Latest Playstation ps1 rare-valuable

Rarest and the most valuable Playstation (PS1) games

Rarest and the most valuable Playstation (PS1) games

Although the unique Playstation is considered one of the most widespread consoles of all time, there are lots of valuable PS1 treasures. Its versatile library is filled with role-playing games, shooters and distinctive jewels that collectors maintain. The mere value of the unique Playstation was really valuable, however over the past few years these have been a critical pickup.

Upgrading: Present prices from Might 2019

In distinction to the least expensive games collection, this uncommon and valuable collection rounds out the rarest and most valuable games for a specific console or handheld so you understand what you're in search of, shopping for or selling. Under are two names next to every title. The first is the common day by day selling worth, which is usually the worth of a recreation that isn’t perfect. The second worth is the highest worth for the last three months in the case of an entire, non-sealed recreation (sealed prices are also listed individually if the newest instance exists). The listing is ordered from a stability of two costs. Please word that some of these games aren’t unusual in the sense that there’s not a lot in demand, however uncommon, which makes the recreation expensive

Restricted Version Collectables

Elemental Gearbolt: Murderer's Case: $ 1700 – $ 3,300 [19659006] This treasure chest was handed over to a event prize at the E3 Convention in addition to a couple of individuals who labored at Elemental Gearbolt (the "Value Added" software under) on work fashions. When all was stated and accomplished, only 40 of these collection have been produced and given out.

The collection includes a portfolio, a golden GunCon and a reminiscence card (with each gold and pink reminiscence cards). You possibly can see the full photograph of the proprietor of Recreation-Rave. The 2009 public sale acquired bids for as much as $ 1,700, which was shocking as a result of it was a brand new vendor (who ultimately returned). If it had been an established seller, it may need gone more. In 2012, one bought about $ three,300. In the similar yr, DigitalPress boards had one listing with $ 6,000 however didn't appear to sell at that worth. During these final years we now have not seen a lot new activity on this rarity.

Treasured Normal USA

Siphon Filter three – Pre-9/11 American Flag Variant $ 300 – $ 350 ($ 515- $ 615 Sealed)

The September 11 assaults apparently had a fantastic cultural influence, and Among them have been a number of games that have been canceled or rectified. Particularly, the Sifon filter 3 was released on September 21, 2001, and was originally featured in a canopy picture of a US flag that exploded over authorities buildings. Preliminary shipments of the recreation have been already despatched to the dealers before the release, but they have been invited to shortly change the art, causing a delayed launch in November.

These "American Flag" variants have been never formally released on the market. Since some shipments arrived at resellers, some employees members might have seized some copies earlier than sending them again in bulk, or some producers have hit via the cracks and bought to shoppers.

The artwork work of the recreation was additionally modified to scale back the wording and the photographs as a way to keep away from irrelevance. The recalled “9/11 American Flag Cover” is printed in only two instances.

The values ​​of this variation have cooled in recent times. In 2017, there were sealed copies with sales of $ 1,000 to $ 2,400. This was in all probability because of uncertainty about how many pieces have been in movement. When more copies are coated and bought, these figures have regularly fallen. And the undeniable fact that as many closed copies have been bought open has considerably informed that most of them seized shopkeepers as an alternative of shopping for it from the public gamers.

Verify Siphon Filter 9 of 11 on eBay

Tron Bonne Abuses: $ 90- $ 310 ($ 425 Sealed)

This can be a prelude to Mega Man Legends games (see under) but has a multi-style identify ( There are three totally different elements that include shifting box-puzzles, a descent-like journey RPG and a Mega Man Legends-style motion) with an anti-hero Tron Bonne. Lots of the mechanics of gaming circulate together with his battle mechanic, Gustaff and his Servbots

The Tron Bonnen Misadventures recreation was the highest proportion in the three-year interval of the earlier information and has continued to grow strongly in value regardless that it was launched digitally in PSN in 2015. It’s certainly one of them games that didn’t discover any mass election at the time of its release, however many followers of the collection now need to gather and recognize its fascinating points.

Examine Tron Bonn's Abuses on Ebay
Verify Tron Bonnen Misadventures From Amazon

Notifications: Persona: $ 90- $ 305 ($ 320 Sealed)

Persona Collection (also called Shin Megami Tensei: Persona) is these days well-known for hardcore players, however was relatively low on the radar in the late 1990s and even up in the center. Additionally it is a spin-off RPG collection, which was Japan's unique Super Famicom, PC Engine and Mega CD. Since then, it has progressively built up a extremely loyal follow-up worldwide. Sometimes, Altus's games are an ideal combination of fantastic high quality and low print output, so the proven fact that it is the first recreation in the now-iconic sub-series is not any shock that it’s highly appreciated.

At the moment, Persona broke typical RPG conventions in North America at an occasion in a modern highschool, and the title of the recreation has been inspired by the struggles of the perceived beings that emerge from their psychological character.

Examine notifications: Persona on eBay
Checking notifications: Persona on Amazon

Suikoden II: $ 88 – $ 225 ($ 425 Sealed)

Though it will definitely turned considered one of the most widespread RPGs on Playstation with its nice storytelling and The power to collect and handle 100+ allies, restricted print and tame unique answer (actually because it was determined to stay in 2D) stored the recreation from moving into the plenty. If you would like the particular impression of Suikoden II to be fast, take a look at Jason Schreier's homepage

When the phrase spread has been of top of the range, there was no approach to improve the printing process and a legend was born. This basic was the longest North American publication, which acquired $ 140 $ 350 in 2008 and then $ 80 to $ 300 in 2011. Nevertheless, the reputation of the PS1 market in 2010 and the digital release of the Playstation Network have cooled its assortment means barely over the previous decade. It is nonetheless one in every of the focal points of the PS1 collection, from both the collection and the viewpoint, nevertheless it has not stayed with a few of its most fashionable age teams. Nevertheless, you could discover that it’s at present the most valuable recreation in Sealed mode. A number of months in the past, a sealed copy was bought for $ 750, but just lately there have been a handful of sealed copies that have been bought for lower than $ 450.

Examine Suikoden II on eBay
Examine Suikoden II on Amazon [19659015] Story of Future II / Tales of Eternia: 130 – $ 180

Initially referred to as Tales of Eternia in Japan. For some purpose, Namco determined to vary the identify Tales of Future 2, however it isn’t a direct sequel to the Tales RPG collection. Also, this recreation shouldn’t be confused with Namco's later recreation, PS2's Tales of Future 2 (real sequel). They are utterly totally different games.

The sale of the recreation did not happen as nicely in the United States as in Japan, but the Tales followers still respect it. Like the different Tales collection, it has a 2D-anime fashion, however its real-time Linear Movement Battle System is extra superior than the previous games.

Over the previous decade, we’ve got seen only minor variations in the value of Future II values. In 2008, prices have been between $ 55 and $ 135. It cools between $ 45 and $ 70 in 2011 earlier than including it afterwards. Unfastened copies with all three disks are really more durable to seek out, so these values ​​are rising. I'm really stunned that the insert panel and full copies of the distinction in worth just isn’t greater than that.

Explore Destin II stories on eBay
Discover Destiny II stories in Amazon

Klonoa Door to Phantomile: $ 80 – $ 238 ($ 420 Sealed)

Namco took a daring leap by creating only a new platform character, but in addition meet up with 2D gameplay dynamically at a time when every little thing like 3D was seen as something of the previous. This conservative 2.5D strategy, combining inventive and gaming type, designed to attract each youngsters and adults, made Klono a recreation (and ultimately a collection) that took a while to seek out great appreciation.

Klonoa recreation design was fascinating and revolutionary. The clone can seize enemies in the Yoshi type through the use of an influence ring and then use the captured enemy to fly larger in the air than the standard leap experience. Gamers can even use an enemy as a ammunition to throw switches or drop dangerous guys or blocks.

Door to Phantomile uses a properly designed recreation with Playstation fairly effectively. As I wrote in my "PS1 Strengths and Weaknesses" presentation from 2017, "Some superior 3D games targeted on excessive frame charges with easy however clean, visually appealing. Namco succeeded Tekken 3 or Klona, ​​which is quick and clear, however minimizes system weaknesses.

All these elements of Klonoa Door and Phantomile weren’t observed by most gamers ten or two years after its release. This is also mirrored in the resale value of the recreation. Though it was by no means an affordable recreation, it floated in the 30-40 greenback range for nearly 15 years. It was only in 2015 that the values ​​began to speed up regularly. 2017 noticed that the worth of the recreation rises to the place it is now, with some minor scams.

Verify the Klonoa door on Phantomile's eBay
Verify the Klonoa door on Phantomile's Amazon

Valkyrie profile: $ 85 – $ 230 ($ 380 Sealed) 1 / 711-53200-19255-0 / 1? Icep_ff3 = 10 & pub = 5574810734 & chairs = 10001 & campid = 5336442732 & customid = & icep_uq = valkarie + profile + ps1 When the lengthy Star Ocean collection have been released on Super Famico and Playstation for Enix, developer tri-Ace developed barely extra underground RPG successes in the Valkyrie profile. This action / turn-based RPG hybrid strongly pulls Norwegian mythology. It gathered strong essential judgments because it noted a deep gaming system and a strong storyline. It slowly turns right into a cult culture and lastly noticed the re-release of the PSP in the Valkyrie profile: Lenneth, who made modifications to the form of surgical procedure.

As the collection grew with a couple of follow-up on PS2 and moveable platforms and Playstation RPG followers, the Valkyrie profile, which had a somewhat small print, became a pure value improve
Examine Valkyrie's profile on eBay
Verify Valkyrie's profile on Amazon

JoJo's Bizarre Journey: $ 70- $ 222

Although Capcom sometimes makes his own mental property for his huge preventing games, he arrange certainly one of its arcade fighters on the Hirohiko Arak Manga, JoJo's Bizarre Journey. The type of the recreation's visual type is acquainted to fans of Capcom's Darkstalkers collection, however it also has its personal blatant type that shortly arrives for many who give it an opportunity. Its lovely type and fascinating "Stand" recreation mechanics helped JoJo's Weird Journey play back into the 2D Preventing Hidden Gems guide.

The Arcade recreation was transferred to both Playstation and Dreamcast. Neither is straightforward to seek out. While the Dreamcast port is ranked high on the Sega console's uncommon and valuable listing, the Playstation version truly has a better value. Nevertheless, it has not all the time been a excessive greenback recreation. It commanded a modest $ 30- $ 40 until 2014 when it began to climb

Verify JoJon Weird Journey on eBay
Verify JoJon Weird Adventure on Amazon

Persona 2 Everlasting Punishment: $ 80- $ 200 Closed

Persona 2: The everlasting punishment is a direct continuation of Altaya's announcements: Persona (who’s a sub-group of the Megami Tense franchise) that has been listed earlier on this record and is part of duologyia (of which the United States never acquired the first batch, with the exception of Harmless Sin ). Everlasting Punishment additionally acquired the PSP two years later in 2002. Eternal Punishment did not promote giant quantities of a giant part of Altusan games, but Eternal Punishment, however it saw enough success to arrange a Persona franchise in the West. [19659002] Persona 2 has by no means been an affordable recreation in the resale market, but noticed an early peak in 2008 (our first PS1 information) for $ 56 and $ 140. Ultimately, it cooled slightly, leaving the 2011 range right down to $ 40 for $ 80. Unfastened and shallow copies regularly rose from there, however good copies in high-quality situation have risen steadily over the past decade.

Verify Persona 2 Everlasting Punishment on eBay
Examine Persona 2 Everlasting Punishment on Amazon [19659015] Tail Concerto: $ 80- $ 200

This action journey recreation was developed by CyberConnect (a studio that later went on to develop a .hack collection RPG) and revealed by Altus in North America. It's the first part of the Little Tail Bronx collection (different games are religious followers, released on DS and then on iOS / Android), which happen in the steampunk fantasy world of inhabited floating islands of anthropomorphic canine and cats. 19659002] Because it was a type of specialty journal (and the Altus publication basically), it had no nice outcomes. Nor did visual and character type assist sales in North America at the time when many publishers tried to shake the "Kiddie" tag in gaming.

In the end, in case you are in Japanese action packages, that is one in every of the hidden gems for PS1 that we really helpful some time ago. It has an enthralling storyline you can anticipate from the Altus recreation and has a constructive and fun-loving environment.

When you would really discover this in nature, it often went beneath $ 20 before 2010. In 2010 and 2015, it rose steadily to $ 50. But over the previous few years, it has steadily begun to rise to its present values.

Examine if Tail Concerto on eBay
Tail Concerto in Amazon

Lomax's Adventures: $ 60- $ 217

The Psygnosis platformer is a spin-off of the basic Lemmings collection. The participant takes on the position of Lomax, a Lemming character who should save her good friend and her animals from a nasty physician. The PS1 saw the recreation's only console model, nevertheless it was also launched on Windows computers. As HG101 factors out, Lomax was additionally "a kind of spiritual sequel to the Amiga / Sega CD, called The Misadventures of Flink, also Psygnosis. Although gameplay is different, they have a very similar artwork, the courtesy of pixel artist Henk Nieborg."

Wanting again The type of 2D artwork is sort of charming, but afterwards it’s quite straightforward to see how a typical Playstation owner won’t have been keen on the recreation in 1996. Up to a decade later, it was fairly unknown for some time, ranging from $ 20 to $ 45 by 2015 After modest progress in the middle of the yr, it rose to $ 80-230 before mid-2016.

Take a look at Lomax's adventures on eBay
Take a look at Lomax's adventures in Amazon

Brigandine The Forsena Legend: $ 70- $ 175

, tactical RPG has been developed by Hearty Robin and released by Altus in North America It's a very slender title – fans of these tactical RPGs typically contemplate it one among their favorites, but they don't have the mainstream. It has been described as a cross between Altus's famous Orge Battle franchise and Sega Saturn, the basic of the cultural class, Dragon Pressure. It was praised for its flexibility and innovation in its recreation engine, but it might appear tough round the edges.

In truth, this title doesn’t typically seem in nature and does not sell any copies even on eBay. Unfastened costs have not changed much over the past decade ($ 55 in 2008, $ 48 in 2011), however full copies that exceeded about $ 90 have steadily grown since then

Examine Brigand on eBay
Brigandine in Amazon

Batman Endlessly Arcade: $ 60 – $ 189

The Beatemups flourished in Arcade in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Acclaim hit their footsteps in Arcade in the mid-nineties with NBA Jam and Mortal Kombat, and determined to take a step-by-step coaching when importing a Batman Eternally movie license. (Although this is totally different from the Batman Ceaselessly recreation they launched a yr earlier on 16-bit magazine platforms)

Batman Endlessly felt only a bit lengthy in the tooth a yr after the movie was launched. However the recreation didn't actually add much to the style that began to fade barely.

The game was transferred to each the Playstation and Sega Saturn (in addition to the PC model) and each releases are fairly arduous to seek out in nature and have regularly risen to a worth of $ 20 discount or as late as 2012. And although the Saturn version is a valuable reference to rare and valuable In the Saturn record, the Playstation model is surprisingly more valuable right here
Examine if Batman Perpetually Arcade on eBay
Verify Batman Perpetually Arcade from Amazon

Group Buddies: $ 75- $ 160

Prime Technique / Simulation Class PS1 Hidden Beads but not what you often anticipate from a genre. Mixing real-time strategy RPG into the taste of shooter and celebration games results in a gold basic that’s excessive on the desired record of the PS1 Collector. It also has a colorful and enjoyable type that appeals to all age teams.

Staff associates usually are not solely arduous to seek out in nature, however it’s also a very unique and enjoyable recreation. In this area of ​​rare and valuable lists, it has all the time been friendly when we now have began it. In 2008, it was $ 60 – $ 120, and it slowed to $ 42 at $ 70 in 2011 with only a slight appreciation at the starting of 2016. At the end of 2016 and early 2017 we saw an enormous improve in gross sales costs but then calmed down

Examine Staff Buddies on eBay
Verify Workforce Buddies from Amazon

Einhander: $ 70 – $ 180

Perhaps not as a lot as Sega Saturn , however Sony Playstation was an ideal console for fans of 2D roll shooters. While most shooters have been arcade gates, certainly one of the greatest techniques was exclusive to Playstation and truly launched by Squaresoft.

Einhander additionally felt his loyalty to his 2D gaming range, whereas there were some slick polygons in the sport. As you’d have anticipated from Sq., Einhander used the Playstation gear superbly to create a really modern-looking shmup whose genres might nonetheless struggle. As we mentioned in our PS1 games that pushed the Limits Guide, Einhander managed to run at 60 fps at low speeds, although there have been 20+ enemies on the display. And although it appeared trendy at the time (and still has a relatively futuristic look), it was still a tribute to the old-fashioned emotions.

Copies are bought constantly for $ 40-50 for most of their lives, but over the final 5 years, we've seen good copies in good condition and stronger values ​​when the unfastened copies are just being steadily appreciated.

Verify Einhander on eBay
Verify Einhander from Amazon

Castlevanian Night time Symphony (Black Label): $ 60- $ 160 ($ 250 Sealed)

One among the most timeless and essential games of the Playstation Library is Castlevania: The Night time Symphony. It gave the iconic collection a new life and turned the Defining Recreation – particularly for the 2D 32-bit recreation and actually pushed the system nicely.

SOTN was certainly one of the greatest sellers discussion board that obtained the largest hit spreads (lime green backbone). Collectors typically give first-class worth to unique Black Label magazines. They are sometimes more engaging and a bit harder to seek out as a result of the Biggest Hits variations have been bought at a finances worth retail.

In earlier variations of this guide, the Last Fantasy VII Black Label model was scorching (command $ 78- $ 715 in 2008 and then $ 47 to $ 350 in 2011), however now you’ll find it for $ 15-25. Though FFVII was a scorching collection, SOTN was a really nice low-cost pickup. Just as the FFVII had regularly cooled, SOTN turned scorching. Quite fascinating dynamic and one thing to remember when considering long-term worth.

Examine Castlevania's Night time Symphony on eBay
Verify Castlevania's Night time Symphony in Amazon

Japan's Exclusive Import from Value [19659005] Harmful Park: $ 250 – $ 500

This little home-made pearl, Sky Assume Techniques is considered one of the most fascinating exclusive rights in the spectacular shmup library of PS1. It’s also certainly one of the shortest shooters. This uncommon shmup resembles lots of Konami's Parodius collection and is filled with vivid colours and fun capturing motion.

There are fairly a number of copies of Dangerous Park on eBay, but they often fish for an enormous greenback point between $ 450 and $ 700 without biting. Between 2008 and 2011, the recreation covers $ 110 – $ 200. Nevertheless, since more Shmup fans have constructed their PS1 collections, this has regularly risen to value

Examine for a rattling park on eBay

LSD: Dream Emulator: $ 250 – $ 375

Our goals may be fantastic strange and open and this The hidden gem captures this spirit quite properly. LSD: Dream Emulator is a surreal search recreation with no strong objective, however you possibly can attempt and experience this unique creation. For more info, I encourage you to learn the HG101 article.

The game was re-released on Japan's Playstation Community, however the unique copy has remained pretty consistent over the past decade. EBay often has a handful of genuine copies at any time, however they often ask for $ 350- $ 600 and don't actually move a lot at costs.
Examine LSD: Dream Emulator on eBay [19659015] Zanac X Zanac: $ 160 – $ 190

Compile's basic shooter, Zanac is a Shmup style, and Zanac X Zanac is a sweet package deal that features three unique Zanac games. Zanac Neon type. The Compile staff acquired slightly swan singing when lots of its members moved to work in other studios and tasks.

The game is just not notably widespread, but it can be discovered here and there’s quite straightforward. Its straightforward to make use of collection of all translations, so it’s typically the collectors' buying lists.

Aside from a couple of small variations here and there, Zanac X Zanac has truly remained a reasonably unified worth from our first launch

Examine Zanac X Zanac on eBay

Rakugaki Showtime: $ 100 – $ 140

Many of us in the old-fashioned followers love treasure work. Despite the fact that they’re greatest recognized from Gunstar Heroes and Radiant Silvergun, additionally they have a handful of pretty unknown gems, akin to Japanese exclusive, Rakugaki Showtime. Rakugaki Showtime takes you to the area battle idea like Power Stone or Poy Poy, but having a extra 2D-ish strategy using paper-like know-how is a well-liked Paper Mario collection. In case you are all for studying extra, take a look at the little Meta assessment for a while back or from the HG101 article.
Examine if Rakugaki Showtime on eBay

North American Additional Games

  • Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Collector's Edition: $ 90 – $ 210 ($ 250 Sealed) (eBay)
  • Sort R Delta : $ 45- $ 160 ($ 200 Closed) (eBay)
  • Techniques Ogre: $ 50- $ 175 (eBay)
  • In Wolves [Long Box]: $ 70- $ 190 (eBay)
  • Scorching Wheels Turbo Racing [Greatest Hits]: $ 60- $ 150 (eBay)
  • Fox Hunt: $ 50- $ 135 (eBay)
  • Lunar Silver Star Story: $ 50 – $ 160 ($ 250 Sealed) (eBay)
  • ] Achievement stories: $ 60- $ 147 (eBay)
  • Hercs adventures: $ 50 – $ 155 (eBay)
  • Elemental trade node: $ 47- $ 136 (eBay)
  • Tomba: $ 57- $ 140 eBay)
  • Resident Evil (Long Box): $ 40- $ 150 (eBay)
  • Battle of Ogren: $ 40- $ 155 ($ 400 Sealed) (eBay)
  • Alundra: $ 35 – $ 155 ( eBay)
  • X-Atom Males Youngsters: $ 50- $ 130 (eBay)
  • Vanark: $ 50- $ 120 ($ 200 Closed) (eB ay)
  • Pink Panther Pinkadelic Pursuit: $ 40- $ 113 (eBay)
  • Clock Tower: $ 43- $ 130 (eBay)
  • D [Long Box]: $ 60- $ 102 (eBay)
  • Shadow Tower: $ 45- $ 105 ($ 162 Sealed) (eBay)
  • Castlevania Chronicles: $ 55- $ 150 (eBay)
  • Diablo: $ 17 – $ 130 (eBay)
  • Namcon Museum Volume 5: $ 45- $ 95 (eBay)
  • Clock Tower 2: $ 60- $ 150 (eBay)
  • Ultimate Fantasy VII Black Label: $ 30- $ 500 (eBay)
  • Thunder Drive V: $ 60- $ 90 ($ 150 Sealed) (eBay)
  • Rival Faculty: $ 40 – $ 125 (eBay)
  • Mega Man Legends 2: $ 43- $ 110 ($ 115 Sealed) (eBay)
  • X-Males vs Road Fighter: $ 45- $ 95 (eBay)
  • Bust A Groove 2: $ 40- $ 105 ($ 200 Sealed) (eBay)
  • Tomba 2 Evil Swine: $ 40- $ 100 (eBay)
  • Marvel Tremendous Heroes vs. Road Fighter: $ 43- $ 90 (eBay)
  • Castlevanian Night time Symphony [Greatest Hits]: $ 40 – $ 100 ($ 160 Sealed) (eBay)
  • ISS Pro Evolution: $ 40- $ 100 ( $ 150 Sealed) (eBay) [1 9659124] Japanese Value Added
    • Peps Iman: $ 80 – $ 135
    • 70's Robotic Anime Geppy-X: $ 80 – $ 135

    Rarest PS1 games at low value

    Each recreation has a rarity of over 6 but routinely bought for less than $ 40. In case you are a PS1 collector and you see a replica of these costs reset or sealed on eBay, you might need to intercept them – chances are you’ll by no means see them again.

    • Syndicate Wars: $ 8 – $ 25 (eBay)
    • Motor Toon Grand Prix: $ 7 – $ 25 (eBay)
    • Objective Storm # 97: $ eight – $ 26 (eBay) [19659091] Spider Video Recreation: $ 13- $ 20 (eBay)

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