and making some horrific struggle crimes in world historical past. The German Conflict John Wear denies this characteristic of Germany, which brings historical past to the information. Study extra about the German Warfare and the options for purchasing here.


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