AEW All Elite Wrestling Fyter Fest Latest Results WWE

AEW Fyter Fest Results – June 29, 2019

AEW Fyter Fest Results - June 29, 2019

AEW Fyter Fest Results – June 29, 2019

All Elite Wrestling's Fyterfest from Daytona Seashore. Florida!

SCU vs. Greatest Buddies vs. Personal Social gathering

Kazarian and Scorpio Sky retrieve SCU. Kazarian nailed the cutter to another get together. Chucky T nailed one to Kaz. Beretta nailed in the torn corner of Tornado DDT. All fast-paced motion. Marq Queen nailed Beretta with an amazingly great shot of a star press close to two figures. The group sang "AEW". Taylor nailed the large piledriver to the queen, however Kazarian broke the pinfall. SCU doubled Isaiah Kassidy, however he continued to rise. The personal get together, which has been in the House of Glory exhibition through the years, appeared good. They constructed the Doom Tower, however the Queen landed and nailed Pele Kick. Kassify left the highest of Kazarian, but Scorpio Sky broke it. Taylor tore the queen up from the floor. The most effective good friend went to Robust Zero and scored some extent for Kassidy.

Winners, Greatest Associates!

All Actions.

The lights went out and once they returned, the members of the Darkish Order had surrounded the ring. The lights went out and once they returned, the Darkish Order was misplaced.

Dasha Fuentes is working as a timer.

Advertisers are Excalibur and Golden Boy, a gamer. The announcement was good.

Backstage, The Younger Bucks was a backstage that complained about all the problems in the exhibition by parodying the Fyre Pageant. In the event you knew what this was meant to be a parody, it was fairly damn humorous. The thought is that Kenny Omega will burn all the money that makes him Billy McFarland.

They arrange a tent on the scene the place some ladies within the bikini stood around it. Leva Bates, a librarian, came out and revealed another librarian, Peter Avalon. Leva cuts the promo, informed the general public that they need to learn. He stated there’s extra to life than comics and Manga, there are books with phrases. Avalon adopted his phrases and he was irritated. They started sssshing one another. Allie got here out.

Allie vs. Leva Bates, Librarian

Leva prevented blocking and sssshed Allie. The viewers sang "Books suck". Leva went to do it once more, however Allie grabbed her finger and worked over it before she pulled it. He went to the floor where Peter Avalon checked him. They confirmed that Brandi Rhodes wallpaper seems to be like a match when he comes across Allie to struggle down. Allie Nailed Aspect Russian Legsweep and Crucified for Two Counters. He went back to the ropes, but Avalon grabbed his leg. This distraction allowed Bates to nail him with a drop.

They fought forwards and backwards when Bates received management. Bates took her to the carpet and tied her to the carpet. Allie made a return and nailed a collection of collection. Bates returned with a drop that despatched Allie down the corner. He drove him on the knee pair, but Allie kicked him final. Allie tore the clothesline and nailed the lady. I might have been SWORN once I heard the "Reading Rainbow" track, if I did, it was nonsense clever. Allie nailed a large forearm strike to shut a set of offensive manuals on behalf of two.

Bates escaped from the Firewoman conveyor and nailed the lung fan. He nailed the facial remedy and made a number of figures. Avalon tried to disturb, throwing the ebook into Bates, but Allie interrupted it. Bates claimed with Avalon, but was nailed with Allie's finisher on BSE and fixed.

Your Winner, Allie!

A wonderfully high-quality sub-card. Bates had some enjoyable methods. It was an honest match forwards and backwards.

They gave a backstage vignette, the place Kenny Omega learns all the bands to withdraw from Fyterfest. They showed the devices on the stage, apparently nobody plays.

Hardcore Match: Michael Nakazawa vs. Alex Jebailey

Jebailey is the CEO and CEO of Gaming. He had a pyro. The announcers stated the price range went. Nakazawa took the microphone and stated that final yr JeBailey cheated to win and subsequently sucks. He made JeBailey recuperate from the correct foot damage. Jebailey corrected him and stated it was his left foot. Nakazawa stated thanks for the knowledge and attacked. It was fairly humorous. Jebailey just isn’t actually an employee, however they made locations where he nailed the hip and slam. Nakazawa poured out the oil to get out. They made comedy bugs where JeBailey and the referee, Bryce Remsberg, slipped into the oil. Nakazawa controls the match.

They went to the floor where Jebailey turned to whip the guard harbor. JeBailey hit him with a clipboard and a Fightstick controller. Nakazawa tried to flee and ended up with an inflatable swimming pool close to the entrance the place his face was pulled into the water. He got here again and blew the mist with water. He used inflatable flamingos, but Jebailey returned to the pool. The audience asked for this. Jebailey went beneath the ring and threw a set of weapons and a table at his finger.

Nakazawa nailed him with a guide and tried to strangle him underneath the chair. They fought with arms and Legos and all types of things that make Jim Cornett comfortable. Jebailey started to destroy Hell in Nakazawa. He coated Nakazawa with La Magistral, however the referee had slowed down.

Your Winner, Michael Nakazawa!,

This was something for the public. The audience enjoyed the ridiculous exhibition that was.

They made an ideal structure for Jim Ross's entrance. He joined Excalibur and Golden Boy, an ESports announcer. He stated in the event you don't know who Jon Moxley is, you're going to seek out out.


Jim Ross, Excalibur and Golden Boy ran huge matches.

CIMA vs. Christopher Daniels [19659002] They fought forwards and backwards by changing holdings. CIMA raised the sliding kick outdoors. CIMA introduced again the ring and nailed the thread and then tied it with Daniels. Daniels used his legs and placed it on the ropes and broke the grip. They fought on the ground the place Daniels drove CIMA's apron, then nailed the northern lights on the ground. Daniels labored on the again of CIMA, nailing an Arabic listener. CIMA launched Daniels' cost into the corner and nailed several strokes earlier than he performed the rear bar. CIMA grabbed her back when Daniels softened it. CIMA continued to work over Daniels and made two bills. CIMA returned and nailed to the top of the Meteora pin.

Your Winner, CIMA!

A strong match with good motion. The reservation here is sensible because CIMA is within two weeks towards Kenny Omma. It's ridiculous how clean Daniels is with timing.

Daniels and CIMA hugged and acquired the match.

Yuka Sakazaki vs. Riho vs. Nyla Rose

They targeted on Rose with early energy and Rose locked both at Camel Clutch on the similar time. He pressed Sakazaki and threw him on the prime of Riho. Sakazaki returned with the large Rana and despatched Nylan to the floor where he received up for diving on Rose and Riho. He nailed Riho's missile surgery and made two figures. Riho drove him to his elbow jaw. Sakazaki shot back. Riho nailed the scalp. They went at the similar time to drop, but missed. Nyla returned to the ring. Riho nailed the knee, however it barely pale him. Riho directed him to 619. Sakazaki came out from above, however Rose kicked.

Sakazaki shot Rose however there wasn't much power behind the photographs. Rose took her down and referred to as the gang byut Sakazaki returned and shot away. Rose grabbed her and drove her on the carpet two more occasions. Rose hit the dangerous-wanting Avalanche at the nook of Riho and took her over the top rope. He drove off the highest rope with a guillotine knee strike that pops into the gang. Rose didn't cover her because she needed to hurt Riho extra. He went back to the highest, but Sakazaki attacked him, and he was just moved again to the floor from the entrance. Nyla went to swanton however missed. Riho went to a body press flying from above, but Rose obtained it in the environment. Sakazaki did the identical, but in addition closed.

They make previous NWA time marks over the microphone.

Nyla killed Sakazaki with an enormous German suplex. He blasted him, however Riho nailed a knee assault to dismantle pinfall and made two figures from his personal Nile. The viewers beloved it. Rose grabbed Riho on a DVDR and coated him two extra occasions. Rose went to another store, but Riho received him with a pinning mixture and made three calculations.

Your Winner, Riho! He went to the bombs, however Sakazaki made salvation and dropped him out of the ring. The story was that Nyla might have gained, but was too boastful to try to harm her opponents. Rohi didn't need anything to do with Sakazaki after the match and threw him away.

Actually damn good match. Rose is, in fact, the challenge they work to build. Everybody had a second and it was excellent. Thus far, it has been an honest exhibition with good motion.

Kip Sabian joined the announcement.

Noelle Foley is within the front row

MJF vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Adam Page vs. Jungle Boy (and Luchasaurus)

heel promo, knocking fans and his opponents. If he isn’t AEW Champion inside two years, I feel.

There was a prayer on his aspect.

Everyone fought towards the clock. Jungle Boy had a pleasant run athletic strikes off the ropes. Havoc reduce him off with an enormous slam, but MFJ took him twice after the crucifixion attempt. The web page went to Lifeless Eye, however the MJF grabbed the ropes and pulled himself to safety. Jungle Boy went diving, however MJF's back elbow. MJF mocked everybody as he seemed to go diving, however it allowed Jungle Boy to nail a drop, then went to the moon on every flooring.

MJF was powered by Jungle Boy however kicked. Havoc minimize her off with the top rope and went to superplex, however it broke it. They made the Tower of Doom, crushing beneath the MJF. MJF translated the web page into two chapters. The page avoids a operating laryat. Jungle Boy nailed the page, but Havoc acquired it closed. Havoc turned Acid Rainmaker and drilled Havoc's head. Page nailed by Jungle Boy. The MJF broke out from outdoors the pinfall tire. The web page claimed with him, which permits Havok to grab him back. MJF nailed Havoc and coated him, but this time the web page pulled Havoc out of the ring and gave MJF his personal drugs.

MJF and the page went nasal by arguing in the midst of the ring earlier than crawling in the midst of the ring. The MJF nailed the page to the dangerous knee aspect block when the web page turned off the ropes. MJF mocked Bret Hart by going to Sharpshooter but Page turned it on. Jungle Boy and Havoc attended. Havoc threw Jungle Boy out of the apron over Luchasaur. Havoc got here off with a double stomp in the MJF for 2 bills. The struggle continues till the web page nailed Kryptonite Krunch to Havoc's pin.

Your winner, Adam Page

They introduced that Adam Web page vs. Kip Sabian was after the official battle.

A variety of actually good action here. The MJF is simply outdoors the maps and better than the character and character than 99% of all those there. The page seemed really good, however I hope he would have a clearer second to point out what menace he shall be to Chris Jericho. Jungle Boy is a superb underdog sign and very pleasant. Havoc appeared good.

They gave an amazing video of Cody vs Darby Allin

Cody (Brandi Rhodes) vs. Darby Allin

They locked and Alli ruled Cody's hand early. Cody lastly obtained control of the massive aspect-finish lock display and maintained control. That they had a nice forwards and backwards wrestling. Allin provided a handshake and shocked Codya La Magistral for two. Cody was sufficient at that stage and drilled him on the large prime.

Cody nailed a tough whip to a nook that despatched Allin to fly to the ground. Jim Ross tore, "Darby Allin's body broke his drop." Allin returned to the ring the place Cody labored over his shoulder and drilled him with the suplex for two. Cody dominated Allin, who continued to kick, displaying versatility and skill to face up to punishment. Cody nailed the laryat who sent Allin out. Cody labored for him for a very long time, as much as the point that half waited for Allin to make a shock victory right here.

Cody went to a delayed vertical suplex, however Darby broke freedom, Cody's hand and fingers happened earlier. He hit the circulating splash of ropes. Allin locked his arm until Cody reached the rope and forced a break. Darby adopted some major crimes, together with Code Pink, which was near the fall. Allin went to the top of the rope once they announced 5 minutes left. Cody minimize her off and nailed the reverse superplex from above. It aroused an ideal AEW music.

Allin took power and had a Apron on Rhodes. He turned again to Coff's Drop, but Cody moved out of the best way and Allin took EVIL's crazy stumble upon the nook of the ahead movement. Rhodes nailed Allin and positioned him in a body bag that Allin took to the ring. Cody stood up and kicked her down and took her out of the bag. Allin kicked and acquired back on his ft before he went again down. The audience sang for Darby. Cody coated Allin, who acquired up. Cody began to tie her to her belt. He went to CrossRhodes, but surprised by All's nails. Rhodes nailed another CrossRhodes, however the clock ringed when Cody had lowered him twice before the referee might rely the third fall.

Drawing a Time Restrict

As successful to point out to Allin somebody who doesn't return despite the acute punishment it was excellent.

They tempted them to do one other five minutes, but Shawn Spears hit the ring and hit Cody's head with an enormous chair. Cody didn’t lay his arms, so wait plenty of criticism about it, and it’s properly deserved. There is a ZERO cause to make such chairs anymore, and Cody just evokes others to do it. Cody was bleeding from the back of the top. Brandi obtained into the ring and Spears acted as he went after him, but the referee reached one another. MJF, linked to Codyy's stories, hit the tire chair. Scorpio Sky and Kazarian additionally got here out within the ring. Numerous blood behind Cody's head. That they had the ice pressed behind Cody's head as he left the ring and walked out of Dean Malenko, MJF and Brandi.

The angle was apparently made to make Shawn Spears a player here towards Cod.

Kenny Omega & The Younger Bucks vs. AAA Tag Staff Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix ​​& Laredo Child.

Bucks and Kenny turned dressed up as Road Fighter characters. I'm making a blanket dressed Pitfall Harryksi

Laredo Child and Matt Jackson began. Every part went forwards and backwards earlier than everybody appeared within the ring. Everybody fought within the ring. Elite had all hit the stereo dropkicks, then the stereo dives in Lucha Brothers as Quebrada Kid. lon

Nick Jackson hit the ring however he worked over. Matt Jackson hit a cool collection of Northern Mild suplexes that Hiroshi Hase would have dropped his head. The audience liked hell about it. Omega went diving, but Pentagon Jr obtained on his face they usually went forwards and backwards. Fenix ​​participated in order that Bucks took him to a double workforce. Elite-triple-teamed Laredo Kid.

This was broken in all types of loopy luchas with six individuals. Like, legally, too much to do with the PDB. Tons of close to fall and large movements. I all the time do my greatest, nevertheless it's virtually unimaginable. Fenix ​​was removed from Kenny (who was sitting up) and his brother from his ring beam swept certainly one of Bucks. Nick Jackson rescued Kenny Omega's twin group and established a superkick social gathering. Bucks and Omega used an enormous change from Road Fighter to make a huge pop. They hit two triple Liger bombs. The group sang "This is great."

Nick Jackson hit 450 splashes for Fenix ​​and Laredo, who had dragged the ropes. The Pentagon drew Omega with great kick and nailed Nick Jackson's Slingblad on the ground. Omega nailed V-Trigger to Laredo, but was nailed with a Fenix ​​cutter. Nick Jackson hit Fenix. They set up a Meltzer driver on the floor, however Nick was a step away from getting Fenix ​​to catch him and hit Spanish to fly from above. Omega and Child fought. Child kicked the Tiger driver ”98.

Omega nailed a V-Trigger knee and hit one wingline with Child.

Winners, Elite

This was a loopy spectacle.

They explained that the subsequent match shouldn’t be punishable. No rules, no bill, no disqualification, no punishment. Justin Roberts explained that when the lights turned off, the present was officially over, and once they came again, the subsequent bout was a penalty.

Joey Janela vs. Jon Moxley

They began to rob immediately. Janela despatched Moxley to the floor and hit the ground. They robbed the gang and across the building. They returned to the ring area the place Janela pulled the desk out of the ring. Janela took the ventilator's prosthesis to Moxley's leg. Moxley nailed her and pulled the chair out of the ring. Moxley, the bleeding underneath the proper eye, worked over Janela earlier than she went to the ground the place she pulled a barbed wire wrapped beneath the ring.

Moxley took Janela's hand and grabbed the chair. He put it on Janela's chest, then chased it, grinding the chair into Janela's chest and arms. The viewers sang, "You are suffering from f ***" and Moxley bowed. He went to the highest, however Janela grabbed her and sent her to the rope on a barbed chair and nailed her again with it. Moxley's again began to leak. Janela introduced another table to the ring and positioned it within the corner. Moxley grabbed him and tried to hit the DVDR on the floor above the table, however Janela saved himself. They fought with the apron. Janela hit Aspect Russian Legsweep out of the apron via the ground table. The staff sang "AEW".

They fought again into the ring where Moxley left by means of a table operating at Janela's corner. Moxley pulled one other desk underneath the tire. He placed two tables next to each other on the ground. Janela, who had recovered, gave her a double hen. Moxley was bullied and started stomping on her. Moxley, who now peeed, pulled out the spike plate. He put it in the nook of the ring. He went after Janela, who fought for him and nailed him to a spike on the DVDR. Moxley was entangled within the thread. Janela pulled her out painfully and coated her in two chapters.

They fought with the arms. Moxley wiped off Janela's nice laryat. Their conflict attack continued as Janela pulled out the ladder. Janela positioned Moxley on the ground. Janela climbed to the top of the ladder and fled the flying elbow via the desk. The viewers sang: "Holy sh **." Janela crossed the second spike between the ring boundary and the guard rail, but Moxley grabbed her and nailed DDT, then hit the DVDR by way of the ropes by way of the spike plate. Janela pulled her out, but was on the ground.

Moxley pulled Janela back into the ring and commenced drilling her into Muay-Thai knee attacks. Moxley went underneath the tire and pulled the bucket. He poured his thumbs on the carpet and took Janelan's boot. The audience sang “Sick f ***”. Janela tried to flee, but Moxley seized her. Then Moxley dropped her on her ft and saw them embedded within the backside of her leg. EEEW. Joey screamed, but gave Moxley a finger.

Moxley poured extra carpets and nails on the Dirty Deeds pin.

Your Winner, Jon Moxley!

Did you know what you’re right here and properly, you're positive of hell. The group sang "AEW" after the match

As Moxley left, Kenny Omega dropped the apron and nailed the operating knee. He nailed a piledriver on the floor damaged on the desk. Moxley was trapped under. Omega left a double table from above. They robbed around the ring and up to the entrance. They fought for deserted music from abandoned music. Moxley was crushed with them before Omega erupted. Moxley helped two judges, but threw them. Omega charged out to the trash and gained Moxley. He nailed Dirty Deeds DDT in Moxley's trash, hitting him together with his own motion. Moxley smiled at Omega as they left the air.