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Gardena Memorial Day discusses today's immigration issues

Gardena Memorial Day discusses today's immigration issues

Panel members Dale Minami, Nicole Oshima and Traci Ishigo.

J.Okay. YAMAMOTO, Rafu Employees Author

The next is part of the 2nd report on the Memorial Day Program of the Japanese Cultural Institute of the 23rd of February in Gardena Valley. Jon Partial Document “Alternative Facts: Executive Order Controllers 9066” was screened after which discussed within the panel discussion.

The panelist Traci Ishigo is a Therapist, group organizer and Vigilant Love co-entrepreneur who promotes solidarity between Japanese and People and Muslim People. His reaction to the movie: "There were so many alignments that passed off in the organizing work we do to problem the Islamophobic coverage that takes place in Los Angeles and that take place in the nation…

" emotions [for me] a number of rage, a number of frustration, plenty of unhappiness and in addition actually excited Aiko [Herzig Yoshinaga] and so many individuals in our communities who have just carried out a lot to withstand and interview what occurred to our group. ”

Panelist Nicole Oshima, President of UCLA Nikkei University and Kizuna Advertising Practitioner, discovered the film“ very instructional and was additionally very personal. I acknowledged a lot of people who have been involved… and I feel it was just actually refreshing to see everyone defined… particularly once I myself are usually not too conversant in the specifics or authorized phrases… in a approach that I actually understood.

Dale Minami, a member of the panel in the movie, comes from Gardena, a companion on the San Francisco Regulation Firm at Minami Tamaki LLP, and was a number one lawyer in reopening the case of Fred Korematsu's Supreme Courtroom in the 1980s. He appreciated the fact that the film "really combines our experience with Japanese Americans into other colors, and that is important to us to have a coalition we need to change."

Though Minami is a well-versed subject, he was impressed that Osaki adopted and interviewed the offspring of war-time officers, corresponding to Edward Ennis, head of the Overseas Enemy Control Unit of the Ministry of Justice, who stated on the time that imprisonment was flawed but was abolished.

Asked how he first discovered concerning the camps, Ishigo replied: "My first experience was really in high school and it was only half the page from EO 9066. And to be honest during this time … I read it and I really didn't really believe" Is that this true for me? "… It seems to me that this would be a lot for younger Japanese Americans who are growing teachers who do not make history for young people's experiences… In Irvine, my father finally starts talking with me. It seems to me that it happened to her in the right way, so it came via email. "This is historical info in your grandfather"…

"It was an article entitled" When a Japanese flag may land there in prison. "It explained more about my family's special camp experience because my father's side was in Hawaii during the war and my grandfather, who was the president of the Japanese Buddhist temple, who was supposed to help start the Big Island Buddhist temple, especially aimed at being a Buddhist or seemingly less American." [19659003””Olenoikeastaan​​quiteprivilegedinthatmyfamilywantstotalkaboutthesethings"sanoiOshima"Jii-chantykkääpuhuaitsestäänpaljonLuulenettäsellainensaipallonliikkumaanjasainbaa-chaninpuhumaanHänoliJeromejaRohwer(Arkansas)jamyösvapaaehtoisiaJANMissa(JapaneseAmericannationalMuseum)SoIknewaboutitbeforeIwenttohighschool"

He added that the youth leader of the organization Kizuna" inspired us to actually ask questions and make the ultimate tasks from my very own private family history. So then I acquired to know extra concerning the unfavorable features of the camp and the dangerous things when my p iti to interview him on the final undertaking in school 10 …

"I'm also really lucky that we had the Asian-American college campus club and I had the opportunity to talk about it … Now I talk about it with the school children, the Nikkei Student Union. The other Nikkei student unions keep their own memorial day, and I think it's still important to keep it alive. "

" My parents didn't talk about imprisonment like most Nisei, "stated Minami. “Additionally they went to Rohwer, Ark. So we didn't study much about our mother and father. I had one level in high school, I had a web page on the college, and it wasn't almost 50 years ago when there was a serious occasion, and it was the third world crash in the state of San Francisco. African People led the growth of the civil rights motion…

“And once we understood our own historical past, we began to study what occurred in these prisons and the imprisonment of our personal mother and father. Then I finally read the Korematsu, Hirabayashi and Yasui judgments at the Judicial Faculty and treated them as abstract rules. There was nothing that might have had human drama or lack of life, a broken residence, lost goals, none of these.

“So I assumed that the choice was travesty and that it pressured me along with the inspiration we obtained from the Third World strike in the improvement of ethnic research… to actually study the depth and breadth of this entire horrible darkish page in American historical past.

At this time's Parallels

Vigilant's love focuses on preventing violent extremism (CVE). "It is a policy that really started under the Obama administration … This is a program that comes from the domestic security department and is … very similar to what happened to the Japanese American community," Ishigo explained. One criticism of the program is that it targets Muslims as a potential menace to religion or politically lively exercise.

He went on: "We’ve been … doing extra group schooling at ground degree on how our Muslim communities are affected, maintaining listening periods, focusing on how we get extra info … We also discovered that many [LA] city council members have no idea this policy either [which is] so armed and oppressive Muslims

"Especially Japanese Americans have such an important place and role … in solidarity with Muslim Americans and many other communities that are monitored or viewed and affected by racist stereotypes."

a precedent for banning languages ​​in Chinese and Japanese migration within the 19th and 20th centuries. “This can be a large racial profiling of Muslims as evil and its simple connections. These actions are carried out towards marginalized teams who are usually not nicely understood, who are colours and are often politically powerless.

“So once you mix it with the president who’s anti-immigrant… and speaks of nationwide security because the mistaken basis… on a wall that doesn't go anyplace… what we see is… the echo of historical past. If we permit this to continue … these are the primary steps to establishing a dictatorship and dropping rights.

The film contained a quote from Colin Karl Bendetsen, one of the architects of imprisonment. who claimed that Nikkei was not behind the fences and will go anyplace.

"That's a direct lie," Minami stated. “You have pictures, they are everywhere and look like fences. So the president is right now. They tell you about lies and they say that there is a huge security threat at the border when immigration has been reduced over the years… A security threat when drugs are transported across borders, when they really come through the ports of entrance… , just like the Japanese Americans. ”

Minami added that intergovernmental controls and balances are in peril. “Korematsu vs. the USA… the judiciary, the Supreme Courtroom, rejected its position and did not even contemplate the President's declaration that the Japanese People have been dangerous. It does the same with Trump vs. Hawaii. It refused to look beyond the President's declaration and to research whether or not there was any smart foundation, a real basis for maintaining Muslims … primarily to postpone the President totally. "

One other echo of historical past talks about altering the 14th change, which guarantees citizenship to all these born in the USA, Minami stated that Earl Warren, Governor of California, supported the removing of Nissi from US citizenship.

Ishigo stated that when youngsters have been separated from their mother and father on the border, Ishigo stated that Japanese People skilled the same grief when the FBI took the Issei group leaders instantly after Pearl Harbor and resigned from their wives and youngsters for months or years.

“What we see today when children are arrested, they have been removed from their primary caregivers, the people who brought them into this world, and they have been imprisoned… They fear,” he stated. "I hope more people will understand … the impression it has on a long journey."

One strategy to translate an anti-immigrant coverage is to decide on a new authorities, Minami stated. "I hate to be too polemiallinen here or too biased, but I'm sorry, I've just seen the worst of my life … I’m 72 years previous and I consider that this sort of degradation of our nation. Just makes me crazy …

" By the best way, I feel that we should respect If you consider it, you’re all here… until you’re American, we’re youngsters, descendants of immigrants… .It’s actually necessary for us to understand that we’re a migrant nation, and immigrants really create extra of this nation than ever. ”

Oshima demanded extra empathy. "You cannot force people to care, but by helping them to practice empathy in understanding why it is important to understand these things, ultimately who can increase activity and support."

to follow this empathy… or We’ve got the opportunity to know what individuals are going via because it’s really easy to be within the archipelago… How can we continue with Japanese People what our communities have completed to different individuals?

“All of you are invited to the“ fast ”Iftar in Might, the place we deliver Japanese American and Muslim-American communities together… We are simply making an attempt to create more areas for our communities to hook up with the school scholarship program. ”

CAIR Representative

Yusra Khafagi spoke on behalf of CAIR.

Yusra Khafagi, Immigrant Rights, representing the American Islamic Council, shared his thoughts on the involvement of the Manzanar pilgrimage final yr.

"The bus trip was my favorite part of the pilgrimage," he stated. “I acquired tied up with Muslims and Japanese People and we have been capable of share tales about immigrants. We’ve got to cope with the misunderstandings and take heed to the phrase spoken by the group organizer Kurt Iked that I had the respect of organizing the trip.

”On my method residence, about 20 kilometers from Manzanar, I keep in mind to see a bus with two flat tires that stopped at the street… We came upon that they never obtained to Manzanar as a result of the bus was within the condominium earlier than they actually arrived…

” There have been three elders on the line, and the subsequent day the child needed to return to Hawaii. We have been capable of create area on our bus and never considered one of our passengers needed a delay. I keep in mind welcoming our new visitors, and I never forget that the youngsters provided origami cranes to those friends, and the Arab Aries provided house food…

“One of many friends informed me about his story about capturing. He had lived in L.A. 9066 was introduced. He, his mother and his siblings have been sent to Arizona Prison. His father was despatched to another jail camp and a toddler, his family was crushed simply as families are nonetheless broken at present due to man-made boundaries and insurance policies such as the denial of Muslims.

“Years later, his family was released from prison, but they had lost their car, home, pride and dignity. But his mother went to jail from a camp that had decided to make life work … When he told the story, he broke into tears. ”

Keep in mind that his mom was an incredible migrant from Egypt in the 1980s. From the younger age I had all the time needed to take part within the work on civil rights, however immediately I share these reminiscences with you as a way to keep in mind individuals's power and sustainability. You've gained… poverty, discriminatory laws and rather more, and you've finished it with love, sacrifice, willpower and help for each other.

”I hope you keep in mind to think about our previous as a result of it allows us to study from the reality of our history and pleased with who we are. It permits us to be essential of our presence and make sure that the dark elements of our previous never occur again … And it helps us to be fascinating for America, which covers us all. , featured Mary Hatsuko Higuch's and Don Hata's footage, in addition to the employees of the Manzanar Committee volunteers, the Tuna Canyon Detention Middle Coalition, the American Okinawa Affiliation, the Little Tokyo Service Middle, the Little Tokyo Historic Association, and other group organizations. Meals is offered by Gardena Bowl and @Residence Kitchen.

Among the officials concerned have been Rep. Maxine Waters and his assistant Hamilton Cloud, Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi, former Meeting Warren Furutani, Mayor of Gardena Tasha Cerda and City Counselor Rodney Tanaka, Mark Henderson and Art Kaskanian.

Pictures MARIO G. REYES / Rafu Shimpo


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