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WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 27, 2019


The Kickoff panel is Jonathan Coachman, Jerry Lawler, Booker T and Beth Phoenix.

Charlie Caruso and JBL mentioned Royal Rumble's reminiscences and moments of the previous. Caruso stated they have been going to make new reminiscences tonight for Wrestlemania.

They introduced a video preview of Ronda Rousey vs. Sasha Banks. The panel began the discussion.

They started discussing with Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura in the US title.

Backstage, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose made the promoter once they gained the Royal Rumble, promise they might have each other's again till they did. as a pacesetter he has made a contract with Vince McMahon. Akam is injured, but Rezar still needs to return to the Uncooked Tag Workforce. So, The Revival, Rezar is among Scott Dawson, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, and if they win, they’ll earn a title for everybody. He stated he hoped Scott Dawson was on board. The point was that the match would happen tonight, however it was never stated straight.

The panel was not so positive that each side might coexist.

They introduced an annual "By the Numbers" Rumble video.

The panel discussed ladies's drum matches. R-Fact and Carmella overthrown the panel to announce "news" that they’re each 30 in their own Rumbles. Carmella stated that once they beat Rumble, they have been going to throw the most important dance in historical past at Wrestlemania. Carmella stated that each betting on Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair, but no one bets – and "Mella has money. statistically, solely three stars have gained the # 30 position and questioned whether they really assume they might find yourself in Wrestlemania. Carmella and Fact stated they have been doing it. 19659002] Backstage, Samoa Joe stated he was good in measurement, velocity and anger, he stated no one was shifting, he stated Randy Orton thought he was clever for him, however he was built to overcome the Royal Rumble match.

They sent a video of Braun Strowman, which was faraway from the Common Title Contest, and the panel mentioned the title bar. now in Rumble as a result of John Cena's injury.

Charly Caruso and JBL discussed AJ Types towards Daniel Bryan. JBL stated it was like Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat. They expressed the video perform within the WWE identify service. JBL predicted Bryan would survive.

They talked concerning the Chase Subject Rumble burger, created for this occasion, and went to the Bryan promo within the stadiums described earlier at this time. He stated the stadium is full of empty individuals making an attempt to fill their lives with bought merchandise and disgusting calories. He stated that the AJ types awaken individuals and they’re empty individuals making an attempt to fill themselves with one of many hamburgers. He stated if that is what they need, he can't wait to win the types. He dropped the burger in disgust and stepped on. One other good promo from Bryan!

WWE Uncooked Tag Group Champions Bobby Roode & Chad Gable vs. Rezar & Scott Dawson

This can be a non-named match.

The cameraman triggered the Masters at the entrance. I didn't know that Titus had a double obligation!

They come from one dugout.

Dawson and Roode began and went forwards and backwards. Gable signed in. They doubles Dawson. Gable nail apinaflip for 2 counters. Dawson gained management and marked Rezar. He complained to Gable and drew him cross as he held Gable towards the ropes. Dawson marked out and nailed the north mild suplex on the 2. He locked up within the chinlock. Gable knocked residence the zero – 2 objective simply outdoors the attain of the goalkeeper. He rocked Gable and sent him first to the buckles. Dawson stored his boot and Rezar drove Gable's face into it. Dawson coated him with two extra chapters.

Gable was despatched to ropes, but when he returned, he hit the heads with Dawson. It appears that evidently Gable would make a tag, however Rezar minimize it off. Rezar lifted him up, but Gable hung up over the ropes together with his arms. Dawson marked back, but Gable broke down on him. Roode received the recent signal. Roode nailed a collection of clothes strains. Roode nailed Rezarin, then hit spinebuse. He shot Dawson in the corner and left the ropes with Blockbuster at Rezar. Dawson took her up and glued her tights, however Roode fired. Dawson left the ropes, but by chance nailed Rezar, who went by means of the ropes.

The masters worked with Dawson. Roode and Gable used a pinch / moonsault combination on the pin

Winners, Bobby Roode & Chad Gable!

OK match. The state of affairs was silly, but the operation was advantageous.

They sent video clips that constructed Asuka vs. Becky Lynch Smackdown for ladies's championship.

Charlie Caruso and JBL talked a few character ball. WWE Intercontinental champion Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush appeared to push the concept Lashley gained Rumble.

Shawn Michaels and David Otunga joined the panel. Michaels stated that the most important differences with the Rumble recreation now that he was competing is that he felt he was concerned within the ring for nearly everybody who came to the Rumble when he was wrestling, but now there isn’t any method to put together as a result of there was so much [19659002]

WWE US Champion Rusev (with Lana) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Rusev had early surveillance towards Nakamura, nailing a number of suplexes. Rusev dressed her up from the floor. Nakamura grabbed the ground and fluttered in the direction of the steps, however jumped in the direction of them and landed on their ft, then jumped by kicking a US champion.

Nakamura threw Rusev back into the ring and nailed several knees to the chest. Nakamura positioned Rusev on the prime and nailed the knee to midnight. He drove into Rusev's mouth and floated within the front. Rusev returned to Fall Away with Slam and Spin.

Nakamura fought back, but Rusev grabbed him on the top for two. Rusev went to Accolade, however Nakamura slid out and nailed to the pot head, then to the opposite aspect of the face with two readings. Nakamura went to the impeller, but he was nailed to a laryat who sent him the wrong way up. Rusev nailed Machka Kick. He went to the other aspect however was caught in a cross clamp. Rusev was trapped in a triangle choke, but began up. He was asked deeper into the choke. Ultimately Rusev caught him, but acquired a hanging benefit from the guillotine.

Rusev ultimately turned to Jackhammer and made two chapters. They fought with ropes. Rusev was thrown away. Nakamura nailed two numbers to the landslide. Nakamura was annoyed because he couldn't get a job. Nakamura channeled George Steele and commenced working with one bolt pad to take away it. Lana obtained up and claimed Nakamura to try to cheat. Rusev charged Nakamura, however he ignored it, and Lana collided with the pre-union.

Rusev was upset and went to verify him, however Nakamura nailed Kinshasa from behind and made some extent.

Your winner and the brand new WWE champion, Shinsuke Nakamura!

I don't assume anyone would have seen that coming, so this was a bit of a shock.

Good, aggressive bout.

They gave a great, manic backstage marketing campaign, the place Nikki Cross was in front of the fence. his first Rumble.

They gave a video of a fantastic buy final night time. Shawn Michaels stated that the NXT roster tore it down as they all the time do, and stated all the things was all opened after the primary show. They showed the fabric of the post-exhibition confrontations and crawl that Triple H broke down. Shawn Michaels announced that they might be on the workforce of a six-man workforce subsequent Sunday and have a half-time WWE network.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy vs. Kalist vs. Hideo Itami vs. Akira Tozawa

. Murphy and Itami ended up alone within the ring. They hit and hit each other. Murphy fell out of the ring. Itami and Kalisto fought. Murphy came from under as an influence bomb. Itami hit the dive outdoors. The fish fell down, but grabbed Murphy's shore as he handed.

Itami threw Tozawa and Kalisto back into the ring and worked for them. Murphy returned to the ring, however Itami fell back. The fisherman sent Tozawa off the ring to Murphy. He nailed a kick to Itam and hit him twice.

Tozawa returned two chapters with a large missile surgery and operating leg section in Murphy. He went to the rope, however Itami nailed him and broke Tozawa from above. Tozawa took Itam away and nailed him outdoors the dive. The fish nailed a springboard outdoors the moon. Murphy nailed an amazing turn to dive outdoors. The fisherman labored over Murphy and made two figures on the seashore that drove the grasp's head to the carpet.

Murphy drove to Kalisto's superkick nook and nailed his seat on two. Tozawa and Murphy fought forwards and backwards. Tozawa nailed the physique weight, however Murphy orbited. Tozawa nailed to Rana's two calculations. They all went in two sets. The fisherman did one with Salina del Sol at Itam.

All 4 rivals had dropped and used. They recovered and fought forwards and backwards. It came to Tozawa and Kalisto to battle forwards and backwards. Tozawa nailed the enzyme however dropped into Murphy's attacks. Tozawa nailed an enormous massive but Murphy nailed it, which then nailed Kalisto. Itami and Murphy fought. Murphy nailed an enormous knee attack and drilled him to Murphy's lawn pin.

Your winner and still WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy!

Actually damn good, quick paced bout. A pleasant representative for 205 Reside brands.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre stated that many males lie concerning the pain and what they are prepared to endure. He stated he was struggling the ache of his entire life. He asked where Defend, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena and Kurt Angle are as a result of he doesn't see them. He stated he would win Rumble after which win the primary event of Wrestlemania, because he is the king of Uncooked jungle.

The panel discussed the lads's vanity once they closed the Kickoff present. [19659002


WWE Smackdown Ladies's Champion Asuka vs. Becky Lynch

FREE POP for Becky.

They circled each other earlier than Lynch grabbed the web page lock. Asuka tried to struggle his means out and was despatched to a rope where he swept down Lynch. Lynch and Asuka jawed one another. Asuka left her unturned again and then a drop. Lynch dared to struggle him. Asuka went after him, but Lynch grabbed the master by making an attempt Disarmher. Asuka prevented it and nailed several kicks to the hamstring. He went to a different one, but Lynch grabbed his foot and peppered him with the photographs of his arms.

Lynch sent Asuka to the rope and drove him to the rug. The master went to the floor for respiration air. Lynch followed, but Asuka rolled the ring. Lynch went to comply with, but blasted the Apron with a hip attack. Asuka began to kick, however Lynch prevented it, then drilled her on an enormous boot with an apron.

They fought on the ground where Asuka hit the Lynch ring camp. Lynch returned once they returned to the ring. Lynch dominated his hand. Lynch worked over his arm and locked in the rope Disarmher and then in the buckles, surprisingly a master. Lynch left the ropes, however drilled on his knees in his face.

Lynch labored over Asuka. Lynch met her on her knees and despatched her to the nook. The grasp jumped into the buckles and nailed the missile. Asuka nailed an enormous hip attack and backbone before she grabbed Lynch with a German suplex. Asuka followed one other hip attack after two payments. Asuka went to missile missile video games, but missed. Lynch coated her, however the master fired the final second.

Lynch went to tug the Asuka, however he grabbed the cruiser after which pulled the tested Asuka lock. Lynch was capable of battle to avoid ropes before Asuka was capable of seize him utterly. They fought forwards and backwards with the forearms. Asuka tried to nail the German suplex on the ground, but Lynch fled. Then he went to blow up the apron. Asuka tried the perfectplex with the apron, but ended up pouring the Apron on the ground. It appeared that they could have a clunked head once they hit the floor. Ouch!

They have been virtually dropped off. Asuka made seven. Lynch made it nine. Asuka grabbed her in the pinfall combination, however Lynch triggered it. They shot forwards and backwards shocks and piercings. Asuka scored punches and shocks. Asuka drilled her with a spin close to two figures.

They fought in a nook the place Becky nailed the explosive to the ring close to two payments. It was awesome. Asuka went to Asuka lock, then she made Lynch's personal finisher The Disharmher. Becky turned it to Asuka lock. Asuka nailed her with a kick, however Lynch circled and grabbed her at Disarmher. He didn't get it as deep as he needed. Asuka fled and rolled into the Asuka lock. Asuka turned this right into a version of Bryan Danielson's crib, and Lynch had no selection however to touch.

Your winner and still Smackdown's feminine champion, Asuka!

Hell of an open man. They fought their donkeys away and had a variety of good close to the waterfalls and performances. I don't assume anybody would have expected Lynch to be here, so it will certainly make you marvel if Lynch is going to return to any of the Rumble matches. I stated one – he's a man, right?

WWE Smackdown Tag Workforce Champions The Bar vs. Shane McMahon & The Miz.

Miz and Shane greet Miz's father by calling before the race [19659002] Shane went right after Sheamus within the clock chasing him out of the ring. Miz directed Cesaro early. Sheamus dropped Shane out of the apron when he acquired management of Miz. Cesaro grabbed Miz's throat on the ropes when the referee referred to as Sheam. They tried to put Miz on the floor on the ground. Shane made a recording and placed Cesaro on one of the announcer's tables. Shane went to the top of his flying elbow, but Sheamus attacked Miz, who was holding Cesaro down and drilling him right into a round column. Shane rushed from prime to sheam. Cesaro nailed him with an enormous prime.

Cesaro threw Shane into the ring fluid. The bar worked with Miz within the ring and made some extent. Shizus labored via Miz, over trapped. Miz tried to battle his approach out, but Sheamus blocked the suplex try. Miz was placed on the apron and crushed over the chest when Sheamus collected the dragon.

Cesaro marked and dropped two values ​​for Miz. Cesaro worked with him on a chinlock. Miz tried to struggle off the tag, however he was brought again to the Champions' Nook the place Sheamus entered and bounced again. Miz tried to steal pinfall by scrolling, however Sheamus fired and drove Miz again to a tough blow. Cesaro began off the wheel with Sheamus holding him, however Miz fired again. The bar continued to hit Miz

Miz finally made an indication. Shane cleaned the home and teased the coast at Sheamus. Cesaro nailed him and made an incredible tempo. Shane was offended by a triangle choke, and Cesaro seemed to go down, but Sheamus made savings. Miz returned, however was on the floor together with his clothes.

Sheamus signed in and The Bar nailed a double staff of White Noise, which Cesaro came to ramp up after ropes. Shane kicked. Sheamus went to Brogue Kick, however Miz bothered and Cesaro was nailed. Miz took Sheamus. Shane got here out from the highest by capturing with a star press and made some extent. Go through Jush Liger

Winners and New WWE Smackdown Tag Workforce Shane McMahon & The Miz!

An excellent round journey. I assumed a Shane crime was ridiculous, however they need to introduce McMahons like meta-people, in order that's what it’s. Miz's work as a dangerous child was good right here and the bar was great.

Shane and Miz have fun with Miz's father. Dana Warrior was additionally messy and hugged.

Sasha Banks was interviewed within the background. He has by no means been given something. Ronda Rousey might be UFC's Famer Hall, however the banks are going to make him tonight. They stated the banks' birthday is immediately.

WWE Raw Ladies's Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Sasha Banks

Banks shocked Rouse firstly of his arm. Rousey replied by nature. They have been on every stage early. Rousey nailed several suplexes and went to a different, chopping the banks by all the time utilizing three amigos. The banks blocked it and went to the bank account solely to stop Rouse. The banks got here to Ronda, but they have been robbed on the ground. Ronda followed and labored over him, however missed the punch and nailed the bar, damaging his hand. Banks nailed off the dive and brought the master back to the ring. The banks worked with him on the carpet and drove him to several knees behind him. They started to heat up, but at the moment are slowing down a bit.

Banks nailed to Rouse at the nook of a double knee assault and followed extra knees on two. You might hear a bunch of dueling songs coming from the gang. Rousey fought again and despatched the banks to the corner just to get his arms when he charged. Rousey returned two figures to his elbow. The banks continued attacking Rouse's injured arm and nailed one other operating knee. The banks have been shut again.

Rousey got here back and went to Piper's pit, but the banks turned it to the arm of a broken arm. The banks have been even biting their fingers. Rousey tried to show it right into a pinfall mixture, however the banks turned it into a bank statement. Rousey fought towards the ropes and eventually broke it. He nailed Piper's properly after which locked the banks into the handle on the ropes.

Rousey went to the highest. Banks nailed him to stop the grasp from shifting. The banks appeared to go to the suplex, however they have been preventing. He recovered on the knees that surprised Rouse and his nail superplex close to 2. The banks took her back to the hand bar. The banks went to a different dive, however Rousey grabbed him and locked up on the ground, Banks was lacking, but apparently it didn't fall.

Rousey worked again to the tire locks. The banks joined collectively, however Rousey drove him to the rug. The banks despatched him to the buckles very exhausting. Banks are locked within the financial institution assertion. Rousy fought to escape. The banks turned it into Fujiwara's arms. The banks started to control the fingers. Rousey gathered and picked up the banks, and then he rushed on his method.

Your Winner and Still Raw Ladies 's Champion, Ronda Rousey!

Hell forwards and backwards. The banks have been very massive right here and Rousey was there with him.

Rousey confirmed Banks respect on the floor.

They confirmed Paul Balman that he went to Brock Lesnar's dressing room


30 Female Royal Rumble Match [19659002] Beth Phoenix joined the comment workforce

Lacey Evans drew # 1. Evans took the microphone and stated, "Tonight, you look at history." He introduced himself and stated he was the only true WWE lady. He stated he was right here to wash up your complete division of girls.

Natalya drew # 2.

They received out and Lacey went to the hip. Natalya blocked it they usually acquired out. They went at the similar time to fall, with out falling and falling away. Evans took Natalya. Lacey dressed up, however landed on the apron and went back to the ring and jumped over Natalya's back. Natalya was caught up in the prime. Evans went to the facility bomb, however Natalya moved it to the shore. Evans stayed on the moon.

Mandy Rose was # 3. She nailed the clothesline Natalya and pepper her together with her arms. Mandy tried to throw Natalya, however he was fought. Evans kicked off, however Natalya grabbed it and hit him down. Natalya put them both within the Sharpshooter on the similar time. It’s such an ideal place

Liv Morgan was # four. He charged Natalya, however he was removed from the highest flooring.

Liv Morgan has been deleted.

Morgan and Mandy doubled Natalya, but Mandy was shortly launched. Evans drove into the corner of both Mandy and Natalia.

Mickie James was # 5. Mandy kicked Evans. Mickie hit the ring and dressed everybody. He positioned Natalya in the pot. Mandy charged him, but Mickie drilled him and hung himself on the rope together with his arm. He saved himself from destruction after which threw Mandy from above. Mandy saved himself from leaving, however he hit with Lou Thesz

Ember Moon was # 6. Moon nailed to body weight to James and Natalya. He drew the Evans pumpkin with Buster. Moon labored at Rose's corner. He tried to throw Rose from above, but Mandy held on. Everybody fought.

Billie Kaye was # 7. She refused to get into the ring and walked across the ring as an alternative. He informed reporters that he was anticipating Peyton Royce to return out. Moon nailed a hip assault to Lacey in the corner. All others tried to throw each other from above.

Nikki Cross was # 8. He acquired a nice pop. He attacked Kaye on the ground, then went to the highest and hit the body after everyone who fought in the ring. He threw Lacey from above, but Evans saved himself. Cross your nail with an enormous splash in the corner of Mickie. Mandy met him, but Cross broke the freedom and nailed the inverse DDT. Kaye lastly got here to the ring, however crossed him.

Peyton Royce was # 9. He charged the tire and attacked the cross. IIconics worked over Cross. Moon grabbed Peyton with Rana. He tried to throw Peyton from the top, however Billie saved. They worked for Moon. Mickie fought with Lacey. Mandy and Cross fought within the ropes. The moon was thrown from above but pulled by way of the center rope.

Tamina was # 10. He attacked everyone by killing drops in Samo. Nikki drilled her on a operating forearm. Tamina didn't transfer. The cross beloved it they usually fought. The cross grabbed him via the ropes. Tamina returned and nailed superkick. He went to the highest and nailed Superfly Splash on Cross. Tamina was kicked when she approached James. James Nail Thesz Press Ropes Off. Everybody fought. Mickie was despatched from above. He fought to return to the ring, but Tamina obtained to the supercick

Mickie James has been eliminated.

Xia Li, WWE NXT, was # 11. She went straight after Tamina and nailed her with a spinning wheel. He painted everyone. He and Tamina fought. It was a bit rough, however Li drove him down with Hassle in Paradise to take down Taman.

Sarah Logan was # 12. She attacked Natalya after which drilled both IIconics on her knees. He hit Moon down and dropped him from above. The footwear rescued the moon as they grabbed the underside of the ropes after hanging the wrong way up.

Nikki Cross was eliminated.

Charlotte Flair is unfortunate # 13. Everyone went after him when he hit the ring and he shot off the chilly cuts.

Billie Kaye and Peyton Royce are eliminated.

Xia Li was drilled with an enormous boot and fell to the ground.

Xia Li has been eliminated.

Xia Li has been removed. Tamina hit one another when everybody else was preventing.

# 14 was Kairi Sane.

Charlotte watched Tamina above the ground

Tamina has been eliminated.

Charlotte and Sane choped forwards and backwards. Moon and Rose fought within the nook. Lacey and Natalya fought. Natalya nailed back to Sarah Logan. Kairi drove her to Insane's elbow.

Natalya and Sane doubled Logan and threw him out.

Sarah Logan has been deleted.

Kairi went high to 5 in Natalya but kicked as an alternative into the intestine

. Quantity 15 was Maria Kanel. Cannell tried to get Lacey and Aptitude to take heed to her, but they attacked her. They argued with one another when Maria obtained a double bulldog. He attacked Moon and founded Bronco Buster. Aptitude struck him and advised him that he was not in this ring, but before he might drop him, Evans attacked him again and fought off the nook.

Number 16 was Naomi. He attacked Mandy, as you’d have expected and tried to complete him out of the ground. They fought with the apron. Naomi grabbed her and kicked her up on the floor.

Mandy Rose has been removed.

Mandy went beneath Naomi and tried to wake him up from the apron. Naomi rolled his body so that his arms hit the floor, kicked Mandy away after which pulled himself to the ring. He walked over the barrier and made an enormous leap into the ring levels. It was spectacular.

Naomi left.

Naomi and Mandy fought on the floor till the security broke them apart.

Number 17 was NXT star Candice LaRae. He and Moon fought forwards and backwards. Everybody fought.

Number 18 was Alicia Fox. He nailed several drops. He went to Mary, who as an alternative tried to make him settle for the alliance. They went after Cair and despatched him to the corner. Maria went to provide Alicial a captain of his captain, but Alicia provided to decorate her up. Maria used it, then spun it. Alicia misplaced it and suffered a hat. Maria tried to run away, but Fox pulled her again from the ropes and despatched her to the corner. Ultimately he threw him out.

Maria Cannula has been deleted.

Quantity 19 is former American Ninja Warrior star Kacy Catanzaro. He whispered all types of cool gymnastics, together with throwing Alice from above. Alicia saved herself and her nail

Number 20 is Zelina Vega. He hit the ring and went immediately after the former NXT competitor Candice LaRae. LaRae nailed a drop and made him in the corner. Zelina nailed a double knee. Catanzaro worked by Sane. Everyone fought.

Quantity 21 is Ruby Riott. The other members of Squad came with him. They pulled Aptitude out underneath and labored over him. Riott stepped into the ring but was caught on the seashore that drove him to the carpet. Fox was additionally pulled beneath ropes and labored by Squad. Vega pulled out Jimmy Hart, going to the floor and hiding beneath the tire. Riott threw Alicia Fox.

Alicia Fox has been removed.

Candice fought with Ruby, however was pulled out of the apron and bombed to stop Logan and Morgan. They threw him back into the ring, the place Ruby poured him on the floor.

Candice LaRae has been deleted.

Number 22 is Dana Brooke. Squad pulled him underneath the ropes and labored over him. Ruby Riott broke Kairi Sane on the floor.

Kari Sane has been deleted.

Squad continued to hit the ground on the floor

Number 23 is Io Shirai. They questioned him when he got here to the ring. He immediately went to them and hit the moon off the floor. Shirai officially entered the match and tried to throw Riott. Riott grabbed her legs and pulled her to the top. The moon drove again Catanzaro.

Number 24 is the former NXT UK Ladies Champion Rhea Ripley. He cleaned the house with all his arms and boots.

Dana threw Catanzaro, who landed on her again legs within the air. He made a deal with and walked on a round column, then the American Ninja made his means back to the ring. He went to the French Rhea, who grabbed him and went to the slam, but Kacy turned it right into a rotation and landed on the entrance guillotine choke. Ripley obtained out of it and took her to the tossing Kacy flooring.

Kacy Catanzaro has been deleted.

Quantity 25 is for Sonya Deville who appeared good.

Rhea threw Dana Brooke out.

Dana Brooke has been deleted. When he fell on the ground, Zelina jumped from under, laughing at her. Next to him got here HORNSWOGGLE. Zelina swelled her and ran her across the tire and the ring the place Ripley broke and left.

The tube is Zelina Vega. Swoggle all the time drove him back.

Number 26 is Alexa Bliss. He placed a man. Then he grabbed Aptitude on the front. Everybody fought. Bliss removed Deville

Deville has been removed.

Quantity 27 is Bayley. Nice to pop him. He took the battle for everybody. He removed Rhea Ripley and Ruby Riott. The audience was loving this. Everybody fought.

Quantity 28 is Lana. Lana slipped out of the opening she took from the apron early and took the time to stroll within the hallway. Ilmoittajat sanoivat, että lääketieteellinen henkilökunta tarkasti häntä. Voit kuulla suuren "Haluamme Beckyn" laulua. Kaikki taistelivat. Lana ei koskaan tehnyt sitä renkaaseen.

Numero 29 oli Nia Jax. Hän näki Lanan käytävällä ja hyökkäsi häneen, sitten pomppasi nilkkaan. Lana lähetettiin rengasesteeseen, joten ei Lana. Nia kicked Shirai out of the air and commenced wiping everybody out Shirai went for a moonsault but was caught and dumped to the floor.

Io Shirai was eliminated.

Natalya tried to deadlift Nia over the top but was overpowered and tossed over the time.

Natalya was eliminated. She was within the ring 56 minutes.

Quantity 30 was Carmella. She nailed a rana on Nia, then a leaping kick on Moon. Nia charged and wiped her out. Alexa went to attack Nia.

Becky Lynch got here out as they have been checking on Lana. She argued with Fit Finley and demanded to be added to the match. He lastly agreed. The place went NUTS.

Becky battled with Charlotte they usually brawled. Lynch was tossed over the top however saved herself. Nia tossed her excessive and saved herself once more. She nailed a missile dropkick on Nia. Moon and Bliss battled in the middle of the ring. Bliss used Moon’s hair to tug her over the top to the surface. They battled on the apron. Moon drilled her with a hard shot. Bliis tried to pressure her off the apron and eventually nailed a STO on the apron and Moon bounced off to the floor.

Moon is eliminated.

Carmella attacked Bliss and nailed the Bronco Buster on the nook. She and Bayley worked over Bliss Bayley nailed a bucklebomb. Bliss was dumped excessive by Bayley and Carmella and was eliminated. The gang booed that.

Nia grabbed Becky and teased punching her in the face again however Charlotte attacked her from behind.

It’s right down to Becky, Nia, Carmella, Bayley and Charlotte.

Carmella nailed a flying bodypress off the highest but Aptitude rolled via and slammed her. Aptitude went to the highest but was rocked by a Carmella right. Carmella went for a handstand headscissors but was shoved excessive. Carmella was tossed over the top but fought Aptitude off on the apron. Nia was on the apron and Carmella fought her off however was kicked off by Flair.

Carmella has been eradicated.

Bayley attacked Aptitude and virtually eradicated her. She nailed Nia and drilled Aptitude with a neckbreaker. Nia caught her and had her in a Samoan Drop position. Aptitude hit an enormous boot on Nia, who dropped Bayley, who crashed excessive to the apron after which to the floor.

Your last three are Nia, Becky and Charlotte.

All three circled one another. Lynch was knocked by means of the ropes to the ground by Nia.. Flair advised Jax to remain out of it but she didn’t pay attention. She nailed Aptitude and tried to toss her excessive to the floor. Aptitude deadlifted her however lost her and dropped her. Aptitude acquired Nia excessive. Lynch, on the floor, knocked her off.

Nia has been eliminated.

Becky and Aptitude confronted off. Aptitude waited for her to enter the ring but Nia blasted Lynch off the stairs to the floor. Lynch grabbed at her knee immediately. The thought was she couldn’t put weight on the leg. Officials got here out and tried to examine on her. One of the officers went to boost Flair’s hand however Lynch dove into the ring and stopped that, screaming she will go and no one was taking this from her and this was her life.

Flair attacked her knee and commenced beating the hell out of it. Flair tied Lynch to the tree of woe for a moment and worked her over. Aptitude tired to muscle her over the top and then slammed her down. Lynch nailed Flair and despatched her excessive to the apron. She drilled Aptitude with a proper however was kicked in the leg and went down. Aptitude returned to the ring, saving herself from elimination. Aptitude was nailed and sent excessive, then hit the apron and Lynch kicked her off.

Your winner, going to Wrestlemania, Becky Lynch!

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