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River Spells: Part One. {poetry}

A collection of brief, thoughtless celebrations that have been written while I used to be tenting on the Yuba River for the past three weeks. By nature you study to be human. I draw nature as a useful resource and a mirror via which I see myself and the world. And because the late Joseph Campbell stated: Restore nature to nature.

It's occurring! The sky swims with pink fish
dragonflies relaxation on their wings
the rocks take their masks
by opening their limbs
stretching their gray bodies into the water
and lingering the day I've been waiting for this second
when all sing of life concerned
I mean, it sings all day
. It solely takes me all day
to make it quiet sufficient
to pay attention

Typically, virtually now
when the skin of the water
rinses the royal fuchsia
and the mouth of the rocks
to speak about
what they’ve recognized all day
and the jade water is getting darker
shifting downstream
. as it is someplace, it has to go
here into the dark
insect singing
stars that mild up the sky
how might I ever be lonely
with all this life in my pulsating [19659459]
it’s a must to throw the night time
in a darkish cave from sleep
where you break up

You need to do your morning job
greet the day
sweep the sand
fill a bottle every spring
gurgles morning information
from the bedrock
whisper your prayers to the water
wave to the cloud individuals
into dragon riders

to dedicate to
19659005 ] when the birds determine in the morning
when the solar cuts the horn
when all of the green and growing
begin to index i mild
the sun put his hand in your shoulder
and the good cacophony of the river
catches the day
When you put your hand
over your eyes
at midnight
you’ll be able to catch
who bloom at the hours of darkness

boy named River
who had beforehand come round
sleeping in timber
caressing a bottle of vodka
russian girlfriend
he puts on gold
in the morning
and exhibits me his treasure
on his palm
I read him a poem
and his eyes
crammed with tears

last night time
of dragonflies
made a mistake in one chew
instantly out of thin air
its impellers
fluttering down
landing on my leg
life goes so fast
use your wings
whenever you get them.

The primary inexperienced strokes of my
to the far aspect
where the seagirls [1 9459004] overtake themselves
over sunny rocks
and the dragonflies [19459005a]

When the river stones
are moist
. ] their colors
come to life
you possibly can spend hours looking for
agate, serpent, bloodstones
but let them dry
and your treasure
develop into uninteresting dirty

put individuals
in the river
take a look at them
like jewels

Life on the river is straightforward
has nothing to do except take heed to
get within the water whenever you're scorching
let your physique present you
how you can transfer likes
let your self
get good and hungry
before you eat
after which eat as if it have been a present
sleep once you need to
be friendly to other individuals
coming into the water

river: the sound of the phrase itself
v thank you for the current

If I obtained married
I wouldn't need & # 39; get married by the river
i get married within the river

I trust in magic
the best way the threads of life
weave out and in of us
like one another
like a dwelling thread
where the light
draws more mild
weaves itself stronger

this morning
I walked a short walk
to get water from the fountain
ran to an previous good friend and his
welcome them
by the water
three rivers
swim, share a narrative
mild up each other's hum

we imply
we every
and we see ourselves

all morning in our convention
when the river labored his magic
liquid together with his fingers
his music
singing our cells

taking over the river
we return to wholeness
. which not serves us
join our hearts
to his bubbling fountain
have fun our lives

we beat our choir Crescendo

whereas the fish mosquito wings
above our heads


he performed
two excessive notes
together with his golden coronet

Don't stop
. proceed
let your wish guide you
around the subsequent bend
is a blackberry bush
pink flowers
and ripe berries
scorching from the solar
have fun your finger
proceed going
you already know what you want
on the lookout for perch [1 9459004] within the shade
where you’ll be able to comply with the water leak
feel the warmth of the rocks
give current
to the current

and then
the blue stork

The river is obvious as glass
I see all the best way down
rocks and fish
mild water caves, labyrinths
] find their method
via the darkish

I wait all day lengthy
to wrap my pastel
on my copper beings

] no matter it is
you tie
your breath
liberate you

paint your body tribe
crushed river stones

lie naked in the water


vanishing mild
silver wrinkles
ri blood face

milk day for joy
fill an extra jar
on your thirsty pal

sleeping outdoors naked
all night time stars
kissing you body
and blooming
in your blood

river is one scorching woman
cheeks peeping
out of her shorts ] ascending
over rocks
his sunburned breasts
glow like lanterns
at dusk

Did I point out marrying the river?

Our ultimate covenant
last night time
the sky turned purple

the river slipped
the gold ring
with my finger
and teased with joy

So many lovely individuals
come to the river
singing gratitude songs

in the languages ​​they have discovered
from indigenous individuals
japanese indians
peruvian shamans

and cedars