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Twitter Deems European religious symbols "Hateful Imagery"

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The constitutional freedom of religion is inalienable and sacred to all human rights ”~ Thomas Jefferson

I really wouldn’t write editorial articles or beautiful news articles a few specific individual or event. I'm used to it for some time, here and there, however I’m naturally inclined to philosophical, meta-political, metahistoriseen and metaphysical. Nevertheless, everyone then deserves it.

I’m not an enormous Twitter presence by any means if a lot of the visitors is from elsewhere. And on the finish of the day, I simply don't have the time or the will to send and comment always because it seems to be the secret of “Twitter success”. This is not what I do for dwelling, even if I take what I write and care very significantly. I am also positive that the sensible telephone owns me out of the loop in some ways – however I'm okay it.

But I still use Twitter as a information feed and share in writing and anything I feel is value; and perhaps sometimes a light-weight troll is made .. But i went to signal yesterday (Thursday, March 14), and this is how:

 Twitter locked

I was just a little confused as a result of it solely showed my identify and profile image – An image that had been in my profile for no less than 2 ½ years. What a fantastic factor was, I clicked the "start" button to see what this "hostile image" was. When this was completed, it took me to the display under:

 Twitter locked2

In the following display, I first acquired confused. I saw my profile on the banner and I didn't assume the mountains or lighting appeared too hostile; and I’m positive that they’ll in all probability have the ability to learn Gaelic. Then I noticed my profile once more, this time highlighted in pink. The boys' boys name my personal religious symbol "hostile images"

It doesn't actually sit nicely with me.

But it isn’t because it’s "my symbol" which I designed or one thing else. The truth is, the symbol is the truth is an amalgam of only three historic Indo-European sacred symbols. No, it's not as a result of they coated my image. It is because they’re dismantling the religious heritage of my individuals – and that’s something that may be a strong reply to the least. That's what I gave them privately, and that's what I'm giving here in public.

To begin with, let me briefly explain what these three symbols type their traditional and historical context. . Then I clarify what this combined Indo-European image represents for me and why it’s used


First, we now have a sad "Sonnenrad" or "Sunwheel". This isn’t a doubt concerning the specific factor of the symbol for which Twitter's gentlemen proclaimed it "hostile images". Now, many, if not many, who even acknowledge this symbol, will feel it as a logo that adorned the ground of Common Hall in Himmler's SS Fort in Wewelsburg. This affiliation is often enough for many leftists to declare it "evil". The subsequent quote, nevertheless, says otherwise, and it’s the very unlikely source – Anti-Defamation League or "ADL":

"Sonnenrad or Sunrise is one of the ancient European symbols owned by the Nazis trying to come up an idealized "Aryan / Norwegian" heritage. Sonnenrad is present within the conventional symbology of many nations and cultures, including the previous Norwegian and Celtic cultures. It has numerous variations; Swastika and comparable rounded variations are in truth sonnenrad types, in addition to sure versions of Celtic Cross.

As a result of sonnenrad pictures are used by many cultures all over the world, one shouldn’t assume that the majority sonnenrad-like pictures necessarily mean racism or white domination ; relatively, they should be rigorously analyzed within the context during which they happen.


Though the current use of the image means an occult and "black sun" or "spiritual sun"; it’s to be understood that such photographic photographs and iconography have been seen throughout the Indo-European tradition from the earliest occasions. Individuals in colder climates particularly respected and praised the sun and based their society on the rules of Solar or Apollonia, resembling Rational Order, Justice, and Advantage.

Subsequent, the sunshine is surrounded by equi-limbed Celtic Cross. Equi-limbed (that’s, all sides are the same length) is a contradictory symbol that’s seen everywhere in the world. It has been a logo I might have seen in Shamanic years in the past, and it has been an essential private icon for a few years. This symbol is also known as "Sun Cross," and is claimed to symbolize the wheel of a sun-god wagon.

Nevertheless, the work of males like Crichton Miller has proven this to be a navigation gadget. This is also associated to the astrotheological symbolism of the sun, which seems to be "dying" within the constellation of the Southern Cross after it had passed via the constellations of Zodiac.


This historic symbol was launched in Ireland as a complicated "Celtic Christianity" delivered to Britain in the early years of the Church, when the Irish Monasteries considerably developed their very own church by means of Rome (this independence would not last) . During this time, we start to see the equal crosses on prime of the rock grids, adorned with magnificent Celtic knot work (symbolizing eternal and infinite) and iconography.

Finally, in the heart of the Cross, the nested symbol is called "Yule". This symbol from the traditional Frisia and the North Atlantic (symbol in fact) was a logo for the WR-ALDA, which is the unique deity of historic Fries. He was thought-about the initiator of ALL. Historic frisches used Xmas as the idea for writing and constructing, among other things.

We still discover this image in a single type or one other in Dutch-German tradition long after Previous Frisia was not. We see it prominently in Dutch people music in Pennsylvania and their "hex symbols". Nevertheless, this symbol is not at all distinctive to the Dutch, and it has also been discovered in the Middle East, generally known as the "seed of life". It must be famous that the Center East was primarily part of Europe for some time and was also in touch with India, so the version of this image as it appeared within the Middle East was also probably European. 19659004]  Figure

For a more in-depth take a look at this specific image and its which means, I recommend that I learn an essay I wrote a number of months ago to Xmas. Suffice it to say that the six-spoke wheel was primarily understood as the construction from which Creation was shaped.

Combining Sonnenrad, the Solar / Celtic Cross and Xmas / Life Seed; For me, there’s a symbol of Creation when it extends to Everlasting Dwelling Mild. It’s the fact of God and Creation; WR-MEETING ALDA.

Creation begins with Seed; the spark of being, which is simultaneously the Father and the mother, which then extends to the Son; the eternal mild / vibration of sound that passes and types within the physical world, which begins and ends in the bodily sun, which can also be the religious / energetic sun

As above, under;

This image displays not solely the exotic reality of world creation, but in addition reflects the alchemy of one's own religious progress and improvement. We’ve the seed of eternal life that lives in the darkness, eternally unmanifest, and lives in unused and countless prospects within the reservoir. We start by nourishing the lifetime of life; Inside Xmas. This seed is within the Self, which is the microcosmic Photo voltaic Logos that lives in us.

Taking good care of the seed in the heart of Self; Who contemplates, listens, and develops a relationship with the dwelling mild in our photo voltaic lenses, over time we will manifest our "heaven on earth".

Our individuals are often SOLAR individuals. It's natural. Our thoughts, the best way we work, how we type our society, the best way our faith is built; The presence of Apollonia, particularly in Western European societies and peoples, has been the dominant archetypal presence in our history – and that isn’t a nasty thing. Regardless of our shortcomings, the good Western Photo voltaic peoples and civilizations in the West have persistently succeeded in creating societies that have been envious of the world. And in 2018 it is fairly obvious that there’s a lot of envy and far evil. Now also the term "Western civilization" is considered "hostile" and "racist" because it "triggers" individuals with a private ax to grind the West and its individuals.

Twitter has been a pioneer in Western culture in recent times and has been silent in anyone's right between Mitt Romney and "Speech Policy". Just lately, individuals like Alex Jones and others have revealed the blatant illusion and free speech program of the platform that varieties the virtual "public connection". Now, Twitter has moved to violation of religious freedom. actively discriminates between the European religious and religious symbolism. And to add insults to damage, they put this sacred iconography in reference to "hostile images".

But I don't want Twitter. We don’t need Twitter

We’d like various platforms to maneuver away from the platforms created by these brazenly hostile tech giants which might be too quick to buy and management left hysteria.

Freedom of Religion and Non-Violent Religious Expression in America and the West is certainly one of our core values.

And although David's Jewish star, the Christian Golgotha ​​cross, and the Islamic cousin and star have used quite a few people and teams who have promoted and / or dedicated terrorist violence, we do not deny these symbols to the use and representation of members and organizations of those religions. We understand that these symbols have a broad interpretation and imply different things to totally different individuals, and we perceive that the freedom of use of religious iconography is a part of the freedom to apply our chosen faith.

Until your faith

Don't allow them to take extra holy symbols from us.

The blessings of WR-ALDA for you and you.

Originally posted to joshualightningwarrior.wordpres. com

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