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Newly released FBI documents shed light on the seemingly Mossad's knowledge of 9/11 attacks

Newly released FBI documents shed light on the seemingly Mossad's knowledge of 9/11 attacks
Whitney Webb

NEW YORK – For nearly 20 years, one of the most unforgettable and least-known arrests made after the September 11 attacks was the so-called. Nevertheless, the new info released by the FBI on 7 Might has introduced new research into the risk that no less than two host-dancers recognized to Mossad's actors have been previously aware of the attacks.

Shortly after 8:46 on the day of the attacks, just some minutes after the first aircraft, the World Trade Middle, 5 men who later revealed themselves to be Israeli citizens had invested themselves in the parking space. Dorian's house complicated in Union City, New Jersey, the place they have been seen taking footage and photographing attacks and at the similar time celebrating the destruction of the towers and the "high battle" of one another. At the least one of the FBI's interviewed eyewitnesses had seen an Israeli parking zone at the parking zone already at eight:00, over 40 minutes earlier than the assault. The story coated the US mainstream media at the moment, but since then it has largely been forgotten

Males – Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Oded Ellner, Yaron Shimuel and Omar Marmari – have been subsequently arrested by regulation enforcement officials and claimed to be Israeli vacationers on a "working day" in the United States, where they labored for the cellular firm Urban Shifting Techniques. After the arrest, Sivan Kurzberg informed the detainee: “We are Israelis; we aren’t a problem. Your drawback is our drawback, the Palestinians are an issue.

For years, the official story has been that these individuals, once they had practiced "immature" conduct by celebrating and being "apparently happy" in documenting them. The attacks had no previous knowledge of the assault. Nevertheless, the just lately released FBI copies of five Israeli pictures strongly recommend that these individuals had prior details about the attacks on the World Commerce Middle. Copies of the pictures have been obtained at the request of the personal citizen FOIA.

A high-quality photograph from above exhibits the space where the dancing Israelis have been organized. Credit score | Panamza

In line with a former high-level American intelligence authority who spoke to a Jewish day-ahead in 2002, the FBI determined in his investigation that five Israelis have been arrested, finishing up Mossad's oversight process and that their employer, the urban transport system Weehawken, NJ, served in entrance of him. “A minimum of two of the arrested males had decided to get in direct contact with Mossad when their names appeared in the CIA-FBI overseas intelligence database. In accordance with one of his legal professionals, one of the men, Paul Kurzberg, had previously worked in Mossad overseas before arriving in the United States. One other detainee, Oded Ellner, later said on Israeli television that five Israelis had been "documenting the event" in New York at that time, which suggests attacking the World Trade Middle.

The FOIA publication of pictures is exceptional since the solutions to earlier FOIA requests by the FBI Supervisory Authority, which oversees the FBI, have beforehand claimed that each one pictures taken by Israeli residents have been destroyed in January 2014. The pictures themselves have been largely corrected, subsequently look on the faces of the Israelites. Nevertheless, beforehand reported FBI studies show that Israelis are "visibly happy" in virtually all pictures, regardless that the towers are in the background. The revealed photographs are usually not unique copies, however they seem like photocopies of the unique photographs. As well as, solely 14 of the unique 76 pictures developed by the authorities from a Israeli-owned digital camera have been released.

Three of these pictures – though heavy redundancy and poor quality – are, nevertheless, damaging. Since 2001, although the pictures have been by no means revealed, it was recognized that one of the arrested Israelis – Sivan Kurzberg – was seen in a photograph with “lighted lighter in the foreground, and a wretched wreck [of the twin towers]” by Steven Noah Gordon, then by 5 Israeli lawyer Steven Noah Gordon, as talked about in the New York Occasions report from November 2001.

The picture of Kurzberg on a lighted lighter seems to be the image # 5 in a brand new FOIA publication. The released image, nevertheless, features a seen date on September 10, 2001, the day earlier than the attacks, in addition to the two different pictures in the # 7 and # eight assortment – whereas all the other pictures with dates present only the month and yr (9 & # 39; 01). The FOIA launch didn’t give any details about the obvious deviation of the dates

Although this could possibly be explained when the digital camera in query was programmed with a somewhat inaccurate date, it does not appear to happen for two causes. Firstly, only two of the 14 pictures bear that date, and secondly, the previously categorized FBI stories inform the eyewitness who made it clear that Sivan Kurzberg had been to Doric Flats on September 10, 2001 at round 3pm. no less than one different man with whom he spoke in a overseas language and had recognized himself as a "construction worker" to the tenant (web page 61 of the categorised FBI report).

Sivan Kurzberg has a lighter, lighter Manhattan silhouette in the background. Day 10 September 2001 in the decrease right corner | Figure # 5

In addition, the FBI report discovered that Urban Shifting Techniques, a 5 Israeli detainee, was involved in a van that was concerned in shifting the tenant out of the complicated in September 10 and that each one migrants had overseas accents. Thus, the photographs 5, 7 and eight seem strongly taken in the similar complicated the day before the attacks. Kurzberg is seen in each footage displaying a visual date on September 10, 2001.

This raises two prospects. First of all, there are two Kurzberg pictures with lighted lighter in entrance of the towers, one earlier than the attack and one throughout the assault, and just one of them was released by the FBI. Second, Kurzberg took the picture with a lighter only a day earlier than the assault, and his lawyer distorted the content material of the image to the New York Occasions. Contemplating that the background of the photograph – especially the state of the towers – could be seen in a current photograph, it’s troublesome to determine what is the case.

One Israeli presumably refers to the World Commerce Middle in Manhattan on September 11, 2001 | Picture # 2

Nevertheless, in both instances, Kurzberg had simulated burning the World Trade Middle the day earlier than the attacks. The FBI said that Kurzberg was a party to Mossad's surveillance activities during the arrest, suggesting that Israel's intelligence additionally had a previous discover of attacks.

Notably the relevant part of the FBI report asking "1. Is the Israeli citizen aware of the events of the WTC and were they shooting events before the explosion was anticipated?" "No."

One of the 9/11 unfastened overlaps

If the photographs 5 and seven have been taken on the day earlier than the attack, the question is why the FBI officially said that the arrested Israelis had no Advance Discover of Attacks? The report stated that the Bush administration was involved in the research. The report states that "Israeli and US government officials contracted – and after 71 days five Israelis were taken from prison, put on board and deported back home [to Israel]." For the Israeli government to cover the event, it might definitely not have been the first time that the US presidency would have achieved so for Israel.

The extra proof that there have been no administrative additions is that the lawyer Basic John Ashcroft personally signed the release of the prisoners. In 2005, the Israeli government turned a personal sector lobbyist and marketing consultant and became one of Ashcroft's first clients.

There’s undoubtedly a blanket between the destruction of clearing knowledge and the destruction of studies. the proven fact that the formal conclusions of the research are usually not linked. In the latter case, the FBI formally said in a file dated 24 September 2001 that they "decided that none of the Israelis were actively involved in secret intelligence in the United States." officials a yr later and the Israeli government later admitted that 5 Israelis had indeed been involved in a "secret inquiry in the United States."

In addition, the new FOIA publication of pictures means that another conclusion from the FBI – that "none of the images developed from a 35mm camera inside the film did not represent a double tower before the attack," was inaccurate. This may increasingly clarify why the photographs revealed by way of the newest FOIA request have been closely edited, with the underlying details being blurred, making it unattainable to determine whether or not the photographs have been taken earlier than or during the attacks solely based mostly on the status of the towers [19659015] "Tourists" with cash-filled socks, box cutters and explosives?

In addition to the pictures and actions of the so-called "Israeli dance", it’s value taking a look at a number of different suspicious circumstances associated to their arrest. that these men have been hardly "tourists" that they had claimed to be. One widespread instance is that one of the men, Oded Ellner, had a "white sock with $ 4,700 in cash", in addition to maps of certain locations in the metropolis and field cutter. As well as, the Israelis have been arrested for the "strange" package deal, in accordance with which "the equipment typically used by the mobile company in daily tasks" was not current, and there have been traces of explosives in the van

. The unclassified FBI report says:

A vans and individuals search was carried out while the car was stopped. The car was also looked for by a educated bomb snuff canine, which gave a constructive end result to the presence of explosive traces. Car interior sweeps have been taken and these samples have been despatched to the FBI laboratory for additional analysis. The final outcomes are still in progress. “

In complete, the FBI announced that there were four explosive-related gadgets in the ban, and they are labeled“ Fabric sample (explosive residue) ”,“ Control Swabs – SA [ – ] Gloves, ”” Management Swabs – (Bomb Suits) and “Blanket samples for explosive residue. “In addition, the VHS tape and a few of the pictures found in the van pictures have been despatched to a laboratory inspector [ redacted ] (explosives unit). "

The property of some Israelis and the Mother and father owns not solely the firm that employs them, City Fiering Techniques, the FBI, who said that the firm was the FBI said that the company was requested that the FBI said that" little evidence of legal business was found. " The FBI report also said that "the number of computers in relation to" of such a quite small enterprise "and that" further analysis recognized a number of pseudonyms or aliases associated to URBs and its operations.

The presence of the FBI in the City Shifting Methods attracted the attention of local media and was later announced each on television and in the local press. The former Urban Shifting Techniques employees later contacted the Newark Division, stating that he had terminated his employment at Urban Shifting Methods, as Urban staff have been largely American. A former employee said that an Israeli Urban worker had as soon as remarked: "Give us twenty years and we will accept information and destroy our country" (page 37 of the FBI report).

FBI returned to the seek for City Shifting Methods amenities a month later, however by that time was discovered:

The constructing and its whole contents have been rejected… by the owner of Urban Shifting Techniques. This [was] has apparently been made to keep away from prosecution for 5 of his staff after the arrest of 9/11/2001 and subsequent confiscation of office pc methods 09/13/2001 by FBI-NK members. "[19659003] An Israeli citizen – Dominik Otto Suter – had fled to Israel on 14 September 2001 two days after being questioned by the FBI. The FBI told ABC Newsthat "City Shifting might have offered protection for Israeli intelligence." Surprisingly, a minimum of after 2016, Suter has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he works as a contractor for major know-how corporations akin to Google. and Microsoft. In line with the database of the Intelius database, Suter also worked in the telecommunications firm Granite Telecommunications in 2006 and 2007, working for the US Military and a number of other other US state businesses

. Basic International Movers turned focused on the research of Israeli dancing, which led to the arrest and detention of four Israeli citizens working for this separate cellular firm. The FBI Miami Division had warned the Newark Division that Basic International Movers was believed to have used one of the 19 alleged ninth hijackers before the assault, and one of the Dancing Israelis competitions was a notebook written by Basic International Movers, which was confiscated during his arrest. The report additionally states that a Basic International Movers of Israelis who had been arrested had "clearly disturbed the question of questioning their personal email list."

Lots of Dance Flooring

Although "Israeli Dance" "For a very long time since September 11 afterwards, what is usually missed is that tons of of Israeli residents have been arrested after the attacks

In accordance with the FOX News report in December 2001, 60 Israelis arrested or arrested after September 11, and most of the deported, and a total of 140 Israelis have been arrested and arrested by federal authorities. The report claimed that the arrests, including "Israeli Dancing", have been "related to the gathering of intelligence [Israeli] aimed at" penetrating public spaces ".

Some of the detainees have been additionally lively members of the Israeli military, and a number of other prisoners, including Israeli dancers, had failed in polygraph exams when asked if that they had investigated the US government. 19659003] Watch | FOX News December 2001 Report on Mossad's Spying Earlier than 9/11

The central half of this report, written by journalist Carl Cameron, also states that federal researchers have been extensively suspected that the knowledge of Israel earlier than the September 11 attacks. In the report, Cameron stated:

The Israelis might collect inquiries about the attacks prematurely and did not share them. A highly-ranked researcher stated that there are "bindings", but when asked for more info, he refused to characterize them, saying: "The proof linking these Israelis to 9-11 is assessed. I can't inform you the proof I have collected. It is categorized info. “”

One report between Cameron and the host Brit Hume & # 39; s varies particularly:

HUME : “Carl, what about this issue, what will happen on September 9? How clear are some Israeli representatives who knew something? ”

CAMERON :“ Nicely it is rather explosive info, and there’s lots of evidence that they have collected. Nothing is essentially decisive. It’s more once they put collectively an enormous query they are saying: "How were they not known?" – Virtually direct quote, Brit. "

9/11 father – and acknowledged – Israel's victory [19659016] If" Dance of Israel "and more broadly Mossad and the Israeli authorities have been predicted on September 11, why have been they not silent and did not attempt to warn the US government or the public about future attacks?" Israeli Dance "Why Israelis Have fun Such Assault?

One of the arrested" Israeli Dances ", Omer Marmari, informed the police the following the reason why he checked out the September 11 attacks:

Israel now hopes that the world will perceive now People are naive and America is straightforward to get in. America doesn’t have a lot checks, and now America might be harder on who's going to get their ground. ” "Visibly happy" in their pictures, the Israelis have put ahead politicians who recommend why the Israeli authorities and its intelligence providers refused to behave with apparent assault info

When the 9/11 day was requested how attacks would affect US-Israeli relations, Benjamin Netanyahu – present Israeli Prime Minister – advised New York Timesthat "It's Very Good" earlier than it was shortly added "Well, not very good, but it creates immediate compassion." , however the United States has now experienced large horror. “

Netanyahu, direct c also reported in 2001 additionally included Marmar's claim that People are naive. In this recording, Netanyahu stated:

I know what America is. America is one thing that may be easily transferred. Moved in the proper path. … They will't get in the means. They will't get on our means … 80% of People help us. It is absurd. "

As well as, on the September 11 attacks, Netanyahu, who was not at the political workplace at that time, held a press conference, claiming that he had predicted anti-world commerce attacks in the" Military Islam "Middle revealed in 1995" Combating Terrorism: How Democracies Can Win Domestic and International terrorism ". In that guide Netanyahu had introduced that "militants" in Iran would drop a nuclear bomb in the World Commerce Middle cellar

At a press convention on the day of the attacks, Netanyahu claimed that 9/11 was a turning level in America and compared to the 1941 assault on Pearl Harbor. Netanyahu's statement repeats the notorious line of the neo-conservative think-tank, the "Rebuilding America & # 39; s Defenses" document created by the new Ameica Century Venture (PNAC). This line reads. "The transformation process [towards a neo-Reaganite foreign policy and hyper-militarism]although it brings with it a revolutionary change, is probably long, lacks a catastrophic and catalytic event – like the new Pearl Harbor." The attacks of the day had enormously benefited Israel. He was quoted as saying, "We benefit from one thing, and this is an attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and the American battle in Iraq."

It goes without saying that 9.11. – America' leading damaging work in the entire Center East – has actually benefited from Israel. Many of the US 9/11 "nation-building" efforts have particularly reflected the political document "Pure Break: A New Strategy to Protect the Empire" written by the American Neoconservatives – PNAC Members – for Netanyahu.

This document requires the creation of a "new Middle East", together with "the erosion, curbing and facilitation of Syria" and "the removal of Saddam Hussein from Iraq – an important strategic goal of Israel in itself."

Whitney Webb is a journalist from MintPress Information, based mostly in Chile, who has participated in a number of unbiased media resembling International Analysis, EcoWatch, Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Leadership. TV Exhibits and is the 2019 Award Winner for Serena Shim Award for Uncompromising Integrity in Journalism

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