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Interview with Josef Ginsburg

Eric Thomson

Josef Ginsburg, who wrote ”J.G. Burg ”, got here to Toronto to assist Ernst Zündel's defense forces in the Nice Holocaust Check in 1988, once I was capable of converse to this exceptional anti-Zionist Jew and make in depth notes after every debate. "Lord Burg", as he most popular, was the author of several of the preferred Zionist subjects, such because the Holocaust, the Israeli bandit state, so-called "Guilt", and so on. Sadly, none of his works can be found in English, and I do know that the majority of them seem to be the outcome. I am positive that the Zionists are delighted that personal I read his works answered all of the questions that I might have been capable of get it, why the German "Bundeszog" or the Zionist occupation authorities and their masters of the Jews have been making an attempt to encircle " JG Burg with a quiet wall. The Zionist villains had even attacked him in a cemetery where he visited the grave of a woman's friend, set by a force called Burg. Josef Ginsburg, who no longer needs his pen name, now that he's dead, probably pulled a good fight despite his years. He was a short, hard, intelligent, agile and eagerly attentive man with an intrusive look and barking. His sharp eyes and almost naughty behavior seemed to challenge everyone he met, as saying, "You, there! How do you serve or forestall my objective? “As a Jew, he was typically involved in mixing round and / or corkscrew arguments which are examples of Franz Kafka's stories. As his guard rose, as traditional, he would only answer the query: "Is your name Josef Ginsburg?" "Why do you ask me?"

I might undoubtedly have acquired nothing like questions answering my questions, would I’ve advised him that I used to be discussing our conversations as an interview and that I used to be secretly taking notes of his statements. For everybody who interviewed him, his information was all the time a battle. Each time there were witnesses, cameras, microphones and / or recorders as evidence, he would have grow to be very obscure and circular. She insisted that nobody take footage of her, and she or he truly did a video-recorded interview the place solely the face of the interviewer appeared on the digital camera! Following this "night and fog" announcement, he insisted and made a promise to the interviewer that the interview would not be handed over or proven to anybody earlier than his demise. Although I didn’t tell him that I used to be taking notes, I also revered Mr Ginsburg's wishes on this regard too.

Josef Ginsburg was superb because he was an eyewitness to history, especially the Zionist and national socialist cooperation that the Zionists have all the time been so vigorous to cover up. Nevertheless, he did not publicly disclose how he had discovered the truth concerning the Holohoax and the fuel chamber. He would even refuse his personal id and political contacts, inflicting him to be among the many first Soviet inspectors. In personal, he didn’t try to hide his communist connections and sympathies. Sure, he had toured the place of Auschwitz, Birkenau, Maidanek, Treblinka, Sobibor and all different concentration camps in Poland as a member of the official Soviet inspection staff and he found no proof of German efforts to destroy anybody and positively not with lethal fuel chambers! However refusing to confess it in a public interview, his statements by which the Holocaust legends have been abandoned have been largely rejected by journalists as an "unfair opinion" that was left unreported. It made these pen prostitutes "easy" as a result of they already had religion in Holohoax. Had Ginsburg been more open to them, he might a minimum of have raised doubts in his personal thoughts, regardless of the rogues their journalists thought-about "suitable to print".

I advised him that he should tell them that he was a member of the Communist and Soviet inspection group ("our Gallantic Soviets"), within the Soviet Union of Canuckistan, alias Canada, can be the same as holiness. The word "simply must be true" of the Communist Jew and the only controversy obtainable to the Zionist Holocaust can be (a) to prove that he was not a communist or b) not a Jew. However Josef Ginsburg didn’t exit, as he saw, to set a historic document straight. To today, there is a thriller to me why he needed to "pull punches" or "hide his shrub bush," because the jew-book says. Maybe he was afraid of his life, despite the fact that he and his work were not secrets and techniques to the Zionists and their German administration because he lived in Germany and could possibly be contacted by way of a small publishing home. Perhaps he thought they couldn't find him if he hid his actual identify and background. He acted as if he was afraid to compromise his "safety", whether or not it was a delusion that security appeared to me and others.

Josef Ginsburg's motive to assault Zionism by saying historic fact was certainly Jewish: he feared that the Jews would endanger their survival by placing all their political eggs in a Zionist basket. He noticed in communism, as his jews jews had seen in Christianity and capitalism, the protective universal hatred by which the Jewish tribe would flourish, simply as sure maggots flourish underneath the protective pores and skin of the dwelling master, once they feed the host's blood, I feel the similarity was evident. Ginsburg noticed Zionist considering give attention to Jews, in contrast to pagans, the benefits of being very harmful. I completely agree with him on this challenge, and I asked him why the Rothschilds, the worldwide Zionists par excellence, have been funded by Theodor Herzl's Zionist regional efforts to succeed to assist determine, distinguish and isolate the Jewish inhabitants from the rest of the world. "The Rothschilds had to do it," stated Ginsburg, "because it is so ordered in his family compact." I asked him what he meant, considering "Congrid Ritual" by A. Conan Doyle. "The heir of every Rothschild property must be compact and willing to comply with its regulations, according to his ability to survive," he stated. “There isn’t any claim to compact terms, regardless of how the heir has perceived danger or unwantedness. Household compact has the facility of regulation. "" However, "I said," The state of Israel could be very harmful for the Jewry interest on the earth. "" I agree with you, "said Ginsburg. “Rothschilds can also agree with you, but they must place orders that have been in force for centuries. They have no chance to resort. "

Though the Jews haven’t solely survived, however flourished, prospered, and joined their solution to conquering" universal religions "reminiscent of Christianity and capitalism, Ginsburg was convinced that" communism was the only way to get to "I discussed the Jabotinski group, Israeli founders turned a gaggle of Communist Zionists. "It is a contradiction," he stated, "true communism is international and all-encompassing. It cannot be nationalist and thus exclusive. such as Ben Gurion, Levi Skolnick, aka Eshkol and Golda Meyersohn, alias Meir, got so well with the German Nazis, especially as they were a little Kristallnacht show they found necessary to frighten each other's Jews out of Germany, hopefully settling in Palestine. ”[19659008] ”Si This is the theme of the repeated theme of this German Nazi-Zionazi cooperation, "I stated. "This is a fairly new concept for me." "And quite right," he stated, "because it’s simply the best way the Zionists who control the media need their cooperation: a secret. Eichmann was one weak weak. That's why they had to kidnap him from Argentina and kill him in Israel. They locked him in the flooring field in the courtroom, presumably for his protection, however actually stored him listening to the actual questions and giving the actual solutions. Eichmann was silly. He didn't even know he had a harmful secret as a result of he didn't do something mistaken. He ought to have stored his mouth closed and hid when he heard Zionazis murder his Jewish colleague Joel Brandt in Israel. "" Yes, innocence might be lethal, "I stated. "Yes," he agreed, "the culprit knows why they should cover songs and they know how to do it." "So what was Eichmann's role in German Nazi-Zionazi co-operation?" I asked. "He worked with Joel Brandt and others to smuggle jews from Europe and Palestine, against British aspirations that ruled the area under a mandate." "Eichmann would have known about Ha & # 39; s moving or moving agreement that allowed the Jews to move from Germany to take wealth with them in German goods?" I requested. "Another reason for his legal murder," stated Ginsburg. that the Zionists and Nazis cooperated in drafting the so-called Nuremberg competition regulation, ”I stated. Nazis to outline who was a Jew and who was a German, and he advised accepting the yellow six-point star as a logo of the Jewish individuals. I requested. “Oh, it was a Jewish symbol, just as it was the symbol of Babylon. Six point stars were used by many different people. The German Condor Legion used it as a badge in Spain during the Fascism War in 1936-1939. American police often use six-point stars. But already in the 1930s, the "lion of Judah" was used to symbolize the Jews. You remember the title of the British newspaper, published in March 1933, entitled “Judea declares war on Germany.” “Yes,” I stated. “So, in the article, there was a frisian ribbon on the front page of a lion and a swastika, symbolizing the“ Germans vs. Jews ”. No six-point stars! “He exclaimed. "I remember the article," I said. “Samuel Untermeyer of the World Jewish Congress declared boycotting all German goods. Does this mean that there was a conflict between regional Zionists and international Zionists? “No,” he stated. “The Zionists only ensured that German foreign trade would remain under their control, as they had done with Germany during the First World War. They blocked it and broke it by itself. No one else could do it, so it was a truly Zionist monopoly on German trade. "What did you think was the reason for proclaiming the Zionist war in Germany in 1933, just a month after Hitler's election," Zionists (and all other Jews, I thought) would never do anything for just one reason, "he said. “Their declaration of war was given with at least two intentions. One reason was their hatred of Hitler's economic program and his intention to nationalize a German bank owned by Rothschilds, like all the so-called. National banks today. "" So you agree that Rothschilds and their banks are guiding money creation for the whole world, "I said. "Yes," he smiled heavily. "The money from their Tekla search is created and they charge it!" "What would be the other reason for the Zionist declaration for Germany?" I asked. "Hiding their cooperation with the Nazis," he said. “What were the main points of Nazi-Zionist co-operation?” I requested. “First, there was the creation of a Zionist state in a German-controlled area. Secondly, the German Government's support for the Jews was to leave Germany, preferably Palestinian. Thirdly, there was a Zionist aid when it offered Germany currency exchange and goods even during World War II. "He said. "But why would Zionists support Germany when they wanted allies to win?" I asked. "The Zionists did not help Germany enough to overcome the war, but only to gain victory and hold influence with the Germans," he said. "Zionazi Ben Gurion encouraged to fight London and Berlin." "You said the Germans helped the Zionists build the state in a German-controlled area," I said. "Yes," said Ginsburg. "Zionists were given such jurisdiction in transit and training camps such as Theresienstadt, and they also set up autonomous zones in occupied Poland and Russia, and ruled the ghettos of Polish cities such as Warsaw, Lublin and Crakow." Shops like carpentry, masonry, machine tools, plumbing, agriculture, animal husbandry, auto mechanics etc.? "" Yes, "he said. The Germans also helped the Zionists get their own money, banks, stamps, post offices and police, all recognized by the German authorities. "" It's so different from the German Jewish relations that the Zionists want us to believe, "I said. “In your experience, were there enough Jewish suffering during World War II by calling it“ Holocaust ”?” I requested. "Oh, there have been Jewish suffering," he said, "but nothing compares to the struggling of the Germans!" "Was the suffering of the Jews because of German policies?" I asked. "Indirectly," he said. “The Jews suffer most from Zionists, especially ghettos and autonomous regions. Jew could be grateful if he was in a German camp like Auschwitz because he was fed at least as long as the supplies lasted and he would be treated. "What occurred within the Zionist regions that brought about Jewish suffering?" I asked. "It was a catastrophe!" He stated. The begging of a Jewish baby and hunger outdoors Jewish eating places have been surprising scenes, whereas greasy Jewish diners looked at them indifferently and Jewish cops who weren’t involved! "" It is true that there was farmland and forest, tools, instruments and simple dwellings, wells and streams, however the wealthy Jews who had previously trusted the Gentiles and servants could not defend themselves. Jewish criminals stole German food once more Maintenance, so even the rich Jews suffered and died beneath Zionist abuse. "Yes," he stated. “Gestapo had a department referred to as Stachel (barb), which consisted of Jewish brokers who killed jews Jews who have been beneath the guise and black markings. The broker acquired the reward as a proportion of the worth of any smuggling he discovered. Wiesenthal was such an agent.

JOSEF GINSBURG on the best way to make a Jew, tells the reality:

Jewish Gentiles know “jews” and Kol Nidre's prayer who all say that yearly they release them telling the truth next yr. But there is a method to make a spiritual Jew inform the truth, like Josef Ginsburg, himself the son of an Orthodox rabbi. “First, all Christian symbols have to be faraway from the room. Then the Hebrew Bible and the rabbi have to be current. Jewin has to make a skull cap and take a rabbinical oath that cancels Kol Nidre's anti-whale oath. “After this procedure, Josef Ginsburg claimed that“ 99.5% of all sick Holocaust stories can be true silence! "The Jews, by the best way, haven’t any obligation to inform the truth, because the oath of their authorized standing (in addition to their guarantees of loyalty) think about that they haven’t any which means

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