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Texas Syndicate Profile Founder Tattoos fight Antonio Riojas members

Texas Syndicate Profile Founder Tattoos fight Antonio Riojas members

Texas Syndicate

Texas Syndicate is certainly one of Texas's most established jail groups. The high-organized felony firm was founded in 1970 by Juan Pajaro Solis-Vela and Francisco Panchito at Gonzales in California's Folsom Prison. Vela, who was a "T-bird" at the gang of El Paso, and a member of Gonzales, initially a member of the Rio Grande Valley, organized a gang within the type of protection from California's violent Mexican mafia and Nuestra Familia. Texas Syndicate remained small in California, but grew to Texas after members returned to Lone Star by serving time in California. This deadly gang wins robust drug smuggling, robberies, extortion and gangland executions.


Symbols: TS, Tejanos, Texas symbols, lengthy horns, demons, horn blocks, cuernot and syndicates

Rating construction: Paramilitary / Buisness

Region: Houston, Dallas, Austin, Ft . Value, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley and other Texas cities.

Associations: no

Members: 14,000

Race Combination: Hispanic

Menace: High


TS began recruiting new members to Ellis Jail in Huntsville, Texas in 1973. Texas Syndicate then declared struggle on all TDC prisoners' bidding offers, also called "turn keys." Due to the popularity of TDC employees, the guards manually selected development tasks to help hold the gangs in place. ]


Texas Syndicate began to disassemble and even wreck the weaker Many prisoners within the prisons grew to hate the TS, and with that horror a brand new prison affiliation, referred to as Mexikanem, was born in 1983. The Mexicanem grew fast and the conflict broke out between the two prison forces. Texas Syndicate had been evaluated by Mexicanem and this struggle; Over 50 members from each side have been murdered.

t Riojas started serving a 40-year sentence in a prison in Texas in 1979 for an aggravated theft and joined the TS quickly. In an interview with television on the Historical past Channel, Rioja revealed detailed information about the construction of the Texas Syndicate. "Texas Syndicate is looking for members who could hold their weight and hold their mouths," stated Riojas in an interview. "They were very selective, who they brought in." he stated.

TEXAS Syndicate Mixer

The Texas Syndicate is supervised by the President and Vice Chairman, elected by majority vote of the gang. In the jail system, the gang is dominated by a md who determines the vice chairman, captain, lieutenant, sergeant and troopers. The Texas Syndicate additionally has a government to oversee gang funds, settle for new members and accept warfare. Becoming a member of a gaggle is a lifelong dedication, and all members need to earn cash for the gang.


The Texas Syndicate is based in 1970 by Juan “Pajaro” Solis-Vela and Francisco “Panchito” at Gonzales California's Folsom Jail. (Gang Intelligence 101)

t (Gang Intelligence 101)

Texas Syndicate grows in 1982 in Texas after members return to Lone Star by serving time in California. (Gang Intelligence 101)

13. July 1983 Texas Syndicate Members Raymond DeLeon Martinez and Antonio Riojas be a part of the Lengthy Branch Saloon in Houston, Texas with intentions of armed robbery. The offenders lock the door of the beam after which pull the weapons and shoot the bar proprietor Herman Chavre several occasions by killing him. One other employee can also be shot. (RAYMOND DELEON MARTINEZ v TEXAS-STATE -. No. AP-76140)

Texas Syndicate Meksikonemille declared warfare in 1984. Greater than 50 members of each parties are being killed in prisons all through Texas. (Gang Intelligence 101)

Texas Syndicate members in 1986 with members of the three Mexikanemi group on the Darrington unit in Rosharon, Texas. The day can be marked 'Bloody Sunday. (Gang Intelligence 101)

Jose Herrera, an official answerable for the murder of Rogelio Hernandez, a Texas syndicate member, tried to escape from Webb County Jail. (Hernandez v. Johnson, 108 F.3d 554 (CA5 (Tex.), 1997)

In 1990, Mexicanemi and Texas Syndicate agreed on weapons (Gang Intelligence 101


In 1990, Texas Syndicate members murdered two Houston parolees, Anthony Rosalio Acosta, 42, and Jimmy Lopez Rangel, 29, southeast of El Paso.)

In 1993 The members of Barrio Azteca brutally broke and crushed a Texas Syndicate member in El Paso County Jail, causing a bloody statewide conflict between each gangs, his head being imprisoned via prisons (El Paso Occasions)

In 1994, Barrio Azteca members murdered a Texas Syndicate member at the Wallace unit in Colorado, Texas. to the border area of ​​the practice space in sections. The contract is short-lived. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 1995, Texas Syndicate declares a conflict on a Mexican gang generally known as Mexicles. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In June 1997 a gang of Texas Syndicate and Mexicles settled into the gun. (Gang Intelligence 101)

El Paso Bar, often known as La Cumbala, was fired in 1997 by Texas Syndicate members and killed 4 individuals. Homicide of the cocaine event went dangerous. (El Paso Occasions)

Texas Syndicate On August 17, 1997, members murdered Gerardo Garcia in El Paso County. The sufferer, who was also a TS member, was pressed down and deliberately overdosed with heroin. Ricardo “Serrucho”, a high-quality Texas syndicate member, is sentenced to demise for his involvement in a criminal offense. (Ortiz v. State, 93 SW3d 79 (Tex. Crim. App., 2002)

In June 1997, Texas Syndicate and Barrio Azteca arrange a military and signed a peace treaty. "Manifesto", gangs agree Revise the Manifesto each Might fifth (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 2001 Texas Syndicated a member of a former member Hector Camachon in Rio Grande Valley for his efforts to start out the "Tejano Syndicato Originales" TS (Sierra v. State, No. 01-07-00443-CR (Tex. App. eight/21/2008) (Tex. App., 2008)

Texas Syndicate Members Murdered July 2, 2001 Female TS Assistant Jove Rios, who conducts enterprise with Mexicanem, Magnaleno Medina plunders and murders her (Associates Press)

March 2002 Raza Unida Members of the Texas Syndicate Demise to Polunsky unit Livingston, Texas. The murder is accompanied by a state-wide struggle between the two jail forces. (TDCJ Security Group Archives)

Mid-2002, Texas Syndicate declares conflict on the Tango Blast prison gang. (Gang Intelligence 101)

13. October 2002 Texas Syndicate members shoot and kill 43-year-old Rogelio Matta in Texas, Uvalde. (FBI Press Launch)

In April 2002, members of the Texas Syndicate murdered Tango Blast member J.B. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 2004, the synagogue of Raza Unida and Texas settled within the gun. (Gang Intelligence 101)

On December 25, 2005, Texas Syndicate members shoot and kill 34-year-old Jose Guadalupe De La Garza in Texas, Uvalde. (FBI Press Launch)

The Texas Syndicate members are arrested on December 21, 2006 for the Julio A. Serrano contract for killing. The murder got here because of the Gulf Cartel hiring a Texas syndicate to kidnap Serrano's domicile in Texas and take him to the cartel members in Mexico. (Associated Press)

FEBRUARY 12, 2007 17 Houston space Texas Syndicates are charged with a number of areas, murder, armed theft and drug trafficking. (Houston Chronicle)

In July 2007, Texas Syndicates members of the murder of Marcelino "Mars" Rodriguez Torres in Mc Allen, Texas, when the gang suspects Rodriguez is a police spokesman.

t (El Paso Occasions)

In 2007, 23 Texas Syndicate members have been arrested in drug-based cities in Texas.

In June 2008, Texas Syndicate member Emanuel Camacho Gomez set a lethal 27-year-old Rose Anne Martinez in San Antonio, Texas. [Associated Press]

In July 2007, the police found Marcelino “Mars” Torres burnt physique in Hidalgo County. Torres was a Texas syndicate informant who offered info that was crucial to a federal case towards fellow Members.

In June 2008, Texas Syndicate member Emanuel Camacho Gomez set a deadly 27-year-old Rose Anne Martinez in San Antonio, Texas.

In July 2008, Texas Syndicate members shoot and kill former Texas Syndicate members George Escobedo, 59, and George Davenport in San Antonio, Texas. (San Antonio Categorical News)

In January 2009, 10 Texas Syndicate members assault the Austin couple house and rob TV wallets and automobiles.

On January 29, 2009, the state of Texas performs a high-level Texas Syndicate member of Ricardo Ortiz's position within the 1997 homicide.

TS members shoot and kill on November 9, 2009 on the 36-year-old Jesse James Polanco in Uvalde, Texas. (FBI Press Launch)

October 04, 2011, 23 Hondo and Uvalde, Texas Syndicate Gang members, together with Bandera County Sheriff Deputy, Thomas Cuellar are arrested for cocaine distribution. (FBI Press Release)

On December 9, 2011, 18 members of the Texas Syndicate are prosecuted for federal granulation fees and murders in Texas. (San Antonio Categorical News)


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