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The Plato myth of Atlantis

Critias: Then, pay attention, Socrates, to a narrative that is, albeit strange, definitely true, when Solon has witnessed the seven sensible men. He was my grandfather, Dropides, relative and pricey good friend, as he himself says in many poems. and he informed the story to Critias, my grandfather, who remembered and repeated it to us. It was previous, he stated, the good and marvelous actions of the town of Athena, which have gone into oblivion over time and to the destruction of humanity, and particularly to the higher than everyone else. We do that now. It’s a appropriate monument to our gratitude and praise, which is a true and worthy goddess, at present throughout her pageant.

Socrates: Very Good. And what is this historic famous action that Critias proclaimed about Solon's authority that it isn’t just a legend, however a real reality?

Critias: I'll tell the old-world story which I have heard of an elderly man; for Critias was on the time of the story he stated, for almost ninety years, and I was about ten years previous. Now the day was the day when Apaturia was referred to as to register younger individuals, the place our mother and father gave the prizes in the best way, and our sons informed the poems of many poets, and lots of of us sang poems about Solon, who was not out of style at the moment. One of our tribes, both because he thought so or willingly Critias, stated that his judgment in Solon was not only the clever males, but in addition the noblest poets. The previous man, as I keep in mind nicely, was glorified on this hearing and stated with a smile: Sure, Amynander, if Solon had only poetry in his life like different poets, and that he had completed the story he brought him was not pressured by the groups and issues that He found in his homeland when he got here to his residence to take care of different issues, I feel he would have been as famous as Homer or Hesiod, or any poet.

And what was the story, Critias? stated Amynander. The biggest actions that the Athenians have ever achieved, and which should have been one of the best recognized, but over time and the destruction of actors, have not come to us.

Tell us, stated the whole story and how and from whom Solon heard this true custom.

He replied: – The Egyptian delta, on which the River Nile is divided, is a sure space referred to as Sais, and the good city of the area can also be referred to as Sais, and it’s the metropolis of King Aus. Citizens have a deity from their basis; he is referred to as Neith in the Egyptian language they usually claim to be the same as Hellenes referred to as Athena; they are nice athens buddies and say they are ultimately related with them.

Solon came to this city and was acquired there with nice respect; he asked the clergymen, who have been probably the most skilled in such issues, of antiquity and stated that he and no different Hellene knew anything to say within the previous occasions. Wishing that they needed to speak about antiquity, he began to inform concerning the oldest things on the earth – Phoroneus, referred to as "the first man" and Niobe; and after Deluge, the survival of Deucalion and Pyrrha; and he traced the genealogy of the offspring, and counted the dates, making an attempt to calculate how many years in the past the events he was speaking about occurred.

Then one of the clergymen, who have been very nice, stated: O Solon, Solon, you Hellenes are by no means anything however youngsters, and among you there isn’t a previous man. Solon asked him what he meant. I imply, he replied that you’re all younger in your mind; There isn’t a previous opinion that you’ve given to the ancient custom, nor any science that is getting older. And I'll inform you why. There have been, and might be, many human destruction because of many causes; The largest hearth and water businesses and other lesser causes have brought about numerous different causes. There’s a story that you’ve even retained, once once the son of Helhael, Phaethon, when he tuned his father's carriage's heels, as a result of he could not drive them to his father's path, burned all that was on the earth, and himself was destroyed by thunder. Now that is the form of the myth, however it actually means the weakening of the bodies shifting around the globe and the good mess of the earth, which is repeated after a very long time; In those occasions, those that reside in mountains and in dry and stylish places are extra weak to destruction than those dwelling on rivers or the sea. And from this accident, the Nile, who’s our unsuccessful savior, delivers and preserves us. Then again, when the gods purify the earth with the flood, the survivors of your land are shepherds and shepherds dwelling within the mountains, however those that, such as you, reside in the cities, move by way of the rivers. sea. Although on this nation, not then, and at another time, water falls from the highest to the fields, and it all the time tends to rise from under; Subsequently, the traditions which are preserved are probably the most historic

The reality is that anyplace within the winter frost or the acute of the summer time sun doesn’t forestall humanity, typically in larger, typically smaller numbers. And what occurred either in your nation or in our personal or anyplace else we’re conscious of – if any act was refined or nice or otherwise vital, all of us have written the previous ones and have been preserved in our temples. If you and other nations begin to obtain letters and other calls for of civilized life, after a traditional time, the heavenly stream, such as the plague, will fall down, leaving only those who are impatient letters and schooling; And so you must start over once more, like youngsters, and you recognize nothing about what happened in historic occasions, either among us or with one another.

For the genealogies that you simply just informed us, Solo, they are no higher than youngsters's stories. First, you solely keep in mind one shepherd, however there have been many earlier than; In the next place you have no idea that there was a fairest and most noble race in your country, which had ever lived, and that you simply and the entire metropolis have descended from a small seed or their remains which have survived. And this was unknown to you because, for many generations, the survivors of that destruction died, leaving no written word. It was time for Solo, earlier than an ideal deal of hassle, when the town, now Athens, was the first in conflict and was greatest controlled by all cities, it is stated to have carried out the noblest acts and had

Solon marveled at his phrases and sincerely requested clergymen to report to him precisely and orderly among these former citizens. You’re welcome to hear from them, Solo, stated the priest in your personal sake and your city, and above all, the goddess, who’s the patron of both cities and the mum or dad and the instructor. He based your city a thousand years earlier than our country acquired Earth and Hephaestus rot the seed, and then he based us, whose structure is recorded in our sacred registers on the age of eight thousand years.

Ninety years ago your citizens, I’ll temporary you on their laws and the best-known actions; all the exact particulars are then in leisure time in sacred registers. In the event you examine these very laws with us, you will see that many of us are opposites in your personal as a result of they have been within the previous time. First, there are clergymen separated from all others; Subsequent, there are artificers who gather their many crafts themselves and do not combine; and there’s also a shepherd and hunter class and a class of farmers; and also you additionally observe that the Egyptian warriors are totally different from other courses, and the regulation has commanded to dedicate solely to army hobbies; In addition, the weapons they carry are shields and spears, the type of gear that God Goddess has taught us first, like your world first. Do you mean, for the first time in our knowledge, how our regulation explained all issues, even to prophecy and drugs, which provides these divine parts to health that lead to what was vital in human life, and by including any type of info that was just like them. All this order and association that the goddess first gave you once you founded your city; and he selected the earth by which you have been born, because he saw that an accident through the seasons in that nation would produce a clever man. Subsequently, the goddess, who was the lover of both struggle and knowledge, chose first and solved this place, which was most certainly produced by males. And there you lived, and also you had legal guidelines like these and even higher, and culminated in all mankind in all virtue, as the gods and disciples of the gods. But one of them goes beyond the remaining in measurement and worth. These histories inform us a few powerful pressure that has not been provoked, and made an expedition to Europe and Asia, where the town ended. This energy came out of the Atlantic Ocean, because nowadays the Atlantic was navigable; and there was an island that was earlier than the crowds whom ye referred to as Heracles pillars. the island was larger than Libya and Asia, and it was the best way to the other islands, and you may move to all the reverse continent that surrounds the actual sea; for this sea, which is within the strait of Heracles, is just a harbor with a slender entrance, however another is a real sea, and the land spherical about is actually referred to as a vast continent. Now, on this island of Atlantis, there was an amazing and fantastic empire that ruled the whole island and a number of other others, as well as elements of the continent, and the Atlantis males had fallen into elements of Libya in Heracles columns to Egypt and Europe to Tyrrhenia

inside the borders of our country and also you and the whole area; Then Solon, your land, shined his virtues and power for excellence among all mankind. He was proud of his braveness and army talent, and he was the chief of Hellenes. And when the remaining fell from him, he was pressured to stand alone once they have been in peril, he gained and defeated the invaders, and retained those that had not but been subjected to slavery, and freed all the others who stay within the pillars. However after that, there have been violent earthquakes and floods; and someday and night time in the crash, all the soldiers who have been within the physique sank into the bottom, and the island of Atlantis also disappeared within the depths of the sea. Subsequently, the sea in these elements is impermeable and impermeable, as a result of mud is on the street; and this was because of the sinking of the island

Plato, Timaeus 24e ff. Trans. Benjamin Jowett

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