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So a guy visits every professional sports stadium in America … –

Rich's Malley saw Lions in Detroit. (Post Hill Press)

Some individuals have seen the game at residence on all 123 American professional sports groups, however Rich O'Malley is the first individual to write down a real ebook concerning the experience.

Remodeled 25 years, O 'Malley's pilgrimage to all the MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA viewing venues around the country began at university when he began visiting the baseball stadium together with his associates.

"We did a couple of road trips, first locally and then to the Midwest and then finally the big trip where we went all over the country," Malley tells InsideHook. “From this start, once we love to go see baseball stadiums, we might additionally see football here and there, then basketball, relying on the season. Ice hockey also began to rain. So I began considering it might be great if at some point you can go in all places and see every part. Wouldn't it’s fantastic? "

After graduating from university, Malley continued to go to stadiums, ball fields, and arenas on schedule and is estimated to have reached about 80 by 2017 when he left his job as editor-in-chief of the New York Every day Information. With fewer than 45 places left on the record, Malley decided it will be a good concept to cease the 123-station odyssey and write a ebook, One Fortunate Fan, which he would have thought better of the final two. many years.

Rich O'Malley sees Lions in Detroit. (Submit Hill Press)

"Every time I tell someone:" I have been to every baseball stadium "or" I've had 80 professional group ", their jaw drops and they ask me a million questions," O & # 39; Malley says ". I noticed that there have to be a marketplace for such a ebook, I have to be interested in dwelling typically by way of somebody who’s fortunate, the phrase in the title isn’t an accident in order to do it. Finally I satisfied myself that this was a good concept. – or at the least not a utterly insane concept. ”

As a way to get the material to complete the e-book, Yankees and Jets fan O & # 39; Malley hit the street and saw the final 42 video games in a grueling 53-day stretch." he says. "It wasn't one of the simplest ways to guage your surroundings or recognize the game and the great thing about the game that you simply have been watching in entrance of you."

However that doesn't mean that O "Malley, 4 three, did not find what he enjoys in the course of the journey as a result of apart from the games himself, he favored to see fan loyalty displayed in cities that is probably not accustomed to it.

"I started to appreciate more the tradition and the sense of membership when you invest in a team," O'Malley says. “Everybody chooses a group for a totally different purpose. We don't select how or why it's a lot of our crews because they occur so younger. It means you're a totally different individual due to the staff you select. I have to imagine a Cleveland Indian or Cubs fan mindset is sort of totally different from a Yankees or Patriots fan. It puts you in a totally different position in life and grabs you. It also modifications over time. "

  Rich at Malley PNC Park in Pittsburgh. (Post Hill Press) Rich O'Malley at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. (Submit Hill Press)

When you in all probability don't have the time to visit all, or even a quarter, of the places O & # 39; s Malley has gone in the last 20 years, now’s the time to plan a summer time journey to see your MLB staff or , Your NHL or NBA workforce in another metropolis.

We asked O'Malley about the perfect and worst locations to play that will help you choose what to think about. Listed here are 15 of his stadiums superlative.

Greatest tailgate view

“Tailgating, I feel pointing to Buffalo. I actually favored how the entire city felt just like the Bills automotive park. It felt like you have been outdoors the stadium around town all morning in the game. You’ll be able to see that the individuals in their gear are getting ready to go for the stadium. Then, once you arrive near the stadium, there are many houses that help you park in your garden for five or ten bucks and other people set up chairs and grills. It looks like you're principally strolling somebody's grill. It is often bitterly chilly and they’re all hooked and they have all their wool on. It's a pretty cool scene. "

most repugnant followers

I discovered the Chiefs followers disturbing, if I'm trustworthy. Their [Arrowhead] is the loudest stadium in the world, in accordance with the decibel meter. But I discovered a lot of them just as a type of loud jerk with the stuff they have been yelling at. Those fans have been just too much for me. I was like, "Alright guys, just count it here, this is exorbitant." So it was sort of annoying. "

Greatest food and drinks

" I'll give you a few. I live in Philly now and I would say Citizens Bank Park has the best baseball food and options. It's not the healthiest fare, but it's certainly all sorts of things, like crab potatoes and a sandwich they had previously called Schmitter. They don't have it anymore, so they spend a little time on it, but the craft beer is all local and very good. I appreciate going to the stadium and they offer me something different than just Bud or Miller Lite. I've had Indian food in Minneapolis at Twins Stadium, sushi on the west coast at Padres Stadium, and even salad at Astros Stadium. You never think you have a salad in baseball, but it was the size of Texas and it was pretty good. "

Greatest scorching dog

" I go to Milwaukee with Miller Park because they have a bunch of different options. They have all the brats and all kinds of sausages. There is a great choice there. They know what they're doing there with hot dogs and sausages. Speaking of hot dogs, I wasn't actually a huge Dodger Dog fan, which was kind of disappointing because you hear so much about them. "

Greatest Restoration

" I always want to go back to Lambeau Field. . It's probably my favorite sports spot in America. I think this is a prime sporting experience in America, and I feel like you can't replicate it anywhere and it can't be replicated anywhere else. It extends from the stadium to the city. The stadium is right in the middle of this small little town with all these cute little houses. You live your experience of seeing the Packers before walking in the stadium because everyone is on the lawn and all the garages are open and the big TVs have male caves. It's a very communal atmosphere and you won't see it anywhere else. "

Worst reversibility

" My group [Jets] at MetLife Stadium. I pray that I never have to go back there because there's a big game I don't want to forget. I just hate that place so much. In addition to my place there, I'd say Atlanta Hawks Arena. It is such a landfill. I mean, it's beaten and they make repairs, but I don't think they're going to make much. It is the place in which it goes to the best, and I'm sure it will be replaced soon enough. "

Your greatest rap in your buck

" Coors Field has midfield seats, which I think are only four bucks. I can't think of other sports tickets that are still so cheap. You won't get tickets for less than $ 5 unless you steal the last second on StubHub. So I appreciate when teams do that. Offer dollar days. "

Funniest fans

" In Vancouver, hockey fans were just hilarious. They almost beat their own team. It was kind of fun to give and take. It wasn't yay, my team. Boo, another team. It was like, "God, my group smells. Why do you odor? Don't odor a lot anymore." So it was pretty cool. Winnipeg, too. I think hockey is kind of a winner here. Those fans were really, really on their team and their they should be. They were robbed of their team in the 90s, so I feel like they sell this place every night. It shows they should never leave. "

One of the best accent

" Every time you go to Minnesota, you get that accent. It's kind of fun. the fun for me, but I'm newYork, so people could say with respect to the desired accent what they want. I would say that go to two extremes. go to Minnesota to get a good accent. but then come to New York, because the man, you hear some stuff at Yankee Stadium that just entertains you unless you're from New York. "

Greatest Sightlines [19659012]" My favorite baseball stadium is PNC Park in Pittsburgh, I don't think they have a bad seat in the house as usual. I believe the new Yankee Stadium also has great views. Especially since you don't have to be in the seat necessarily to watch the game because they have a 360 degree view of the first floor and main level hallway. It's great when a stadium figure out how to do it. "

Scary Fans

" I would say the more scary place I went to was an Oakland airplane type fan. I was really intimidated enough not to put on Jets gear for that game, but instead throw in my old Raiders shirt to shuffle and silence my team. But I got good recordings from Chargers fans when I went out for the playoffs. A couple of friends and I went out and we used green proudly. Giving and taking what we Chargers fans in the San Diego parking lot before and after the game was pretty good. Although after the game they were quite depressed and rightly so with overtime losses. But they gave as well as they could. "

Greatest gaming experience

" I really liked what the new Sacramento Arena did. Their scoreboard tricks were a lot fresher than many of the stupid kiss-cam stuff you see everywhere. Then the Vegas Knights … what they do there is a game change. I think many places are trying to start copying the template. They have completely broken the mold. Every song I heard that night was a song I never think I would hear in the arena. They really mix it up. It's awesome. I mean, you're in Vegas, you should see the Vegas show, and they really got it and did it right. Fans eat it. Visitors also intend to eat it. "

Worst Providers

" Fenway and Wrigley with their old bones. Going to a bathroom in either location is usually an experience. They've definitely improved it over the last couple of decades, but I remember going to the Cubs in the '90s and peeing on the organ. I think the locations of the older bones believe that they are somewhat flashy, if you need them, in the bathrooms. "

Most Underrated

" I enjoy the really big American Ballpark in Cincinnati. I think it's unique. It doesn't look like all the other parks that were built at the same time. In a way, it went and made Jacob's Field model, which is kind of modern but retro-inspired. Where you have white tubes and not the brick-green seating that you see now in so many places. It's along the river and they've got these nods in the river's boat history. Large steam piles abroad. It's very red, everywhere you look red. It's really striking. I like it. There are also good beers and food options there. "

Most overrated

" I have run into trouble with many people say it, but I just do not have the world's largest Camden Yards fan. I know why people like it. I see it. It is beautiful. It's historic. It broke the molds at the stadium around the country and ushered in a new era. But because of my taste, I just can't get as far as other people do. "

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