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Supply: SS Leitheft, yr 1944, edition S, no 1

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Maybe Pentecost, the day of the descent of the Holy Ghost, is an appropriate day to answer Easter. Pentecostal teachings are certainly full of highly effective symbolic content material, however there was already a saga in the previous, which I don’t assume is less clever. In accordance with it, the flame of the heart – or the holy ghost – who alone raises man above the animals, was as soon as robbed of the gods Titan, Prometheus. Observe nicely: robbed because the gods needed to offer this most direct half of their being to the mercy of their being, as a result of it was meant to be the greatest, the boldest and strongest, the winner in the wrestle for existence that dared the most unimaginable, to succeed in the decisive act of mankind and sacrifice themselves for this work. Thus, he would overcome man's proper to be a divine flame bearer on earth.

The place is the essential difference between this and its destiny? It is all the time the similar system that passes via the purple thread by means of the history of German Christianity and made us an eternal seeker, a doubter, a fighter, and a "Protestant" nation.

For this is the most essential pillar of Christian teachings, via which it is via all reforms and interpretations. They proclaim love as the solely and innermost regulation of "true" life, that is, the idea that is diametrically against the one prevailing in earthly life, referred to as "the struggle for existence" and the weaker of the stronger victory. Actually, we also find another, earthly love, nevertheless it is not the predominant middle of existence, but solely the female reverse to the manly wrestle.

As a result of it is clear that Earth's life does not comply with the creator's Christian primary regulation, logically "real" life needs to be moved farther, and secular life have to be valued as a hollow picture, a valley of danger full of unique sin, a short, solely transition part for a real being. Thus, in accordance with its religious structure, Christianity should all the time be a world-wide and primarily an abandonment or an interpretation of life; no sophisty can remedy this contradiction between the revealed will of God and the true existence of all of His creation. , starting from the battle of gravitational forces in area right down to the dim, constant and uncompromising selection course of in the pure world. All the spiritual thinkers of the individuals from Meister Ekkehard to Lagarde have fought with this contradiction.

We have now now come to an period the place this contraction is notably pronounced as a result of of the power of the wrestle for this existence, the place we Europeans – that is, the prerequisite for every random religion – will only survive if we affirm the existence of actual life and never earthly imperfection of the existence of this battle. In any other case, in the long term, we now have to withdraw from the beings for whom – who haven’t any religious drawback – this is the solely potential type of existence

What is being defended here to the east is, in any case, rather more than this or spiritual perception and in addition greater than Golgathan's cross. This is a few human being, the holy flame, as a result of of the divine source, because the time of Prometheus first created a difference between man and animal, and at present we must shield it from the competition in whose heart

I don't know if what occurs , occur and happen throughout this battle beneath the Christian command. In any case, 1 couldn’t and may do even much less as we speak. For it is greater than this, can the interpretation be interpreted and seen that someone can keep Christian or not. It is about our life again, based mostly on a binding, spiritual middle that religion does not solely imply the traditional method or the cult tradition, however the innermost, which is the important spring for each act, life itself.

In the Center Ages, Christianity was such a center and maybe nonetheless in the period of reform. At the similar time, it was the essence of life and the most essential spring, though regeneration, consequently of humanism and renaissance, was the first suspicious revolt ever towards a totally understood worldview. As this middle has been misplaced increasingly lately, it fell into the seen decline of our inventive artistic power and the growing uncertainty about the elementary issues of life and the harmful deterioration of our bodily life. The overall transformation of the German soul and the German man

The restoration of the spiritual middle as a genuine, lively middle is subsequently a necessity of absolute life. This is so much more once we enter an period during which we now have to defend bodily and religious existence not only towards the japanese nihilism, but in addition via nearer entry to races by way of basic technological and political improvement.

Do you consider in all seriousness that among 20th-century males, Christianity can nonetheless be this middle? Whereas somebody would have to interpret the teachings of Nazareth to us in a totally new, revolutionary sense, historical expertise continues to speak towards the shifting concept of ​​the world, which once lost its obligatory influence on males who gained it. But why, might you ask if it is not sufficient for us, what was the life content of our fathers for nearly 1,000 years? To the following rationalization: in the Middle Ages, German individuals, and still in the mid-19th century, have been attitudes and peasants of their lives that have been so unmistakable and close to nature that they might survive the world of abandoning a purely secondary religion with out the danger of dropping the foundation of the pure world and even significantly breaking the life of this world. . Nevertheless, as man started to vary his life increasingly with the help of know-how and the distance from the simple and clear nature of the approach of life and origin, it grew at the similar time as he believed in the everlasting laws of secular nature. to hunt God in this world and thus to determine the highest moral values ​​for the commanders of this world and never for others. This improvement seems to me to be a needed response to the know-how in our lives that, along with purely another worldly religion, results in the complete disappearance of pure bonds and the deadly misidentification of natural values.

But even when you do not agree with this line of thought, it’s a must to ask, "Are you still a Christian?" Christian in the sense that the Calvary teachings that charity is the only supreme value, the equality of all before God, that these ideas, which actually mock the actual world order on earth, are the binding middle for you and your driving drive? Isn't your job utterly totally different?

Can hardly deny that at the newest in the basic episode and increasingly in the romantic period even the work of pious artists directed to the church led to different Christian teachings. Like all the works of our individuals, it comes from the faith that extends beyond all denominations, from the divine hearth of an unparalleled German soul

Was Christianity really the basis of their marvelous artistic energy? I consider the cause and impact are right here. What our Nordic soul has given to mankind couldn’t have been positioned in any such sacred educating. It was born from the beginning as any nice expertise. It confirmed its artistic energy for millennia earlier than Christ in cultural works, ranging from the first plow of mankind among German ancestors to the northern part of Parthenon and the historic Indian Aryan knowledge. But like every artistic talent, it requires push, vibration, which first makes it absolutely lively. Christianity turned a fertile drive, its proclamation, and its Germanity, but even a very early passionate conflict with a overseas God turned the driving drive and attribute of German intellectual creativity, making it an inseparable half of the German soul and German life. does the recognition of religious standing and value additionally accept its immutability? It might imply that the artistic energy is condemned to demise, because its fundamental function is its all the time rejuvenating fertility, is Goeten "to die and come!" The truth is, the whole lot that was, will remain perpetually, and the religious stage of improvement will all the time stay permanent

German art began his journey from other secular lands in the Orient when he discovered about the legacy of Greek ancestors in the classical episode, and when in his romantic season the most secret sources have been folk-soul brazenly lit up in stories and songs. It was solely the first efficiency that was lengthy before the time, but already a brand new life was proclaimed, to which titans like Nietzsche explained the means.

Is it so previous and used, the German soul that it can’t blow fate, cross new paths so you possibly can turn into fertile in the new middle and fulfill its divine mission? Provided that we don’t answer this question, can we strengthen our current and future, briefly, our lives. And if we do, we additionally don’t need and we can’t reject our own previous as half of this life and the whole lot that our soul has develop into rich. We don't need to reject something, no cathedrals or altar photographs, no Luther or Matthew Passion. But in addition new paths that result in the future. All of them characterize solely the developmental levels and types of expression of one divine energy, the German soul with the hearth of Prometheus. It is this German soul that is now in search of a brand new religion, creating a new binding spiritual middle for itself. Perhaps it is more of a gift right now than a type, and subsequently I can’t formulate it with universal competence, however only to verify the primary qualities that shimmer me personally from the beginning of the fog

. that God is of this world and that His commandments are the pure commands of this life. Thus, the incontrovertible fact that the investigative clever individual means the divine activity at the similar time acknowledges the will of creation in its legal guidelines that reveal man to intelligence. Subsequently, we have to be the winner in the wrestle for existence in order that we will remain capable and worthy to carry the flame in our hearts, the divine purest manifestation. That this divine flame that separates us from the animals is the eternal will to create, the artistic act, a work that itself turns into a declaration of divine will.

And this is its second statement that, like the physique, religious reinforcement solely grows in battle, perfection only in victory, life solely in demise. The victim is the purest expression of the statute of this life.

And this is its third statement that each one life is everlasting. For we know at the moment the regulation of power conservation, which knows not the passage, however only the change. So we assume that the regulation of preserving bodily life is in itself, which additionally brings us the eternal process of transformation, the most lovely and insightful of our own blood in the genetic fields which are concurrently all the religious traits. And subsequently I additionally consider in the religious immortality that the flame of our hearts has made out of the world right into a rich and human divine proclamation. For the spirit is at the similar time power and life.

I consider that thoughts and actions are everlasting, and that God's visibility in this world is determined by their steady quantity, power and purity. Thus, evil, which is the half that contradicts the laws of life given by God, has by no means been reconciled to God via the repentance or sacrifice of the particular person, however solely by way of a correct, morally good act. Man's solely salvation is a moral act. Whether he or others have completed it, it is irrelevant to the eternity of life, however that a saving and ascending act is performed at all that determines the existence and progress of the divine in the world and whether or not the ethical invitation that goes to each

Here too is the spiritual justification for the highest value of people life, for it is a prerequisite for the rise of morally capable individuals

. the nice unity of body, soul, and thoughts, lively life and non secular perform, the touring world and the eternal God in the chic concord that allowed the Greeks to proclaim their God in the harmony whose consciousness had been misplaced by Christianity, however nonetheless deeply the fruitful secret of German artistic power; When it has gained again, it provides the German soul its loftiest expression.

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