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John Henry Haaren
About Medieval Men [1904]

Time got here when the individuals of Western Europe discovered to consider in one God and turned to Christianity, however previous tales of gods and Valkyries and giants and heroes who have been half gods and half males, not forgotten.

These tales have been repeated from father to son for generations, and in the course of the twelfth century, the poet whose identify we do not know wrote them in verse. He referred to as his poem Nibelungenlied (Nibelung's music). It's an ideal nationwide poem by the Germans. The legends in it are the inspiration of Wagner's operas

“Nibelungs” was the identify given to a number of the northern dwarves, whose king had once had a big gold and gemstone, however had lost it. He who acquired this treasure followed the curse.


The previous town of Worms, Burgundy, lived a very long time in the past with Princess Kriemhilda. His oldest brother, Gunther, was the King of Burgundy.

And far away in the Netherlands, the place the Rhine takes its waters into the ocean, the named Prince of King Siegfried, the son of Siegmund, lived.

Ere long Sir Siegfried heard about the great thing about the Kriemhilda truthful. He stated to his father, "Give me twelve knights, and I will ride the king of Gunther. I have to overcome the heart of Kriemhilda." . Hagen, Kriemhild uncle, guessed He stated: "I have never seen a Dutch-known hero, but I'm sure someone knight is no other than Sir Siegfried."

"and who," requested the wondering individuals, "whether Siegfried to be ? "

" "Siegfried," Sir Hagen replied, "can be a fantastic knight. When he rode alone, he came to the mountain where the treasure of the king of Nibelung was. But they refused to share. So when Seigfied approached each princes, they stated, "Share with us, Sir Siegfried, our father's warehouse." jewels that 100 wagons couldn’t carry them, and ruddy gold much more. Seigfied made a good division that he might, and the princes gave him his father's sword referred to as Balmung. However although Siegfried had executed his greatest to satisfy them, they quickly fell and fought, and when he tried to separate them, they attacked him. To save lots of his personal life, he killed them both. Alberich, who had lengthy been the guard of Nibelung's warehouse, rushed to revenge his masters; but Siegfried gained him and took the cap of darkness that made it invisible to the consumer and gave him twelve males. Then the hero ordered Alberich to place the treasure again into the cave of the mountain and guard it for him. "

Hagen then advised another story about Siegfried:

" When he killed a tough dragon and swam his blood, and he turned the hero into a horn, his sword or spear wounded him.

When Hagen advised these tales, he urged King Gunther and the individuals of Burgundy to obtain Siegfried with respect.

So when style was at that time, games have been held within the palace yard to honor Siegfried, and Kriemhilda appeared at the sport from his window.

Siegfried stayed with King Gunther throughout the year, but by no means advised why he had come and never saw Kriemhilda.

On the end of the yr, sudden messages came to the scandals and the Danes, like their habits, have been mocking the Burgundian nations. At the head of a thousand Burgundy knights, Siegfried captured each Germans and Danes. The king of the Danes was taken captive and the King of Saxon surrendered.

The victorious warriors returned to Worms and the air crammed with joyful welcome cries. King Gunther asked Kriemhilda to greet Siegfried and give him praise from the whole of Burgundy.

Siegfried stood in entrance of him and stated, "Welcome, Sir Siegfried, welcome; we thank you all." He bent before him and kissed him. he was a face and a robust unmatched. Siegfried promises to assist him. "But," stated Siegfried, "if we succeed, I must be my wife, your sister, Kriemhilda." ] Siegfried thanked the King for his kindness and advised how Gunther had come to Iceland

"If he gets a champion in three races," he stated, "I might be his spouse. If not, he and you who are with him should lose your life. ”

Brunhilda was getting ready for the competition. His defend was so thick and heavy that four robust males wanted it. Three might hardly carry his spear and the stone he cheered was only twelve.

Siegfried now helped Gunther in an exquisite means. He put the cap on darkness so that no one might see him. Then he stood on Gunther's aspect and made a battle. Brunhilda threw kings of kings in a transparent defend and sparks flew from steel. However the invisible knight handled Brunhilda with such assaults that he confessed to being conquered.

Within the second and third races he didn’t succeed, so he had to develop into King Gunther's bride. But he stated that earlier than he leaves Iceland, he should tell all his relations. Day by day his relations rode to the fort, and shortly the military had assembled.

Then Gunther and his pals have been afraid of unfair gambling. So Siegfried put the cap of darkness, stepped on the boat and went to the land of Nibelung, the place the Alberich dwarf guarded the stunning treasure of Nibelung.

"Bring me here," he cried to the dwarf, "a thousand Nibelung knights. “On the invitation of the dwarf, the warriors gathered around Sir Siegfried. Then they sailed with him to Brunhilda Island, and the queen and her family members feared such warriors and acquired them. Shortly after their arrival, King Gunther and his husband Siegfried and his Nibelung and Queen Brunhilda, two thousand relations, sailed to King Gunther's country.

As quickly as they received to Worms, the wedding of Gunther and Brunhilda occurred. Siegfried and Kriemhilda have been additionally married and after their marriage Siegfried to the Dutch fort.


NOW becomes a tragic a part of Nibelung's story.

Brunhilda and Gunther invited Siegfried and Kriemhilda to go to Worms. In the course of the go to, two kings quarreled and Brunhilda made Gunther indignant with Siegfried. Hagen additionally started to hate Siegfried and needed to kill him.

However Siegfried could not be wounded besides in a place where the falling leaf had rested when he swam in the blood of the dragon. Only Kriemhilda knew the place this place was. Hagen stated that he was sewing a small silk cross for Siegfried's gown so he might defend Siegfried within the battle.

No wrestle, however Siegfried went searching with Gunther and Hagen someday and challenged him to race with them. She simply gained, but after operating she was scorching and thirsty and kneeled within the spring. Then Hagen grabbed the spear and crashed via the cross into the hero's body. The treasure of Nibelung brought catastrophe to Siegfried

Gunther and Hagen advised Kriemhilde that the robberies in the tree had killed her husband but couldn’t be deceived.

Siegfried's murderers, so he didn't depart Worms. There were also a thousand knights who had adopted Siegfried from Nibelung.

Shortly after Siegfried's demise, Kriemhilda requested his youthful brother to deliver Nibelung's treasure from the mountain cave to Worms.

When Kriemhilda arrived, Kriemhilda arrived on gold and jewels for the rich and poor in Burgundy, and Hagen feared that quickly he would overcome the love of all individuals and turn them towards him. Someday he took the treasure and hid it on the Rhine.

Because Hagen now had the treasure of Nibelung, he and his companion got the identify "Nibelungs"


Etzel, or as we name him, Attila, King Huns, heard about Kriemhilda's beauty and sent one in every of his knights to ask the king to return to his wives.

At first he refused. But when he remembered that Etzel took Tiew's sword, he modified his thoughts as a result of if he turned his wife, he might persuade him to take revenge on Gunther and Hagen.

And so it occurred. [19659003] Shortly after their marriage, Etzel and Kriemhilda referred to as Gunther and all of his tents at the Nice Midsummer Festivals on Honey Land.

Hagen was afraid to go because he was positive Kriemhilda hadn't forgiven Siegfried's homicide. Nevertheless, it was decided that the invitation was acceptable, but that ten thousand knights ought to go to the guard of Gunther's physique

Shortly after Gunther and his followers arrived at Attila, a party was ready. Nineteen thousand Burgundians sat on board when Attila's brother came to the celebration corridor with a thousand well-armed knights.

Hundreds of Burgundians have been killed. The battle continued for days. Finally, all Burgundian knights, Gunther and Hagen, have been left alive. Then one among Kriemhilda's pals fought with them and overthrew both. He tied them and gave them to Kriemhilda.

The king ordered certainly one of his knights to cut Gunther's head, and he reduce off Hagen's head on "Balmung", an exquisite Siegfried sword. The opposite pal of Hagen killed his dying by killing Kriemhilda himself.

Of all of the Nibelungs who arrived in the Honey Land, only returned to Burgundy.

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