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The challenge of Naumann

The challenge of Naumann
From NS Information Bulletin 2002

Werner Naumann joined NSDAP in 1928 on the age of 19. He shortly turned the trusted lieutenant of Dr. Goebbels, one of the celebration's most outstanding propagandists. Initially, Goebbels sent him abroad for a number of editorial duties, which he performed responsibly and with nice talent. Then, in 1937, he was appointed Head of the Personal Workplace of the Minister for Propaganda, and 7 years later he was promoted to Secretary of State in the Ministry. In this position, he served as Goebbels' right-hand man and most precious advisor and personal deputy. The good, National Socialist government leaders revered and appreciated Naumann handsome, charming and sensible. Through the conflict he served within the Waffen SS on the French, Greek and Russian fronts. Within the struggle for his sport, he was promoted to SS-Sturmbahnführer.

As a deputy member of Goebbels, he was granted the very best privilege of private contact with the Führer. Hitler had beloved Naumann and thought of him one of the most effective representatives of the National Socialist regime. Naumann, for his half, devoted himself to the Führer and stayed with him until the top of the Berlin bunker.

In his political will in April 1945, the Führer appointed Naumann to succeed Goebbels in the new Nationwide Socialist government. by Grand Admiral Dönitz. Naumann remained within the bunker till the final minute. He was the last individual to speak to Goebbels and his spouse before they dedicated suicide on Might 1, 1945. About an hour later, Naumann left the bunker with Martin Bormann, Hitler's deputy, and Artur Axmann, the youth chief.

Naumann was imprisoned. by the Russians and sent to the POW camp in the Soviet occupation zone. The Russians guarding him had no concept he was a deputy to Goebbels. Subsequently, he was not treated as a needed "war criminal" and was not even questioned. In the spring of 1946 he managed to flee from East Germany and from the arms of bloodthirsty Bolsheviks. He lived for a short time in Tübingen, working as a farm worker. He then took up his job as a bricklayer in Frankfurt.

In 1950, Naumann moved to Düsseldorf, where he worked for an import and export enterprise owned by an previous get together associate. He performed his every day duties in the ordinary efficient approach, but he by no means gave up his aspirations to pursue a Nationwide Socialist career. Then, in his memory, nice footage of Hitler, Goebbels, and the Third-Yr Halcyon have been sought. He had all the time been a fanatical Nationwide Socialist and a faithful follower of the Führer, whom he considered a godlike character. He chose to stay trustworthy to his lifeless comrades and never betray their heightened reminiscences, as many others did. He seemed in disgust at disbelief when his homeland was occupied by a bunch of Bolsheviks, Mongrels, Indians, Jews, Negroes and other polluted contaminants. He pledged to do all he might to free his country from the black forces of international Jewry

During his time as Secretary of Goebbels, Naumann had traveled all through the dominion. He knew virtually all the large (and small) personalities within the Nationwide Socialist government. Most of them revered and trusted him as a person of integrity. Now some of these previous fighters seemed upon him as the new Führer. A small group of these deaths secretly met Naumann at a secret assembly in Düsseldorf and urged him to turn out to be the second era chief of the Nationwide Socialists. Naumann didn't hesitate for lengthy. He agreed to take charge of management.

For the subsequent two years, Naumann traveled throughout West Germany in the midst of feverish political activity. He met dozens of previous celebration colleagues and former SS members. He went to Italy, France and Belgium to type contacts with secret National Socialist and Fascist teams. Sir Oswald Mosley invited him to his house in Paris to satisfy necessary NS leaders from many various nations. After hearing him converse, all foreigners have been satisfied that if the National Socialist Renaissance have been to take place in Germany, Werner Naumann was the man who led it.

Necessary German Nazis, comparable to the good tank commander Heinz Guderia and the former Naumann, met behind Minister of Financial system Hjalmar Schacht. Former youth leader Artur Axmann and leading propagandist Hans Fritsche also supported Naumann. His circle of associates and supporters grew day by day. By the top of 1950, the circle had turn out to be an in depth community of Nationwide Socialist revolutionaries, extending all through Germany.

Naumann's foremost plan was to create a gaggle of devoted and fanatical Nazis that might infiltrate present "democratic" political parties. their path to power and affect until they have been robust enough to take over and expose themselves. Naumann's first nationalization target was the Free Democratic Get together (FPD). Two outstanding members of this celebration, Ernst Achenbach and Wolfgang Diewerge, have been fanatical Nazis and Naumann's secret supporters. They started to provide him with necessary high-level information about the FDP and to information their NS comrades to the authorities.

One other plan carried out by Neumann and his associates was the infiltration of sure NGOs, the Nazis of veteran golf equipment. and special groups. Naumann was satisfied that if the Nazis have been to regain their lost energy and liberate their motherland, they might have to take action with theft and shelter. To this end, he urged his supporters to all the time restrain themselves and anticipate the seeds to be planted, cultivated and ready for harvest before making open actions. Naumann was by nature a affected person and cautious man – the right sort of man to steer a secret revolutionary motion. He informed one bull's follower who refused to maintain his mouth shut, "It's dangerous to say to the world that while they may think we're dead, we're actually here again. Next time, let's go more skillfully, and I'll just be too happy to help you."

In late 1951, Naumann organized a famous circle of associates and comrades generally known as the “Gauleiterkreis.” Each Wednesday, the group held secret meetings at one or one other lodge in Düsseldorf, with former Gaulers Karl Florian, Hosef Grohe, Paul Wegener and Karl Kauffmann; SS Major Paul Zimmermann, former Minister of Tradition Dr. Gustav Scheel and lots of other necessary Third Social gathering personalities, one of them, Heidrich Haselmayer, was an previous fighter who had participated in Hitler's Munich Putsch in 1923.

Introducing Naumann He informed the assemblies that an early try and seize power can be suicide. He vehemently opposed all types of violence and believed that utilizing it will be utterly self-killing. He didn’t consider that the time was ripe for a brand new political social gathering dedicated to Nationwide Socialist rules. “We have to do sufficient with out creating a new celebration. We can’t simultaneously put together the soil, sow and mow. First we take care of the soil. “

Naumann and his associates continued to satisfy, talk about and arrange for the subsequent yr. They established the key cells of like-minded Nationwide Socialists in several German cities and shaped alliances with different secret revolutionary groups of their homeland. One of these secret church buildings was referred to as the German Free Corps. This Nationwide Socialist Group was shaped in Hamburg on August 17, 1951 and was made up of former SS members, NSDAP officers and struggle veterans. The dominant character was Colonel Hans-Ulrich Rudel,. Members vowed to reside by the 25 factors of the NSDAP program and thought of Grand Admiral Dönitz the authorized leader of the German state. In any case, about 2,000 males can be members of this secret military.

Gauleiterkreis, created by Naumann and his affiliation with paramilitary teams such because the Free Drive, made him aware of British intelligence businesses. These Jew-hired devotees began following Naumann and his buddies wherever they went, listening to their telephone conversations and intercepting their mail. On January 13, 1953, Naumann, Scheel, Haselmayer, Zimmermann and a number of other other National Socialist leaders have been arrested by British High Commissioner Ivone Kirkpatrick. A month later, the occupying forces disbanded the German free drive, and Kirkpatrick advised the world that he had damaged the neo-Nazi plot to overthrow the Bonn authorities.

A whole lot of documents and papers have been taken from Naumann's residence, but nothing proved that Naumann was the key chief of a large conspiracy, as Kirkpatrick claimed. For seven months, Naumann was locked in a jail cell, while the British and their German dolls in Bonn tried to start out a case towards him. Lastly, on July 28, 1953, Naumann was released from jail. Bonn's traitors could not prove something.

Naumann was again a free man, however the Gauleiterkreis had been dissolved. Many of his secret supporters and financiers began to drift away, deciding that contact with Naumann was too harmful. The Nazification of the Free Democratic Celebration was abruptly halted when Achenbach and other secret Nazis have been expelled. Naumann was disenchanted by the sudden catastrophe but decided to continue the struggle.

He determined to take advantage of his arrest and imprisonment publicity by brazenly pursuing political workplace. Adolf von Thadden, the younger chairman of the German ultra-nationalist social gathering, agreed to place Naumann and Hans Rudel on the flag of their celebration. The two National Socialist leaders campaigned with nice power and enthusiasm during August. Hundreds of German patriots have been moved by their heroic campaign towards Jewish tyranny and oppression. The Bonn Fraud Office was so involved about Naumann's rising reputation that it determined to finish its campaign. He had been stripped of all civil rights and his identify was faraway from the ballot. A number of days later, Naumann was visited to buy a nasty character who informed me to cease all political exercise or die!

Werner Naumann retired from the political scene in September 1954, devoting his time, power and skill to non-public enterprise. His heroic try and create a fourth kingdom had failed. But the seeds of the Nationwide Socialist Revolution he planted bore fruit in later years. The heritage of Werner Naumann may be recognized throughout modern day Germany. Their sacred mission is identical as restoring Naumann – the German Nationwide Socialist government and liberating Europe and the world from the malignant and evil forces of worldwide Jews!

By way of the NS Europa service

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