Impact Impact Wrestling Latest Results Slammiversary

Impact: Slammiversary XVII Results – July 7, 2019

Impact: Slammiversary XVII Results - July 7, 2019

Impression Wrestling Slammiversary Results – July 7, 2019


Josh Mathews and Don Callis have been launched to the gang and came to ring.

Jordynne Grace vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Madison Rayne [19659002] Everybody was preventing. Grace nailed Hogan's translation of sundown, however Rayne broke it. He was small packed for Hoga's two. Grace nailed her and shouted Hogan's buckles. The viewers grabbed Grace when he ruled Hogan, who shot back together with his arms. They fought forwards and backwards within the corner nook. Grace exploded, however Hogan blocked it. Rayne attacked Grace and went to the suplex. Hogan tried to assist however Grace overruled each. Some fans sang "Think Mama Pump."

Grace continued to manage the circle. He nailed a double knee stroke and an enormous elbow at Hogan's corner. He left the Vader bomb after ropes, where Rayne might nail the flying physique button. Hogan kicked Grace's head. He and Rayne tried to connect Grace.

Rayne and Hogan fought forwards and backwards. Hogan gained control and rained down the piercing behind. Rayne was sent to the floor and Hogan hit the dive. Hogan went to Grace for an additional, however was caught and hit. They fought on the ground and Rayne nailed each of them.

They fought back into the ring, the place Hogan wiped out all with the supercards. Grace grabbed her and hit him a number of occasions. Grace grabbed Hogan, with a again suplex that rolls Ray concurrently the Backlund Bridge for two calculations. All of them fought within the corner. Rayne nailed Grace with a double stomp that was clinging to the nook.

Rayne was sent out of the ring. Hogan and Grace fought. Grace nailed to the stack of the Michinoku controller.

Your Winner, Jordynne Grace!

Good, strong match. There were a couple of tough moments, however Hogan appeared to be as robust as heel, Rayne appeared strong and Grace gained the gang in his domination.

Rayne and Hogan doubled Gracen and left behind the match.

They introduced a variety of members of the NFL alumni who have been current at both the exhibition and other useful individuals.


They gave a cool opening video presenting many earlier Impression / TNA moments.

TJP vs. Trey Miguel vs. Willie Mack vs. Jake Crist

Nice reaction to Willie Mack, though everybody had a constructive response. Crist ate a 3-time superkick to start out the match. A variety of quick-paced round trip sports activities early. Trey nailed a pleasant springboard in the lucha fashion. He stepped into Willie Mack however was dropped together with his proper hand. Mack nailed Samoan's drop to TJP, followed by a everlasting moon host on two.

Crist nailed Mack and went right after TJP. They constructed a place where TJP took away all who had the area but was nailed with a Trey cutter. The viewers jumped and sang Influence Wrestling. TJP dominated the ring until Crist hit. Mack nailed to the washbasin flooring. Crist nailed to twister DDT on Mack. Miguel nailed a diving board that circled the dive on each flooring.

TJP and Mack tried to arrange a Doomsday for Trey, but Crist attacked him and nailed him to Mack's corner. Crist locked Trey's bow and arrow. Mack left with a double Trey from above. OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody started to snort at the huge movements collectively. Crist nails suplexin Trey's buckles for two calculations. He nailed the DVD to Mack and scored near the autumn. TJP was absorbed in some strikes and shot again together with his own collection. All types of massive spots and close fall, until Mack got here out from the highest with a frog drop to Crist.

Your Winner, Willie Mack!

Nicely, it was all type of awesome, who had out of the blue fast-paced motion and near the drops that held the gang in popping. Plenty of highspots.

Impression Tag Group Masters North vs. LAX vs. The Rascalz

LAX attacked north immediately. Everyone fought. Wentz appeared to regulate to his knee just as he and Dez went mad in a double summary. This is another match with mad-degree athletics and fast-paced locations. LAX doubled Alexander and ready to connect him, however Page bodyslammed one from Rascalz down the top rope of the pile. Dez nailed the web page and went to superplex, however Alexander rescued him and hit Fall Away Slam. Page nailed swanton to Dez for 2 readings.

LAX shone the page and doubled her. The entire constructing sang for them. They went to the double workforce Blockbuster, but Alexander made a rescue and knocked Santana from above. It seemed that he fell badly on the entrance ramp and went to the floor the place officials and Konna looked at him.

Inside the ring, Alexander took Ortiz twice. Ortiz tried to battle towards everyone but was double. Rascalz took part and tried to take Ortiz. The North took benefit, drew The Rascalz and drew Ortiz together with his finisher.

Winners and Still Tag Staff Champions, North!

Plenty of good wrestling right here. The story was that LAX was up till Santana was injured.

After the match, the gang sang LAX as a result of Santana refused to carry out. Ultimately he walked out with the help of everyone else. The phrase isn’t but, is it a reputable injury or a option to write LAX when their bids end subsequent month

Tonight there can be around 1,000 followers

Tessa Blanchard vs. Sami Callihan. 19659002] KIller Kross vs. Eddie Edwards: First Blood Match

Kross got here out with a face shade. He and Edwards crawled at the entrance ramp and then to the ring. Eddie poured her on the floor, then hit the dive outdoors. Edwards drove him with the blocks. The audience was behind Super Edward and sang him. Kross minimize her off when Eddie grabbed the chair, put her on the ring

Edwards was brought back to the ring where Kross charged, but was caught in the arm. Kross grabbed him with a suplex, but Edwards sucked it and nailed considered one of his own. He knocked on Kross's flooring and went on a dive, however it was crushed on the chair when he came via the ropes.

Kross nailed a Gut wrench that lowered the chair on chairs on the floor. He went to hit Edwards on a chair, but missed and nailed a guard rail, then a hoop publish. A cross was drilled on a chair and rolled again into a hoop that checked its face. Eddie followed and went to the chair. Kross kicked him, but Eddie grabbed it and hit him onerous on the carpet.

Edwards was unloaded with punches. Kross minimize him off a few kicks on his head and began shouting the place he had the Edwards stick when he gained him together with his right hand. He began Edwards onerous and hit him down.

Edwards was placed on the top rope. Kross tried to nail the abdomen that went down the ramp, however Edwards broke free and kicked him. Kross was branched in the midst of the rope and nailed to the leg lari.

Edwards went to Singapore Can, however was kidnapped in Kross's choke. They collapsed by way of the ropes to the floor. Eddie hit the ground with a double decrease arm. He introduced Kross again to his ring and nailed a pair of Shining Wizards. He grabbed Singapore Can and was able to nail Kross. He broke it over his knees and stabbed Kross with one among his cracked edges. Kross blood from the mouth and the referee played the clock.

Your Winner, Eddie Edwards!

Strong looting seemingly to stop feudin.

Tessa Blanchard was asked about her matches with Sami Callihan at the moment. He threw him towards the wall and walked away.

Rob Van Dam was interviewed about his matches with Moses. He stated he might respect Moose needs to earn money wrestling with RVD. He stated Moose was mocking him and calling him out. He stated that Moose might be an amazing future if he will get past RVD. He stated he would present Moses the results of his actions. Moose is a bully, and she or he seems to be to Moses what she thinks about bullying. He plans to back up PPV immediately

Rob Van Dam vs. Moose

Nice reaction to RVD. Moose attacked him when he got here to the ring, however Rob nailed a collection of spins. He went to Rolling Thunder, however Moose went to the floor. RVD Nailed Tope con Hilon. Moose cuts her on the ground with an enormous boot. Van Dam nailed the playground to Moses and took him to the ground.

They burst on the floor. They returned to the ring, where RVD nailed several shoulders and spinach nook. He went to the other nook, but he was killed with a large one-legged drop. Moose ruled the RVD within the nook and labored over two points. Moose dumped him and despatched him to the ground.

Van Dam returned to the ring the place Moose used his footwear to suppress him. The moose continued to work till Van Dam made her load and poured on Moses' entrance to the ramp. Rob grabbed plenty of clothes on Moses. He went to make his icon RVD, however he was hidden within the eye.

Van Dam nailed a moose and hit the Hollywood Star Press twice more. The audience sang, "You get it yet." He nailed to the corner of spinkick. Moose reduce him off and hit right down to Chokenstein. Van Dam kicked and fought forwards and backwards together with his right hand. Moose nailed to RVD's pot in the gut and DDT.

Moose mocked him with splashes of frog, however RVD threw him out of the best way. He nailed the tornado DDT. Van Dam went to comply with, however Moose lowered him. The decide was not there and didn’t see it. Moose grabbed the chair, however the referee pulled it away. Moose took it again and RVD hit Van Daminator.

Van Dam concealed him, however Moose put his foot on the rope to dismantle pinfall. Van Dam hit the tip of the drop and sent Moose to the chair. He went to the Five Star Frog Splash, but missed and hit the chair. Moose escaped him and made the paint clean.

Your Winner, Moose!

A strong match that basically introduced Moose's sportiness. The fitting individual gained right here. The audience beloved to see RVD, typically it was tough, however they set it all out.

They joined the 7/14 Fallout event saying that Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard can be within the present, together with Michael Elgin and Willie Mack.

Huge RVD sang when he left the constructing.

Chae WCW NItro Women is current

Backstage, Influence Knockouts Champion Taya was interviewed. He stated being within the Monster ball was like putting Lamborghin in demolition. He promised that he was nonetheless a grasp at the finish. Good promo

Monster ball: Knockouts champion Taya vs. Rosemary vs. Havok vs. Su Yung

Jim Mitchell gave an incredible introduction to the match. He tried to get Su and Havok on the same page before the clock.

Everybody hit. Rosemary made Tarantula in Yung. Taya nailed a double knee to a nook of assault. Weapons have been introduced into the equation in the type of trash, chairs and trash. Taya used a stapler to match her outfit to Yung, even bundling the Influence flyer on Yung's brow. EWWWW

Havok returned to the ring and attacked Taya by tying him to the tree. She put her in a chair and nailed her to a hip attack chair. He followed a couple of Boots on his face. Rosemary hit the missile dropkick and nailed Havok over his again and shoulder till Yung attacked.

Yung wrapped the canine's greenback round Rosemary after which joined the opposite aspect of the chain. They pulled themselves towards each other and fought. Yung took over the headscarves to send Rosemary to the chair at an angle. He went to the obligatory pen, however Taya returned to the ring and ran them on the ladder.

Taya nailed Havok to a ladder ladder. The viewers sang the tables. I feel you'll get them. Havok was placed on a ladder. Taya went to the top, however Yung had fallen off his leg. Rosemary nailed Yung and hit the superplex from the top to the ladder. It was nuts. The viewers sang "Holy sh **" and then followed the singing: "This is great."

Havok charged Taya, however stuck and hit the corner with a twisted chair. Taya bombed himself, however Rosemary appreciated it. He introduced a bag of sack into the ring. The viewers sang that she was sick f *** and she or he agreed. As long as we all agree. Rosemary and Taya fought Taya nailing a backline that turned her over. Taya placed her on the yards and nailed her curb. JEEEEEZ!

Havok and Yung took Taya, but acquired into it. Jim Mitchell tried to attack, nevertheless it fell from the apron. Havok sent Yung into the corner after he had died a mist. Taya and Rosemary fought with an apron. Taya was virtually replenished from the apron however saved himself. Taya nailed a aspect impact from the apron by means of the table

This left Havoc to struggle towards Yung. He nailed the tombstone after the ropes. Taya threw a chair on Havok's face and took her out, then coated Yung with a pin.

Your winner and nonetheless Knockouts champion, Taya!

Very robust Brawl, where everyone brings it and makes all types of loopy locations. I might have executed without the stuffed goods, however once I was in Rome?

Su Yung acquired an incredible response when he lastly left the ring.

Backstage, Rich Swann was psychic. summer time. Johnny Influence confirmed that he took the Division X to Slamt and went to the celebration all night time. They sang the track that Swann has used for unbiased individuals endlessly. Swann acquired every part critical and stated he was going to take Impression off and the only one that sings all night time is he.

X-Division Champion Rich Swann vs. Johnny Influence (John E. Bravo)

They went forwards and backwards until Impression went to the floor for respiration air. Swann was supervised, however he nailed Rana and the superkick who despatched it to the buckles. There have been still drawings within the ring, and he complained to the decide. Once they have been removed, Impression broke in the midst of the Swann's higher edge and compelled him ahead, giving him a carpet burning to a spot that should never be. No infants tonight!

Influence hit the springboard for Swann and sent him to the ground. He raised and dropped the Swann on the guard rail, then brought him again to the ring, the place he nailed his spin to the face of a high pot. Swann was mined on the ground the place Bravo worked for him and threw him again into the ring when the referee was confused.

Influence locked on the lengthy pen for a long time. Swann fought on his ft and fled, capturing a number of rights. Impression despatched him to the entrance stroke, however was caught in a bounce bounce and an Implant DDT. The implant tried to cut Swann's ropes, but stumbled and swept away the ropes. Swann hit an enormous spinning splash twice.

Impression was sent to the ground where Swann nailed the flip. The audience sang to Impression Wrestling. Swann nailed his flying elbow out. Influence returned with Razor's Edge-inta, which was shut to two chapters. The battle continued as Influence moved to the springboard however ate the back elbow in the air.

They fought as the highest ropes. They referred to as each other by way of the diagonals and dropped the ropes on the floor. They have been virtually dropped off. Bravo threw Impression again into the ring. Swann hardly did it, however hit the ring on the final minute.

Impression Nail Spanish Fly off ropes, then adopted by a permanent version near two payments. The audience began to sing "Johnny sucks." They beat the hell out of each other. Swann was despatched to the ropes, however turned and wiped the Bravo flooring. Impression attacked him on the floor they usually fought again into the ring.

Influence nailed Moonlight station to trigger ropes and hit Starship Pins, however Swann began. Influence fought with Swann with punches and put his knees on his head. Swann screamed himself and his nail set of strikes and kicks. He grabbed a pair of Impression's pair of footprints and got here out of the round splash from the highest of the rod.

Your winner and nonetheless the X Division Champion, Rich Swann!

HELL of match. Simply an unimaginable job for both males.

Michael Elgin minimize the promo promise he was going to connect to Brian Cage's belt. He left Japan as a result of he was uninterested in waiting. Cage hears 1-2-three tonight.

Grasp Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin

Cage walked slowly into the ring.

They started slugging it out in the midst of the ring. The cage was hooked up to the rod a number of occasions and went down. He swept down Elgin they usually slugged it. Cage received better and nailed a collection of clothespins within the nook. Elgin went down, but he was put in the opposite corner.

Cage nailed to huge elbow, pot and back. Cage sent her to the floor and hit the highest of Elg, touchdown her ft on the ground for an enormous pop. Cage brought her back to the ring, however she obtained caught on the again display that turned her. Elgin drew him on two giant clothespins within the corner and placed the Cage on the ropes.

Elgin nailed to the superplex ring. He coated Cage twice. Elgin tried to drive her muscle tissues, but Cage supported her within the corner. They fought on the ground the place the Cage was locked within the guard rail, then in the ahead motion. Elgin introduced her again to the ring, but left off when Cage rolled out of the ring.

Cage left after Elgin, however was caught within the again seat over the knee. Cage shouted and grabbed his back, but blocked the superkick that hit his personal. Cage hit a springboard twister on DDT, then 619. Cage nailed to a pump deal with, which turned Elgin into two.

Elgin drove to Cage buckles. He grabbed Elgin's buckles, letting his head down and knocking him on his face. Cage went to the facility bomb, however he was eliminated. Elgin grabbed Cage, strengthened her and nailed a bomb.

They fought forwards and backwards till Elgin scored a laryat. He unleashed and drilled Cage on the other, then nailed two readings to Razor's Edge seating. The cage hit with a begin, but returned to the towel.

They charged and nailed each other on the garments strains. No price range in. They win the shit out of one another. I don't know find out how to describe it. Cage nailed the bucklebomb and went to F5, however he was requested for a Canadian fighter. He kicked the last second and the gang sang: "Holy sh **.:

They went forwards and backwards. Cage nailed to her massive knee, drilled Elgin on her knees and made F5 for two. The workforce sang, "Fight forever." Elgin escaped from the suplex company and nailed DDT, they usually continued to struggle until Cage made a shock victory with the upcoming rollup.

Your winner and nonetheless spectacular champion Brian Cage! Undoubtedly, Cage was harm at work and put up an boastful job here. Elgin was there with him. This was hell!

Elgin grabbed the title belt and broke the title of Cage. He grabbed Don Callis and threw him into the ring. Elgin went to the gang of Elgin, but Rhino, who had a mask and was not acknowledged, hit the ring and spun Elgin, then left the gang.

They introduced Sure for Glory to 10/20 in Chicago.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Sami Callihan (Sawyer Fulton)

Blanchard looked at each star and administrator for his entrance.

They met. The viewers sang, "Tessa kills you."

Tessa took her down, however Callihan fled, simply hit the primary ax. He nailed a drop of locks that dropped him from the apron to the ground. Tessa hit a pair on the floor, but third, Callihan caught her, grabbed her in the ring, turning her head on it several occasions, and then hit the DVDR on the ground.

Callihan returned to the ring. When Tessa lastly recovered, he poured him back out on the ground. He nailed a bomb to the apron and left him on the ground. Callihan waited for him to be dropped, however was shocked to see Tessa return to the tire. He put him in the pot. The audience sang towards Blanchard

Tessa began putting in the return, but she was thrown down when she acquired back to the rope. Callihan pressured his ankle onerous. He continued to work by way of Callihan, robbed him and threw him outdoors the ring into the entrance hallway. He tortured him from the doorway ramp to the gang, however he fled and nailed to the ramp. The decide was tempted to drop them out once they crawled back into the ring and hit one another. They returned simply earlier than 10 chapters.

They obtained out of the ring. Callihan challenged him and nailed a collection of forearm photographs, really hitting him till Callihan drove him to the middle. Tessa returned and nailed Samoa's drop. Tessa began off. Callihan tried to cut her off, but Tessa prevented her and her nail for an enormous DDT for two.

Callihan reduce him off and nailed a collection of energy bombs before Tessa was shut down within the STF present. The audience sang to Blanchard. He did it to the rope. Callihan pulled him up and teased the piledriver, but Blanchard fled and grabbed him by Codebreaker.

Callihan spits on him and he started killing him together with his proper hand in the corner. The decide tried to cease him and he nailed him. He seemed at the decide and gave Callihan the fitting hand. He went to the deck, however there was no decide. One ref hit the ring and Callihan received two chips so Callihan hit the decide.

Blanchard, the bleeding of his nostril, spit on Callihan, and the shallow blew him. He nailed him with a bat and nailed another reverse Codebreaker, then locked him in a Crossface broadcast. There was a crowd alive. Callihan fled and grabbed him with a packet piled driver, but Tessa triggered.

Callihan took him by leaping with a piled driver and made some extent.

Your Winner, Sami Callihan!

Say what you need from a gender press, nevertheless it was

Callihan sat in a nook where his baseball minimize appeared over Tessa when the referee checked her. He lastly kicked the referee and hit him and his bat collectively. He gave Tessa his respect for his bat, then walked out of the ring, leaving him alone in the ring.

The general public gave Blanchard an unlimited standing ovation

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