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Quentin Tarantino's 50 Best Character Names, Ranked

Quentin Tarantino's 50 Best Character Names, Ranked

Every now and then … Hollywood continues to make spectacular flagship numbers, the web conversation across the movie exhibits no indicators of falling.

Some see it as a brilliant spot of hope for an adult skewer film If explosive automobiles or signs can't but achieve Hollywood. Others talk about the movie's gender and race politics (although for Tarantino this is about as much for the course).

However love or hate for his work, few deny that in his profession, Quentin Tarantino has boasted of an ability that few filmmakers can match: by giving his characters the perfect damn names in the recreation.

seemed again on the Tarantino area, pulled the 50 most memorable polygons and positioned them in posterity. Rules:

  • Solely the characters Tarantino himself named (for instance, the lioness Jackie Brown's characters are Elmore Leonard, and while Squeaky Fromme is by all means an ideal identify, he was an actual individual)
  • The characters can come from films that Tarantino didn't direct ( True Romance and From Nightfall Until Daybreak are each written by Tarantino and include several wonderful examples)
  • The character's identify needs to be spoken aloud in the film (Tarantino's footage are full of secondary characters whose sobriquets are top-notch, however you never know until you hassle From IMDB – OUATIH alone has "Ernesto the Mexican Vaquero", "Land Pirate Craig" and "Straight Satan David")

And again, before Anybody Loses Their Minds here, we put the characters' names here. No characters themselves. So loosen up. And now with out extra …

50. Sweet Dave – Gene Jones, hostile to eight

My opinion here is more likely to be discolored the fact that I’ve a good friend named Sweet Lou and all my father name the Huge Daveksi, but I'm selection in power.

49. Nice Man Eddie Cabot – Chris Penn, Reservoir Canine

First Round Mafia Hall of Fame – I guess it’s going to make Martin Scorsese countless because he didn't assume it first.

48. Johnny Mo – Gordon Liu, Kill Invoice Oh. 1 & 2

Bonus factors for inconsistencies. How the hell did the Japanese Lieutenant Yakuza get this identify? Do other organizations change to English once they converse him or do they are saying it in Japanese? So many questions.

47. Perrier LaPadite – Denis Ménochet, Disagreeable Bastards

Perrier! It's like Tarantino sitting down and googling "French stuff". I’m wondering how close this guy acquired his identify to "Beret Baguette LaPadite".

46. Wayne Gale – Robert Downey Jr., Pure Born Killers

The identify just isn’t very huge, however the best way RDJ says it actually sells it.

45. Six horse Judy – Zoe Bell, hostile to eight

"Why do they call you, therefore, six horse Judyksi?"

"Six Judy'm the only one you've ever seen and that can drive the six – horse team? "

I'm not a historian, however this looks like a really possible time period.

44. Lee Donowtiz – Saul Rubinek, True Romance

True Story: I as soon as noticed Saul Rubinek in an airport bag claim and exploded, "Lee Donowitz!". He appeared confused.

43. Dick Ritchie – Michael Rappaport, True Romance

So wait, his actual identify is Richard Ritchie? How good for this lovable doof.

42. Det. Jack Scagnetti – Tom Sizemore, Naturally Born Killers

Just like the police identify "Nice Guy Eddie" is a mafia. Enjoyable reality: With Tank Canine, Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen) is requested who his probation officer is. His response: "Seymour Scagnetti." Like Jack's brother. They Scagnetti boys, operating a regulation enforcement recreation!

41. Colonel Hans Landa – Christoph Waltz, Disagreeable Bastards

Say it out loud. That dangerous, dangerous assonance sends the vibration down the backbone.

40. Charlie – Danny Trejo razor, from nightfall to daybreak

. Be trustworthy: In case you didn't know who Danny Trejo was and introduced himself as "Charlie the Razor," you wouldn't ask for a second.

39. Main Marquis Warren – Samuel L. Jackson, The Hateful Eight

They say, "Never trust a man with two first names," but Straw Marquis Warren proves to be the one actually reliable character within the film. [19659010] 38. Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz – Til Schweiger, Inglourious Basterds

"Everybody in the German army heard about Hugo Stiglitz."

It ought to be famous that this identify is so nice that Tarantino gave it an actual identify card.

37. Elle Driver – Darryl Hannah, Kill Invoice Oh. 1 & 2

feels like a supermodel that would kill you. What is… correct.

36. Oswaldo Mobray – Tim Roth, Hateful Eight

Roth sells this director as a lot as Downey did to Wayne Gale, just more ridiculous to work with.

35. Floyd – Brad Pitt, The True Romance

Everybody knows Floyd, although the individual isn't really named Floyd.

34. Sgt. Donnie Donowitz – Eli Roth, Disagreeable Bastards

So. Fahkin. Bawston.

33. Stuntman Mike – Kurt Russell, Dying Proof

Another Widespread Tarantino Apply: Combining Career and First Identify to Create a Character Identify. That is one of the best of it.

32. Django – Jaime Foxx, Django Unchained

I obtained lots of shit about Django not being in a better place, however I might argue that the title is hardly unique provided that it was taken from an earlier movie. No matter your opinion, simply keep in mind…

31. Mickey / Mallory Knox – Woody Harrelson / Juliette Lewis, Pure Born Killers

Tarantino has a passion for memorably alliterative polycers (as you will notice later in the record), but this appears to be the one case he applied to the duo. And hell, it really works.

30. Jules Winnfield – Samuel L. Jackson, Pulp Fiction

Tarantino additionally has a enjoyable means of taking vaguely well-known surnames after which associating them with a greater first identify than the original incarnation. How a lot does Dave Winfield wish his identify is Jules?

29. Butch Coolidge – Bruce Willis, Pulp Fiction

And it will have doubled for Calvin Coolidge if he had lived to see Pulp Fiction.

28. Daisy Domergue – Jennifer Jason Leigh, Hateful Eight

Once more with alliteration, plus bonus factors for both the identify and character (the flower is every thing else) delightful dicotomy and final identify, which is probably the weirdest thing Tarantino has ever gotten. Dahmer-GEW? Huh ??

27. Rick Dalton – Leonardo DiCaprio, As soon as … in Hollywood

So good for an actor of the period that it's arduous to consider the best individual hasn't already taken it. Also performs nicely with “f * ckin” in the middle.

26. Cliff Sales space – Brad Pitt, Once … in Hollywood

The identical actual assertion applies to this, but I might argue that doing it to a 1969 trickster is even more durable than doing it to a 1969 film star.

25. Pumpkin / Honey Bunny – Tim Roth / Amanda Plummer, Pulp Fiction

Not even bothering to offer these two diner-robbin abusers names aside from the pets they’ve for each other is an absolute masterstroke.

24. John Ruth, Hangman – Kurt Russell, The Hateful Eight

It's exhausting to say precisely, but I really feel like this identify is available in the fitting place in mythology. It doesn't appear strange that folks everywhere in the world have heard of this man within the movie and know his identify instantly.

23. Bridget Von Hammersmark – Diane Kruger, The Disagreeable Bastards

In case you can think about a greater identify for a six-foot-high mild bombardment of a German film star from 1944, I'd love to listen to it.

22. Santanico Pandemonium – Salma Hayek, From Twilight to Dawn

And in the event you can think of a better identify for the poorly veiled vampire Salma Hayek, who dances with an enormous Python, I might love to listen to it.

21. Dr. King Schultz – Cristoph Waltz, Django Unchained

I am the first to confess that it took me much longer than it should have acquired a reference to this.

20. Sofie Fatale – Julie Dreyfus, Kill Invoice Oh. 1 and a couple of

This might be a fantastic identify for the band.

19. Gimp – Stephen Hibbert, Pulp Fiction

Is this even a name? Does it matter? Ask 100 individuals from the road what a "suit suit" is, and 99 of them describe black leather. One hundredth can’t reply as a result of he has one.

18. Clarence Worley – Christian Slater, True Romance

is literally the one identify that’s extra enjoyable to say than "Clarence Worley…"

17. Alabama Worley (b. Whitman) – Patricia Arquette, True Romance

… is the identify “Alabama Worley.”

16. Lieutenant Aldo Raine – Brad Pitt, Unpleasant Bastards

Apparently, "Aldo" is derived from the Germanic "adal," which suggests "noble." A reasonably strong man who’s hell to kill as many Nazis as potential. It goes nicely with "Apache" as properly.

15. Zed – Peter Greene, Pulp Fiction

Did Tarantino create the identify of this character simply to facilitate Bruce Willis' epic line? Or is the identify line created? Please advise.

14. Drexl Spivey – Gary Oldman, True Romance

"Bama, I have to ask you a question: Who and what is Drexl?"

Gary Oldman: "Hold my beer."

13. Mr Pink – Steve Buscemi, Tank Canine

Positive, the rest of the crew had very cool anonymous chromatic codenames, however Pink was the one bitch of her, and so she stands within the lot.

12. Gogo Yubari – Chiaki Kuriyama, Kill Invoice Oh. 1 & 2

If I have been the Yakuza boss who listened to the private bodyguards, and as an adolescent in a schoolgirl named Gogo Yubari, I'd in all probability be slightly skeptical. Till he pulled a meteor hammer, I'd be like, "Hi, you're right – check it out completely."

11. Broomhilda Von Shaft – Kerry Washington, Django Unchained

Oh, did you want Bridget Von Hammersmark? Properly, wait till you get a load of this cute shit!

10. Marsellus Wallace – Ving Rames, Pulp Fiction

A number of the "pulp" and "Wallace" make this a hundred percent the identify of a man you’d assume was another guy thrown from the balcony to offer his wife a foot therapeutic massage.

9. Jackie Brown – Pam Grier, Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown is filled with beautiful characters, but as mentioned earlier, they belong to Elmore Leonard in his novel "Rum Punch" (on which the movie was based mostly). Nevertheless, apart from the film's title character, Tarantino has switched from Leonard's unique "Jackie Burke". Consider the graceful, attractive and assured means Pam Grier says “Jackie Brown.” Massive update.

8. Esmarelda Villa Lobos – Angela Jones, Pulp Fiction

Although she never says so explicitly, Esmarelda's final identify means "wolf house". Which is nice, and Butch knows it. So far as the which means of his identify goes…

7. O-Ren Ishii – Lucy Liu, Kill Invoice Oh. 1 & 2

If your character has a backstory so banana that it requires its personal anime sequence to taste in the midst of the movie, it has a better identify. Mission completed.

6. Winston Wolf – Harvey Keitel, Pulp Fiction

As if it wasn't cool sufficient to listen to Marsellus send "The Wolf" to handle Jules and Vincent's Gore-covered automotive, then a guy seems and introduces himself as "Winston Wolf. "That’s his actual identify.

5. Bill – David Carradine, Kill Bill Vol. 1 and a couple of

Naming this mean and incomprehensible and ultimately imbibing it with mythical high quality is a superb achievement.

four. Calvin Candie – Leonardo DiCaprio, Django Unchained

Wonderful alliteration, and it calls you the identify of "Candyland" Candie's Planting, a reputation that unusually emphasizes the big influence of the nightmare of the place.

3. Beatrix Kiddo – Uma Thurman, Kill Bill Voi 1 and a couple of

Supposedly Tarantino's most acutely aware job within the naming division, because Thurman's character was only listed as "The Bride" and her actual identify was misplaced every time she uttered it. Will later discover that Bill's use of "Kiddo" shouldn’t be an endeardement- the term, however the actual identify that we now have favored in two full movies? Tarantino at Best.

2. Vincent Vega – John Travolta, Pulp Fiction [19659011] Assume how troublesome it might be to find a title that is cool enough to be worthy of Travolta in this movie. It's inconceivable, and but Tarantino nailed it. These two back V's are a phonetic equivalent to black go well with, long hair, handgun, cool demeanor, and customized heroin units all rolled collectively.

1. Hattori Hanzo – Sonny Chiba, Kill Invoice Oh. 1 & 2

It's superbly alliterative, vaguely folkloric … it just has that rattling weight. Hattori Hanzo is the nom de résistance of Tarantino, representing both the edge of legendary blades and the solemnity of the Japanese swordsman.

(Ed. Word: To be trustworthy, the identify Sonny Chiba is just not that dangerous either)

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